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  1. Yeah, I guess paying £3 for a game comes with an expectation that it probably won't be great. Also about PS Now, I had the free trial but never committed to actually buying it; is it definitely worth it? Because if so I'd be tempted.
  2. It's a cheap game (right now at least) and is an easy plat but genuinely this is probably the worst game I've ever played. I wouldn't blame anyone who gave up on it because of how awful it is. There is seriously nothing good about the game. Literally name any aspect of a video game and it's done poorly here. It's times like this I question what I'm doing with my life
  3. @B1rvine how would I do that?
  4. Thanks guys, will try these tomorrow.
  5. Tried that before, unfortunately nothing.
  6. No, didn't use any cheats for that exact reason.
  7. This is very frustrating. I recently collected all 50 spaceship parts which took around 3 hours. After I delivered the last one and got the special car you get for getting them all, the trophy did not unlock. I looked it up and basically it said there's nothing I can do. I didn't make a save beforehand so it looks like I'm finished. Apparently this happens with other trophies on the game as well. Someone please help?
  8. I have got all the other trophies apart from the online ones and when i try to play online it always says there is no match. Help? Really would like this platinum.