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  1. All my Sackboy DLC carried over from PS4 to the PS5 version.
  2. 1. Sony doesn't care about PS3 hacking. Sony doesn't care about trophies. They don't care if you hack them or if you earn trophies on a custom server. 2. If you bought the DLC you can still redownload it. DLC trophies were never needed to earn the Platinum trophy. (Except episodic game like The Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us.)
  3. The shovel ware gates were breached forever ago on PS4. They're so breached they already got on to the PS5. As if Garfield Kart wasn't the lowest rung in kart racing games already, a knock off of Garfield Kart is on PS5.
  4. Just something to think about before buying.
  5. Tested my Chinese only language disc copy of Judgment Eyes and it booted up just fine on my US PS5. Also managed to boot up my HK accounts English/Chinese language digital copy of Icey again with no problem on my main US account. Try reinstalling or renewing the licenses. Let me know if you're still having issues.
  6. I don't know what they call the thumb cap things but I never liked the ones on the DS4. Even though my fingers would occasionally slide off on the DS3 ones, those felt better. Try looking up the FPS Hori controller. It's wired and has the Xbox stick layout but might be a plausible alternative.
  7. 1 or 4 are viable starting points, especially since you already played 7. After 1 you can just play them in release order. Substitute 2/3 with the remakes if you want. If you go with 4 you can play 5, Revelations 1/2 and 6. Just don't play 0 before 1. Feel free to skip all the side games till after the numbered mainline + Revelations titles.
  8. Still up on Steam.
  9. It goers away when you play more games and it pushes it out.
  10. I have COD4 installed on my PS5 but I never got around to testing it. Still I completely overhauled the rest of the thread. Let me know how it looks guys. Hopefully it helps people.
  11. I got one for Xbox on my main email a few hours after the showcase happened. I tried signing up with an alt account for a PS4 beta invite and still nothing.
  12. Best version:
  13. Anyone remember the glitch where trophies from completely different games popped when playing a different game back when the PS4 launched? They'll get the kinks worked out over time.
  14. One user reported an issue trying to play a digital EU PS4 game on their US PS5. I was too busy to check to see if that was game specific or if multiple different region games have issues playing BC on PS5. You're welcome to try but thousands of other games in your native region exist that you can play instead if you don't want to risk wasting money on copies of games you can't even play.
  15. So you pay $132 for PS+ a year? Why not buy a year card on discount for $40?