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  1. If playing a slightly inferior version of the game doesn't bother you then just play it on PS4. I know PS5 space is limited but nothings stopping you from downloading on the PS5, completing it and then deleting it off. Even if you don't have a 4K TV, you'll still benefit from the FPS boost which will make things look smoother. Ultimately it's your call.
  2. I said unlikely, not impossible. We have well over a hundred free-to-play titles and only like ten of them have DLC trophies. Statistics were in my favor.
  3. Would it be as good as The Order?
  4. Probably better load times and maybe slightly better textures.
  5. Just a guess, but probably not many people playing a seven year old version of a casual game.
  6. When I say "drop as free to play" I mean make it a free stand alone. The only way to get it is if you buy the game it's bundled with. Although you mentioning backlash made me realize that people that paid for it initially might get mad. So just make two versions of the game, the service will know if you're playing the FTP version or the paid. Paid players can get new cosmetics that free players don't get. They don't really need story but the less convoluted one could be it's like BioShock 2 where the multiplayer is a simulator or whatever. So all the characters are fake. You're proposed mode kind of sounds like what Re:Verse already is. Obviously not 1:1 experience playing as the monsters in both games but the core concept you present is already there.
  7. Yeah, I prefaced all that by saying "garbage free to play games". Like even Rumble Roses XX and Girl Fight are still online. Trends do exist for some server shut downs like the yearly sports titles and then certain other companies but Bamco is actually one of the good ones in this regard so that's why it's a little surprising that they're killing off one of their newer entries. DBZ Burst Limit is over ten years old and that's still 100% functional as far as I know.
  8. Probably a better idea just to drop RER as a free to play game. Maybe add new content for the new release.
  9. I mostly don't care but I'd rather not if it means they'll clutter up the PSN store like the PS4. Maybe allow us to set a custom background and call it a day? Same with avatars.
  10. Still some people gonna be like "Its got a 50% plat completion, how bad can it be...?"
  11. No PS5 version exists. You're just playing the PS4 version via backwards compatibility.
  12. Probably requires boosting.
  13. By default most games on console should have mkb support since they're also on PC. Some people may say it's unfair but this recent trend for cross-platform games has arisen where PC players are complaining about console/controller players because they get aim assist.
  14. Everyone is telling you which games you should play but you also asked which ones you should avoid. STAY AWAY FROM DYNASTY WARRIORS 9! Easily not only the worst game in its franchise but one of the worst games in general. It's both glitchy and boring.