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  1. I agree with Clinton. Rift looks really neat and has some potential! I wonder if that means dailies will be reworked. Anyway, the nurse nerf sucks for consoles because she's so damn hard to master on console as is. PC is a whole different story thanks to a mouse for precise blinks. I don't think the 3 blinks trophy will change in terms of description, but it might take a bit more effort because we're losing 3 add-ons that add blinks. That means more bloodwebs to go through just to get the Ultra-Rare add-on, which means more grinding for BPs. As soon as I heard this news, I played nurse until a SWF group let me do the 3 blinks trophy lol. Regardless, Adept Nurse will become significantly more difficult if you haven't already mastered how the current nurse works.
  2. Second update here! This is how my list looked 3 months ago. Since then, COD: Advanced Warfare dropped out of my top 50 list, so now I'm down to 12 games. Dead By Daylight - 14 [+6 trophies] GTA V - 6 [-1 trophies] Metal Slug Anthology - 6 [-2 trophies] Super Meat Boy - 6 [-1 trophies] COD: BLOPS 3 - 4 [-1 trophies] Let It Die - 4 [no change] Warframe - 3 [no change] FIFA 15 - 2 [no change] Rocket League - 2 [+1 trophies] Battlefield 1 - 1 [-1 trophies] FIFA 18 - 1 [no change] NBA 2K15 - 1 [no change]
  3. @lordzeze this is one of the two trophies that you do not need the DLC, the other being repairing the gen in the Isolation room. Or at least that's how the rest of the trophies on the original list worked. I'm not sure why that would change with the Stranger Things DLC. Closing the hatch with any killer should count towards the 30.
  4. The people currently raiding Area 51 will steal the PS5 from the government and post about it on Twitter.
  5. EDIT: Done! Thanks for the help @Smzthy Looking for a veteran status certified item and maybe a very rare item for the storm trophy, will return it after trophies pop. I also have 2 Totally Awesome crates I’m willing to trade. I’m US Central time zone. psn: i-kicked-a-brit
  6. I would assume owning the game and loading it will be enough to sync the second trophy list. The DLC is only required to get the 2 new survivors and the new killer, but otherwise every player with the base game will have access to the new map and new trophies.
  7. Separate list because PSN only allows a max of 128 (?) trophies in a single list. Hitman 2 is the same way.
  8. Real straightforward list - 3 adept trophies, complete specific generator on new map. Denied trophy will also work great with Devoted Gatekeeping trophy https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/6272-dead-by-daylight/111-devoted-gatekeeping
  9. Unfortunately, there isn't anything in-game. Your best bet is to keep track of them on a pad and paper or something along those lines.
  10. Full release 9/17! I'm on my work computer so Twitter is blocked, but here's a Reddit link:
  11. I was in the exact same situation. I had one guy and 3 gens left. I let the last guy finish a generator, then I closed the hatch, and then he opened a gate and escaped. But he DID NOT get the trophy. Either they patched it or maybe your strategy was a bit misleading/wrong?
  12. TLoU cover is easily my favorite, followed by Spider-Man. Hopefully we get these in NA region as well!
  13. Hey just a heads up for a potential change with the Left Behind perk, that might make Left For Dead trophy a bit tougher. These are the notes from the player test build (PTB) as they're currently testing the Stranger Things chapter. One thing that caught my eye was the proposed change for the Left Behind perk. Left Behind: When you are the last Survivor alive in the trial, the hatch aura is revealed to you within a 24/28/32 meter range. Now this is PTB so nothing is official yet, but there is potential for the perk to be changed. I'd try and get this out of the way before PTB concludes. Currently, Left Behind gives you a 55%/65%/75% repair speed bonus if you're the last one alive. Take a look at more notes below if you're interested. https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/84930/
  14. I think he means it's virtually the same list as FIFA 19, not that this is the FIFA 19 list. Meaning the devs are lazy when it comes to trophies. I was hoping for some Volta-specific trophies though.
  15. No one's forcing you to play these games...