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  1. Am gonna revive this and ask for people to add me Doing Platinium runs so I need friend list because of this. PSN: Mazi7ps
  2. I think that I played RE6 couple years ago and it was okay. Perhaps because I wasn't into RE vibe completely.
  3. If I remember correctly literally 20 years ago (wow) those thank controls made aiming literally easy that easier can't be. That's gonna be of help for wife aswel, since in RE7 I needed to deal with boss fights, and sometimes it breaks immersion, depends on that how we play game
  4. Thanks everyone ! So 0 after original HD. I have low end PC (q9650/gt1030/6gb), not sure can it run emulator for 2 and 3 but for the time being we will do this list. Perhaps or if we love them very much we can spare literally 50-100$ for PS1 console, they are like 40$ here in Serbia from what I'm looking into at the moment. And I love old consoles
  5. So just to clarify: Resident Evil 0 Resident Evil HD Resident Evil Code Veronica X Resident Evil 4 Remastered Resident Evil 5 Resident Evil 6 Resident Evil Revelations Resident Evil Revelations 2 That is all what I can get from PS4, and hopefully its correct chronological list. Correct ?
  6. My wife played first time on Normal Then I was brave enough to start Madhouse and get until one moment where even 1000 bullets were not enough. Then I realized that I can get some stupid weapons if I speedrun game even on Easy under 4 ingame hours. So I did it, returned to Madhouse difficulty and completed game aswel. First time was really scary, even Madhouse made me jump couple times because there are changes in AI I will play all RE games no matter if they are good or bad. I just need chronological list from titles which are available on PS4 platform
  7. It would be amazing if we could sort completed games and that to be updated for other visitors aswel I was in delusion that everything is perfect on my profile, but when I checked my page from Incognito I noticed huge mess Worst thing is that I can't put my 4 non platinium games on bottom of the list for every viewer only cause they are last played recently and updated with random trophy
  8. This might be first time opening thread on this forum I need help. I played RE7 with my wife (first completed RE ever), we enjoyed very much. We completed game on Normal, then completed Madhouse and afterwards speedrun on Easy. So enjoyable. Now I'm aware that RE7 is separate project and there are no connections with other RE games neither with gameplay style yet I remember RE1/2 from PS1 era when I was scared to play more then 15-20 mins, I was like 10 years old haha I bought Resident Evil HD and Resident Evil 0 couple months ago. What other RE games are available on PS4 platform and can someone throw list of chronological games to play (only PS4) ? Doesn't matter are they good or bad. I remember Revelations on PC couple years ago that was released in chapters (every week new one), dunno is there anything between HD and 4 ? Is 4 even remastered on PS4 ? So basically without spoilers literally every game for PS4 in chronological events I would appreciate it. I'm aware that some Platiniums are ultra hard, but I will get them eventually
  9. Just found that this is a feature with Premium status, seems that I can't find it on my page. Am I blind or it's disabled at the moment ? From instructions above, that does not exist here Nvm found solution, dumb
  10. Dragons Dogma is coming on PS4, therefore I just need Demon Souls ! Well Dark Souls (Prepare to Die) would be amazing aswel but pure dreams and wishes Also, Crash Team Racing would be sweet
  11. I have 2 main accounts, for SP and MP games, therefore feel free to add me on both Mazi7ps - For trophy hunting (if games have MP trophies let me know I can help, and usually I need help aswel if required trophies need friends). Mazi7mp - For MP games aka F1 2017, 13th Friday, Titanfall 2, Overwatch, Destiny and many more If you love grinding games aka Diablo 3 on PC, for example Destiny 2 (PS4) make sure to add me on Mazi7ps ! Preordering game today, getting into lore and gameplay with 1st game on Mazi7mp but I will stick with game on main account since I will at one point aim for Platinium in Destiny 2.
  12. So it's the last time played default order for visitors. Ok thanks didn't know that. Make sense.
  13. Just making sure if I'm doing something wrong although there are not many options on when I want to edit profile. I've always used to check my profile through my browser while I'm logged in and it looked perfectly clean. Last night I started incognito tab, opened my profile and games were scattered all over the place. No rarity order despite selecting that in settings and even games which I just tried for 2-3 mins without trophies were visible. Therefore I needed to hide them in PS4 console and once when I start them for trophies I assume I should unhide them. Is there a option to make this looks better ? And this is how it looks for most of you (after I make some games hidden, not even single trophy on them). I know that every viewer can sort via rarity games, but I was wondering about default view of my profile
  14. I am on 3 750 000 souls, still in NG but collecting rest of the trophies. In DLC for any boss you have more then 3-5 active players available to help you (except dragon fight), also if you wanna farm sun medals there are people inviding you all the time. Much much more populated then PC year and half ago. Really enjoying this, especially since I'm interested only in coop.
  15. You get used to after some time. I got all trophies from MGS1, now I'm learning 2nd one and seems like that I loose all my lives in Mission 5 and 6. Hopefully I finish this during next couple weeks