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  1. I picked up dishonoured 2 and the metal gear solid HD collection as the only MG games I've played are ground zeros and Phantom pain
  2. There is a tab where you can check your progress somewhat. If I remember correctly though it doesn't exactly show the right amount as it adds in other factors as well .
  3. Well heres my opinion and it's what I did. Buy a 4k tv first then buy a pro. Like some people said the PS5 is more then likely coming out soon so if you knock out a 4ktv you won't need to buy a new one when the ps5 comes out unlike buying a pro now then needing to buy a ps5 when it comes out
  4. Sherlock holmes crime and punishment. Holy crap I got this game as I heard it was an easy plat and was expecting gameplay somewhat like L.A Noir but was I ever wrong. Wanted to go into my room and just swallow a whole bottle of my anti depressants the game was that bad. And am not a suicidal person
  5. So has anyone else experienced this bug. I've romanced every female character I could and even went the gay route ( which I dont do in RPGS) And the trophy for matchmaker never pops up. I did about 5 playthroughs and its the last trophy I need and really dont want to start another one just to have it glitch out again. Anyone else have this problem and if so how did you fix it?
  6. I'll go ahead and say it straight out. Homefront the revolution. I am a HUGE fan of games where you play as revolutionaries and loved the game. I bought it when it first came out when it was a buggy mess and still loved it. Oh I should also mention AC Unity. Once again I bought it when it came out and loved the buggy mess it was. I am also a sucker for a game with a half decent romance plot.
  7. Yup First time this ever happened to me. I went and downloaded the updated then my ps4 booted up in safe mode saying something serious has happened had to reset the settings to get it out of it.
  8. I am actually going to try another method I just thought up/ I have two controllers so am going to level up another account to about 50 using my level 55 krieg then use that other account to level up my alts.
  9. Ya am not really looking for exploit exploits if that makes sense. Theres a few methods Am going to give a go .
  10. So I am looking for fast leveling methods in borderlands 2 for the action skill related trophies. I really dont want to play through the game another 4 times ( Played as kreig) to get the remaining trophies I need. Anyone know of any fast leveling tips?
  11. I had to play it three times first time I played it I decided to just give turf to Burk and Vito and killed one too many informants. I enjoyed the game but after the second play through I wanted to chew a bullet.
  12. I bought TTG GoT when the second epsiode came out and played each one as they released and never experienced any crashes. I have conan exiles installed right now and plan on using the admin console for a cheap plat I bought monster hunter world after hearing awesome things about it but cant get into it due to the controls.
  13. Really? I loved platting it now I hated origins because of the whole "Complete all locations" trophy
  14. Ah. So kinda like those old choose your own ending type books. Thanks for the explanation!
  15. Never platted God of war as am not a fan of the series but I hate those type of collectibles too or collectibles that are just there to be there. The only real ones I like are ones that have some story or purpose other then trophy related to get them. Kinda like TLOU and Mad Max