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  1. Yes please @Emina. I would like to hear how you managed it to use the creative glitch. (^_^)
  2. As I can see so far, you have your trophies. Was it a bug due to the new update or how did you managed it to get your trophies?
  3. I love that there are no new trophies! 😌
  4. @Casanova I can confirm, you have to do it in one run. Good luck!
  5. I‘m not able to unlock „Fast and Fierce Finish a Hidden Object Puzzle in less than 20 seconds“ after the last patch for the game. No matter which hidden object puzzle I choose, this trophy won‘t unlock. I managed to finish a lot of the hidden object puzzles in under 20 seconds but no unlock. Did someone else having problems with unlocking these trophy? Edit: Got it nearly 2 hours too late without no reason. :/
  6. @NoOneSpecial-76 Your awesome! Thank you so much for your helpful guide! //_^
  7. Great! Lol I just read in another forum that the max level is now 130 during abarration dlc. They explained me that I have to level up to 100 on the island first then get all three ascensions and level up to 115. Then visiting abarration, get the three ascensions again and beat the boss there to get the last 15 level to reach level 130. No clue if this is the solution in gettin these trophy to work properly.
  8. 3 of the people got the trophy without gettin the 3 trophies for gamma, beta and alpha ascension. There must be another way to increase the max level from 100 to 115 on the island but I have no idea what they do to increase their level. :/ ARK is not playable without the actually patch, right? How did they managed to do so? Is there a way to play ARK without the newest patch and to get the trophy on the old way with reaching level 100? Ranger_2214 earned only 3 trophies: Survive your first day, ride your first dino and maximum survivor. :/ https://psnprofiles.com/Ranger_2214 https://psnprofiles.com/RADIANCE-H-HEAT
  9. Some people managed to actually get the trophy. Was there a patch or did I miss something? :/
  10. Are many of the trophys still glitched in the game and is the platinum still bugged or was there a patch which resolved most of the glitched trophys?
  11. In english: And now in german cause I was nice and wanna help and translated my answer in german: Only one post which is no problem for the staff of this site! In my opinion it wasn't neccessary to point this out to me two times. You are able to understand german and don't realize that I answered him first in english and after that in german because he don't understand me very well? And for the fact that you maybe comes up next with "it is not word in word exact the same as I wrote in english". Then yes, I can talk in german way better then in english cause I'm native speaker german but it means the same. I answered him first in english and after that in german because he asked me to do that and yes HE better asked me via PM. I have no reason to PM him cause I wrote my answer here two times, english and german. I can offer to translate it in french or spain too but nah...three times is definetly not neccessary. But posting off topic is against the rules of this site. If you have more hints and tips how I should have to post or what should I do or not, you already know, there is always the private message option.
  12. I understand you very well but the other person maybe don't. I was searching for the site rules and couldn't find anything about that I'm not allowed to post in german sometimes to help people or talk to people who are not so good in english, so yeah, what if people are not able to say what they think in english but wanna talk about their opinion? One post didn't mean the world. I was gentle and answered in my native language and this is german. If this is a forum where no other language is welcome or to answer people in their native language if they actually say that they are not good in english then I wanna see the rules about that. C'mon...it is just one post...a gentle answer to someone who said that he/she is not good in english. Is it really neccessary that you have to tell us that we shouldn't do that immediately? He/she actually tells us that he/she is not good in english and don't understand most of what people wrote here. To welcome people and talk to each other no matter in which language is in my opinion a way to let people feel welcomed here. Maybe it is my fault that I don't translate both post in english, I'm sorry for not thinking about doing this but this could be up to you too instead of telling us not to wrote again in a "Fremdsprache". (Sorry but my native language is definetly not a "Fremdsprache" for me.) And this is so much off topic so I hope this is done for good. :/
  13. Dürfen wir hier Deutsch schreiben? Ich hatte Melusine leider schon getötet bevor ich diese Trophäe angefangen bin und hatte es übelst schwer geeignete Gegner dafür zu finden. Ich bin dann in den Turm, in den geheimen Bereich und habe es dort versucht, was dann irgendwann auch endlich geklappt hat. Und ja, diese Trophäe war ja mal so richtig unnütz. ;P
  14. If you doing the trophy after knowing about this way, then yes! But if you doing it without knowing that Melusine is the best spot for that, it is hard as hell to get the trophy with level 99 chars! :/ I've done it without knowing it!