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  1. It’s 4 player split screen co-op so it’s worth a shot. Let us know if you try this!
  2. EDIT: All trophies can be done with two controllers in local co-op. “And They’ll Tell Two Friends” can be done with at least three controllers on local co-op according to user @Taliesin_2943 below! From Yuri’s list, I think all but the “And They’ll Tell Two Friends” can be done with a second controller on local coop. Or at least that’s how it was when I had the game back on the 360. The other one had to be done online.
  3. Short answer - only the Adept Ash trophy needs the DLC to be purchased. Long answer: You do not need to own the DLC in order to earn some of the trophies. However, the adept Ash trophy requires you to own the DLC since you need the character unlocked. This goes for all DLC trophies. Side-note: you can also grind shards and buy and non-licensed survivor or killer. In this case, you would need to buy the DLC since it's a licensed character.
  4. One questions that I might have regarding Cutting Out: does Decisive Strike count towards that 10? What about if a teammate blinds the killer with a Flashlight or stunned with a pallet, which results in you getting dropped?
  5. Yep, relatively easy trophy list compared to some of the other DLCs. Wiggling out 10 times might take a while, unless you play SWF who are great at blocking hooks and stuff.
  6. I can confirm that the trophies are much harder now. I'm not a killer main to begin with. But anyway, I had a game with the Wraith with its base perks. Got 4 sacrifices but did not get 2 pips and the trophy did not pop. So it looks gameoncomrade is correct and that you also need the 2 pips to get the trophy.
  7. That's cool and all! Glad the leaks from KYF were true. But I hope to God they fix the emblem system and undo the adept killer trophies. They're impossible to get since the Plague update.
  8. This is kind of a dumb question, and I'm not playing Devil's advocate, but what do you mean by a "fake" or "troll" session? Like the session creator doesn't show up? Or is it something more serious?
  9. I got the Surge from the ps plus glitch a few months back, haven't touched it. But isn't Conan the game where you can get the plat in like half hour through developer tools or something like that?
  10. Something strange happened to me while playing Sapienza level. I was going for some challenges in order to get to level 20. Once I got enough challenges to hit that mark, I went to re-plan my mission. On the menu, I was at mastery level 20 for Sapienza, but my trophy didn't pop. I then started up my mission again, then quit once it was loaded (I forgot if I went to main menu, or if I did re-plan). Obviously, I did not finish the mission in order for the challenges and everything to register correctly. Anyway, the trophy for mastery level 20 popped for me once I was back in the menu. It'd be nice if anyone would be able to try and recreate this!
  11. March 28th, 2 PM EDT (6 PM UTC) there's a live announcement on their website!!
  12. New info! Go to www.borderlands.com and tune in for an announcement tomorrow!
  13. Holy crap this worked well! Minor tweak on my end however. I didn’t use cat cages since I only had one SSMM. Instead, I built 3 dog cages, and kept releasing and repairing them until I had 5 domesticated dogs. You should know that each dog adds 5 Defense to your settlement. Sometimes you might get feral or glowing dogs so be careful. Once I got my 5 domesticated dogs (you can keep track by having your defense rating up 25 points from when you first started), I followed the rest of the steps to build the workshop. Instantly got 100 happiness, then I left the settlement. After doing a quick quest for the BoS, the trophy popped for me.
  14. Posted on Twitter about 2-3 hours ago. Not much else, but this is quite tempting! EDIT (3/27/19): The website www.borderlands.com has a new teaser trailer, and a live announcement coming on March 28th, 2 PM EDT (6 PM UTC).