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  1. The only thing that's stopping me from easily knocking these out is manual balance. Maintaining it just seems so inconsistent to me whether it's riding one out and balancing it to get to my destination or jumping from manual to manual (the balance cursor seems to jump or quickly make its way from the center to one of the ends.) Is there a hidden mechanic I'm missing?
  2. #69 - Tokyo Dark: Remembrance. Neat little game. Wish they implemented more/better fast-forward features.


    Also, nice.

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      I'd like to play that one sometime soon, congrats!

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      Well done! 💯 

  3. Here's a list of the exact chests where I found mine. I'm sure the other chests can drop them as well, so don't be afraid to open any others nearby/along the way if you're soft-resetting like I did. Futsu no Mitama - Foggy Swamp, Area 2: Stardust Rod - Miasma Pit, Area 2: Royal Crown - Misty Mount Kilanda, Area 2: Gravity Ring - Misty Mount Kilanda, Area 1: Holy Ring - Miasma Pit, Area 1: Meteor Ring - Rainy Ruins: Boss, 314 Score
  4. The boss of the post-game version of Rebena Te Ra (Rainy Ruins)
  5. Like how some of us are doing right now about your opinions that you're so very proud of lmaooooo
  6. This is exactly what my friends and I have been saying. Players are under the impression that the online multiplayer was supposed to function like a local-multiplayer caravan, which would not have been a good idea for a number of reasons. And yes, to reinforce what you said, I'm just astounded that people are bitching about the idea of having to replay dungeons if they do, in fact, want everyone in the group to journey through the story together. You HAVE to replay dungeons to farm up artifacts/materials or you're going to get slaughtered later, especially for the new, post-game dungeons.
  7. Yes, but people just wanna get angry lmao.
  8. If I recall correctly, no.
  9. The game itself isn't too long, but that collect all artifacts trophy might be a bit grindy, especially if they added more in this version.
  10. This fight
  11. #68 - Kingdom Hearts II. Critical Mode Roxas was ass lmao

  12. And what you obviously don't realize is that being the best healer isn't based just on how big your heals are.
  13. Just got my plat this morning. The best way to prepare for Hard mode is to indeed max out Materias. Typically the purple and yellow ones are your best friends. These were the only Materias I ever touched during my Hard mode run: (2) Elemental (2) Fire/Ice/Lightning/Wind (2) Luck Up (2) Magic Up (2) First Strike (3) ATB Stagger (3) Steadfast Block (1) ATB Assist (3) Prayer (2-3) Chakra (7) HP Up (Two each for Cloud, Tifa, and Aeris. One for Barret.) (2) MP Up (3) Revive (3) Healing (1) Poison (1) Time (1) Barrier Weapons: Hardedge, Metal Knuckles, Mythril Rod, Big Bertha. I saw this video that theorycrafted Barret into the healer: and it honestly worked. As for the Gotterdammerung, I didn't get it until I actually got to Chapter 17 during my hard playthrough. So, majority of the game is doable without it.
  14. #67 - Final Fantasy VII Remake. Didn't know a game could be the best game of all time twice. Had to fight back tears a few times because so much about this game was absolutely beautiful. Waited 23 years for this <3

  15. #66 - Persona 5 Royal. Even better than the original T_T