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  1. do you ps plus ?
  2. I'm so happy to be able to play this full collection on PS4. It's finaly out =P I completed the first one on Vita and it was a great indie game
  3. the game so far is ok, i just don't understad why they did not include the original game and why they add the tower defense battle system.
  4. ya it's block house but i only have option fort build fort - upgrade fort - relocate and demolish... weird ok nvm i got it ...
  5. wondering how build a tower... lol
  6. one of my favorite Snes game i so like Quintet Game
  7. no idea since i won't be banned
  8. yeah it's a real pain i keep saving to ps plus cloud. without ps plus account this is almost impossible to complete
  9. you cant see ps3 or ps vita from ps4 or pc. you absolutly need to go on your ps3 and log on store for check your ps3 download
  10. it's include with the new Wonder Boy game?
  11. this game is on all system in japan but xbox.. and here it's on xbox only.. that pain
  12. You have alot of accomplishement to do in game. the game have an inside trophy/reward system
  13. i dont care i will do em. you know the switch version doesn't have any trophy.... if you want alot of trophy just do the PS3 version
  14. I'm buying all my game digital presently because i was always selling em back at lost. 2 or 3 years later i had to buy em back at insane price for play em again lol. so now i go digital so i can't sell em back.. then 2 or 3 years later i can play em without having the trouble to buy em back on ebay lol
  15. the part 5 next week since this is a 5 story games not 4