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  1. Finishing Call of Duty 5 Veteran a second time now for my new Account, was just as difficult as it was back in the Day, but finally its over :D

  2. From my point of View; It's all a matter of really and I mean really precise Movements. At the beginning I also thought that is all so random and unfair but in retrospect I can say that it was not unfair at any time, the game is programmed too well and for every death I was responsible on my own. That's why I was not as angry on the way to Platinum as I'm used to in other games ^^
  3. Imo,to good to be true, but Diablo III would be nice
  4. Resistance 2 - servers closed Rest in Peperoni poor Platin 😔😢 ^^
  5. Loves the final Fantasy Saga
  6. WOW congrats for that!
  7. Nice you come everyday a bit closer!
  8. Well at this point i would say the same everyone told me at this point, if you are managed to get zombie boy, you are 100% capable to get the Platin Trophy Sorry for my English, but it's 04:00 am here in Germany and i am really drunk ^^
  9. This! 👌 For me planning SMB as my 50th Platinum and 5000th Trophy, has brought extra motivation, so I could not delay it anymore and it was something very special
  10. As I said before, the number of deaths is unimportant in SMB, the only thing that matters is that you have the patience and the guts to reached the platinum
  11. It would be very cool if that were possible.
  12. Follow it up with easy Games, exactly what I am doing at the moment. But the next good and difficult games are already waiting in my backlog.
  13. @Spaz Yeah the death Counter doesn't really matter for me, it was just a little Information for everyone else I could have had much less deaths if I had not been so lazy and instead of killing myself just restarted the level, but as i said the Counter means nothing to me
  14. Praise the Sun for new Stacks \o/ I know that it is very unlikely but I would love to play the games again
  15. Wow thanks, that's really kindly from you! That you made so many single videos is just awesome, that will certainly help many people