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  1. Baker's Dozen! Order is by the number of trophies acquired in each game. The games include base + DLC. Metal Slug Anthology - 9 GTA V - 8 Super Meat Boy - 8 COD: BLOPS 3 - 6 Dead By Daylight - 4 Let It Die - 4 Warframe - 3 Battlefield 1 - 2 FIFA 15 - 2 COD: Advanced Warfare - 1 FIFA 18 - 1 NBA 2K15 - 1 Rocket League - 1
  2. As of Feb. 5th, 2019, my rarest, non-ultra-rare plat is Beyond: Two Souls (8.5% rarity). COD AW is currently sitting at 4.97% rarity as of this comment. https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/2856-beyond-two-souls/1-beyond-two-souls-master
  3. EDIT: This seems to not be the case. Had this exact same scenario happen today with Nea and I didn’t get the trophy. Just recently, I got Meg to lvl 10 so I can go for her adept trophy. We were in the Lery’s Institute. Playing the game normally, we got all 5 generators powered. Then, the killer DCs (he was playing normally up to the point where we powered on the generators). Somehow, the Adept trophy still popped for me! Did anything like this happen to anyone else? What’s strange is that reportedly, you don’t get an “escape” if the killer DCs, and that it won’t count towards the 50 needed for the trophy. But I wonder if that’s different if the generators are all on. Now I’m not saying it will happen all the time, but I’m interested to see if it’s a possible (and high unlikely way) to get survivor trophies.
  4. My only big negative thing about the killers is when they face camp. Otherwise I would say anything else goes. Literally just finished a match where I downed the same dude 3 times (because duh he was nearing his death). As soon as he got sacrificed, I got a message saying “f****** tunneler” lol I’m sorry for attempting to play the game by sacrificing my survivors.
  5. Thanks for this and Merry Christmas! 1. Crash Bash (the original Crash trilogy plus CTR were remastered/getting a remaster, so naturally this is next) 2. Fallout 3 Remaster (my first FO game, made me fall in love with the lore of the game)
  6. Hi it's me again. Yesterday I literally had no issues. I was able to finish all the events and get all stars. Game didn't crash on me when I was opening crates. Not sure why it worked fine yesterday. Seems as though it's a hit or miss with the servers. Regardless of that, it's still a super fun game. Just hope that the servers will be fixed.
  7. I didn't have any issues until this past weekend. My first three or four days have been issue-free. No gameplay crashes, no issues with crate opening. The influx of players must be finally catching up with the servers.
  8. I finished the long tournament for the founders trophy. It popped as intended, but then I got a network error. Turns out, the stars did not count and I have to redo the entire tournament. Not to mention that would have also netted me the Ubertags trophy. Fun, addictive game but holy shit do the servers blow.
  9. Picked up Soma and Onrush. However, Iconoclasts is currently free for Vita only. Hopefully this isn't an error, as the blog states it'd be cross-buy. Anyone else seeing this issue? I'm NA region if anyone was asking.
  10. Dec. 12, 2018 @7:25 am GMT-6 iPhone 8+ iOS 12.1 (not sure if the system version matters) northern suburbs of Chicago safari https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/4104-guns-gore-and-cannoli/14-capo-di-tutti-capi I also have a screenshot but I’m having a hard time uploading it via mobile.
  11. You've experienced that too?! I thought that was just my phone... Unfortunately, this has not allowed me to use the website on my phone. Forums still work as intended, however.
  12. As of Nov 30th, 2018, my rarest, non-ultra-rare plat is COD AW (5.02% rarity) https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/3078-call-of-duty-advanced-warfare/1-the-end-of-war
  13. I see that Hitman GOTY Edition is on sale for $15. Does this cover all the DLCs and their respective trophies?
  14. If for some reason conquest doesn’t work, then breakthrough is another option. That is basically Operations from BF1.
  15. It should work in any game mode, but I recommend Conquest since those games are the longest. When entering a game, make sure you are a squad leader. You can create a squad in the pause menu if needed. Then, keep playing the game as normal and rack up as many points as you can. It accumulates everyone’s scores into one, so if you have a full squad it’s even better. Every 4500 points I believe, you will be notified to hold the L1 and R1 button to call in a reinforcement. The more points you have, the better the options. Even calling in the cheapest reinforcement twice in one game will count.