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  1. The one relic run was an abosulte RNG nightmare. Even if the RNG goes in your favor, one rogue Boss attack will end it. Tips for anyone reading: Ironclad - Snake Eye (confuse) relic - build pure damage with Double Tap, and pray to the RNG gods that you don't get Donu and Deca.


  2. Killing Donu with Feed is not difficult. Almost every fight with Donu, I have had 1-2 Feed cards. You need to manipulate the game in your favor. Every Boss fight gives 3 different legendary cards, moreso with relics, with so little rare cards for Ironclad, it is a 5-10 run trophy. The hardest trophy without a doubt is ascension 20, I am at 9, and it is ramping up.


  3. I have been searching around the coastline, as the wiki suggests but have been unable to find even one for the past 3 hours. Is my game bugged, or is there something I am missing? It is the last trophy head I need.