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  1. None of the garbage from last two gens unless it's liek SIREN or Folklore. Would rather see Legend of Dragoon finally coming back. We've only been asking for some type of fallow up to it for what seems like forever.
  2. No, I think very few people actually care about the level. It was an arbitrary number before and it's an arbitrary number now. Sony has the best number measuring system around and that's how many plats you have.
  3. Trophies also aren't retro active. You can play the different region versions and your save will carry over but none of the trophies will.
  4. If you transfer game regions, any trophies you already unlocked are locked to that previous regions trophy list and can't be re-earned with the same account on a new regions list. The only way to stack multiple versions for trophies is to delete your Genshin account (which you can do at the main menu) and then boot up the desired version to play from scratch and work towards the 100% again. As of right now you have to play one version stand alone to completion.
  5. It's highly unlikely this game will get DLC trophies. Vast majority of the free to play games that get constant new content never bother to add more trophies. It will take a while just to complete one version though, so obviously worry about getting the one done and by then they may have an account feature for this game.
  6. That doesn't apply to this game. Every ten single pulls will yield a four star within those ten.
  7. I previously only read the thread title but I went back and read some of the actual thread, it's not worth linking. However that thread really isn't necessary to talk about performance as Digital Foundry did an extensive breakdown of the console ports and he already confirmed that the game is getting a patch.
  8. Drill ventilation holes. Common trick on the old PS3 Phat models.
  9. Most any JRPG that requires 200+ hours of grinding.
  10. There's a thread over on GameFAQs that the Xbox version is censored and has poor performance. Is this the case with PS4 too?
  11. Majority of us are in the known about this trick so as long as your PS3/4 trophy lists are fine, no one will really bat an eye at messed up Vita lists. Unless you have trophies that could never/can no longer be obtained and you can't give a good enough explanation for how you obtained them.
  12. Minecraft is too big to keep exclusive and has a sizable younger demographic, no reason to lose out on money because some kids parents got them a PS4 or a Switch and they doesn't have the money to buy another console. The only upside to playing on Xbox is you can get it "free" with GamePass.
  13. People get upset with how I post but at least I post useful information, your're just a toxic douche.
  14. I gave my opinion, gave a supporting reason, then you deflected and then ignored it. UC2 matters because to know what is bad you must know what is good. UC2 did everything this franchise should be doing to the best of its ability. Focus primarily on gameplay, good stage design, dynamic set pieces that don't feel tacked on and compliment the gameplay.
  15. I am wrong but the fact you're saying that the situation is opposite of what I initially said is also VERY wrong. This misunderstanding is largely in part due to how Sony/Square have the store descriptions setup. They for whatever reason listed out the individual expansions for one while just saying a pass came for the other. They both come with all the expansions. I believed only one of them came with the expansions, so the opposite of what I believed isn't true either. For either bundle you get the extra missions/stages/whatever they are but only with complete will you get the extra guns which may or may not be useful in the game. - Just Cause 4- Black Market Bundle (Access to all Black Market/Premium Content)- Dare Devils of Destruction Expansion- Los Demonios Expansion- Danger Rising Expansion- Skystriker Weaponized Wingsuit- Black Hand Stealth Micro Jet Source: - Just Cause 4- The Expansion Pass- Golden Gear Pack- ‘Skystriker’ Weaponized Wingsuit- Black Hand Stealth Micro Jet- Neon Racer Pack- Deathstalker Scorpion Pack- Renegade Pack Source: