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  1. I'll pass on that one then.
  2. Interested in Enslaved: Odyssey To The West Guardians Of The Galaxy Little Big Planet 3 Puppeteer Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time Ratchet & Clank: Nexus Teraway Unfolded Undecided Bioshock Horizon Zero Dawn Lego Harry Potter Collection Ratchet & Clank: Quest For Booty (If It Has Trophies) Spider-Man Spider-Man: Miles Morales I'll wait to see what the rest of the games are before committing.
  3. You unlock them in the relics you collect, just go to the shop in any hub world go to the relics section then press square to open all.
  4. You need to scan them first with the scanner binoculars then they are added to your inventory then you can use them, there should be some nearby.
  5. No longer works with patch 1.03 TYPICAL but they said in the patch notes that they've made the game easier. EDIT never mind my timing was off and I wasn't doing it right
  6. No matter what car I use the AI are cheating SCUM, it feels impossible. EDIT choosing a slower car helped significantly and I done it now.
  7. This game is a fixed pile of sh*t, every time I get to the truck stage I struggle and die at practically the same place, would help if the checkpoints actually start you from the last one but no you have to start all over again it's so pissing tedious and it would be nice if they changed the scenery with every attempt it's just the same obstacles in the same order FGS.
  8. I only care about Spyro & Crash, as long as they remain multiplatform and still get PS4 releases in the future then that's fine, also they are PlayStation mascots not xbox so they would be idiots to not to keep them multiplatform.
  9. Can't see it and I don't know how long I've been playing, question = do you have to do the 3 hour trophy in one sitting?, thanks EDIT got it while leaving it idle
  10. I'm on moving mode but after I finish level 150 I go to the next level and finish it then I quit but level 151 remains locked however I can still progress by going next,looks like that means I have to finish the last 90 levels in one sitting, I'm so f*****g mad 😡 EDIT It sorted itself out now and I can now use level select unlike before as all levels were still locked from 150 onward, just got three levels to go which I'll finish tomorrow thank feck
  11. Okay I just need to share this to make me feel better, having just watched various gameplays of this game on YouTube I've come to the realisation this game didn't look that great and turns out that It wouldn't have been a game that I would have enjoyed very much if at all, the vehicles looked clunky and hard to control = frustration, the arenas looked dull and basic = boredom, the weapons looked to take ages destroying an enemy = tedious, also the game looked very heavily battle based like call of duty but with vehicles and that's not really my thing, don't get me wrong I enjoy racing games with battle elements like Blazerush for example, I probably would have still given it a go as I had it, but am I still down, depressed and disappointed about the servers going down? not anymore as the game wasn't what I expected it to be.
  12. They could have just made the online multiplayer connect to the server and they should have created a local multiplayer mode as well, that way if it went down we could still play local multiplayer and the game wouldn't have been totally useless, sorry to keep going on about it but I'm still annoyed that I didn't know about the closure but I'll get over it eventually 😢😭
  13. Mainly because I didn't get the chance to play it due to misinformation regarding glitches, so I would like to have a go at it but oh well
  14. Okay thanks I won't hold my breath then
  15. Modnation racers shut down in 2018 and was brought back online this year via a private server, so could this happen for Hardware Rivals?