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  1. It’s great you guys have discovered these bugs/workarounds but that is way too much effort for the little time I have to sink into a game 😂
  2. I have no problems on any game mode apart from Ewok Hunt, every other mode I pay its packed out and match making done within 15-20 seconds. Grind to level 50, do it in Heroes Vs. Villians - using a blaster so you can get points at a range. I’m averaging 19-27k per match.
  3. I struggled with B-5 license for hours (gold) and used the starting glitch to do it in 3 seconds.
  4. Balls, I’m at the last mission with SA on them all at Professional difficulty. Oh well! :-) Thanks dude,
  5. As the title says do you need SA on all the missions to get the plat?
  6. You should be able to complete it after the game. I did, as long as you have some areas that are not under your control completely you will find this easier. Remember that you can destroy vehicles from factions that you own, drive it out of a hideout and then call in your vehicle with the flare and destroy it.
  7. Jesus that was a slog and hard at times. Parts were very frustrating and I’d increase the platinum estimated time as there is so much luck based tasks in this! thanks for the guide help bucket loads!
  8. Yep, second controller. Breeze through any fight. Then drop out once done.
  9. The entire game. I hate the controls nearly as much as Jax.
  10. Hmmm the match making can be bad at times. But I think that is because of 'COD' standards where by people drop out if things don't go fast enough. Maybe you've played prior to me and some hit detection patch was applied but I've no issues on that front, slow and steady wins the race on this one :-) As for bugs, I've seen hardly any, no where near a much as their other titles.
  11. Yeah not asking for massive retention just 28 days would be enough :-)
  12. Thanks, I know you can see that but I can't tell what I was say 4 weeks ago and what I am today difference. Did I increase by x places to then decrease by double that in the following weeks to increase then by one place which gives me the perception that I've increased rankings when I haven't? Does that make sense. You have no trending information only real time and I can't remember what I had for breakfast let alone what position I was weeks ago :-)
  13. The function might be there already but I haven't seen it. But is it possible to see a timeline of the last month on increase and decrease of position? I can see I've increased or decreased at a point in time but I can't for example remember what position I was last week or the week before. Does that make sense? Thanks :-)
  14. I found this one a bit different and managed to get more XP faster using it. Uses last campaign mission loop at the very start: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QV2y-NIXF9s
  15. The only missable is the difficulty, make sure you play on the hardest until you complete the campaign. Then you can change it to the lowest.