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  1. yes they are exclusive to japan on PS4, but the english language is include if you buy it on psn japan.
  2. Because they love playing bad game for easy trophies
  3. i have em all too, but i like playing classic games
  4. Well for the PS4 but if you add the nintendo arcade archives exclusives, that more like 230
  5. Well i think they sould stop adding trophy for online part of the game. Except for online only game.
  6. so, good news the game including english on psn store japan ^^
  7. Well they seem to be exclusive to japan on ps4. Probably no language setting. I don't think they will release those game here. It's sad because i don't want to play em on switch
  8. Final Fantasy XI
  9. Ok... my questions was "Why 14$ CAD on switch vs 54$ CAD on psn.. ?" My question was not "Can you bullshit everyone.." anyway for short this is a digital release only so stfu about physical vs digital.. Thank You
  10. Well.. the ps4 version doesn't have same publisher than Switch one.. so Both publisher set a different price. Adding trophy probably add a cost of 30$ ..
  11. I bought this game 14$ cad on switch and it,s 54$ cad on psn?? wth
  12. well you get this trophy after you leave the island for the first time
  13. Well.. at first the game is ok, but after stage 20 everything is hard for nothing.. I dont think someone complete this game. lol. you get platinum at stage 12.. You dont need to play the other stage if you want trophy only.
  14. well grow up ...lol
  15. Its because the speed run is base on total of all stage.. If you did not complete a stage the timer is +10 minute. first you need to beat all stage and after you need to lower your time on every stage until the total time is undef 3 hours. so you dont need to reset time