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  1. So in grounded some skills cannot be upgraded?
  2. Is a permadeath + grounded + looking for parts and supplies run with cheats doable? I only need the upgrades trophies for the platinum, but I wanna get the dlc trophies too...
  3. 44, now I am playing other games.
  4. Make a backup of the save does work? Reloading it if you fail? Anyone has tried it? Or the game saves in the servers?
  5. Thanks for the tips, them will help me a lot!! Do you know any video-guide with collectibles, secret missions, etc.?
  6. I have had the same problem 3 times, 2 times playing in normal difficulty and one in hard difficulty, with the trophies of the different chapters. The solution I have found is to repeat chapter 7 (boss fight). Every time I finished it, the trophies pop. You can try it, it is not necessary to repeat several chapters.
  7. Critical rounds, Diamond Bullets and Scattershot. Where they are?
  8. Do you know any guide for 100% item? to know what items are needed for crafting and where to get them? Thanks.
  9. Quick save or checkpoints? Where is it?
  10. I'm going to start on this difficulty right now, I've read that you can not save manually but there are checkpoints.
  11. Hi! I am in my hardcore run and I would like to know if there is any guide or web where it says the locations of the ink ribbons, or if any of you know. I just came back to the police station from the garage and I only found 4 of them. I need more 😅. Thanks
  12. I have beat the story, completed a lot of stunts, all S, G, J missions, but don't get the trophy. Is this trophy related with complete all the stunts?
  13. Uffff it works, I just got it with your strategy, thanks a lot!!!
  14. Thanks, I got A in some missions, but others I spent a lot of turns...
  15. S (A) ranks, ace kills, and the other trophies, is it better to work on them once the main campaign is complete? or are there trophies that are best achieved during the main game? my english sucks, sorry.