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  1. Maybe add a note for Foul Play? It's a shared trophy list with PS4 so you can always just get all the trophies on there instead.
  2. I couldn't tell you what thread it was. I do remember some one saying something about FIFA but looking it up people do have it now. However looking at other games no one has yet unlocked Plat for 2K20 on PS4 or PS5. It's probably just a time thing though and not a broken thing but that's a major factor to consider. No one has time to play every game. How many people are likely to complete 2K, Fortnite and all the various grindy free to play games?
  3. Picking just one is too hard. A common pattern most people will make is probably the one they have on.
  4. A lot of people seem to play Fishing Planet.
  5. Depending on the country it technically isn't a scam. In Brazil when the PS4 launched it retailed for the equivalent of $4,000 USD there. It's just something that happens when you have stuff like corrupt governments and a trash economy. A person in the US could have flown down there and made thousands by reselling PS4s easy. Had a friend try to scam my PS5 off of me to make a massive profit selling it somewhere in South America.
  6. Should Ghostbusters have a note that plat is unobtainable?
  7. Someone pointed out in another thread that some games on PS5 are already uncompleteable.
  8. Maybe you have to boot up the PS4 version to tie it to your HR account and then you'll have it on your PS5.
  9. Supposedly it's working now. I bought this a while ago on sale but I haven't been where I keep my PS5 to test this yet.
  10. Yeah that's awesome news. As it has always been though it's up to each individual company to care enough about actually fixing their game. Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal: PS5 graphical issues patched. - YouTube
  11. I haven't seen anyone else mention this, it might isolated to your data/console. A week ago I added Utawarerumono: ZAN. I don't really want to bump this thread up every time I add a new game or do other changes, would people have any use for a small update log? I'd end up limiting it to just the last few games added/removed/updated to save post characters.
  12. The first game was amazing, I highly advise anyone to grab a super cheap PC to play it if for whatever reason you're vehemently against buying any Xbox system.
  13. It was kind of the same way last gen. First a couple PS3 games got ported to PS4. They were either late PS3 releases or very popular titles so it made sense but eventually every 'literal who' got a port that most people weren't asking for.
  14. I think it took me like six months when the original Wii came out. Online shopping wasn't all encompassing as it is now so a bunch of us would keep waking up early in the morning, heading to whatever store was getting cargo shipments and wait for hours just to have an employee come out and tell us they didn't get any Wii's in. I had to go to stores on very loose rumors from GameFAQs posters. The irony is Microsoft announced the Xbox 360 Elite model was coming out which I snagged a pre-order for no problem and mostly forgot about my Wii. Since the whole Wii fiasco I've somehow managed to get every base console at launch.
  15. It's like the bullshit rep system from the Xbox 360. Most people don't pay attention to it and nearly everyone had five stars. Every once in a blue moon I would run into someone with half a star though and laugh a little, you have to be extremely toxic to achieve that. I would shit talk all the time and I never got that much bad rep, you have to be like a really garbage human to get there.