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  1. Got an email from Sony Rewards about an hour ago. It reads: "As part of the Sony Rewards Passes program, opportunities to earn rewards through challenges like earning in-game trophies and renting movies will come and go. On 11/07/19, the opportunity to earn and redeem for the Silver, Gold and Platinum Trophies Passes will end and the Pass will be removed from your dashboards as it is no longer available." Not sure how to post a screenshot of the email, otherwise I would. The Rewards themselves aren't going away, but it looks like passes for Silver, Gold, and Plat trophies will. You have until Nov. 7th to complete the passes!
  2. yes
  3. A regular R2 attack while they're on a generator. Only difference is you can't "lunge" at them i.e. holding R2 button. And you have to be behind them to trigger the animation, not sure if coming from the side will work.
  4. Ok, thanks! I never had a PS3, I actually had a 360 during the PSN blackout years ago so not sure how it affected trophies. Don’t wanna have missing stamps or be flagged for anything like that...
  5. Question: if I play a game offline (I have BORDERLANDS GOTY on disc) and earn trophies, I won’t be able to sync them until the servers are working again right? More importantly, is there a potential of “missing timestamps” in this instance?
  6. Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but I'm in the NA region and I seem to be getting mixed reactions here. I bought the physical game (it's currently on my profile with 0% completion), and I see there's also a digital version of this. There are 3 separate games digitally, and then there's also the digital trilogy. Eventually I want to stack this game (PS4 physical with plat along with the 3 separate non-plat lists). In order to get the 3 non-plat lists, do I have to buy the games individually or am I safe to buy the digital trilogy pack?
  7. I've always wanted to get the Handsome Collection because I never played the second game, but loved the first on my 360. I'm so glad my patience paid off!
  8. Hi welcome to the Forums! You can create a gaming session for the game if you have it on your profile. Mods tend to shut down these topics. It's your first post so I'm sure they'll let it slide, but this is for future use.
  9. Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space Mecho Tales Energy Balance The Little Acre Kitten Squad (F2P game made by PETA 😂)
  10. As long as you don't have trophies unlocked for a game, you can delete it. Go to your trophies, highlight the 0% game you want to delete, and press Options. Delete should be the last option.
  11. For New Perspective that's what I ended up doing (leaving the controller plugged in overnight). As for the robes and wearing them for 10 straight days... I used the sleep method in order to advance the in-game clock. So wear the robes with Michael, and go to your house and sleep until you finish.
  12. When I platted this a few months back, I didn't have any issues with glitched trophies. That said, some of the requirements to achieve said trophies are pretty tedious. In particular, Entities Master and Medicine Girl requires you to hit every QTE with precise timing. The former especially since it spans across multiple chapters in order to achieve it. I used the guide on PSNProfiles to a tee, as it laid out a pretty efficient path for the platinum. I do feel that it needs to include the fact that the QTEs have to be done perfectly. Getting the trophies mentioned isn't enough for Entities Master.
  13. You have the MOP link up for for Mahjong, but good catch!
  14. I'm not sure if you're into sports games, but in FIFA 18 you can earn at least 30 trophies in a few quick matches and/or career mode simulations within the first few hours. Some of the FUT and Journey trophies are a bit of a grind. Here's my example, I had 19 trophies in the first 3 hours of playing the game: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/6723-fifa-18/i-kicked-a-brit?order=date
  15. It’s 4 player split screen co-op so it’s worth a shot. Let us know if you try this!