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  1. Played it back in 2019. It was a "dark horse" for me since its announce on E3. Overall my expectations weren't high and in the end the game totally met them. Gameplay and general idea of it is cool. On higher difficulty it felt something like The Lat of Us in open world (gameplaywise). Constant need to repair and refuel your bike motivated to explore the map and search for supplies. Zombies and hordes were fun too. Human AI wasn't great though. The weakest point for me was the story and overall execution. First, I think it was too long. There were too many filler quests in between important plot points. The story itself wasn't really memorable. The most interesting development was around the virus and His ending was expected, but still good. Things I do remembered the most, are fade ins and fade outs. Don't know if it got fixed/patched, but when I played, OMG, there were millions of black screens. Before Days Gone, Uncharted 4 showed us a perfect transition from cutscene to gameplay. God of War made a whole game look like one-shot camera take, almost no cuts through the entire game. Those games set the bar very high in terms of story telling. With all that being said, I still enjoyed this game and I think it was/is better than the majority of AAA multiplatform games. Most famous critics were a bit harsh on the game. If the sequel will ever happen, I'll buy it, if not, I won't be disappointed too much.
  2. I wasn't really comparing two generations, well at least I didn't want to. My point was that R&C: Rift Apart is very fun and enjoyable game, and all these new generation features add up to that enjoyment from playing. That's why I think the game deserves to be completed 100% no matter what the trophy list says or how good/bad/easy/boring it is. For me the trophy list is usually very dependent on general game quality and how interesting it is for me to play that game. The better a game is and the more fun it is for me to play it, the less important its trophy list becomes. Because if I am having a great time with that game, I know that I will probably do everything this "peace of software" has to offer. On the other hand, if a game becomes boring very fast, I immediately look into trophies and will only do what's necessary for platinum/100%. As an example, after I've completed R&C: Rift Apart I started Maneater. Got it from PS Plus. I knew that it is not a AAA Blockbuster or something, but I also didn't think that I will get bored so quickly. I don't think the game is bad or anything, it just didn't work for me. So after 4-5 hours into the game I got bored, but unfortunately for me, if you want to get plat, you have to 100% it. So in this case I wouldn't mind if trophy list didn't require you to collect everything. Thank goodness the game isn't long. To be honest, I don't think that for a lot of people on PSNP the "quality" of a trophy list is a major factor. More often than not, it is all about statistics. To get +1 to your plat collection, to get your profile completion rate as close to 100% as possible, to get a higher place on leaderboard tables. There is no fun/challenge in My Name is Mayo or Slyde. Nothing exceptional about stacking Sound Shapes 6 times. I have a few of those cash grabs myself. Literally spend 1€ or 2€ to slightly boost my completion and country rank. Why though?... What I'm trying to say (OMG...I guess I'm trying to say a lot...), is that a game should not be judged, and especially avoided, only because of its trophy list.
  3. I consider myself more of a casual trophy hunter and I still agree that this trophy list is very easy. It is not just easy, it feels meaningless. The main reason I got into trophies is that they point you toward game content that you might have missed. Like Souls games (beat all bosses) or Quantic Dream games, especially Detroit (different outcomes and all endings) or complete all side quests in open world games, especially when they are very well written (The Witcher 3 for example). There is also another side of the trophies, the feeling from actually achieving something. Like beating a harder difficulty or doing something very skill based. Although I have to say, that high difficulty is not always balanced and done interesting. For instance The Last of Us shines on grounded difficulty, it becomes more interesting, smarter and generates hilarious situations when you end up in a room full of enemies with a single bottle/brick xD. But games like CoD: BO3 or Wolfenstein 2, in my opinion, are a pure frustration on highest difficulty. And there is also stuff like doing something silly and funny, discovering an Easter egg or using a game mechanic to its full potential. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart's trophy list doesn't have anything from above. You get almost all the trophies halfway through the story without even noticing it. Ratchet & Clank 2015 was an easy plat, this one is much more easier. Don't have to collect all gold bolts, don't have to upgrade and level up all weapons. Don't have to complete puzzles in one life or with specific conditions. You don't have to do anything. Also I don't understand the way they used PS5 cards with hints. They created video hint for every collectible that is displayed on the map but no hints for a single collectible (bears) that isn't. I thought that the whole purpose of those cards is that you can save yourself some time by not searching YouTube or google. Maybe they didn't have or didn't want to spend much time on trophies. In a way, for myself, I can justify the trophies for this game by the fact that everything is fun to do on its own. It is a very high quality game. It loads in no time, runs smooth and looks gorgeous on a 4k panel. Gameplay in general, but movement and shooting specifically, is extremely satisfying with DualSense. Gold bolts are actually useful. They give you something in return, so there is motivation to collect them all. And usually to get to them you have to use all movement tools you have. I leveled up and upgraded all weapons because I had much fun with adaptive triggers. Though I wish they utilized left trigger too. Playing regular PS4 game or anything with Dualshock 4 doesn't feel the same anymore. I finished the game twice, upgraded and cleaned up everything. Very fun and enjoyable experience, totally worth its money, even with a lazy/meaningless trophy list.
  4. Hi everyone. I need co-op trophies as well and ready to help, but... I tried to boost these trophies yesterday with another person, yet we couldn't connect to each other. Random players can join if I make my game public. It is the same problem people have been facing back in 2014-2016. I have completed main campaign already (could this be a problem?). My NAT Type is Type 2. I also forwarded ports provided by Ubisoft. Do I need somebody with only NAT Type 1 to connect to? Do I have to be in the middle of campaign playthrough? PSN ID: WildeNick UPDATE: Got the trophies.
  5. I think it actually makes sense that they got it patched. Well, I guess "This is the Way" then. Won't bother with modifications and will try to complete clean playthrough on Extreme or better Insane. Thanks for the Info.
  6. So I have played this game on PC a while ago and since it is on PS Now, thinking to plat it. I know that there were (are) special modifications (mutators) for private PvE games which make highest difficulty much easier. So I am wondering if they are disabling the trophies or not. Specifically Well, what did you achieve? trophy. I used them to complete some chapters on Extreme solo to get special melee and sniper rifle skins.
  7. Most fun platinums: 1 - Marvel`s Spider-Man 2 - Horizon Zero Dawn 3 - Any Uncharted Game * Both South Park Games deserve a special place for being most funny Plats Most grindy platinums: 1 - Metal Gear Solid V 2 - TES V: Skyrim and Fallout 4 3 - The Last of Us Remastered (Multiplayer Trophies) Highest skill based platinums: 1 - Just Cause 3 2 - Any Crash Bandicoot Game 3 - Bloodborne Most boring / tedious platinums I earned: 1 - Beyond: Two Souls 2 - The Last of Us Remastered (Multiplayer) 3 - Basically any game where I have to spend more than a few hours in multiplayer to achieve the platinum... I hate it! Platinums that I did not achieve, but wanted: 1 - Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare ("Dominion" bugged trophy, won 100+ games, still didn`t get the trophy) 2 - Yakuza Kiwami (I guess I can`t play Mahjong ) 3 - As of right now, nothing else really