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  1. 10/10! Thats true dedication! The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success. @Bizzy_Montana_
  2. Thats actuallly really impressive but also hilarious^^
  3. Nice to hear that Mate, good that you got distracted from that Shit! Thanks for pointing that out, of course this counts to 100%, almost all of my long grinds like Far Cry 2 are done half awake..^^ Thanks for all the replies Mates, these Stories are so funny and making my day! :'DDDD
  4. Hello everybody, In the last months, it has often happened to me that I've been boosting games, when I came home, still drunk as hell from the club or playing games in the evenings after cracking some cold ones with the Boys. Especially after the party, the craziest sessions happends to me. ^^ For example, imagine you are coming home in the morning, you are completely shit faced, but the guys are still boosting Bioshock 2 online and you want keep up with them and finally get over that that fucking boring multiplayer. So you sit there, only one eye half open, you can barely hold on the chair and still tries to boost these nonsense. Incidentally, you have to listen to the drunken chat of your roommate, while he gets a cold pizza for breakfast from the fridge. Or I can’t imagine how many times I played Cod back in the Days, drunk with with my friends, only to fuck up every round for our team and fool around with my mates. But these were the funniest rounds of all time for us Have you been through similar sessions, playing games or receiving trophies under different conditions? ^^ Of course sleep deprivation also counts to 100% to this topic^^ we all know these long grinds, especially in empty PS3 online lobbies, where you boost everything by yourself🙃
  5. I understand it correctly, I need only one PS3 and one Ps vita version for 2 Platins? Or one PS3 and two Ps vita versions for both platins? The Vita version is unfortunately really very expensive.
  6. Yeah, i've got it with a Method from another friend, but i'm not sure what the difference was compared to my Method before😅
  7. A little Offtopic from Gaming,

    but here are my 13 picks for the Spooktober, to watch and rewatch:

    1. Braindead
    2. Alien³
    3. The Shining
    4. The Evil Dead 1
    5. Arachnophobia
    6. Pet Sematary
    7. The Exorcist
    8. The Nightmare before Christmas
    9. Ghostbusters 2
    10. Fright Night 1
    11. Scream
    12. The Fog
    13. The Return of the living Dead






    1. PermaFox


      You should add Beetlejuice to the list!

    2. S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y


      I've seen it already a few times and 13 Movies is the Limit for me^^

      But its a great Movie! :)

  8. Wow ok thats weird😅 but thanks for the help mate i will try that in the next Days😄🤙
  9. Could anybody tell me how exactly this Method works, its the last online Trophy that i need. I'm not really sure what i have to do for the Trophy. I can knockout my opponent with counter kills in under 30 sec, without getting him rocked, but i dont get the Trophy...
  10. Red Belt Reach level 50 or higher in Online Mode. I am still surprised that the servers of an EA game are still online after 10 years. 🙃
  11. WTF why did i get missing timestamps in my latest Game??



    8001000a This was the Errorcode i got yesterday
    80710723 and this code comes today, when i was trying to sync the trophies from today.


    Could anybody tell me how i can replace the missing timestamps with the real ones? :/



    1. Show previous comments  18 more
    2. MMDE


      Did it fuck your platinum milestones? If not, it's not the worst thing in the world.

    3. S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y


      No just the normal trophy milestones, but i planned everyone since Number 500^^ so its a bit of effort that got lost..


      What bothers me more of course, are the fucking trophies that I now have as milestones. ^^

    4. Smashero


      I know the feeling Amigo... PS TV also messed up my beautiful milestones from "Lilpop Chainsaw"... Just... Don't worry about it :].

  12. @Arcesius please stop writing these awesome reviews, I can't add new games to my backlog every week. ^^ Congratulations to downwell, what's next?
  13. Good News 👌😅 Thanks for your work! maybe i really try these Scripts for the ps4 Version. Buti i think i will play the ps3 version in the normal way again at first.
  14. I can understand the statement from @The Tick also, for Games like FF9 i wouldn't use any of these. But in Star ocean its a 200+ hours grind, where it doesn't matter if i use my hori Controller, a rubberband or a Script.^^ Especially after I have already finished the ps3 version.🙃😅
  15. Oh ok thank you for the Info! @Septomor Did you know if there is any difference between the ps3 and ps4 Version? Like the savestate for the battle trophies etc. or is everything like the ps3 version?