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  1. try this old link https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0367-NPUB30072_00-PUZZLEQUESTGLTRX?smcid=psapp by the way jf you using the wish list the price wont show up
  2. The game is not delist... you need to go on the store on ps3. All the PS3 game as been remove from the new store.
  3. it's probably because you got this trophy in july 2020 and forgot to sync your trophy before you changed memory card or reset factory your vita. you can do it with new game + later
  4. well just add credit on psn store with paypal and log on your ps3 or vita for buy stuff.. that change nothing
  5. Lol Utimate was almost free last sales ... for black Friday. you just miss it.. Best bet is to get Control Ultimate because you will get a free upgrade to ps5 later. The regular version won't get this free update.
  6. i don't know for this game, but alot of game are japanese only on HK store.
  7. probably some you tube video can help you.
  8. All those game having copyright issue lol
  9. Astro's Playroom. this game is a love letter for all fan of Playstation. so fun to unlock all old system.
  10. I bought this game 14$ cad on switch and it,s 54$ cad on psn?? wth
  11. Ebgames here not selling more than 6 pre order by store and only physical disc. A little weirds since they suppose to delivery 15 millions of PS5. i think it's a fake short of PS5. Like nintendo marketing...
  12. Probably a code in the box for activate em with a 3 month free ps+
  13. I think your frustration coming from the fact that you was Over Hyped for a new IP. The marketing aroud this game was huge, so if the game is not exaclty what you was expecting = Huge deception.
  14. Maybe your live is wonderful if you having issue with simple thing like this lol
  15. I respect the way you think. I was against digital for years, i'm 100% physical for switch. But for the PS4 you need to install the full game, you don't get any booklet or special stuff. the Disc seem to be use for a copyright protection only. so i prefer to start my ps4 without having the troubble to change the disc for a matter of copyright only. but like i said i respect physical buyer for ps4. It's true you can resell a disc, but i never resell my stuff.
  16. Like he said he was playing on a XBOX so the game is probably harder on xbox...
  17. hmm, working trophy system should be a part of quality control...
  18. My game have update to Nuclear DLC and my old completed save as been rename as PreviewForager.sav and i can't use it.. do i need to restart everything ?
  19. I'm putting around 300$-400$ every month. I don't purcharse physical game anymore since you need to install em, no more instruction booklet or descent stuff are include . it's like a fake digital.
  20. Took me 60 hours for 100% on Game Cube this game should have a platinum. Alot of dungeon to do.
  21. i was playing in french and was getting alot of bug with trophy and all. i finaly changed it to english and everything was fine after a full restart ps4.
  22. sad
  23. only in japan presently