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  1. ok thanks but I stopped playing this boring game days ago
  2. Getting frustrated, anyone know why?
  3. FFS another shortcut for the cheaters, Beenox need to patch this asap
  4. Yeah it's still a mess, the following things are happening to me I finish a race and the game results say I came 2nd for example but on the podium I'm 3rd Players still teleport from nowhere Top 3 podium doesn't appear sometimes after races During a race it says I'm for example 1st but there are racers in front of me Sometimes I don't get to see how many coins I've won or nitro I earned and leader board points I gained after races very frustrating
  5. This is one of the reasons I haven't done Tiny Temple yet as I lose my sacred fire at the pad at the end for no reason been trying this but I keep doing it inconsistently
  6. Thanks I'll try this tomorrow
  7. Really losing my temper with this, that spiral is pissing me off also Tiny Temple keeping the sacred fire is a pain in the ass as I just randomly lose it for no reason EDIT finally done both of them, that was so hard
  8. Just got these to beat Oxide in = Crash Cove,Dragon Mines,Hyper Spaceway,Inferno Island & Tiny Temple, finding these very hard (haven't played Hyper Spaceway yet) which characters should I use for these?
  9. I agree that the points system is not great, they should have had a maximum 8 points, for example = 1st place gets 8 points,2nd place gets 7 points, 3rd place gets 6 points ETC, than at least everyone would get a point and make it more exciting
  10. They need to add online cups and custom cups as well
  11. Yes I posted this tip a few posts above,during beating the N.Tropy times I got multiple crashes and eventually save corrupt so I decided to I uploaded every two time trials I beat N.Tropy in to the PS+ cloud until I beat all of his times and I never got the save corrupt again, and with Oxide I'm currently uploading my save after every one I beat because he is a lot harder
  12. Some nice things being added which is good but to wait for the patch to fix the time trial save corruption is unacceptable
  13. Found a potential work around as this works for me (so far) but results could vary for others, like most people on PS4 I have experienced the global save corruption (luckily I uploaded my save 10 minute before I lost save data) so this is what I did and you can try if you want 1) Before you attempt a time trial upload your current global save & adventure mode save with your unlocked boss/skins/kart decals & body's/stickers to the PS+ cloud, (you can upload your hard adventure mode save as well but you don't lose anything if it gets corrupted anyway, unless you've unlocked some skins for the character you are using in hard then upload as well) (disable auto upload for PS+ as it may screw you over) 2) set a good time on one track to unlock N.Tropy ghost 3) quit to the main menu 4) beat n.trophy ghost on that track you did in step 2 5) quit to the main menu 6) close game app 7) upload your global & adventure mode saves to the PS+ cloud (disable auto upload for PS+ as it may screw you over) 8) start the game up again it will may crash multiple times and keep doing so until you keep closing the app, then you will get a message saying save data is corrupted and will be deleted, delete it and accept all terms and conditions again (not sure if it is important to accept the terms again but I did), wait until the title screen comes up then close the app again, if you don't get the corrupt message continue with the next time trial 9) download your saves from the cloud to replace the corrupt local data on the system (if save corrupt happens) 10) start up game again it shouldn't crash anymore and you should have all your save data again (all unlocks from adventure mode & time trials), (Wumpa coins and the stuff you've bought with them are unaffected and will remain after save corruption) 11) rinse and repeat steps 2-7 until all time trials are completed, if save corrupt happens repeat steps 8-9
  14. it's working again
  15. Does it still keep track on trophies ETC when not loading?