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  1. For some reason the "Ooh! Secrets!" Trophy isn't unlocking for me. I looked at the latest achievers for this game and the last person to achieve the trophy was in Nov 2020..............I'm f**ked aren't i? Ahh, the trials and tribulations of a trophy hunter. Nothing like spending 35 cents to have 2 days straight of your life wasted playing a somehow more broken and janky version of a 3d Sonic game released in the mid 2000s. F**k my life.
  2. Glad you enjoyed it hahaha, Yeah, avoid 7 days to die at all cost. Paid $7.99 to have 2 weeks of my life wasted playing minecrafts mentally disabled brother. And thank you for making this thread, i like the format of it and it's been quite interesting to see the communities differing takes on everything.
  3. I'm probably not the best person for this thread since i love tormenting myself, but here we go. Most fun platinums: 1 - Monster Hunter world 2 - Vanquish/hotline miami 3 - Track Mania Turbo Most grindy platinums: 1 - 7 Days To Die - the virtual representation of aids, I'd rather use a cactus as a improvised butt plug then endure this again. 2 - GTA IV 3 - UFC 2009 Undisputed Highest skill based platinums: 1 - I Am Bread - F**k waterboarding, the CIA should just force domestic terrorists and war criminals to play this sh*t as a form of torture. They'll gain all the intel they need in a jiffy. 2 - Trackmania Turbo 3 - OlliOlli 2/ Surgeon Simulator Most boring / tedious platinums I earned: 1 - 7 Days to die 2 - EA UFC 3 3 - Prototype Platinums that I did not achieve, but wanted: 1 - Super Meat Boy - this and I am bread are my dream platinums, i do fully intend to make it my 150th platinum, just need to get my schedule figured out and ready since I'll be devoting a significant amount of time towards it 2 - UFC Undisputed 3 - Dead servers :'( 3 - Ninja Gaiden Σ2: Plus - it's physically impossible to platinum due to bad programming and a lack of play testing.
  4. 1. I am Bread (0.30%) 2. UFC 2009 Undisputed (0.50%) 3. Surgeon Simulator (0.56%) 4. Trackmania Turbo (0.58%) 5. Olli Olli 2 (0.62%) before you ask, yes i have no life. And yes i enjoy suffering extensively for meaningless virtual trophies lol.
  5. Nier Automata. Cause I know if I play it I'll get lost in 2Bs ass.
  6. If I missed a secret in a previous chapter is their any way I can go back and get it ?
  7. Thank you everyone for your responses. I may not of responded to everyone but I definitely read everything you guys posted.
  8. As someone who has platinumed rdr2, I definitely feel your pain on this one. Like when trying to find a virtual Beaver gives me an existential crisis i think its time to take a break.
  9. Very similar thing happened to me when trying to get the 100% compilation trophies for RAGE and Mad max. Both games glitched the last collectibles and completely f#%ked my saves.
  10. You have my upmost respect. Congratulations man. I've done some pretty bad grinds in my day.....but f#%k that.
  11. I felt physical pain for you just by reading that.
  12. Pretty simple, I wanna hear about platinum trophies that broke you. Whether it be from insane difficulty, grind or whatever reasons you have.
  13. I'm a sucker for persona music 8/10 [https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=823yuWz0lto]
  14. Personally glad co-op is gone. People will actually have to "git gud" instead of relying on their co-op buddies to cheese the game. Too early to say if it'll drastically effect the overall platinum rarity though.
  15. I love games set in fictional feudal japan. I love Fromsoftware. So this game is basically a match made in heaven for me.