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  1. u Monthly Madness - A fun way to passively purge your backlog! December: Snow Is Falling All Around Us Games must feature snow Horizon: Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds, Minecraft HCR: Snow must be the central element in the game. Snow, SSX Previous: November's Theme - Sequelitis! This event is supposed to spice up your game selection by providing a certain theme for each month of the coming year 2017. Participants will receive grades for each month depending on their completion of a game that fit's that months theme. Themes could reach from something simple like "2D games" to abstract like "rain" and will be decided on via polls. For now everyone will be able to vote in the poll but depending on the opinion of the participants I might change this in the future to counting only participants' votes. The way it is now will certainly guarantee more interesting themes to be picked and after all this event is about creating a diverse selection of games to play. In addition to the grades, there will be special challenges that can be completed for bragging rights. These challenges can be completed at any time and require a gold grade. While this isn't required, participants are highly encouraged to post their thoughts about the games they play, or discuss them with others. Monthly Madness was originally known as Falion's Year-Long Themed Backlog Event. Unfortunately, Falion had to go on an indefinite hiatus - best of luck! The thread is currently being run by @SyIaris and @Dessane , with @Abbey97 previously co-leading and @eigen-space stepping up for several months. There will be grades for each month ranging from to , and they will be shown in a list for each participant in the main post. The grades are rewarded for the following criteria: - No grade: Participant signed up after this month was already over. - Bronze: Awarded for participating in the event. - Silver: Awarded for finishing the story of a game that fits the theme of the month. - Gold: Awarded for 100% completing a title without platinum trophy that fit's the theme of the month. - Platinum: Awarded for earning the Platinum trophy of a game that fit's the theme of the month. Participants that earn more than one platinum trophy that fits the theme of the month will get a platinum star for each additional platinum trophy earned in that month. Participants that earn more than one gold grade, or already have a platinum grade will get a golden star for each additional 100% completed theme-fitting non-platinum game finished that month. Challenges only have the platinum grade. If you complete a challenge, you will receive the grade for that challenge. As with the monthly grades, participants may earn additional golden stars for their challenge grade by completing the challenge multiple times. Episodic titles without a platinum trophy will be treated specially: - Silver: Awarded for finishing every episode on your profile. - Gold: Awarded for 100% completing every episode on your profile. - Platinum: Awarded for 100% completing every episode of the title. Participants are free to choose 2 monthly themes to skip whenever they like to. In those months ranks can also be awarded by completing games that don't fit the theme of that month, but will be marked accordingly. This should be used if a participant has no games in their backlog that fit the theme of a month. Ranks unlocked by using a skip won't count towards challenges or stars. In addition to PlayStation games, we will also accept games that are completed on another platform that has an Achievement/Trophy system, such as Xbox and Steam. For games that have same Achievement lists as the Trophy ones, then a grade will be awarded for completion. However, for games that differ in Achievements to the Trophy lists, then only a grade will be awarded. When submitting any of these types of games, please include the Achievement list so we can check that the correct grade is awarded and, as well as that, you will also be required to prove that you have finished the game with either a link to a tracking website, your profile or a screenshot of your completion. Also, if you would like to use several consoles for the event, then let us know and we can alter your statistics to include your chosen additional console achievements / progress so you can keep an eye on them here! There is no limit to participants. Grades will only be rewarded when a participant posts about the completion of a relevant game in this thread. All kinds of games are allowed, no matter what console (PC/mobile included) they are on or what age they are from. Participants are required to be honest about their completion since the completion of trophyless games can't be tracked. Instant completion of a game by cross-saving or other means is not allowed and will prevent the game from counting towards your rank. Hacking or the use of other means to gain an unfair advantage over others will result in the same punishment as rule 5. Games of any completion percentage are allowed, an exception to this would be games with only one trophy left for a different event. (See rule 8) Participants can request a platinum rank for a trophy list that has only one missing trophy (or more that are stackable) before the platinum trophy, if they're participating in a time sensitive event like the Platinum Rain Day. After three months of no qualifying games, participants will be moved to inactive until posting again. I reserve the right to change these rules at any time, should the circumstances call for it. If you feel like I missed anything, feel free to point it out. I'm always open to suggestions. 2018 Themes and Minor Themes: 2017 Monthly Themes Challenges (All games completed for these must fit the monthly theme) Complete a retro game. (Anything released before or within 2005 will be eligible as well as any kind of remake/-master or rerelease of those games) Complete a game that counts towards a different PSNP event. Complete 4 games within one month. Complete a game because of the event, that you would not have played anytime soon otherwise. Complete a game that fulfills the Hardcore requirement of that month. Complete all currently released DLC of a game (games only count once, even if more DLC is released throughout the event). Complete a Game in which you got your first trophy a year ago. I may or may not add a few more challenges during the course of the year, depending on user feedback and the rate of achievement of these challenges. To sign up, you simply have to post in this thread saying so. Once you're signed up, you'll need to provide the following stats before you start gaming in January: Current number of achieved platinum trophies Current number of 100% completed titles without a platinum trophy ^(NOT PSNP's "Completed Games" stat. Count every game that's ticked off () in your profile. Current completion percentage These will be used to display the progress you made during the event. After you've posted these stats, you're free to play anything you like or earn some monthly ranks by playing something relevant to the theme of the month. Make sure to post updates in the thread whenever you feel like there's something you accomplished and make sure to update your PSNP trophy list at the end of every month so I can confirm your progress. I'll be posting an announcement at the start of every new month. You have 24 hours after that post has been made, to finish any relevant games and post an update about them in the thread to receive the corresponding trophy rank. You can sign up at any time of the year. If you want to sign up after the start of the event, you'll have to include the stats from above in your post. You'll get the bronze rank for the month you joined in, which means that all participants joining in January will still be able to earn all of January's ranks if they want to. I wanted to post this for quite a while, but the last few days were pretty stressful. The event might feel a bit rushed due to that. If you have any suggestions for this event or future iterations of it, be sure to tell me about them. I appreciate any and all feedback I get. If there's any more questions, be sure to ask them and I'll answer them and add them to the FAQ if they feel important enough. Also, if you're wondering why the thread started a bit weird, it's because I posted it by accident before I was done. I blame the new editor. FAQ Q: Can I earn a platinum rank for a game that I played on a non-Sony console? A: In certain cases, yes. A platinum rank can be awarded for games that have a platinum trophy but are played on a different platform. This requires the other platform to have the same achievement list as PSN. In case a game has a set of achievements different to the PSN trophies, or features no trophies at all on Sony consoles but does on another platform, usually a gold rank will be given out upon 100% completion. Exceptions can be made if a set of achievements proves to be hard or time intensive enough that it would get a platinum trophy, would it ever be released on Sony consoles. In these cases, ask about it in the thread. Q: What titles are eligible for the challenge that requires retro games to be played? A: Any software originally released before the start of 2006 and any form of remake, remaster or port of this software is eligible for this challenge. -Active- AS_CHAOTIC 2018 Statistics: BigHonkingOne 2018 Statistics: BrutalLooter 2017 Statistics: 2018 Statistics: Dessane 2017 Statistics: 2018 Statistics: DoctorDrPepper 2018 Statistics: Edunstar84 2017 Statistics: 2018 Statistics: eigen-space 2018 Statistics: fishy10101 2018 Statistics: Fitzquaid 2018 Statistics: Jesaya815 2017 Statistics: 2018 Statistics: KawaiiSlowpoke 2018 Statistics: Kent 2017 Statistics: 2018 Statistics: Kevvik 2017 Statistics: 2018 Statistics: MarkusT1992 2017 Statistics: 2018 Statistics: Mesopithecus 2018 Statistics: PermaFox 2018 Statistics: Psy-Tychist 2017 Statistics: 2018 Statistics: scarishbal 2018 Statistics: ShogunCroCop 2018 Statistics: starcrunch061 2017 Statistics: 2018 Statistics: SyIaris 2017 Statistics: 2018 Statistics: Uchiha_Snake_ 2017 Statistics: 2018 Statistics: vin_rob 2018 Statistics: Yomako01 2017 Statistics: 2018 Statistics: -Inactive-