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  1. Still plenty of people using their PS3 for the streaming services which I assume Sony gets a cut of. Then third world countries are always gens behind. PS2 officially launched in Brazil in 2009. Years after PS3 in US/Europe/Japan.
  2. They potentially have a Stranger Things DLC coming up, doubt they would waste trophies on non DLC. Especially since they decided to change trophies around and make the character bloodweb related ones "easier".
  3. Wait to see if this collection has a new list, otherwise just wait for any seasons you haven't played yet to go on sale.
  4. Let me whip out my crystal ball.
  5. Skipping Xbox again, the big oof for me. Hopefully the uncensored 360 game goes BC on the Scarlet and NMH3 gets released on it too. Don't really care much for what happens with NMH2 and TSA.
  6. I played the first game twice. Once on Xbox to enjoy it, which I did. Great story. Second time on PS3 for the Plat. It was such a fucking slog. Zero replayability. You could just watch a YouTube video of your favorite segment and have the same experience as if you were "playing" it.
  7. Red Seeds Profile\Deadly Premonition No More Heroes Street Fighter IV Dead or Alive 5 Ninja Gaiden 3 BlazBlue Skullgirls Basement Crawl/Crawl Earthlock Just off the top of my head.
  8. That's one game. Madden on the Xbox 360 required save data from a game not released in the UK but they could still import the game or have a friend create save data and send it to them. The first Sword Art Online on Vita had unlockables if you played the PSP game, the PSP game never left Asia but you could still download a save file online and copy it to your memory card to get the bonuses on a western copy of the Vita game. You'll find mixed results for various games in recent gens that don't care about what region your save file is from but that's all irrelevant anyway as this would be pulling from your SERVER data which means region of your game means nothing. Sleeping Dogs has stacks on Xbox 360, you have to play the others offline for the medals because beating one of them saves your stats to the server. Game is out in US now so I guess someone can try to see if US full to US free does anything.
  9. Because different regions stopped that before right? (Spoiler, it didn't; Sound Shapes.)
  10. Translation app if playing a foreign game.
  11. I both do and don't agree with you. He clearly didn't look up the trophies beforehand and even with a platinum this could have been a 10/10 difficulty game or had glitched trophies, maybe a boring 500+ hour grind for the final trophy before plat. Nope, he bought it without any knowledge of any of that. That all said, this was an un-needed thread but this isn't the first and surely not the last.
  12. Fortnite is mindlessly easy, it's just a long grind. They even keep making it easier as time goes along. They keep releasing OP characters/weapons. Games been out for over a year so people have had time to level up pretty high so lower players can randomly get carried from time to time if a hgh level joins and they may even give you some guys so after they carry you that mission you'll be able to carry yourself for the next few. They changed stuff around like having only completed half of the current area counted as completing the whole area. Cross-play ensures you'll always have people to help you with missions or you can play with your friends regardless of platform for times when you get bored or don't feel compelled to play.
  13. The trophies are fine but the game itself are a lazy port job of not even the best version of one of the games.
  14. I forgot the site exists and I probably have shit loads of points from all the games I buy on sale (and never play) during the 5x and 10x point promos.
  15. They just got $1,000 so why would they rip off their customers?