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  1. I can confirm this still works! I made a backup cloud save just in case but I didn’t need it in the end.
  2. Yes, I remember I did my NG+ run in lowest difficulty, then I made the difficulty switch glitch at the end when I fought Atlas. All the remaining difficulty trophies popped for me. Also I was able to get the last collectible audio log that I missed to pop the trophy via NG+.
  3. Seems as though my post has been taken in a negative way a bit. So let me clarify: I'm not taking anything away from the developer. I can imagine the countless hours he put into making this game, between programming, testing, etc. That, in and of itself, is not lazy and I'm not knocking him for that. I just feel that a recycled trophy list (trophy names, images, and descriptions) from a past game tells me the developer simply wanted to get the game out these as soon as the gameplay was done. Never really polished any other aspect of the game. I would consider that lazy because the developer is cutting corners, per se, to get the product out into the store. I'm not saying he himself is lazy, he created a game from scratch ffs. So pardon me if I think he's a bum and that he's lazy. It's not going to make or break a game; it's just a list and it doesn't affect gameplay. Just looking to have the thing polished from start to finish, that's all.
  4. I just reached lvl 25, and I have Merryweather as a contact option. When I dial the number, however, my only option that is available is the supply drop. All other options are locked, and the Backup Helicopter option says "Wait For Merryweather To Contact You" or something along the lines. I read on other forums that we need to get Trevor as a contact, but I'm not sure how to trigger that. Any suggestions?
  5. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/6415-perfect-angle I also found this. Seems like it's the same developer as Perfect Angle. Maybe they're just lazy. https://store.steampowered.com/app/863660/Sea_of_memories/
  6. This hasn't been updated in a year lol it's not completed. I'm sure it's a dead guide at this point.
  7. https://store.steampowered.com/app/819070/The_Unknown_City_Horror_Begins_NowEpisode_1/
  8. Ah that's reassuring. I might give it a go then since it's free. Thanks!
  9. Hold on... isn't this the one that is full of hackers? I don't want to play this game with a possibility that a hacker might come in, auto-pop a trophy, and then I'm stuck with a hidden game on my profile. Unless I'm thinking of another COD....
  10. I'll throw in my two cents on this, based on my experience: Do this challenge well before you attempt clearing the threats in the respective territories. In particular, leave the convoy routes alone until the challenge has been completed. Get the full spikes on your car body ASAP. Convoy routes in Pink Eye's territory are great since almost always they will have at least two cars with enemies attempting to board in their convoy. You won't see those boarder enemies early on in the game. When attempting the challenge, drive up next to the vehicle with the boarding enemy. You should be about half a car's length next to the enemy. Match your cruising speed with the enemy. THIS IS ESSENTIAL: do this on a straight path part of the convoy route. This is where the enemy vehicles tend to pick up speed. If you're too slow, the boarder will jump on your car without any issues. Also, if you hit a curve and you turn the vehicle, more likely than not the enemy will miss your car when jumping.
  11. @DonGurke93 thanks, I wonder if that was the issue. I know I created my UK account via webpage.
  12. @EternalChaos72 I tried on my ps4, but I'm still seeing the US store...
  13. So I see that people here are able to play and earn trophies on the same game, but in different regions (NA, EU, etc.). My question is HOW THE HECK do they do it? For example, I'm in the US. I have created a UK account. But when I try to log in with my UK account, it defaults me back to the US store based on my IP. Anything new that I should try?
  14. @dmland12 crap ok! I'll give it a shot anyway, but that's discouraging... Some of those ribbon challenges are ridiculous.
  15. Not much info out about this game yet, but I get a Bioshock-esque feel out of it. Looks interesting! Developer's website: http://mundfish.com/atomic-heart/