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  1. So I just went back to plat the main game. Sadly, Blue Ribbon Champ did not pop. So if you're going for the 100%, make sure to do the order as everyone mentioned previously (Main game plat, CitC - all trophies but Blue Ribbon Champ - Burial At Sea Ep. 1 and 2).
  2. Over the course of next two weeks, I'll be switching between Warframe and Bioshock Infinite. The former is crazy addicting! While the latter, I still need to complete 1999 mode for the plat.
  3. Damn, you beat me to it. I came in here just to say that his username checks out.
  4. Interesting enough, it says the first 4 levels are free. So sounds like you can get at least two trophies from the demo (unless those don't usually come with trophies).
  5. Rocket League and Battlefield 1 for me. Don't really play too many online games.
  6. This happened to me yesterday. I was in chapter 9, and left the game on stand-by on a checkpoint where When I got back to the game, my PS restarted as it downloaded and installed an update. I continued the story, and left off at that same checkpoint. Completed the chapter, but trophy didn't pop. I immediately replayed the story in one sitting, and the trophy popped for me.
  7. My conspiracy theory is that Sony DOES INDEED look at these forums, which leads them to allow these awful mobile ports. They know trophy hunters are suckers (for lack of a better term) for... well, trophies! We get cheap, stupid games with trophies that we pay for, and they're just raking in the money. Ok I'm off my soapbox.
  8. Not sure why this is relevant but ok
  9. Seriously this is getting out of control, Sony. Have SOME sort of standards. I'm all for encouraging indie devs but this is ridiculous P.S. I read the title of the game too quickly, and immediately thought this was somewhat connected to Croc (legendary PS1 game). Hopefully I'm not the only one.
  10. @Stevieboy care to lock this?
  11. As of September 3rd, yes this still works (PS4 digital version). Just remember that you have to upload the Save Data only! I made the mistake of also downloading the Options file. I learned the options not only set your settings (Solo vs Duo mode, chapter order, etc.) but it also saves the endings that you got. Just got my All Endings trophy! Now time to clean up a few chapters for the plat.
  12. Mayby they did or they didn't. I haven't played the game since last year (I just didn't enjoy the game nearly as the first one) but I always see forum posts about this. I'd be happy to be proven wrong so I don't discourage the OP from playing D2.
  13. Apparently, the plat is currently unobtainable without the first expansion. Now that might get patched later in the future, but that's the last thing I heard about this game.
  14. Here They Lie does not need a VR headset. There was a patch that made it playable without the headset.
  15. Here They Lie does not need VR headset anymore, as the requirement was undone with a patch.