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  1. well you get this trophy after you leave the island for the first time
  2. Well.. at first the game is ok, but after stage 20 everything is hard for nothing.. I dont think someone complete this game. lol. you get platinum at stage 12.. You dont need to play the other stage if you want trophy only.
  3. well grow up ...lol
  4. Its because the speed run is base on total of all stage.. If you did not complete a stage the timer is +10 minute. first you need to beat all stage and after you need to lower your time on every stage until the total time is undef 3 hours. so you dont need to reset time
  5. i have difficulty to login om psn from my PS4 in canada..Anyone with same issue?
  6. how do you unlock Atari ST, Sega saturn and all secret console?
  7. Everyone know NBA 2K19 is developed by Square Enix and publish by Tri Ace. The main hero is Kirito.
  8. hmm you should buy a time machine and start from 1st one.. i saw one on amazon 50% discount since its black friday...
  9. atari vol 3 is not release except in europe
  10. War not supose to be easy ...
  11. They drop it
  12. I think i asked for this game on ps4 like 100 times ^^ Day one purchase!!! The trophy seem really cool
  13. Thank alot i made it ^^
  14. How to deal damage ....