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  1. Congrats on the plat!!!
  2. I thought it was glitched as well. But I missed one. Did you get the Scout vestiges located throughout the depths?
  3. For the complete 12 waves on each horde mode and escape can you join an already started match that is say on wave 6 and still get the trophy or do you need to start the waves from the beginning? Thanks!
  4. I have been working on this trophy since the DLC came out. It just popped for me last night. I must have healed 150-200 states while injured.
  5. Anyone else have any issues with Dungeoneering popping? I have done 22 epic dungeons (Kessell's Retreat and Valindra's Tower) and it still will not pop. Do I need to do anything prior to starting dungeons? Thanks!