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  1. Just an update: I played with the guy who got first plat in the world (without cheating).... him and another guy both got the trophy without issues. Myself and multiple others ( from here, Twitter, PSN) have all had it bug out. I’ve personally collected 30k across two servers and it won’t pop. One theory is tracking is extremely broken, another is the game crashed as the trophy requirement was met. Still no acknowledgement of my tickets to the dev.
  2. This trophy has to be glitched..... I have personally acquired over 10k scrap on two different servers. The second time I collected every piece via barrels, crates, and recycler trips. I did not kill one person my entire run. I have submitted two tickets to the developers, with not so much as an acknowledgment. This is extremely frustrating at is my last trophy for Platinum. If anyone else is having the same issue or has a workaround I'd love to hear them.
  3. Did it seem like you did over 10k?
  4. I have 10k in my inventory and it won’t pop. I submitted a ticket, fingers crossed I hear something...
  5. It might be just me, but I feel like the tracking for this one is off... I had 7500 scrap saved at one point, and I’ve bought a number of blueprints, so I’m having a hard time believing I haven’t collected 10k yet
  6. Has anyone figured out exactly what biomes/locations are needed for the trophy?
  7. As for the food trophy... a fellow trophy hunter ate: Apple, Pumpkin, Corn, Mushroom, and a Blueberry. Apparently, there are also Black Raspberrys. Both were found at the lighthouse in a crate.
  8. Looking for a little help. I have a physical copy of Royal Edition with DLC, I redeemed the voucher, but I can’t seem to find where Comrades DLC would be. Do I need to do all the steps before I can see it to install? Edit* Figured it out, PS5 UI was throwing me off.
  9. Can confirm this is still working 12/23/20. Just remember that disconnects don’t count, threw me off.
  10. One tip is to disable cross play in the settings. I was getting stomped by PC players and after changing that things felt a little more fair.
  11. Does anyone know if you can get the two online trophies boosting with a friend and a password? Unwelcome Guest & Return To Form
  12. I can’t get this for the life of me, tried all day. Anyone willing to help me? I’d be very grateful.
  13. Need to do these as well, was just going to start the game
  14. Looking for someone to do overwatch missions and collectibles. PSN - buck2159 GMT-6