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  1. Backed this game on Kickstarter soooooo long ago. Glad to see it's finally here.
  2. Is your argument seriously that they don't want people to play single player so they purposely did a shitty job on it? The only one who is braindead here is the person simping for a company that clearly doesn't give two shits about their playerbase. That's you btw.
  3. Wow fuck this game and fuck this developer. After all the bullshit they pulled with Evolve you'd think they'd actually be nicer to their community so more people would want to play this game. But of course, they specifically say fuck you to solo players. I'm sure it'll be full of microtransactions as well in a few weeks, if it isnt already. Was interested to try this game on GamePass and if liked it, buy it on PS5. But now I'm just going to pretend it never existed. Seriously, fuck Turtle Rock.
  4. They maxed out how many categories you can have in a trophy list for the PS4 version. The PS5 doesn't have the same limitation so that's why we are finally getting new trophies with the recent update. Also the link SirShavesALot explains all of this.
  5. You can only slightly notice it on bows, except the light bows.
  6. Anyone who is still crying about easy platinum games in 2021 needs to get a life.
  7. Usually they are there to make the person failing not feel as bad for failing. Or in the case of games like Dark Souls, to let you know that dying is part of the experience.
  8. It's free on the NA ps store. Can't confirm about other regions. It's an online only co-op game.
  9. Found the guy who works for EA.
  10. I doubt the PS5 will be more than $500. I could see the Xbox being $550 or $600.
  11. Do you really think they are making all these games? They are just porting them. I say more power to them. At least most of the games are $5 each and support cross-buy. There are so many indie games nowadays that charge $20 to $30 for a few hours of gameplay, it's nice to see some games for cheap. I will say that Ratalaika games are the ones that have caused me to stop caring about getting platinums from other regions. I still intend to get the Vita plats at some point though.
  12. Yea that seems to be the only fix. I'll just do a separate save file run through after I get all the other trophies. Thankfully you don't have to beat the whole campaign to get the trophy.
  13. After finishing the campaign it's still glitched, only now it doesn't even bring up the prompt in front of the Unmakyr station. Looks like I'll have to start another playthrough just to get this one trophy.
  14. I collected all the Slayer keys and got the trophy "Breaker of Gates" but when I went to open the Unmakyr cage it says I'm still missing one key. On the mission select screen it shows that I haven't collected the key on the mission "Cultist Base" but it shows the Slayer Gate as completed. I've gone through the mission twice now. Once collecting the key like normal and doing the Slayer Gate. That didn't work so I went through again and just got the key and that still didn't work. I haven't finished the campaign yet, but I was just wondering if anyone had the same problem and if they knew of a workaround.
  15. While I agree exclusives are important and should always be a thing, I disagree strongly that older exclusives being ported to PC is in anyway non customer friendly. It really shouldn't matter to anyone whether or not more people play get to play a game. Horizon and Bloodborne were some of the best games this generation and the more people that get to play them the better imo.