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  1. Are you saying NV was not apocalypse-y enough? Compared to the first three, yeah that’d be correct. But there is a reason for that. Not to be that guy, but according to Fallout lore, Mr. House set up defense systems to destroy most of the missiles aimed at Vegas. He himself predicted a nuclear war years before the Great War (which by the way we’re 57 years away from that today 😂), so he prepped the city for it. Hence why NV’s environment wasn’t affected too much by the nukes. As for OP - I got halfway through TLOU. Story was great so far, but gameplay was pretty boring. Not nearly as fast paced as I thought it would be. Maybe I’ll get back into it one of those days and give it a shot...
  2. Great thanks! Good to know for next time 😁
  3. So I came across this few days ago, but I wasn't sure how legit CDKeys is. Thus, I ended up paying the full price for plus. For future knowledge, CDKeys is legit and not a scam?
  4. Not that I've seen. I'm just throwing out a hypothetical price out here. I think that's how much the current season pass costs.
  5. The Season Pass NOW does state it's the 4 DLCs, I'm not disagreeing there. Usually this stuff implies you'll pay the $100 and get ALL the content once it comes out eventually. I don't think anyone predicted they'll release even more content after the original 4 that were planned. Kinda sucks people will have to pay another $50 just to get the FULL game once again, after shelling out a hundo the first time around. I was able to snag the Super Deluxe version myself for $60, but to potentially get the 100% - assuming there will be more trophies - then I'll probably have to pay another $50. I waited for the price drop to get the FULL game, but obviously I didn't wait long enough.
  6. Looks like this is no longer the case! More DLC incoming.
  7. Sounds like Gearbox is releasing a second season pass, completely separate from the first one. On the one hand, I’m happy with more BL3 content. On the other hand, we’re gonna have to shell out even more money which screws over people that bought the Super Deluxe Version of the game.
  8. EDIT: I decided to try again and got another crown Royale. Once I pressed X to return to lobby, I got the trophy to pop during the loading screen. Turns out, the game freezing on me prevented the trophy from popping. I always thought trophies pooped immediately after the game. I picked up the game March 2019. Just played it for the first time in over 18 months. According to Realm Royale Tracker, I was on 9 wins. I won a squad game and as soon as the Crown Royale popped up, my game froze. My stats were still recorded in the tracker, and yet no trophy. Do the 10 wins have to be in 1 “season” or can it be across all seasons/modes? I tried playing another game - finished 8th in squads - and still no trophy. Am I forced to just try and win another game and see if it will pop? Also I read the devs have pretty much abandoned the game? That honestly sucks. Makes me want to finish the game even more in case it gets shut down.
  9. Looks like dying screws up the counter to some extent. I know once I reached 10K and then died, my score on the restart would be 10,000. Deleting the save data seemed to fix the issue.
  10. Holy crap nice to see an update on this! I was worried the project was abandoned. The gameplay looks good 😁
  11. Hands down, Horizon: Zero Dawn! I also picked up the base game Witcher 3 And its DLC so I’ll eventually be stacking up the game with my GOTY edition.
  12. Now that we’re into the second half of 2020 (seriously, this year sucks), I might as well update my numbers! These are as of July 10th. 2017 - 16 Most common: The Little Acre (79.71%) Rarest: FIFA 15 (1.48%) 2018 - 27 Most common: Energy Cycle (95.62%) Rarest: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (4.53%) 2019 - 25 Most common: Midnight Deluxe (97.09%) Rarest: Grand Theft Auto V (1.94%) 2020 - 18 Most common: Red Bow (92.93%) Rarest: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition (7.49%)
  13. Thank you! Just gave it a shot. I’ll pick up a few quick plats and then decide whether to start some of the NFS games.
  14. So I see on the EA Access website The list of games offered under the service. I’ve never done this nor PSNow. Is it similar to how PS Plus games work? As long as you have the subscription, you have access to all the games on the list? I might give it a go and plat as much as I can in that month if that’s the case.