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  1. It gets frustrating this why I hate basket fall & power trip as I never get a chance to get anything because I always get grabbed by far away and drop it, also while on the subject of grabbing, in wall guys I'm still having issues grabbing ledges which has apparently been fixed😡, yet as soon as an infallible exploit appears they patch it straight away yet glitches that have been around for ages still hasn't been fixed 😬
  2. No matter what combination I use I never seem to come close to winning, very fixed in favour of the enemy 😡 EDIT never mind I did it finally
  3. I'm talking about the thunder costume it was featured sometime during season 2 in early October last year and since then I haven't seen it since, but all the other costumes from season 2 have appeared now and again but this one never has and its starting to get annoying 😬 and no I haven't already bought it 🙄
  4. Hi I used my controller on my sisters PS4 to play a way out with her but I can't sync my controller back to my PS4 and it's pissing me off, HELP ME PLEASE as I can't turn off my PS4 EDIT never mind I wasn't using the official charge cable
  5. Figured it out see my edit thanks
  6. Only my current level shows up in one slot
  7. Not seeing this option at the moment so I assume this option will unlock after completing all levels? EDIT found it it's in the extras menu
  8. Patched already? oh mediatonic go f**k yourselves
  9. At long last it's appeared in my shop over two months after posting this thread, and as per usual I don't have enough so I'm going to have to play to get kudos as I can't play the waiting game again EDIT I ended up buying the 12,500 kudos pack for £3.99 to buy the costume because I was that desperate and I was no way near 7,000 kudos anyway
  10. And it's driving me insane as I've looked & looked & looked over & over & over again for hours in every section and my crystal radar isn't showing anything either, as a result I can't get the rest of the data challenge complete or obviously get 100% crystals, I really don't want to start over 😡😢 EDIT FINALLY found it on a floating island thought I checked them all but guess not, finally got 100% and I didn't need the jet pack to complete the data bank challenge in the end either.
  11. Hi I was loading some trophy lists on my ps4 when I got an error and it signed me out, when I was back on my trophy list for a few games that I was loading don't say the name of the game in my profile (grey box with controller icon instead of the game picture) is there a way to fix this so they appear normally?, this happened to me before maybe I'm loading to many games to quickly?
  12. Yes its so annoying
  13. Just tried that and the trophy list loaded in the trophies but still comes up grey in my profile
  14. They are still showing up as a grey box with controller icon in the centre with no game name visible
  15. Just recreated my profile, but trophies are still corrupted when I go onto my profile, I really hope that would have been fixed
  16. 01 - Back up your Save Data either to PS Plus Cloud Storage or to a USB or External HDD. Take your time doing this, as your on system saves are about to be wiped. 02 - Once you are ready to proceed, log out of your PS4 with your main account. Select the option to create a new account. You can skip logging into PSN and all the other stuff. Once you get the main menu, go to SETTINGS > LOGIN SETTINGS > USER MANAGEMENT > DELETE USER. (Make sure you have all your backups done before proceeding). Select your main account and delete it. Log out of the PS4 again. 03 - Select the option to create a new account. This time however, log in with your main account login details. Once you get the main menu, go to SETTINGS > ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT > RESTORE LICENCES. This should head off any issues when starting previously played games. You might also want to check the ACTIVATE AS YOUR PRIMARY PS4 option in the menu above RESTORE LICENCES, but that shouldn't have been changed by deleting your profile. Now all that's left to do is to recover all your save data backups and you should be good to go. 04 - One last thing to remember; all your system settings will have been reset to the default settings, so you may want to have a look through the settings menu's to make sure everything is set up how you like it. Just to double check, I have to logout of my main account first, then in the new user account go to settings to delete my main corrupted account, then log out of that user, then create another user then log in with my PSN account details?
  17. So just to be clear, I'll have to create another user profile on my PS4 before deleting my main corrupted user? so when I delete my corrupted user I can go to the new created user and log in to playstation network with my main corrupted PSN ID details?
  18. Okay Is this what I got to do? 1) back up my saves to the PS+ cloud 2) create another user on the PS4 (not another ID) 3) delete the corrupted profile/user (my current one) 4) go to new user and sign in again with my ID 5) when signed back in with my ID activate the account on PS4 as primary? 6) restore my licenses for games so I can play them? 7) Download saves from cloud 8) Download games again? Can someone confirm this is the correct order to do things please
  19. Luckily my last trophies have already synced to my profile yesterday, this problem happened today
  20. Also forgot to mention that my trophies won't sync keep getting error NP-32098-2 so I'd assume that will be fixed if I deleted my account?
  21. Will my saves still be in the PS+ cloud if I delete my profile?
  22. I was literally going to create a thread on how I was feeling about beenox messing up this game for me so I'll just post here instead, here's why I'm pissed 1) Them adding sacred fire to practically all tracks, since they already added to super turbo power-up they should remove sacred fire from turbo pads to make it consistent. 2) They should have made more tracks based off designs from the original trilogy instead of random ideas, people have done mock ups of how some would look like toad village but they ignored that. 3) They didn't add any new online modes like cups or races without weapons despite fans wanting them, single races are dull. 4) They messed up the weapon distribution during online races and it needs fixing, 1st should be getting a mixure of potions, crates & speed boosts,2nd,3rd,4th & 5th should be getting a mixture of rockets, bombs, speed boosts and 6th,7th & 8th should be getting a mixture off rockets, bombs, n trophy clocks, warp orbs and masks. 5) People placing 1st even though they were behind you when crossing the finish line. 6) There is no leaderboards or stats (I know there's is for time trials) telling us how good we are so there's no reason to come back to the game, I would like to know how many time I've come first and how many times I've used a certain weapon ETC. 7) They haven't added all character's from the crash universe to the roster yet a crate gets added. 8) They added a crate as a playable character this really angered me as it proves to me that beenox don't give a sh*t about the original game. 9) Some reason they changed the layout of tiny arena (map looks very different from the original) this also pissed me off, it's supposed to be a REMASTER not a REMAKE. 10) Despite fans making suggestions of what they would like beenox haven't implemented any of them proving they are lazy and don't give a sh*t about us or this game. 11) Online lobbies need to redesigned, if the host leaves it should switch hosting duties to another person and not just boot everyone out. It's because of these reasons why I haven't played this game for well over a year (also due to the constant repetitive grand prix's over a 8 month period) because I can't bare the thought how much better it could have been if beenox got their sh*t together and actually fixed these issues and listened to the fans. Positives = allowing us to change our driving styles for characters, the graphics overhaul was amazing and adding a pitstop for extra content.
  23. YES finally, thanks for sharing this info
  24. Gutted as I really wanted to play this, just never got round to buying as £18.99 was expensive for a PSN game wish I had now, any news on why it was removed? and will it come back?
  25. Sorry if there is already a thread about this I couldn't see it, just curios I would change the following 1) Change the type of round on perfect match from logic to survival 2) Make all levels playable in squads, there's no reason why they can't make all levels work in this mode 3) Make royal fumble appear more frequently when there is less than 10 people for the final round 4) Change the type of round on ski fall from race to hunt 5) Change Slime climb & slimescraper from races to survival rounds 6) Adding a stats screen to see how many times we come first in rounds (including finals) 7) Adding some flippers & fans to team tail tag as it's pretty dull 8) There shouldn't be a limit of the amount of people being eliminated in big shots, a countdown clock is enough 9) Change the pictures of the rounds that the game launched with as they are outdated early beta designs as they don't represent the current designs I'm sure I'll think of more and these suggestions are IMO of course