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  1. I messaged Codemasters on Twitter earlier asking about what's happening with Onrush, I'll report back if I get a reply but not holding my breath.
  2. I know it doesn't look good, but all Codemasters need to say is sorry guys Onrush servers will be closing on 30th September. Oh okay I forgot about those as I'm more passionate about Onrush.
  3. Still no official confirmation from Codemasters about Onrush, they would have said something by now surely? the only 'news' about is a couple of articles that have copied and pasted the reddit post which is nothing but assumptions (Gamesparks+Onrush servers=closing), Although it's very likely the servers are going it as the game has been delisted and Codemasters haven't updated the ranked section in ages (still coming soon), it would be nice to actually have some sort of official concrete confirmation from Codemasters on whether it's closing (likely) or getting a new server (unlikely), Onrush is the only game in the risk section due to Gamesparks closure that hasn't been given any update and I'm finding it quite frustrating.
  4. Thank feck for that, fingers crossed it will be okay after the 30th.
  5. So Onrush servers are going down so why couldn't they have just said FGS, I'm just going keep playing online for an hour or so for the next few nights and make the most of it while it lasts, hopefully it will get a custom server.
  6. Yes it is possible These won't take very long to get a few hours at most #Crashtag Dizzy Heights Formula 15 Off the grid These two are grindy and will take a while to get Tag evolution Geared up
  7. Shame about Onrush hopefully they will keep the servers up for a bit longer, I never played it online so might download it and give it a go sometime, doesn't take that long to finish took me 44 hrs and 29 minutes across 9 sessions but I'm not an expert gamer so it can be done a lot quicker than my time.
  8. Went through my game library and searched for each game on the EU PSN store, the following games I could no longer find and are delisted (unless I wasn't thorough enough) The Adventures Of 00 Dilly Arcade Land Cel Damage HD N.E.R.O Nothing Ever Remains Obscure (Disc Version Available EU) Shift Happens Shiftlings Skylar & Plux Adventure On Clover Island Tetris Ultimate Tiny Brains I couldn't see them mentioned on this thread.
  9. Having been playing this a lot recently this is what I found out so far about the trophies stuck at 0.00%, Pretty good = I've earned this one so it's not glitched and not that difficult to achieve in my opinion, just earn a B grade by collecting as many collectables as you can in the levels. Consumer = I've earned this one but it might be glitchy, getting just the bullseye may not be enough you may have to collect all collectables and then get the bullseye, also you only need to get the bullseye in levels 1-12 and bonus levels 1&2 the 3RD bonus level doesn't count. Super collector = I've earned this one (was one of the 0.00% unearned trophies even though this thread didn't mention it), you must collect every collectable in each level before finishing the level and also you might have to do it in one life. Number one = The only trophy I haven't unlocked, levels 10,11&12 and bonus level 1 I can't get an A in at all, tried collecting everything as fast as possible without dying I just get grade B, tried finishing the level as quick as possible whilst getting most of the collectables as possible without dying get grade B again, I'll try again and report back. FYI = If you crash during a level you will need to quit to level selection and try again, starting over again from the start of the level will mess up your overall rank as the game still counts your crashes/fails. NOTE = I don't know when the game received a patch so it's possible these trophies were glitched when this thread was created but could be now fixed.
  10. And it's happened again everything me and my friends have done from Wednesday is all gone, I give up
  11. Yes as I had funds in wallet
  12. Basically nothing is displaying and everything is gone from me and my friends from the feed that was there previously (but my stuff is still displaying in recent activities in my profile), tried internet connection test and refreshing the feed but still nothing but not a big deal but very annoying. EDIT just checked my sisters feed and everything is displaying as normal so it's just me, how long will it take to correct itself?
  13. Whilst searching for a match to play (the game is up to date with patches), I get the error when I keep leaving lobbies as I don't want to play that match with those rules if I keep leaving then I get the error, (why can't they add a search feature to search for games with specific rules?), yes I know I can create my own game with my desired rules, but sometimes I just want to dive in and play.
  14. Okay cool thanks for confirming
  15. Quick question can I still extend plus with money in the PS store wallet?