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  1. Thanks for the Tips, i'll send you a PM later, if that is ok. I don't wanna spam this Thread here. Yeah Super Street Fighter IV is already installed on 2 of my PS3's, i know it will be tedious :'D Yeah don't worry, i think i own 6+ PS3 controllers and a few other peripherals^^
  2. Star Ocean 4 the last hope, i summon you..😅 If you wanna lose your sanity, do all 4 stacks.. GL HF 😂
  3. Next Update, from my side, Wolfenstein is also done now. 3/5 Games finished. I also finished Call of duty Black Ops 1 for the Bonusround. I'll boost Street Fighter 4's multiplayer now finally. If anyone can give me some tips on how I can most efficiently boost this, please send me a message. I have 2 consoles and fortunately boost everything myself.
  4. Awesome News! I hope they don't fuck anything up, like the Controls^^ I started skating back in the Days, because of THPS2, so yeah the Hype is real
  5. Fortunately i can update my list a little bit, 2/5 Games are done now: - Blur 1,61% // 98%, done. - Far Cry 2 0,56% // 35%, fortunately just the SP is left. - Mortal Kombat 0,62% // 28%, lucky finished the MP before the server Shutdown, just the huge grind is left. - Wolfenstein 2,27% // 49%, the same like Mortal Kombat, just the SP is left. - Max Payne 3 0,72% // 99%, done. I think the next game i will prepare is wolfenstein. Bonusround: - Surgeon Simulator 0,56% // 98%, done..oh boy i will remember these clunky controls when i start "i am Bread".. - Street Fighter IV 0,66% // 23%, i hope i can at least finish the MP trophies this year. - COD Black Ops I 4,18% // 16%, MP Trophies are done, but i've problems with a glitch in the first Mission, at the Moment i can't solve, so unfortunately i can't make progress. Lets see how far can come with the first 5 Games, maybe i add a few more Games later then to the Bonusround. The progress of all of you is very inspiring, it's a lot of fun reading everything and I've already added one or two of your games to my wish list. Greetings from Germany synergY
  6. Sorry for the offtopic, but how does the cloud save in MGS actually work? I've read somewhere, i should start both Versions at least ones 😅 @Element_Razor
  7. Haha @Bizzy_Montana_ I am 15 places ahead of you in the ranking 😅
  8. I Can See For Miles... Per Hour
    Perform an eye transplant in an ambulance in under 2 minutes and 10 seconds.





    Finally i got this fucking trophy. I almost lost my sanity.

    I choked way to often ... thanks @Bushido_Cypher for the awesome guide!

    These Ambulance Operations are so stressful^^






    Just a little bit more Stuff to do and i'm done..well lets see how "I am Bread" goes.. :D

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    2. timpurnat


      Congrats! surgeon and bread are one of my favorite games, good luck with I am bread. I would say everything except garden cheese hunt Lvl is 5-6/10 difficulty, the garden is like 8/10 but it's more luck based.

    3. S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y


      Thanks Mate :)

    4. Bushido_Cypher


      You'll nail IAmBread mate! 
      As Tim said, the real challenge is the Garden Level for cheese hunt it just feels so RNG
      When I go for my fastest achiever run I'll do A++ on that level first because it's the only one I feel is just pure RNG for me the rest I can smash out! 
      You got this though mate plus my audio quality is better for that guide lmao

  9. Awesome, congrats and welcome to the Club 😅🤙🏻🥰
  10. Well i had Level 20 as my last level, in my Girl boy run and in my impossible run aswell :'D (my order for both was 1-20)^^ I can definitely not recommend that :'DDD
  11. OHHHH Boy i made it, i finished NYM HC! The Shadows Rushed Me Unlock And Complete New York Minute Hardcore This was almost as intense as impossible Boy from Super Meat Boy. Did it on the 5th attempt, all my attempts before failed, because of some stupid mistakes. The whole run took me around 2 1/2 to 3 hours and besides a few small mistakes, it was really smooth. I had a bit over 30 mins on the Clock, so i was never in a rush. Just in the last 3 Chapters i was really nervous, as i was in the end of Super Meat Boy. Now i only have a little bit of grind left and then i'm done with this awesome game. Besides the online grind, i can really recommend this game, Max Payne is an awesome bad tempered character, also the Story and the Gameplay don't get boring after 6 playthroughs and NYM HC is an awesome challenge for every Shooterfan. This was also my 300 UR trophy.^^ Thanks for the recommendation and advice @Bizzy_Montana_ & @BigBossImBeamer PS.: Looking forward to Wolfenstein II and the "Mein Leben" trophy
  12. The Platin picture looks actually really cool 😅🤙🏻
  13. Ok thanks again for the Info What would you say, how long does it take to boost it on my own with 2 consoles?^^
  14. Thanks for the Info. Well i would boost everything with 2 consoles, would thexway you describe still be the best one?
  15. A little update from my side: After around 25 to 30 Hours i was finally done with the online Part of Max Payne 3 and could finish my 6 playthroughs: Easy, Hard, Old School, Hardcore, Challenge Mode, an now Finally: A New York Minute Finish In A New York Minute Now that I've played through the game 6 times, it's time for the hardest mode, New York Minute hardcore, play the whole game in one go without dying under time pressure. (grettings to Mein Leben) Fuck my life, let's see how many tries I need. So far I'm still very confident and I still like the game very much! Btw: i think i will also add a few Bonus Games to my List, like Surgeon Simulator, later on.