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  1. Great month for me as I have none of these. I never owned a PS2, so it's nice I'll finally get to try out R&C.
  2. I'm not bashing you, I agree. I just wanted to use this meme.
  3. This worked so well! Thank you! For anyone using this: if any puzzles are taking forever, try to solve some rows/columns on your own. That will eliminate hundreds of iterations automatically, thus making the solver run faster. Even tweaking one row or column might do the trick. Just keep playing around with the rows and solve what you can.
  4. So it's safe to say that "custom" games (where empty servers are) won't count as ranked games? Thanks for the clarification!
  5. @stupid0089 I know that's usually how users here boost BF1. But now I wanna experiment with empty servers, for science.
  6. This week is rough for me between work and Horizon lol I'll try to set up a boosting session sometime next week. Also, since conquest required 3 on each side, I wouldn't be surprised we would need 6-8 players to boost.
  7. Recently, I discovered that one can join a completely empty game and mess around on the maps. I tried to toy around with the idea of joining empty matches in order to boost some requirements in order to unlock the DLC guns. Because I was by myself on the map (I played conquest, which required at least 3 players on each team), I couldn't register any boats destroyed with the AT Rocket gun. Now I don't know if it's because the boats need to be occupied in order for those to count, or if the fact that I wasn't officially in a game - since I needed 5 more players to start it. But then I was wondering if it's possible to boost some of the gun-related trophies in these empty servers? Anyone tried this?
  8. Currently enjoying Horizon! I'm planning on making the plat my 1337th trophy aka milestone 😁
  9. FIFA 15 As most sports games, we usually leave behind the previous version once next year's game comes out. As soon as summer of 2016 hit and the game would no longer receive any squad updates (I played fifa for career mode only) I'd figure I would never touch this game again. It wasn't until I found PSN Profiles did I find the motivation to go back and get this plat. It took some boosting hours, and about 8 hours to get the dreaded Extra Effort trophy, but the suffering was worth it. Bioshock Using the difficulty switch exploit (cheap but who doesn't use these), I finally got this bad boy. Given that this is one of my favorite series, I picked up the Collection on Day 1 and enjoyed it. Definitely nice feeling of going back to the dark world that is Rapture. Battlefield 1 Plat wasn't too difficult, except for that ONE codex challenge.... Also honorable mentions to the N. Sane trilogy plats
  10. ffs where is this from 😂
  11. Batman, Psycho-Pass, and Uncanny Valley for me for sure. I would love to play Deus Ex as well, but my backlog is getting ridiculously-large.
  12. I earned a plat on Shadwen (my 1000th trophy), on the 20th of November at 10 pm CST - two hours before my birthday. I didn't even think about leaving the game for a few hours so I can wait on midnight. BUT this is also my dad's birthday so it works out just fine 😁 Maybe next year I'll hold off a plat until my birthday.
  13. Oh yea you were the guy that had his account banned because of some "weird" PSN purchase or something lol I'm happy for you that issue was resolved. I knew your name sounded familiar....
  14. Also, maybe add most satisfying plat/trophy earned? For me, no doubt was FIFA 15 plat (big middle finger to the Extra Effort trophy).
  15. My 2017 aka first time actually becoming a trophy hunter (still in progress) Plats: from 0 to 13 (+13); aiming for 15 by end-of-year Gold: from 7 to 91 (+84) Silver: from 70 to 226 (+156) Bronze: from 307 to 712 (+405) Best game: judging solely on my log, I would say Infamous SS. Even though I missed some of the lore from the first two main games (this is the first game I played in the series), I loved the fast-pace action of the game, and the abilities were awesome to use. If I ever get a PS3 and/or PSNow, I would gladly jump back on Infamous 1 and 2. Worst game: I got Murdered: Soul Suspect on sale, and played it when I was out of work for two days (sickness, bleh). It had a decent story, but the game was boring overall. Not really much input into what the user is able to do. It felt like mindless collectable-collecting spree. Worth the $5 I paid for it on sale, and I would recommend it solely for an easy plat. But never would I pay the full $20 (?) for this game.