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  1. Dragons Dogma is coming on PS4, therefore I just need Demon Souls ! Well Dark Souls (Prepare to Die) would be amazing aswel but pure dreams and wishes Also, Crash Team Racing would be sweet
  2. I have 2 main accounts, for SP and MP games, therefore feel free to add me on both Mazi7ps - For trophy hunting (if games have MP trophies let me know I can help, and usually I need help aswel if required trophies need friends). Mazi7mp - For MP games aka F1 2017, 13th Friday, Titanfall 2, Overwatch, Destiny and many more If you love grinding games aka Diablo 3 on PC, for example Destiny 2 (PS4) make sure to add me on Mazi7ps ! Preordering game today, getting into lore and gameplay with 1st game on Mazi7mp but I will stick with game on main account since I will at one point aim for Platinium in Destiny 2.
  3. So it's the last time played default order for visitors. Ok thanks didn't know that. Make sense.
  4. Just making sure if I'm doing something wrong although there are not many options on when I want to edit profile. I've always used to check my profile through my browser while I'm logged in and it looked perfectly clean. Last night I started incognito tab, opened my profile and games were scattered all over the place. No rarity order despite selecting that in settings and even games which I just tried for 2-3 mins without trophies were visible. Therefore I needed to hide them in PS4 console and once when I start them for trophies I assume I should unhide them. Is there a option to make this looks better ? And this is how it looks for most of you (after I make some games hidden, not even single trophy on them). I know that every viewer can sort via rarity games, but I was wondering about default view of my profile
  5. I am on 3 750 000 souls, still in NG but collecting rest of the trophies. In DLC for any boss you have more then 3-5 active players available to help you (except dragon fight), also if you wanna farm sun medals there are people inviding you all the time. Much much more populated then PC year and half ago. Really enjoying this, especially since I'm interested only in coop.
  6. You get used to after some time. I got all trophies from MGS1, now I'm learning 2nd one and seems like that I loose all my lives in Mission 5 and 6. Hopefully I finish this during next couple weeks
  7. Had PS4 Slim, sold him and added extra 120$ for Pro. I have only 1080p yet I'm good with upgrade due to storage and more stable FPS and fluid gameplay in games like Dishonored 2 and couple more. Also I don't need to think about anything until release of PS5. Otherwise I doubt that I would enjoy properly in all games till then since they will need to focus on better optimization for Pro/X.
  8. I didn't find Slippery Climb hard, even though I expected to be impossible. Since I have only 3rd game to complete for Platinium it's gonna be good time to get break before getting 100% Anything related to Crash will always make me happy.
  9. I'm really hoping that I will get this.. Only 2 weeks or less since I got Platinium and first time played game. Getting Pro tomorrow so new theme and deserved one would be amazing
  10. Thanks, I see. Okay so hidding 2-3 games only or even more as you did, does not affect overall leaderboard. I mean to be honest this is kinda addicting thing to do, so after I get.. dunno maybe 100 platiniums I will not care if I unhide those 3 games.. I will not make same mistake further since I will play mp games on other PSN profile. If nothing is affected in terms of leaderboard etc (not that I care but I want 'full' enjoyment) I'm good.. Thank you for fast response
  11. I do understand that games can be hidden from PS4 console, I've hidden Overwatch, Paladins and Fifa since those are games which I started with no intention to gather trophies yet later I had fun with doing that and I started completing other games. My question is next, if I hide those 3 games I see [H] icon on my profile and it says that I've hidden 19 trophies. Does people consider that as 'cheating' ? Does those removed trophies/games actually increase % of completing ratio ? Personally I don't care about that, I just want my platiniums and clear page. Does leaderboards works fine despite doing that ? Thanks.
  12. Does people use this on purpose ? I wonder because I'm new to PS4 world and without having plan that I will hunt trophies, I played couple mp games and earned couple trophies yet I wouldn't like to throw endless hours into those since I don't enjoy them (paladins, overwatch,fifa 17). Just wondering since on couple places I found that some are called "cheaters" cause they are using that. I see that % is still real and accurate despite that ? I assume that psnprofiles calculate those games aswel therefore my % is lower as it should be, correct ? I personally care only about platiniums so yeah
  13. Felt same, did same
  14. Same.. Love full friend list Mazi7ps
  15. Feel free to add me ! PSN: Mazi7ps Playing everything through day when I'm not in trophy mode.