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  1. It was easier then I expected.. He even went to unlucky 23 and killed himself with my 2 bet up cards lol. It took me over hour for full round though, 3rd try I believe.
  2. For now I wanna keep playing. I completed hard mode in 4 hours.. Now same speedrun but easier and then farm and grind ūüėÄ
  3. Thanks for this ! I tried ur Dragon on easy with level 52 and no way Will leave that for after beating hard mode. Assuming that I can return to normal ng+ after beating hard ?
  4. I obtained 2 times 100% on pc, cant wait one more time on ps !
  5. Oh.. i need to finish ng+ now while skipping most stuff for ng+ trophy.. then i will grind gold and equipment on hard. With speedrun thats 4 runs, luckily I enjoy this game. Thanks Wait wait ! Since i started ng+, if i go in menu and choose hard with existing save file, i keep everything and i get both trophies at end for 2nd completed time and hardened vteran ? I do have Hero trophy so no reason for normal ng+ ?
  6. One more question, I completed Hero trophy and completed NG, started there any way switching to Hard mode in NG+ ? This feels really absurd easy now..
  7. Thanks to both of you for brief responses ! I will check Hero trophy, I really dont intend to complete during next couple months since I enjoy it and for first time after while I don't feel that I need to go for Plat straight away
  8. I accidentaly did choose retry in easy mode after 10 hours of gameplay.. My question would be, did I screw something on my road to platinium ? I did find game harder then what I usually encounter even in bloodsoul games in my personal opinion, so I wouldn't complain about difficulty after all.. But do I lose some chance for trophies ? Or perhaps I get less EXP or something ? I would like to go through this game without checking trophy list and do it all on my own since wakes up nostalgy from old Gothic series I am aware that I need to do NG+ in Hard mode and Speedrun for 3rd time but I was wondering..
  9. Didn't even know that this is coming up, I can't get more hyped then seeing bunch of games which wakes up nostalgia. This is must have for me
  10. I completed level like 10 times so far, I found 3 big crystals which respawn Yokai and after destroying small ones big one explode aswel. But looks like that I never got a trophy.. I can't find even one guide/video about this particular trophy, anyone have idea what to do ? Last Samurai mission.
  11. For some reason stealth in this game doesn't work for me Always start with stealth, I finish outpost or mission as in world war hah. Thanks for responses, helped me aswel, I was wondering about rocks.
  12. Just to make sure, if I buy season pass in couple days I will have FC3 on 26th May ? I have standard edition of FC5 now.
  13. Great Demon Hunting mission, NG+. Once when you learn him, it's fun and easy, most important FUN !
  14. Same.. Although I will get it one way or another even if takes full year of casual playing every couple days Dual boss fights scare me on highest difficulty
  15. Cant find accurate info, but so far looks like that only this trophy require someone (more) to join ? Everything else can be achieved through hard grind.. correct ?