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  1. Honestly, Battlefield: Bad Company 👌
  2. This game's good if you were to play once or twice with your friends for fun (like Starwhal for example), but trophy-wise it is horrendous, I'm currently working on it, and I'll have to admit that getting the S medals and the actual kills (players) is horrendous. The trophies that require you to get 250 with Quantic Slinger and the Plasma Sword are unbelievably long as both weapons are underpowered and getting a kill without accidentally killing someone by making him collide with a meteorite using the Plasma Sword is very hard. I'd rather not start this game if I were you unless you are really dedicated to completing it. (By the way, if someone that has 100% on the game plays a match with your account on the game it'll auto pop almost every single trophy in seconds)
  3. Has a lot of Kingdom Hearts games, LEGO games and finishes easy/medium games so he doesn't lose his mental health.
  4. Likes BioShock. A. LOT.
  5. My problem is that this website allows people which have a trophy which can only be obtained by hacking on GTA V on PS3, so why shouldn't they allow this trophy, provided it's not the user's fault, but the fault of the matchmaking system that matched them with a Modder(s)?
  6. I'm sorry to announce this to you, but I've got concrete proof showing that I'm not guilty of anything in this case. I got matched multiple times against the same hacker because I was trying to complete the Combat Training trophy. I can't avoid matchmaking against someone. I quit 3 times due to the fact that every time I got matched against him he would activate his mod menu then instantly pop the trophies for everyone. I managed to get out 3 times before he had popped everything (which still caused 10k to pop, High IQ and the trophy for completing the 8th or 9th level to complete (the mission on the ship)). I'll upload a screenshot of the lobby, where you can see the modder, and the "Unlocking all Trophys for everyone" quote on top of the screen.
  7. HappyGuySmiley Call of Duty: Black Ops II While going for the combat training trophy, I joined multiple hacked lobbies, which unlocked High IQ, Ten K, the trophy for finishing the 8th mission (ship mission), then the Prestige, the Big Leagues, Combat Training, Tranzit EE, Tranzit kill avogadro without being downed, and finally, the platinum. I got a screenshot of the modder which I fell up against multiple times.
  8. If you compare this console port to the PC version, this game is horrendous and looks like a spin-off of the PC version. It has been almost a year without any patches, and don't think they will fix this game, at least on console.
  9. Even the trophy hunter trophy?
  10. I'm interested as well, sign me up too. I'm currently at 64.64% and looking to get 70% or 75%
  11. The title sums it all up. Can you tell me what trophies can be done on Creative/Peaceful mode? (Crafty, Trophy Hunter more precisely)
  12. Sign me up for Beginner Zombie Hunter: Completed 1 or more game(s). Dying Light and Zombie Driver HD
  13. Thanks a lot 🙂 I'll check them out, and try to complete them as well!
  14. Yes, it's for the PS4, thanks for that! I'll check the games out!
  15. As the title suggests, are there any games which don't require the Right Joystick to be used? My controller is broken and only the Right Joystick isn't working on it, and I'm willing to use my controller until it will die or until I'll buy another one so I could profit from it. Any games can work for this, I guess any FPS game doesn't apply for this unless it doesn't use the Right Joystick? Thank you for your help!