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  1. Just look on the Channel from @IBadDriverI https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTcVQmY-NSuZ2YyRZgda0qg He got a lot of Guides for a bunch of quick and easy Games.
  2. @Trope Hore Thanks for the list and your Work! I hope there will be any Info for the long dark soon
  3. Here you have some tips for super meat boy from a lot of awesome people, if it is not so hard, now it should be no problem for you. I can also link you the good video from @BigBossImBeamer for the Wolfenstein 2 mein leben run, you can then also do it by the way Good luck and have Fun B2T: Ikaruga looks pretty cool, Thanks for your work @Vergil !
  4. @Trope Hore @RNumbers Me and my Friends used this Method, it still works. It is Important that you just drop 99x Req. Packages at a time or your Game will crash. But within 30-45 min you should be around Legend rank 200-250. Deliever your Packages at Night and with the hardest difficulty for more XP.
  5. Haha thanks, but actually i don't wanna break any Record, its just a cool side goal to see how much Plats i could pop within 24 hours My main goal is just having a great day with one or two friends, drinking some beer, talking about Videogames all day and getting as many Plats as possible. @Bizzy_Montana_ the good old Days But again my biggest respect for so many prepared games! I must also admit that I visit your and Westersburg's profile more often to see which trophy I could leave as the last. ^^ I think I will start a trophy checklist here in the forum this year to, to better track my progress.
  6. Congrats!! Zombie Boy can be a bitch^^ You are every close now, dont give up now! good luck:)
  7. Shit i was to slow, you get the Joke first😅
  8. that's my plan too! ;D but we both have to defeat @DW-UltraFan first, he has already prepared over 350 games! I wish you much success
  9. Yeah i know, i just wanted to tell the people about his cool record.
  10. FYI I think the current world Record is 252 platins in one day from @westersburg
  11. @HusKyCode haha yeah😅 well i could go for more than 100 Days at the Moment, but most of the Games are easy and cheap ones, but dont worry i have already enough ultra rares in my Backlog^^ but at first i wanna finish every online Trophy in the Games..(far Cry 2, injustice,..🙃) My good friend @Bizzy_Montana_ could also go for at least 1 or 2 full months😄 Its all about the Setup
  12. @ProfBambam55 Why would you recommend the varmint rifle ? Does the weapon have advantages over others in the pvp?
  13. Atari Flashback Classics vol.1 Just waiting for a Sale now^^
  14. Hey thanks for your quick answer and kindly help, fortunately i got the Trophy now. Thanks to everybody who was joining that Chaos and helped with his good teamwork
  15. if anyone is online and could help us with the War party trophy in Far cry 2 that would be very friendly ^^ we are currently 11 players in the tdm lobby but the others probably have misunderstood the time.