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  1. Pretty sure they do carry over, cant really confirm since i got the steam version at the time. I dont think there should be any difference between the steam and ps4 versions though
  2. The white chests can drop on lower ranks with a very slim chance. As for the ranks of the mission, they dont really matter exept that you get a bigger chance at earning a white chest. Since the sigils scale with your level, what level you are shouldent really matter. So go at it whenever you feel like it.
  3. I found another way of doing it. Do note that i did this in the post game. So Liselotte sells some good stuff and sigils you can only get there, what you want to do is buy one of the purple ones which cost 10k, to be exact i cant remember which sigils it was. It either was the sigil where you fight a Agnum or Lestin or the one where you fight Marion and Rinna. So, you are going to buy one of these sigils AND one of the green sigils that also cost 10k, is does not really which one of these you pick, but i mostly picked bonus in exp and more gold. Now you want to use the purple sigil when you talk to Alfriede and you also want to use the green sigil which bumps the rank of the grimoire up to S rank, by doing this you should have a higher chance of getting a white chest after the grimoire boss fight. By getting the white chest you will also get 8x of the sea or sky score depending on which of the purple sigils you used. Quick summary, buy the Agnum and Lestin sigil or the Marion and Rinna, buy the green boost sigil and use these 2 sigils in the grimoire. If you dont get the white chest after the fight keep retrying they are not that rare. Hopefully this helps Edit: If you are doing this to get the trophy i would recommend levevling up another another tuning, because i remembered wrong, i dont actually think you can get the sky score in these purple sigils, instead go for something other than that. For an example the Georg sigil drops dark scores, so use the method above but with this sigil instead. Some of the other sigils also drop shining and earth scores dont remember which though. You have to first get the tuning reward from the sigil quest before the reward changes to scores instead