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  1. Thanks for tips, I had luck but I found much easier way and I never saw that on youtube or any guide whatsoever. If hopefully one of players have lvl50 on necromancer, there is a build where you invest mostly in best friends tab. After defeting last boss, birds will continue to spawn endlessly, forever. While robot (or however is his name) have limited time to help us, by killing birds again and again he keeps maximum time and he is killing birds forever We went in restaurant for dinner for about 2 hours (probably less), after we got home we had lvl42 on Gunzerker ! Probably best way to get boosted, this is on second difficulty though, on third one it's even faster.
  2. I need only lvl 5 on other classes (well.. lvl35 on one) for plat 🤗 Me and my wife played as necro and psycho, lvl51 but we are a bit under geared for ultra playtrough therefor I wonder what is best way to boost chars for trophy ? We dont like glitches anyway.. Does spaming last boss brings enough exp or cleaning lvl50 enemies in random areas might be faster ? Thanks !
  3. Thanks ! You explained everything, much appreciated response.
  4. Hey guys, I was thinking between Dragons Dogma, Nioh and Prey but early spring is sign for this genre and since I beated all DS and BB titles I dont have choice My question would be, is coop/online in any way required for Platinium ? In one guide I see that it is required indeed (2-3 online trophies), while in other it's marked as 0. I try not to read all trophy guide info since I love getting plat on my own, and I don't mind playing 2-3 times one game. I don't know anything about Nioh except that it's kinda like DS games. I never rage quit games therefore that's not my problem, but when it comes to online play I just dont like it, especially PvP. Now I see that there are some missions which are updated "eventually" during day (real time), and apparently they are really hard with 2 bosses in some cases. Is that only "recommended" to go coop or there is a option between and I can tryhard solo until I dont grind very good items ? Just to be clear here, even in DS2/3 I was grinding for hours (by killing mobs over and over again for even 10+ hours) some online covenant items since I don't like PvP in this genre, period Hopefully game is good enough, I've seen only 3 mins gameplay in DF videos and 2 screenshots on this forum
  5. I was suprised when I got trophy without crusader 😁 Thought that I need all 7 classes heh.
  6. I started season with barb cack on start date, used seco d controller to create crusader for wife, boosted him in about 10 mins up to level 70. Today I got invoker set and used maths from barb to forge somr good build weapons, in about 20mins i get one class up to 70. I need 2 more classes, will be doing that tonight. So yes, u can use second controller If u have good and fully geared char on secondary, first will tp to u as soon as u move out of the screen, so basically he cant die on torment 6 due to speed moverment 😀
  7. I actuallyenjoy this very much. Trophies are on point, love it.
  8. Mazi7ps, add me Doing trophy hunts, love following what others do for 100% (activity page), talking about suggestions and opinion about completed games. Mazi7mp, add me if u love playing mp games as Destiny 2, Fortnite and many more.
  9. I agree there but I don't need to mess with mods for first time. Although UI and other mods should be allowed I agree.
  10. Struggling to find people for this, also PSN profiles say that I dont own game, probably cause I didn't get even one trophy.. So I can't create session Hopefully I can find 5 more people.. I did this on PC aswel but I had friends there (IRL).
  11. Even better then ! Thanks.
  12. If I am about to start road to Platinium on my own are there any mods for ps4 pro which would make my ride more enjoyable? I bought special edition, 1080p TV and no interest in graphics improvement. Any other gameplay mods ? But without additional content.. Played only main story on PC on release date.
  13. Did it on 53% But suddenly I enjoy game 😂
  14. Did you notice that you got A rank on 63% or it was somewhere before that ?
  15. So I'm at 48%, got all silvers except level 50, got gold one for 100 wins aswel. I'm wondering will I get A rank with last silver trophy for 50 level ? I'm at 32 now though. I don't have nerves neither I enjoy chasing platinium for this one. Even now at B rank I'm okay.