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  1. There is only a 100% guide for the first two levels and nothing else :(,any help please? EDIT never mind found video guides for all of them
  2. Hi, I played Flower for a minute or so then quit, then changed the date to a week ahead then resumed play but I didn't get the trophy 😬 what am I doing wrong? do I have to complete a level? then change it forward a week? then resume?, need confirmation thanks
  3. Never mind you have to beat all levels in one sitting
  4. Does not seem to work anymore FFS
  5. I aborted this fixed garbage ages ago and never looked back
  6. I just find out which games I want on web browser then on PS4 just search for them and add them to the cart, also the thing that irritates me about the store is when I have to press O several times to get out but this causes my PS4 to go laggy pi$$e$ me off, they need to come up with a better way to exit the store
  7. I can't see an option to do this unless I'm blind, does anyone know how? EDIT I'm a dumbass I didn't go back the main menu where build was
  8. Word Search By Powgi, I'm sure there's something dirty hidden in there somewhere
  9. Hi, as some of the trophies have barely any indication of how to achieve them going by trophy descriptions, anyone know what to do to get the following trophies I'm assuming this is how you get them? Gold Treasure (get all gold medals in all courses or win a tournament on 5 star difficulty Runner-Up (you have to be runner-up in local multiplayer On The Podium (getting onto podium in multiplayer Champion (winning against another player in multiplayer Slipped (do something 50 times but what Together Against Each Other (multiplayer Rowdy (do something 1001 times Pearl Diver (do something 50 times Prom King (win 10 tournaments? Referee (do something 10 times Sir Rolf (do something 25 times EDIT found a guide on stream that gives details on how to obtain trophies
  10. Super Kids Racing Dogchild That Trivia Game Pneuma:Breath Of Life Slyde Subject 13 Dark Mystery Super Toy Cars Drowning Blast Em Bunnies In that order
  11. Kula World (with level select) Devil Dice (with online mode) Crash Bash (with online mode) Jinx Glover Pac-Man World Ms Pac-Man Maze Madness Pandemonium Pandemonium 2 Bugs Bunny & Taz Time Busters Jumping Flash Jumping Flash 2 Yeti Sports Croc Croc 2 Kurushi Kurushi Final 40 Winks Chicken Run I doubt any of these will happen anytime soon
  12. ok thanks but I stopped playing this boring game days ago
  13. Getting frustrated, anyone know why?
  14. FFS another shortcut for the cheaters, Beenox need to patch this asap
  15. Yeah it's still a mess, the following things are happening to me I finish a race and the game results say I came 2nd for example but on the podium I'm 3rd Players still teleport from nowhere Top 3 podium doesn't appear sometimes after races During a race it says I'm for example 1st but there are racers in front of me Sometimes I don't get to see how many coins I've won or nitro I earned and leader board points I gained after races very frustrating