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    So which of you is bemusedchunk?

  2. #57 - Yooka Laylee. Frustrating mechanics, frustrating controls, frustrating camera. Never deleted a game off my hard drive so fast after achieving the plat. Didn't even watch the ending. Stay away from this hot, steaming pile.

  3. Catherine:
  4. #55 - [XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus]. Good riddance to this buggy, laggy as balls port.

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    2. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

      I already posted here. :facepalm:

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

      @DamagingRob Lol. That happened to me before as well. 

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  5. So, if I was able to unlock T.T. in Diddy Kong Racing back in the day, would I be able to platinum this with no problem?
  6. If those are all you need for your ng+ run, I'd estimate anywhere between 15-30 more hours. (It took me a while to build the ideal Trumpeter/Yoshitsune personas for the Margaret fight, but if you're able to defeat her through a different method, then go for it.) If you max out all social links on your first playthrough and get the true ending, then there's nothing you'll need to see in your ng+ run and can fast forward through all dialogue.
  7. Just got the platinum for FF13. Thoroughly enjoyed it and feel that it's way overhated by the general public.

  8. Catherine dismantled me mentally. I've never had such shaky hands/sweaty palms while playing a single player game in my entire life.
  9. Looks very grindy. Unfortunately, I canceled my pre-order of this game after playing the demo. I wasn't feeling the controls and the combat system. They should've just stayed in their lane and developed a super visual novel like I was hoping :\
  10. Blick Winkel here. Also, will Zanki Zero be added to this project?
  11. Thanks. Bumped my damage incurred from a B to an A for an A+ total. I can finally put this game to rest. What a journey it's been.
  12. Is there a way to dodge those two charged up attacks by the final boss? I'm eating up like 4k damage that's pretty much stopping me from getting an A in damage incurred.
  13. That's a year and one month. That's more than enough time for a trophy list that only took 30-40 hours to complete. Stop trying to find excuses for procrastinating which it what it becomes at this point.
  14. One last question: would I be able to carry friends through the sigil trophy so that they don't have to undergo this ridiculous farm grind?
  15. What's the easiest way to set up 99% fire resist?