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  1. Are these glitches and so on just in the online Part or is the offline Part/ rest of the Game also buggy as hell?
  2. Wipeout HD Just a little bit grind left and the platinum is mine These damn last gold medals were pretty difficult ^^
  3. Wow..2 and a half minute..that is so broken, but its an in-game feature, so its your own choice if you wanna use it. I still need to finish the whole series on the vita and ps3..I played the PS2 version back in the days, but I'm still not sure if I want to use this menu..Jak and daxter was except sly my least favorite series from this era, so we will see if i give it a try:)
  4. He is fighting for his life
  5. Yeah, even in the normal game, the frame rate drops so often that you think the vita chrashes. Well let's see it's an attempt, on the ps2 they ran even better to my mind
  6. If this works on the Vita version aswel would be awesome, the controls in the second part are just awful..:D1
  7. This is awesome! Is there any way that this works with the vita version ?
  8. The Game always freezes for me at the End of Level 2, anybody knows a workaround ?^^
  9. Superman 64 .. one of the worst games from agdq, but one of the funniest Runs Btw little adventure was for me a mix of orc slayer, eekeemoo and maybe my Name is mayo, just as a mobile Version ^^
  10. And the place for the worst DLC goes to...Borderlands, Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot.. so bad and so boring..well just 375 rounds in total in all tournaments, always do the same shit....Luckily I started with it first

    1. ApriIis


      Agreed.I found that DLC really buggy while playing online too..by round 13 the enemies just became invisible to some players making the rounds go on so much longer than they needed to..👎

    2. S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y


      Yeah true..its really annoying^^

  11. Nice I never had the chance to play spyro, it will be time to catch up Yeah and please no Sly cooper again, after PS2, PS3 and vita ^^
  12. Ok nice
  13. Awesome tattoo! When I hear the music in the main menu, I get goosebumps immediately. It's a fantastic game of its generation and for me, alongside chrono trigger and final fantasy 6, one of the best role-playing games of all time. I'm really looking forward to play it again, especially with trophies. I also have a Dragonball tattoo, but there will also be a gaming tattoo at some point. Greetings from Germany @LabyrinthWorm You could take the platinum as the 5000th trophy if it means so much to you.