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  1. Thanks, I see. Okay so hidding 2-3 games only or even more as you did, does not affect overall leaderboard. I mean to be honest this is kinda addicting thing to do, so after I get.. dunno maybe 100 platiniums I will not care if I unhide those 3 games.. I will not make same mistake further since I will play mp games on other PSN profile. If nothing is affected in terms of leaderboard etc (not that I care but I want 'full' enjoyment) I'm good.. Thank you for fast response
  2. I do understand that games can be hidden from PS4 console, I've hidden Overwatch, Paladins and Fifa since those are games which I started with no intention to gather trophies yet later I had fun with doing that and I started completing other games. My question is next, if I hide those 3 games I see [H] icon on my profile and it says that I've hidden 19 trophies. Does people consider that as 'cheating' ? Does those removed trophies/games actually increase % of completing ratio ? Personally I don't care about that, I just want my platiniums and clear page. Does leaderboards works fine despite doing that ? Thanks.
  3. Does people use this on purpose ? I wonder because I'm new to PS4 world and without having plan that I will hunt trophies, I played couple mp games and earned couple trophies yet I wouldn't like to throw endless hours into those since I don't enjoy them (paladins, overwatch,fifa 17). Just wondering since on couple places I found that some are called "cheaters" cause they are using that. I see that % is still real and accurate despite that ? I assume that psnprofiles calculate those games aswel therefore my % is lower as it should be, correct ? I personally care only about platiniums so yeah
  4. Felt same, did same
  5. Same.. Love full friend list Mazi7ps
  6. Feel free to add me ! PSN: Mazi7ps Playing everything through day when I'm not in trophy mode.