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  1. No one's forcing you to play these games...
  2. Quick update: just got Jimmy Jenkins to pop out of a Hyperion container on my 7th or 8th attempt of farming Opportunity. Finally got my gold trophy!
  3. pC mAsTer RaCe
  4. I mean to be fair, there are a lot of people on the roads that shouldn't have passed a driving exam... lol
  5. Ah gotcha you were going off the guide. Yeah as others have mentioned. Getting really close to the enemies and blasting them will count. It doesn't have to be stealth and you can take damage. Again, the trick is though that you have to basically be up in their face when killing. Being a few feet away won't count. Luckily, I played through the first portion of the game running nothing but rocket launchers and shotguns to account for these challenges early. And again you can go back to early areas in the game where enemies are low-leveled if you need to grind them out.
  6. I tried farming that Doctor's Orders mission spot and couldn't get Jimmy to spawn for like 3 hours lol I got pissed off so I just moved on and finished the mission. Usually he spawns in any Hyperion containers (yellow crates) so a good spot to farm would be Opportunity. When I get bored with doing the other missions, I'll try and farm that for a couple hours at a time. EDIT (8/12/19): not sure if it was my luck, but I did the farming trick in opportunity today. On my 7th or 8th reload of Opportunity and opening up crates, Jimmy jenkins popped up! Also I'm not sure what you mean by "Pink Challenges" as you call it... But to answer your overall question, no there are no missable trophies in the base game. Enemies respawn so you're able to farm them for challenges. I think there's only an exception to a few select bosses.
  7. Other things to look for as evidence you might be affected by this bug even before the gates are open include: not being able to heal yourself, not being able to wiggle when picked up by killer, you don't see the progress bar increasing when being healed by someone else. Not sure entirely how often it happens on other platforms. Personally, this has happened to me only once, and that one time I experienced all 3 things I listed.
  8. Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but man this didn't age well (for good reasons obviously, since we get Bill). Here comes the grind for teachable BT though.
  9. With the EGC update, does anyone know if the sacrifices forced by EGC count towards the 100/500 sacrifice trophies? I.e. if the entity gets the survivors when the timer runs out?
  10. Running No Mither, had you have issues with killers targeting and/or tunneling you? It's convenient that you can't get healed so it won't screw up the count towards Wounded Healer, but I feel like smart killers would go after the No Mither survivors first.
  11. Given that I've been playing FIFA all my life, I was looking forward to trying out PES as a change of pace. That said, I'm looking forward to Detroit. Heard great things! Probably should go back and clean up Heavy Rain first then...
  12. Just had a game with Leatherface, got 4 kills and used his base perks. Got no trophy cuz I didn’t double pip. Next game, used the same setup, got 4 kills, double pipped, and got Adept Cannibal trophy. Next game I played as the clown. Only got 3 sacrifices, but still double pipped. The last person escaped via hatch. Then I got Adept Clown trophy. So I think you need to double pip with base perks to get the trophy.
  13. A quick update from my initial list. I still have the same 13 games' worth of rarest trophies. I also updated the counts and the difference of trophies per game since my last update: Dead by Daylight - 8 [+4 trophies] Metal Slug Anthology - 8 [-1 trophies] GTA V - 7 [-1 trophies] Super Meat Boy - 7 [-1 trophies] COD: BLOPS 3 - 5 [-1 trophies] Let It Die - 4 [no change] Warframe - 3 [no change] Battlefield 1 - 2 [no change] FIFA 15 - 2 [no change] COD: Advanced Warfare - 1 [no change] FIFA 18 - 1 [no change] NBA 2K15 - 1 [no change] Rocket League - 1 [no change]
  14. This is the method that I used, but with slight modifications. You can check out the OP and then look at my comment. The glitch worked as expected. Hoping they didn't patch it since. EDIT: just saw your profile that you got the trophy. Congrats! leaving my comment here in case anyone else stumbles upon the thread.
  15. You could, but I think you can only de-pip up until rank 16. You'd have to wait for rank reset to drop below 16. I think if Also it's a reportable offense... not that they actually review these things but just letting you know lol your best bet is to hover around that 15-16 rank and try your best.