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  1. All those game having copyright issue lol
  2. Astro's Playroom. this game is a love letter for all fan of Playstation. so fun to unlock all old system.
  3. Ebgames here not selling more than 6 pre order by store and only physical disc. A little weirds since they suppose to delivery 15 millions of PS5. i think it's a fake short of PS5. Like nintendo marketing...
  4. Probably a code in the box for activate em with a 3 month free ps+
  5. I think your frustration coming from the fact that you was Over Hyped for a new IP. The marketing aroud this game was huge, so if the game is not exaclty what you was expecting = Huge deception.
  6. Maybe your live is wonderful if you having issue with simple thing like this lol
  7. I respect the way you think. I was against digital for years, i'm 100% physical for switch. But for the PS4 you need to install the full game, you don't get any booklet or special stuff. the Disc seem to be use for a copyright protection only. so i prefer to start my ps4 without having the troubble to change the disc for a matter of copyright only. but like i said i respect physical buyer for ps4. It's true you can resell a disc, but i never resell my stuff.
  8. Like he said he was playing on a XBOX so the game is probably harder on xbox...
  9. hmm, working trophy system should be a part of quality control...
  10. I'm putting around 300$-400$ every month. I don't purcharse physical game anymore since you need to install em, no more instruction booklet or descent stuff are include . it's like a fake digital.
  11. Took me 60 hours for 100% on Game Cube this game should have a platinum. Alot of dungeon to do.
  12. i was playing in french and was getting alot of bug with trophy and all. i finaly changed it to english and everything was fine after a full restart ps4.
  13. sad
  14. seem realy kool
  15. only in japan presently