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  1. You have to press X in each section of the heart beat. Each heart beat is broken up into two sections, and you have to hit x one time in each section. So for most beats you have to press x twice pretty quickly to get both sections right.
  2. Multiple trophies require a coop partner to get, including a few relationship trophies. There’s also multiple collectibles that can only be gotten during the coop story
  3. I got that ending the same run I got the innocent trophy, so not killing anyone might be a requirement. I would also not be hostile or negative toward Lucien when you are pointing the gun at him and making choices.
  4. just finished it myself haha. very tough when there isnt a guide and you have to run around finding youtube videos and whatnot to try and figure out what your missing. congrats and ill add you when i get the chance.
  5. yeah thats weird make sure you answer both phone calls the one at the beginning then go outside and tell him about it. also the one in the apartment after you peek through the hole in the wall twice, followed by checking the body when she tells you to. also always cooperate with him and dont do anything that makes him think you suspect him of anything it worked first try hopefully it works for you
  6. i just finished another run and got voyeur and backstabber. I followed leeewor's guide to a tee and it gave me the option to kiss right after i said berated and then going crazy. My last voyeur spot was spying on blake and lucien in the basement by going through the far left door two times in a row. now i just need all documents and i think the pad in the car glove box might be my last one
  7. Ok so good relations with him, and then after the inspector you need to answer the first one twice, which is berate and then I’m going crazy. Thanks dude I’ve been trying to figure it out forever.
  8. Thank you sir, ill do that in my next run and see if I unlock the voyeur trophy. Do you remember how you were able to kiss Blake? I’ve played through like 8 times and haven’t seen it happen once
  9. When you go to the chief inspectors place, Lucien shows you a file of the black chick and tells you she died. You then get like 4 options and you need to pick your lying (I think this is what triggers it). Then when the inspector comes in with the tea and the phone rings, he will spill the tea on you and hand you a napkin. Open it to see the message. I’m not positive there isn’t another additional requirement, but every time I picked your lying he spilled the tea.
  10. Anybody know how to get the scene in the basement the first time you go there where you spy on Blake and Lucien as they go through the locked door. I’ve only ever seen the Ballard scene there. I think that’s what I’m missing for the voyeur trophy, cause I can’t think of anything else
  11. If anyone can figure out how to replicate this I think that solves backstabber. I’ve been trying to kiss him at the end in the red hallway, but it sounds like you kiss him earlier on and then stab him at the end.
  12. The first one your missing is when you go back to your house with the detective. Chose to stay in your house instead of following him and the Fox should show up there. The second one you have to decline the therapy multiple times when they ask you to do it. You’ll then be outside and need to focus of the Fox right in front of you
  13. appreciate the information. all im missing is backstabber, voyeur, and all documents. I have no idea where the remaining voyeur spot or spots are, because i feel like ive done just about everything. The only things i havent that i can think of are open the cooler case looking thing when you go underground the first time in the room where hannahs body and the slide trophy are (i dont know if there is a document in there i need), and go back to the house at the end after telling the black chick i want to go alone. being the trophy is called backstabber i feel like you need the knife, and i dont think you can get it if she doesnt come with you. but your right every time you try to do anything she comes in and kills him, so i dont know.
  14. All the corpses i can think of: lucien at the end ballard at the end tobi in the chair guard whose throat you slit with the black chick dead guy in the apartment when you follow blake blake after black girl kills him blake when you take him to the farmhouse (dont know if this is seperate) hannahs body in the body bag the first time you visit the underground section thats all the ones i remember, hopefully im not forgetting any dont have the back stab or the voyeur trophy yet For the finding the inspector with his prized possession, i found him with teh rabbit drawing, but didnt get the trophy. is there something else i have to do? also how do you annoy the three girls?
  15. ill explain how i got it and maybe it will help some people. I went to klassic towers and did the survival tower on very easy because each fight only lasts 1 round. One of the guesses for how to do it was 100 finishers, and since you need 100 brutalities for another trophy, i started with those. i had 28 brutalities before i started, and killed jade with a brutality over and over until i had 101 brutalities, cause the trophy didnt unlock at 100. so i did 73 brutalities. then i started doing fatalities. i was at 90 before i started and the head wasn't awarded until 135. so i did (Excluding the 15 or so towers i did before the calculations which may add a few fatalities) 73 brutalities and 45 fatalities for a total of 118 finishers. so its definitely not 100 finishers, its definitely not 50 brutalities like powerpyx is saying. It must be a mix of the two that does it. for example, maybe its 25 brutalities and 50 fatalities or something like that. it could also be completely random, but i don't think NRS would do it that way. hopefully this helps a little bit.