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  1. Hi I messaged you on Discord please respond. My user id is MnVikingsFan34
  2. Uncharted 1 or Persona 5
  3. #21 - Black Ops 3 Platinum Awarded when all other trophies have been unlocked. I did it. I finally did it. After countless hours of grinding, and tearing my hair out from the frustration, I finally conquered this bitch of a platinum trophy. "Personal Decorator" is by far the hardest trophy in a video game I've ever gotten, and I would go as far as to say it's harder to obtain than any other platinum I've gotten. Needless to say it was very entertaining besides beating the campaign and combat simulator on realistic, and beating every mission on veteran without using a checkpoint. Beating the campaign on realistic is the most mind numbingly difficult and unfair thing I've ever done in a game. There are a couple sections where you are forced out into the open just praying nobody will hit you. For anyone attempting to get this platinum, I wish you the best of luck. You're gonna need it. Difficulty: 10/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Time to Platinum: 100+ hours
  4. Yeah i tried co op a few times and either a) the people I played with were absolute morons or b) couldn't find anyone at all, so I just finished it off on my own.
  5. Same here. Exact same messages but from a different user.
  6. Got back into BO3 the last few weeks and finishing off the trophies. Made a lot of progress the last few days and now just need Personal Decorator for the platinum.
  7. Still works exactly the same
  8. I just did this today after the 1.24 update and can confirm that it is still unpatched. The only problem I had doing it was I wasn't able to get it to work with just a second controller, so I had a friend on a separate PS4 help me try this method below which worked. Credit goes to the user "Sighris" on "" "There is currently glitch to beat combat immersion on realistic. The glitch will make you invincible. I was able to also get the 35k decoration at same time. Below is step by step process.(Rewrote for simplicity)Player 1 = host.Player 2 = player 2.1. Have host invite you to a campaign game party.(at menu not in safe house)2. Have host load up mission 3. (It'll put you in safe house after cutscene)3. After both load in, looking towards the combat simulator from the barracks, player 2 sit in the right hand chair, then exit chair and host sit in the chair.4. Have host hover over Begin Immersion while player 2 leaves the game.5. Player 2 Join back in through your friends tab in the social menu.(hit Y from black ops menu, don't use friends/party snap)6. After loading in, walk over to the host. If the chair they are in spins towards you like it is empty, you can sit in it.7. Both players hit Begin Immersion at the same time. Both should load in.8. Player with God mode will not have an ammo counter on their hud. Player without God mode should die during wave 1 so the God mode player can finish the combat immersion.9. After God mode player finishes combat immersion, reverse the steps, having your friend do everything you had done so you both finish it." I will link the original post here if you want to view it.
  9. I've never seen such a simple ass trophy be so glitched out. Pathetic Activision. Absolutely pathetic.
  10. Most obvious problem I've noticed is whenever I pickup a clock there's a very slight stutter for a couple seconds. Very annoying
  11. I've been looking for really popular games to try and I've seen Diablo 3 has a large player base, but have never really looked into the game too much. I've never played any of the Diablo games. I have heard however, that the game has tons of problems and just isn't very good in general. I've thought about picking this up for $30 to give it a shot. So for someone who has never played Diablo, is this worth buying?
  12. Favorite genre is metal. Pretty much the only thing I listen to. Death, melodic death, thrash, and doom in particular.
  13. D-pad for when I need precise movements and on 2D levels. Analog when on long running 3D levels.