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  1. I sort my games into the following folders Easy Games (Platinum Games Haven't Played Yet) Finish Between 1-2 Sessions (Minutes/Hours) Medium Games (Platinum Games Haven't Played Yet) Finish Between 3-7 Sessions Time Consuming Games (Platinum Games Haven't Played Yet) Finish In 8+ Sessions 100% Games (Games Without Platinum Haven't Played Yet) Online Games (A Mixture Of Platinum & 100% Games) Online Multiplayer Games (I've completed 100%) Apps I Don't Use (Stuff That Was Already On PS4)
  2. Starting to lose my temper as I can never beat this boss therefore I'm stuck and can't progress the story, SICK TO DEATH of repeating the whole level again and again and again and collecting everything,how do I do this please FFS EDIT FINALLY did it with the crossbow to hit the queen & the hammer to kill the ants
  3. The mysterious adventures & expert DLC'S seem to be delisted in EU can anyone confirm?, all I could find was super snowy bundle but that just seems to include both snowy games but not the DLC's for snowy treasure hunter
  4. Okay thanks for the reply's
  5. If I lose all my bees do I have to recollect them all again? (if true can I upload my save to the cloud when I have all 48 and then redownload to get a full shield again?) or can I just start the impossible lair again from scratch with all bees reinstated?
  6. Getting extremely irritated by this level, there is a diamond on top of a door and I cannot find a way to get up there EDIT did it
  7. Its back on EU now must have been released back on EU store yesterday, sadly it's gone up in price to £19.99 probably making up for the sales they lost from it's absence
  8. UPDATE Power Trip is now officially my least favourite level as I can't even get a battery as I keep getting grabbed and I just give up, very tedious annoying garbage of a mini game. why can't they give everyone a battery then have various hazards to make you drop them?
  9. It seems every time I dive I can't get back up in time even tho I'm pressing X straight away, just lost again because of it FRUSTRATING
  10. Ever since the update I feel my jumping isn't working properly as my jumps feel too heavy (just me?), I don't normally struggle this much in hex-a-gone but something is off
  11. It gets frustrating this why I hate basket fall & power trip as I never get a chance to get anything because I always get grabbed by far away and drop it, also while on the subject of grabbing, in wall guys I'm still having issues grabbing ledges which has apparently been fixed😡, yet as soon as an infallible exploit appears they patch it straight away yet glitches that have been around for ages still hasn't been fixed 😬
  12. No matter what combination I use I never seem to come close to winning, very fixed in favour of the enemy 😡 EDIT never mind I did it finally
  13. Figured it out see my edit thanks
  14. Hi I used my controller on my sisters PS4 to play a way out with her but I can't sync my controller back to my PS4 and it's pissing me off, HELP ME PLEASE as I can't turn off my PS4 EDIT never mind I wasn't using the official charge cable
  15. Only my current level shows up in one slot