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  1. On Steam the game gets its peak players in the American afternoon and that's anywhere from 20 to 50 people. I assume the "community" for this game is mainly on there. So on console it's probably unplayable 98% of the time. Brightside is this is the optimal conditions to setup boosting parties and just blaze through the trophies. Downside is if you wanted to actually play games for fun you'd probably have to buy it on PC and be on at the right hours. Edit: Game apparently added cross-play. So maybe you have 80 players tops during peak American hours.
  2. Didn't people get flagged back in the day for having digital versions of games from regions outside of their own on the Vita because they played on modded consoles? This is obviously before the whole letter method thing was discovered.
  3. For people that saw the end event for the last Fortnite chapter, looks like they ripped off BioShock too now. They can't keep getting away with this.
  4. F2P, so probably not. I know some exceptions apply so that's why I said probably. It's safe to assume though.
  5. When they showed the graphics for the game back in March it really did kill all the hype for the game.
  6. This could be a TV thing.
  7. That's what the specifics game forums are for. Usually a thread discussing it will be up for each game that has it and will detail what needs to be done. While I like the current chart, that is a lot of wasted characters to say "yes" for 98% of the game that do pop trophies from PS4 to PS5. I say break it up into multiple lists so that way you only have to list the information for all of them once. Both way (PS4 to PS5 or PS5 to PS4) full auto-pops A Plague Tale Innocence Auto Chess Back 4 Blood Destiny 2 Both way (PS4 to PS5 or PS5 to PS4) partial auto-pops First Class Trouble Fortnite PS4 to PS5 partial auto-pops Alan Wake Remastered Assassins Creed Valhalla Borderlands 3 Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Crash Bandicoot 4: Its About Time Dead by Daylight Death Stranding Directors Cut Dirt 5 Save progression but no auto-pops Elder Scrolls Online Something else I thought of, shouldn't certain games like FF7 Remake and Spider-Man Remastered get a star " * " or something next them with a note somewhere stating that they can grant all the trophies from their original lists/the platinum but that doesn't include the new DLC's added for the PS5.
  8. Will probably do a monetary system similar to Brawlhalla. -Free stages -Free character rotation -Paid cosmetics -Ability to earn some things with in-game currency but takes a much longer time than just swiping your CC and spending $5
  9. Probably because they didn't finish that version of the game but needed to start printing discs so it could get released when it was supposed to. The Xbox One version has the full game on disc, it's only the Series X version that needs the full download. So my guess is the priority to get the game fully done was for last gen and PS5 since that's the more popular of the two current gen consoles and they probably figure the vast majority of Xbox users have internet anyway. Just having space available on the disc is irrelevant. The Spyro collection on all platforms IIRC required a download to play the 2nd/3rd games with a disc/cartridge and that wasn't a big game. This is probably for the reason I mentioned above for FC6.
  10. Haven't we seen that in other HnS games?
  11. Daily reminder ORC sold better than both Outbreak games combined.
  12. The irony is if Outbreak was an original game released today, you people hating on all their new games would hate on that too.
  13. If you already earned a trophy and it synced to the server, all you can do is hide it from your list. If I has already been scanned by this site or another then I think for the most part it's stuck there. Someone correct if I'm wrong and you can hide games on your profile here too.
  14. On top of that, it counts time in between when he loads his save, so like when sitting on the main press start screen or maybe when he presses pause while in-game it will freeze the in-game save file timer but not PS5 OS timer. For those noticing games that don't record time at all, that's on the devs. It's a feature that has to be programmed into the game much like trophy tracking.