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  1. The best Thread on PSNPROFILES is back, hell yeah! I will stick with my 100% Games from the last year: 1. Ninja Senki DX 2. Smash Cars 3. Pix the Cat (Vita) 4. Skulls of the Shogun 5. Futuridium (PS4) As always, @Bizzy_Montana_ do you wanna join this year finally?
  2. Well..over 3 Months since the last Update, thats what i call a solid delay.. So what happened, in the first Month i was just enjoying Elden Ring, in the second Month i was busy with work and private stuff like visiting Copenhagen for two new Tattoos on my leg and in the third Month I was just lazy. Without further delay, here are the latest prepared Games: 281 Elden Ring (PS5 Stack) Enjoyment: 5 / 5 Difficulty: 2.5 / 5 What should i say, i spent a Month just enjoying the Game and the PVP Mode. I just checked the Guide for some missable Trophies and played the rest blind. It is a Masterpiece. I had so much fun exploring the World and goofing around in PVP. It was a bit easier then the other Souls Games but still challenging if you don't cheese anything Also the Soundtrack was as good as every other Souls Game. While writing this, I listen to this beautiful Set from @Mori 282 & 283 Music Racer (PS4 & PS5 Stack) Enjoyment: 1.5 / 5 Difficulty: 0 / 5 I’ve to admit after like 30 minutes, I’ve seen everything from the Game, after that I just used my turbo controller to finishing the Rest. The Game kinda reminds me of the Game Audiosurf, which I played with some Songs from the Prodigy back in the Days. 284 & 285 Trigger Witch (PS4 & PS5 Stack) Enjoyment: 2.0 / 5 Difficulty: 0,5 / 5 The next easy Game on the List..actually I’ve enjoyed the Game, it was a nice little indie Shmup, which just takes a few Hours. Also the ending, WTF?! I would have expected everything, but not such a nonsense. :’DDD 286 Fantasy Strike Enjoyment: 1 / 5 Difficulty: 2,5 / 5 Didn’t enjoyed the Game that much..the Gamedesign, the Controls and just everything feels kinda cheap. But there are a few Ultra Rares so brute forced through it. Also the Game chrashed a few times while I was in the top ten from the 50 Opponent Survival mode, which was super fun.. 287 & 288 Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order (PS4 & PS5 Stack) Enjoyment: 1,5 / 5 Difficulty: 1 / 5 As a fan of the old Movies, I was kinda disappointed with this Game. I couldn’t play it longer than one hour, without falling asleep. Also the Collectibles and the Backtracking are horrible in this Game. To my mind, there is a lot that needs to be improved, if they released a second Part. 289 & 290 Touring Karts (PS4 & PS5 Stack) Enjoyment: 0,5 / 5 Difficulty: 0 / 5 Shitty Controls, shitty Maps, shitty Ai = shitty Kart Racer Just combine all Power-Ups an enjoy your easy Platin after 30 minutes..i just played this Game to get myself distracted from my Collectible clean up in Jedi Fallen Order, because that was so boring and tedious. Well after all these semi good Games I was in the mood to finally play some Trophy Hunter Classics from the PS3 Era, so I’ve finished a few Gems in the last Week: 291, 292, 293, 294, & 295 Puss in Boots, Up, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Ice Age 3 & Ice Age 4 I think it’s ok if I just sum up all of them. Difficulty wise there was of course nothing special, just a few Minigames were a little bit annoying, like the plumber Game in Ice Age 4. The Enjoyment was ok I guess, everything was easy enough and done after a few hours. 296 NERO Enjoyment: 1,5 / 5 Difficulty: 0 / 5 Nero was a typical walking Simulator, with a few easy puzzles. The Story was kinda dark and depressive and actually kinda weird. Well as you seen i didn't played that much lately, in April i've also watched like 20 Movies and did some private Stuff, but now i'm back in the gaming mood. Next Games i will be playing are the 3 Stacks of Hyper Light Drifter, because i finally got this Gem from Japan lately: I've also got another rare Gem from @Bizzy_Montana_ as a pre Birthday present, for which I am very grateful: After the 3 Stacks of Hyper Light Drifter, it will be time to prepare Game Number 300. It will be another Sub-Zero Game, but so far i'm not sure which one. Btw, these are all the new Games that i've bought recently: Music Racer / EU Music Racer / US Riverbond Diablo 3 Elden Ring / PS4 Elden Ring / PS5 Ratchet und Clank / PS5 Hyper Light Drifter / JP Fantasy Strike Riddled Corpses EX GTA 5 / PS5 Trigger Witch / PS4 Trigger Witch / PS5 Cobra Kai Ice Age 3 Ice Age 4 My Name is Mayo 3 I've also bought like alomost 100 new Movies. I will try to edit my first Post with all new Games etc. i will try to add a picture of my Game and Movie Shelf as well. Edit: I've added the two Pictures under Random / Fun facts.
  3. Over 2 Months later, but here i am with Game Number 5 finished. Outlast Actually a good Game, not that scary overall. After my first playthrough i did a lot of Bullshit during my insane Runs, which of course ended with a Game Over. I've used also a few Speedrun Tactics, to skip some Chapters. Skipping both of the hardest Chapters made the Insane Run way easier. Here is my Run if anybody wants to see it, also skip to 15:38 if you wanna see a dope 360 No Scope There are also Timestamps for both Chapter Skips. Tier 1 1. Slender / EU - 2,81% 2. Slender / US - 2,04% 3. Slender / PS3 - 2,16% 4. Pix the Cat / Vita - 0,69% 5. Hyper Scape - 0,54% 6. Outlast - 1,16% 7. Futuridium / PS4 - 0,08% 8. Mega Man 10 - 1,69% 9. Woah Dave - 0,52% 10. Ninja Senki DX - 0,32%
  4. This^ The Hype is fucking real! @ziggypossum thanks for all the News!
  5. Thanks a lot for your Input, anything that helps convince @Bizzy_Montana_ to play the coop part with me is welcome! Actually i already bought the Game, i will try my best with "Double Trouble". Thanks for the Heads up, to use the playlist besides the Guides aswell. 279 & 280 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare ( PS3 & PS4 Stack) Enjoyment: 2,5 / 5 Difficulty: 2 / 5 Well the next entry of the Call of Duty Franchise is done. I even preordered this Game back in the Days and i can still remeber how disappointed i was. The Multiplayer Part was so bad..me and my Friends had to play anthoer year of Black Ops 2, this Game was also the Reason i lost almost all my Interest in the Multiplayer Part of the Call of Duty Series. Compared to Infinite Warfare i liked the Story more here, but on the other Hand the Zombie Mode in IW is way better. In the End i still prefer the normal "Boots on the Ground" CODs. I still own the Season Pass, but at the moment i'm not in the mood to clear the DLC's, maybe i will do that later. I've started Call of Duty Ghosts a few Days ago, actually i still had my old copy, so far its alright. The Veteran Difficulty is really doable here. I just need to find some People to do the Extincion Part with me. Games bought recently: - Badland - Call of Duty Ghosts (PS4) - Skyrim (PS4) - 1 secret Game from Japan (especially for @Arcesius) i hope it will arrive in the next Month and i don't have to pay a Tax for importing it. 🙃 I've also bought around 40-50 new Movies, but thats another Story..
  6. Well its already February, but finally i've finished some Games for this Event. 4 Games off the List: It was a typical walking simulator, with some horror here and there, nothing special. I knew the original from back in the Days, so I knew what to expect. In the End i played through this Game a total of 8 times, because i was so dumb and started one stack on an alt Account and it was only at the end that i realized it.. As many others i tried to finished this Battle-Royale Rip Off before the Server Shutdown. The Game itself felt like a vetical Mix off Apex, Overwatch and maybe Fortnite..overall it was okay, but a bit to hectic for me. I still prefer Boots on the Ground. Big Shoutout to @Infernofeuer1 and @Bizzy_Montana_ for boosting with me, especially Infernofeuer for explaing everything, he knews the Game by Heart and helped us a lot! Tier 1 1. Slender / EU - 2,81% 2. Slender / US - 2,04% 3. Slender / PS3 - 2,16% 4. Pix the Cat / Vita - 0,69% 5. Hyper Scape - 0,54% 6. Outlast - 1,16% 7. Futuridium / PS4 - 0,08% 8. Mega Man 10 - 1,69% 9. Woah Dave - 0,52% 10. Ninja Senki DX - 0,32%
  7. Time for a small Update, unfortunately I've been a bit busy in the last few weeks, but I've prepared a few games anyway: 274 & 275: Skater XL (EU / US Stack) Enjoyment: 2 / 5 Difficulty: 0,5 / 5 Well I've been a fan of skaterboarding since I was a kid, I still have my skateboard lying around here somewhere. That's why I had fun with Skater XL, it has something of the old Skate Game Vibes, unfortunately a story is missing completely and so after an hour it's quite boring and you've seen everything. Also some of the Trophies are super "grindy". 276, 277 & 278: Subnautica (PS4 / PS5 & PS4 JP Stack) Enjoyment: 3,5 / 5 Difficulty: 0,5 / 5 I had my fun with this one. To be honest, i messed around a lot with debug menu and got a few blue Screens. But i enjoyed the Game, i still play it on an alt Acc from time to time. I've also bought Maneater for the PS4 and Slime-San aswell, on the recommendation of @Joe Dubz. BADLAND is also back on the Wishlist, because of the recently published Guide, now i just need to convince @Bizzy_Montana_ to do the Couch Coop with me. Beside that i'm almost done with both stacks of Call of Duty AW. I will also try my best to finishing some 100% Games for the Ultra Rare Cleanup Event in the next Days. Checkout the Event, if you haven't seen it yet:
  8. I need to swap 2 Games aswell: Smash Cars > Slender (PS3 stack) // it makes sense to finish this one aswell together with both PS4 stacks. Skulls of the Shogun > Hyper Scape // i got the opportunity to joining a boosting Session next week, before the Server closes Best Regards
  9. @ShadyWARcotix True romance is a classic from the early 90s, still one of my favorites! Story is written by Quentin Tarantino, but it was over 500 Pages long, so it was splitted in two movies, true romance and natural born killers. I still love this movie after all these years, i think its time for a rewatch. Yeah, i bought skater XL, because its a UR plat and it got some similarities to the old skate Games. Btw, i got the other 3 Games for 10€ each, so i had to take them with me 😅🙌🏻
  10. Haha yeah don't worry, i've played AW already on my old Account, so I know what I'm getting myself into So far, i planned around 1 Week as preparation aswell, but i'm also kinda worried about my savegames, I've already experienced one YLOD on my oldest PS3.🙃 Next 3 Games done: 271: Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends Enjoyment: 1 / 5 Difficulty: 1 / 5 Well...the fighting mechanics are kinda shit, the Fighters are completely unbalanced and for the online Part you need to Win 1250 Games, which i luckly self boosted. For the "Story" you have to finish the campaign 20 times, with each Character once, fortunately you can spam just one Move most of the time. At Least its a Sub-Zero Platin. 272: Kung Fu Panda 2 Enjoyment: 0,5 / 5 Difficulty: 0 / 5 I was in the Mood for another Kung Fu Panda Game so i booted up Kung Fu Panda 2 for the PS3. Its a child Game, so i wasn't expecting anything, well lets say i was not disappointed, but the collectible system is completely Trash.. 273: Chess Ultra Enjoyment: 1,5 / 5 Difficulty: 1 / 5 Chess, nothing special, I've boosted most of it on my own or used a Chessprogramm to beat the Grandmaster A.I. I've also bought a bunch of new Games: - South Park: The Fractured But Whole - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Death Stranding - Skater XL EU and US Stack
  11. @Evil_Joker88 Well so far all Soulsborne Games are planned as a Milestone. 🏆 @westersburg Thanks a lot! I would be very happy if you also open a thread for your project, especially because you prepare just good games, instead all the Trash which I have mostly prepared so far. BTW i really enjoyed your last trophy update Video, as always! @ellileon Nice, 125 Games in 24 hours is an awesome Number! How many days did you take to plan everything beforehand? Like the Order of the Games or to check all patches again? Yeah, i can't wait to play Hyper Light Drifter, Furi or Pier Solar. 😊 About my tattoos, unfortunately my entire sleeve is not finished yet, due to Covid. But I can upload photos of the individual Designs. Everything is based on old gangster Movies from the 80s and 90s: Pulp Fiction Goodfellas Scarface True Romance Léon: The Professional The Godfather and Reservoir Dogs Well i've also prepared the first Game of the Year: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Enjoyment: 2,5/5 Difficulty: 2,5/5 Well that was a weird Game. I've finished the Zombi Part a while ago, which I enjoyed actually a lot because of the Setting, but that could also be because I love the 80s. The campaign on the other hand was disappointing, it felt more like Star Wars Battlefront than Call of Duty, also the Veteran playthrough was kinda boring instead of challenging. Btw, for the 5 online victories i also had to play with a VPN on japan servers, which was total nonsense..🙃 Well maybe i just miss the old "Boots on the Ground" Call of Dutys..lets see how Call of Duty Advanced Warfare turns out.
  12. Yeah thats my only "Problem" at the Moment, but the idea is to swap some of them out for better Games, fortunaly i've got enough in my Backlog. But let's see, it depends on how necessary it is in the end. I don't care that much about rata Games at the Moment, because i know how many hard Games are still in my Backlog.
  13. Thank you very much for the kind words!
  14. Haha no you was the only sane Person in this Session.
  15. Thanks Guys, i will try my best Thanks a lot mate, it worked now. I'll have 3 or 4 consoles running at the same time to minimize the time it takes to get the platinum. Yeah i will doing this on my account, were i already got 61 Platins, therefore I would "only" need 439 Platins. I will try my best to reach this goal, if i don't make it, it doesn't matter and i'll get the rest the next day. The main thing is that I have a good day with my friends.