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  1. This fight
  2. #68 - Kingdom Hearts II. Critical Mode Roxas was ass lmao

  3. And what you obviously don't realize is that being the best healer isn't based just on how big your heals are.
  4. Just got my plat this morning. The best way to prepare for Hard mode is to indeed max out Materias. Typically the purple and yellow ones are your best friends. These were the only Materias I ever touched during my Hard mode run: (2) Elemental (2) Fire/Ice/Lightning/Wind (2) Luck Up (2) Magic Up (2) First Strike (3) ATB Stagger (3) Steadfast Block (1) ATB Assist (3) Prayer (2-3) Chakra (7) HP Up (Two each for Cloud, Tifa, and Aeris. One for Barret.) (2) MP Up (3) Revive (3) Healing (1) Poison (1) Time (1) Barrier Weapons: Hardedge, Metal Knuckles, Mythril Rod, Big Bertha. I saw this video that theorycrafted Barret into the healer: and it honestly worked. As for the Gotterdammerung, I didn't get it until I actually got to Chapter 17 during my hard playthrough. So, majority of the game is doable without it.
  5. #67 - Final Fantasy VII Remake. Didn't know a game could be the best game of all time twice. Had to fight back tears a few times because so much about this game was absolutely beautiful. Waited 23 years for this <3

  6. #66 - Persona 5 Royal. Even better than the original T_T

  7. This list looks even easier than the Dancing games lmao
  8. Brand-new, sealed PS4 Collector's/Limited Editions for sale: BlazBlue: Central Fiction Danganronpa V3 PixelJunk Monsters 2 Persona 5
  9. #65 - Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories. Two down, four to go. Stay safe and healthy out there, everyone.

  10. #64 - Kingdom Hearts. Definitely the epitome of doing a group project all by yourself. Donald and Goofy were dead like, 75% of the time during both runs. 

  11. Going to attempt to plat the entire KH collection. Who needs trophy guides when you still have these?



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Norava


      I'm actually at a time crunch myself, so I'll be plowing through these without any breaks. I want to have all of them but KH3 done by the time the FF7 remake comes out. Wish me luck ._.

    3. BlindMango


      I actually still have the strategy guide for the original game and forgot how actually well made it was! It helped out quite a lot with the remaster, especially the maps for the mazes that were Monstro and Hollow Bastion lol

    4. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      @Norava oof, well, good luck so, you'll need it for your sanity's sake!

  12. #63 - Mega Man X Legacy Collection. Was never able to beat X4 when I was a kid. Finally fixed that a couple decades later.

  13. How many platinums have you gotten this year?: 18 How long have you been hunting trophies now?: About three years. What was your proudest platinum this year?: Catherine: Full Body. Still have it in me to complete those Babel stages again. What was your worst platinum this year?: Secret of Mana. Fell asleep during its grind a few times lmao. What game are you most looking forward to getting the platinum for in 2020?: Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Hoping to be one of the first to complete it.
  14. I personally like to always have a gameplan laid out, whether it's printed word docs, spreadsheets, etc. I feel much more motivated when I have everything organized on what to do, when to do them, and keeping track of their progress especially with the lengthier/grindier plats.
  15. #61 - Bastion. God, that About the Author trophy was annoying.