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  1. Februari 2020 predictions: - The Division - Prey (2017)
  2. Different time zone. And its not that I look to other posts though. But fair enough. I think its a better rule: The moment you post the 2 games, no editing at all.
  3. The leak was known mid december. And where are mine points though?
  4. Uncharted 4 & Life is strange : before the storm Jan 2020
  5. A New Perspective Life is Strange 2 (Image doesn't Work) A nice trophy to start 2020 After a decade of trophy hunting, I will start this year to enjoy the games more, instead of focussing on getting the platinum. ( Still some games I have the get the platinum of course 😁 ), So for me this is A New Perspective.....
  6. 07 January 2020
  7. Seems like a easy platinum. No complete all Challenges, Exciting for it
  8. The 10 online races is bugged I guess. I play far more , but havent got it, no one has it so it seems
  9. The safety A rank is good now, i got the a rank , thee you have to complete another Q / race for the trophy
  10. Seems easy and not taking that long. I hope i can finish the game and get the plat before the release of RDR2.
  11. I pray Ubisoft takes it over and continue atleast this season. Hopefully Stranded deep as well.
  12. How is it hidden? Its just under de deals and discounts? You see clearly under €5,-
  13. Too bad the game has again those difficulty trophies, what put this game on hold. And all of them are bronze what is kind of lame.
  14. The trophy named in the title. I am sured its glitched. Many players have already done that, incl myself Or does silver rank dont apply and need you a gold rank? Someone know when the gonna fix this?
  15. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch