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  1. I'm personally disappointed that there isn't a platinum but I'll probably still pick it up depending on the price.
  2. Found the guy who works for EA.
  3. I doubt the PS5 will be more than $500. I could see the Xbox being $550 or $600.
  4. Do you really think they are making all these games? They are just porting them. I say more power to them. At least most of the games are $5 each and support cross-buy. There are so many indie games nowadays that charge $20 to $30 for a few hours of gameplay, it's nice to see some games for cheap. I will say that Ratalaika games are the ones that have caused me to stop caring about getting platinums from other regions. I still intend to get the Vita plats at some point though.
  5. Yea that seems to be the only fix. I'll just do a separate save file run through after I get all the other trophies. Thankfully you don't have to beat the whole campaign to get the trophy.
  6. I collected all the Slayer keys and got the trophy "Breaker of Gates" but when I went to open the Unmakyr cage it says I'm still missing one key. On the mission select screen it shows that I haven't collected the key on the mission "Cultist Base" but it shows the Slayer Gate as completed. I've gone through the mission twice now. Once collecting the key like normal and doing the Slayer Gate. That didn't work so I went through again and just got the key and that still didn't work. I haven't finished the campaign yet, but I was just wondering if anyone had the same problem and if they knew of a workaround.
  7. After finishing the campaign it's still glitched, only now it doesn't even bring up the prompt in front of the Unmakyr station. Looks like I'll have to start another playthrough just to get this one trophy.
  8. While I agree exclusives are important and should always be a thing, I disagree strongly that older exclusives being ported to PC is in anyway non customer friendly. It really shouldn't matter to anyone whether or not more people play get to play a game. Horizon and Bloodborne were some of the best games this generation and the more people that get to play them the better imo.
  9. 1. Nom Nom Galaxy - 1.19% 2. Killzone Shadowfall - 1.73% 3. Helldivers - 1.81% 4. Ark: Survival Evolved - 3.07% 5. Metro Last Light - 4.19%
  10. Definitely looks like your bog standard list. Glad to see that you only have to beat one level on the hardest difficulty. Haven't heard good things about the game but I plan on picking it up sometime down the road if its on sale.
  11. Even though I haven't played my Xbox One X recently (mainly because I'm working through my ps4 backlog), I've really enjoyed it. Mainly got it to just play Halo MCC, Forza Motorsport and Gears of War games. Still hoping to getting around to finishing off Gears of War 4 this summer and playing Gears 5 if I see it on sale. My biggest dislike about the Xbox though is how much they push that gamepass crap. Great for people who just want stuff to play but I'd rather own the games I play then temporarily rent them. That said, I have gotten game pass for a month at a time, just to try out some games like Vermintide 2 and Void Bastards, with the intention of buying them later on in a sale if I enjoyed them. I have no intention to get a Xbox Series X for a least a couple years since I'm pretty sure they said that their exclusive games will still come to Xbox One X for a couple years, but I do plan on getting one eventually.
  12. Thanks. Yea if you like open world games you'll probably enjoy it.
  13. Level One Days Gone ✅ Level Two Doom Eternal Final Fantasy 7 Remake Level Three Red Dead Redemption 2 Spyro 2 Spyro 3 Level Four Outer Worlds Ghost Recon Breakpoint Metro Exodus Mortal Kombat 11 Level Five Deus Ex Mankind Divided Injustice 2 Dishonored 2 Sniper Elite 4 Final Fantasy 15 Finally finished Days Gone last night. Was surprised at how long the game was. Thoroughly enjoyed it throughout the whole run. Some of the open world activities could have been made to be less repetitive but overall I had a good time. Managed to get the platinum at the same time. Onwards to Doom Eternal and Final Fantasy 7 now. Might be able to get them both done this weekend since I have nothing else better to do.
  14. This event is the perfect way to end this generation for me. Great idea! I have a huge backlog of half finished games that I was planning on finishing up these last couple months of the generation. Level One Days Gone Level Two Doom Eternal Final Fantasy 7 Remake Level Three Red Dead Redemption 2 Spyro 2 Spyro 3 Level Four Outer Worlds Ghost Recon Breakpoint Metro Exodus Mortal Kombat 11 Level Five Deus Ex Mankind Divided Injustice 2 Dishonored 2 Sniper Elite 4 Final Fantasy 15 I have a lot more game I'd love to get to in the coming months but these are the ones I'm most looking forward to finishing. Maybe I'll do a second pyramid if I manage to finish this one off.
  15. Crossplay for cooperative games is great. Crossplay for competitve games is only good if they properly separate controller and mouse+kb users. Also all games that have crossplay should allow players to turn it off if they want.
  16. Saw that's it's listed for $7 for episode one and $30 for the season pass. If each episode is $7 you'd be saving $5 overall versus buying them separately. Saw these prices on the Microsoft store. I imagine the prices will be the same for PlayStation. Steam gets a 10% discount on the season pass. Even if the season pass gets discounted I'll probably still only get it one episode at a time. The game looks too interesting not to try it out at $7 for me. Hopefully this doesn't turn out like Blues and Bullets and never get finished.
  17. Some games look worse than others but no I've never experienced lines across my VR screen. Sounds to me like you had a faulty unit.
  18. You paid $200 or more for a VR headset and only tried one full game? It's your money so feel free to do whatever you want but I'd recommend at least trying a variety of different games.
  19. I liked 3 a lot honestly. Gameplay was super fun and felt great to play in 60 fps. I only did one character so far (robot guy) but I wouldn't mind playing through again on another if I had any friends that wanted to play it. Couldn't care less about the story, it's all about the shooting and looting for me. Nostalgia plays in a huge factor for my ranking of the games. Had so many good memories with friends on the first two games it would be near impossible for any Borderlands game to top them for me. Also I never really cared about the story in the games. Just played them because it was the closest thing to an FPS Diablo that we'd ever get. 1. Borderlands 2 2. Borderlands 3. Borderlands 3 4. Borderlands Pre-Sequel 5. Tales from the Borderlands (I literally fell asleep playing this game, finding out I could afk play most of it. Couldn't pay me money to stack the platinum.)
  20. The one for beating the BX time in the first mission's shooting range. It wasn't in the original list. It's not really super hard but just requires a lot of skill and determination along with some luck for a good layout. It's a silver trophy called "The Student Surpasses the Master."
  21. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (requires co-op) Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (PS3 and PS4) Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) Doom (2016) Doom Eternal Terminator Resistance Battleship (not good) Far Cry 3 (PS3 and PS4) Far Cry 4 Far Cry Primal (not really a shooter but its 1st person and easy) Far Cry 5 Far Cry New Dawn Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour Metro 2033 (PS3 and PS4) Metro Last Light (PS3 and PS4) Metro Exodus Brink (not super easy) Battlefield 1 Battlefield 5 Killzone HD Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear (terrible) Heavy Fire: Afghanistan (terrible) Borderlands (PS3 and PS4) Borderlands 2 (PS3 and PS4) Borderlands Pre Sequel (PS3 and PS4) Borderlands 3 Fallout 3 (long) Fallout New Vegas (long) Fallout 4 (long) Fallout 76 (long and terrible) Wolfenstein The New Order Wolfenstein The Old Blood Wolfenstein Youngblood That's the best list i came out with off the top of my head and going through my list. There are some others that are easy but require multiplayer boosting such as Battlefield 4. Then are some games that are easy minus one trophy such as: Titanfall 2 Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered
  22. Wouldn't be the first game to have packaged DLC with separate trophy lists.
  23. You're the only person I've ever met that thinks the Xbox UI doesn't have issues. You clearly don't use it much or you're simply delusional.
  24. I'd love to see the Discord app come to PS5. And backwards compatibility with PS3. I'm guessing you don't play your Xbox all that much because it has the exact same problems that you mentioned your PS4 has. Hell the UI constantly lags even if not in a game on Xbox.
  25. It's $40, not $30.