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  1. Overall it's really terrible and unpolished. But for some reason I find it hilarious to play. Especially the story scenes with the voice acting. I can only play a little bit at a time but it's exactly what I expected it to be.
  2. I'm going to go ahead and say no since you can replay levels after you finish them. Unless there is a point of no return later on that I haven't hit yet.
  3. I feel ya. If the developer can't even be bothered to add a platinum then why should I fork over a ton of money for their game. Not really. There's very few games that are above $20, don't have a platinum, and are good games.
  4. I'm personally disappointed that there isn't a platinum but I'll probably still pick it up depending on the price.
  5. Saw that's it's listed for $7 for episode one and $30 for the season pass. If each episode is $7 you'd be saving $5 overall versus buying them separately. Saw these prices on the Microsoft store. I imagine the prices will be the same for PlayStation. Steam gets a 10% discount on the season pass. Even if the season pass gets discounted I'll probably still only get it one episode at a time. The game looks too interesting not to try it out at $7 for me. Hopefully this doesn't turn out like Blues and Bullets and never get finished.
  6. Awesome! Thanks a lot for video! No wonder I missed it.
  7. Anyone know how to get this trophy? I beat the game without a guide and somehow didn't get this trophy. Any help would be much appreciated!