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  1. IMO it’s a better experience waiting till the end and getting them on a clean up. It’s relatively easy to get 70 golds, just time consuming.
  2. 47 down to 10 There’s no way I’d be bothered to find collectibles without guides
  3. You start the replay with what you currently hold in your inventory for weapons and ammo. So it’s a good idea to purchase and craft the best equipment before you replay missions. Health items are a little different, as the number of these you can carry over are reduced but you can still access each type of item you currently hold. My health, stamina and dead eye are all level 8 in replays even though I’m at 10 in the game. However when I originally played most the missions, none of my stats were as high as 8. As for your horse, you use the current one. * I’ve only replayed and got gold for 35 missions so there could be some that differ slightly from the above but that’s been my experience.
  4. Great, thanks for explaining
  5. How long does this game take to plat and what is the difficulty out of ten? Also what is the player base like these days? Thanks
  6. This method worked for me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqhpwNxuHfE