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  1. Decided to throw a guide together of all the information and quirky nuances I've discovered about the new revamped PlayStation Plus service. This should help cut down on some confusion and the spread of misinformation. The bulk of this guide will cover information for the US, I will however make note of certain things for other regions if I feel they're relevant to point out like how all non-Japanese Asian regions (i.e. Hong Kong, Malaysia, etc.) do not gain access to the streaming games feature which by extension means they can't play PlayStation 3 games on other devices like PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. Most of the basics of the service can be found here including what each service offers and their pricing: I'll just quickly outline the differences of the tiers in the off chance their charts are too much to take in. Subscription Tiers The lowest tier called Essential is the same exact PlayStation Plus we always had on PS4. Same price and same features. If you have this or any other higher tier of the service then you will retain PlayStation Plus for both the previous consoles; PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. The second tier is called Extra and gives you everything Essential has along with the ability to download PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games from a Game Catalog. PlayStation 5 games are only downloadable on a PlayStation 5 console. On PlayStation 5 you can choose if you want to download a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 version of a game. The final third tier is called Premium and gives you everything from Extra plus three other features. The first feature I'll delve into is Game Trials. Long time PlayStation Plus subscribers may be familiar with these back from the PlayStation 3, it allows you to download a game in its entirety and trial it for a specified amount of hours and upon that timer expiring the game will give you an option to buy it digitally right there to continue your game. If you opt not to buy the game at that time, your save file will still be around to be played with from your last save point whenever you do choose to buy the game, physically or digitally. The second feature is the ability to use the PlayStation Now cloud streaming servers to play all the games in the Game Catalog. The streaming is limited to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 games. The third and possibly best feature is access to older PlayStation games from the original PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable. These are categorized as "PlayStation Classics". Game Catalog The Game Catalog is a preselected library of games that you can play as long as you are subscribed to Extra or Premium tiers of the service. New games can get added and old games can get removed. If a game is removed, you will keep your save file. If you played a physical version of the game before, that save file will work with the digital version if you can't or just choose not to play with your physical copy anymore. You do not keep the games if you choose not to resubscribe to the service but you should retain your saves on your console. I counted over 750 games as of right now if you're a member of the Premium service. If you're a member of just Extra though you still get a little over 400 games. So PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Classics make up about a third of the full Premium tier offerings. A full game list with linked guides and other information can be found here: I mentioned that with the Game Catalog you can choose to download both versions of a cross-generation game on a PlayStation 5 so if you're a fan of "stacking" or unlocking auto-pop trophies, you should consult this thread: Some PlayStation 4 games in the Game Catalog may have issues running on PlayStation 5, check out a thread I made about some of the games discovered to have problems: Cloud Streaming (PlayStation Now) The cloud streaming service used to be its own separate entity called PlayStation Now but it's no longer its own service and is now bundled with PlayStation Plus's Premium tier. This allows you to play a game without the need for installing the entire game file. It will be constantly downloading the video stream of data though, so be wary if you have data caps. Streaming games will close if you leave them idle (not pressing buttons) for ten minutes. Save files can both be uploaded and download to and from the Cloud Storage for when you want to play on the Cloud or on your local console. Some PlayStation 4 games may have issues running PlayStation 5, this can be rectified in some cases by playing the Cloud streaming version, please consult my thread I linked above. As I mentioned all the way up top, PlayStation 3 games are available exclusively via Cloud Streaming and can't be downloaded to PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 consoles. Some games will offer DLC and some will not, for the ones that do come pre-bundled they do not check if you have or have not purchased any of the DLC. Some trophies may be unobtainable due to the Cloud version missing DLC, features or peripherals that can't be used on non-PlayStation 3 hardware. It can be accessed directly on both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 via an icon on their respective dashboards. On PC you will need to download the PlayStation Plus program which for US user accounts can be found here: You will need to "update" profile settings on a web browser the first time you try to stream via PC. Currently the PC program only supports the DualShock 4 controller. PlayStation Classics We'll start with the new versions of these old game made playable for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, the original PlayStation and PlayStation Portable titles. These were brand new releases put on to the PlayStation Store the same day as the new PlayStation Plus service. These games run through a process called emulation and regardless of which of the two you are playing, they share the same features. The first feature is the ability to choose the size/shape of the screen or resolution as it's called. You can have it be the "original" size or you can have it stretch to take up the whole screen. Another feature that involves the visuals is a filter setting, you can make it look similar to what it would have looked like on a CRT TV (these are the things us dinosaurs used before HD TVs existed). These video settings are saved per profile and individually for each game, so you're free to setup different games for different preferences. The second set of features is really cool in that they allow you to mess around with the game by being able to save or load at any time in the game and not just at a designated save point, this feature is referred to in the emulation community as "save states". About to fight a really hard boss in game with limited lives or sends you all the back to a the start of a long stage you'd have to play all the way through again? Just save right before the boss and if you die then you can load back right to before the fight with none of the penalties the masochists game developers originally planned for you. What happens if you forgot to create a save state though? Here's where another feature comes in handy, the ability to rewind the game. You lost that boss fight but forgot to create a save state? Then just rewind. Technically the rewind feature is just the game creating a series of automatic temporary save states every few seconds but you don't have to interrupt the game to manually create them, this is particularly useful for say a platforming game so you don't have to stop the flow of enjoying the game but if you screw up, you get a fail safe to go back and try to do the jump again without any penalties. Since this is a trophy site lets talk about the trophies. Both original PlayStation and PlayStation Portable games can have trophy support. All these games are also offered in two versions, one for PlayStation 4 and one for PlayStation 5. Each version has its own list so you can Platinum the same game twice. The save files are separate though so you can't autopop them. You will have to play through the entire game twice. Currently only first party games offer trophies. Sony has decided to not make them mandatory, so as of right now no third party companies have added them. This at least benefits the library for more third parties to add their games to the service as they don't have to spend extra effort programming in trophies and just because a game already came out which didn't offer trophies initially doesn't mean they can't patch them in later. As of right now even though the Classic games and streaming are both apart of the same tier and PlayStation 4 versions are offered, you can't Cloud stream any of the original PlayStation or PlayStation Portable games. You will find them listed on the PlayStation Plus program but clicking the "Play" button will do nothing. They're also listed as "PS3" games and not PlayStation 4. This does create some confusion as the one PlayStation Portable game available called echochrome actually has a PlayStation 3 available on this service and is playable. So two listings for that game exist except one is playable and the other isn't, you can tell them apart because they have their respective store page descriptions and one mentions it being for the "PSP". Outside of the PlayStation Plus service, these older games were offered back on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita as "PSOne Classic" titles and if you ever purchased them then you should be granted free downloads of these new emulated versions on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. This means if you bought these games in the past then you should retain them even if you unsubscribe form the service. Some games though are Premium exclusive, meaning they can only be played while subscribed and you are not given free copies if you bought them previously. I assume eventually these will become available for purchase and made available to those that have bought them previously with new titles becoming Premium exclusive for a period of time. The non-Premium exclusives can be bought outside of the service on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and I believe you will get both versions regardless of which console you buy them on. Here's a full list of PSOne Classic titles that were available to purchase on the old consoles that may be brought over to this service in the future: Here are some game specific notes: -Tekken 2, Mr. Driller and Resident Evil: Director's Cut are currently Premium exclusive titles. -Resident Evil: Director's Cut is actually the first version of the game. Director's Cut was released twice, the first one didn't support the analog sticks and had the same music as the non-Director's Cut original. So Capcom programmed the analog stick on this new release to have the same inputs of the D-pad. (This also means no more clown fart music in the basement.) -Worms Armageddon doesn't visually change correctly when you try to activate its filter settings. -Ridge Racer 2 was discovered on the servers but is not yet available on this service or available to purchase. Regional differences exist for the original PlayStation games which has caused a bit of an uproar. Both the US and Japan have received only the NTSC versions of the old games which run at 60Hz while other Asian regions have received some PAL versions that run at 50Hz for those games. This difference means places like Hong Kong have slower running versions of games. Now lets dive into PlayStation 2 games. Not a whole lot to say here except these aren't new for the service and are actually recycled from an old program Sony was doing where they were bringing PlayStation 2 games to the PlayStation 4, they were sold under the branding of "PS2onPS4". These games don't have any of the cool features the other PlayStation Classics do. However since these are pre-existing PlayStation 4 games, they can be played via Cloud streaming. Unlike the PSOne Classic titles, "PS2" titles purchased on PlayStation 3 will not grant you them on PlayStation 4. Here's a full list of PS2onPS4 titles that are available to purchase on the consoles that may be brought over to this service in the future: Here are some game specific notes: -Ape Escape 2, Primal and Okage: Shadow King have graphical issues running natively on PlayStation 5. -Shadow Hearts was recently rated but is not yet available on this service or available to purchase.
  2. You need to activate an online pass, these are locked to accounts and can only be redeemed in regions where the game was released. It was only released in Asia.
  3. Gamers when Sony shuts down servers for good multiplayer games: Sleep Gamers when Sony wants to shut down the store so people can't give them money for games they can play free on their phone: REAL SHIT!?
  4. You could have just skimmed down the forums a little:
  5. Last person that touched this was two months ago. Doubt you'll get an answer.
  6. Was Kamiya not on good terms with Nintendo when he was making Scalebound? Did Capcom hate Sony when they made Resident Evil 4 for the GameCube or Deadrising 1/3 for Xbox or did they hate Nintendo/MS when they made Street Fighter V for PS? Both MS and Sony were givin the option to publish Bayonetta 2 but only Nintendo took them up on the offer. Companies go where the money is. Nothing personnel kid.
  7. You're right about IoM2: As for the evidence that it's on the service though is irrelevant, Ape Escape 2 is on the service and that game has not been fixed. I assume Primal and Okage are still visually glitchy but I'll update this post if they're not after I play test them. Unless people report something has been fixed, it'll stay on the list. Just doing a search now to see if ABZU got a patch brings up very little information. Searched a couple others and same thing. Although some yield articles like for The Last Guardian saying they definitively won't get patches for PS5 performance. So doing searches periodically would be a waste of my time and it's not reasonable to expect me to play these games extensively to see if they're bug free. Wish I could but I hardly have the time to do things I actually want to do as it is. So far I removed the two above from the list and The Division 2 as that was patched a while ago. Added Mortal Shell as a new entry for PS5 issues. Dark Souls Remastered is the first game I'm adding where it carries over issues it had on PS4 Pro but not PS4 Slim/Base because why not. Re-added Prey because as listed elsewhere it has problems with "TAA". It's on the new PS+ so at some point I'll do a side by side
  8. The original SBR that was a Switch launch title and buy to pay or SBRO which came out more recently and is free to play? Or more smut games like Bombergirl arcade. I made this, hopefully it helps some people:
  9. I edited the link three minutes ago. Although I didn't notice it said June, so thanks for that correction.
  10. Game Mistover is getting removed today according to Steam post. It has an international version and an Asia stack. Although they also say it's getting removed from Xbox but has never been on it. This is the PUBG devs btw, just in case anyone wants to stop giving them money for this bullshit one day advance warning. Edit: Fixed the link, not sure how that other one got there.
  11. lol It may seem like I'm saying that because of hindsight but I would have said this back then too.
  12. Yeah this has been a known issue since the PS5 launch and they never patched it, along with a handful of others: PS4 BC Games w/ Issues on PS5 - PlayStation 5 - PSNProfiles Sony was so well aware of this that they didn't have a buy option for the game on the PS5 store. Now it's coming to their new tiered service and I can only assume their support is going to get a barrage of complaints about it.
  13. They still were doing bug fixes but that was it. Everything else becomes owned by the F13 IP holder. With the inability to make new content, they didn't have the funds to keep dedicated servers up. They did have time to put out one last batch of content but they wasted that time on a bug fix patch.