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  1. Yep. That's the best approach.
  2. I'm still trying to get as much as i can for the weapons trophy after playing it on professional mode. its not worth it, LOL.
  3. I just beat it last night, LOL. It was tough, but the circular saw helps out a lot. I had a lot of ammo and chem fluids left over and the cassette tapes, which I thought would be very few, was rampant. I had ten left over.
  4. I did my speed run on easy and I got the Circular Saw and X-Ray specs.
  5. I just purchased the season pass this morning as it was on sale. I'll definitely take the advice of you all. LOL.
  6. Awesome, I needed that info. 😀
  7. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell HD. Utterly hated it. It's a blight on my trophy list, LOL.
  8. Infamous 2. I played it 5 years ago, then quit. Going back into my old games and finishing them up.
  9. When I got a PS3 and I understood the whole trophy idea, I loved it. I remember in GTA Vice CIty, I played forever to get 100% because the percentage completion always stared at me when I paused. I wanted 100% and when I got it, I got nothing but a t-shirt for Tommy, but the satisfaction I got was worth it. Now I try to platinum nearly every game I play. I don't try to get a high number of platinums, but just get a platinum in nearly all of my current games. Currently looking at #60.
  10. Going through my backlog and working on Infamous 2. I reached full negative karma, however, I didn't get the trophy. I'll keep playing until I beat the game but I hope that it pops up sooner than later. Don't really want to play a third time but I will if I have to.
  11. I'm a trophy hunter. Gotta get those plats. 😁 However, as of late, I have been going to my completed games and buying the DLC to get as close to 100% as possible. I am not looking into any new games as of now.
  12. Thank you gents. Its showing up now.
  13. Last ultra rare trophy I got was the Payday: The Heist platinum.
  14. Hi. I'm just curious as to why my trophies for Trine 2 are not showing up on this site. I see it on other people's profiles, but not mine. Quite odd.
  15. I recently platinumed Trine 2 (#56), but oddly enough, it's not showing up on this site. Does anyone know why that is?