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  1. The video shows you a visual, but it doesn't explain exactly what needs to be done. Once I'm on the floating ramp, do I jump away/towards the out-of-bounds wall? Do I move? I can't get this glitch to work on PS4. I have the latest updates for digital (I don't think this has a physical/disc version). EDIT: never mind, got it the first time without the glitch after posting this. Fuck the Warren Vidic trophy. Ruins what otherwise was a great AC trilogy.
  2. EDIT: F2P Weekend is over Borderlands 3 is F2P this weekend (PS Plus required). I'm assuming you cannot earn trophies during the demo; however, I'm not sure if it will pop trophies retroactively once you buy the full game.
  3. +1 for Oblivion. I loved that 360 had achievements for the game, and it was my first Scrolls game. I'm hoping for a PS4 remaster with trophy support and all DLC. Here's my list: 1. BF: Bad Company 2 2. inFamous 3. Fallout 3
  4. On 10/31 around 11 AM CST, I checked my passes and actually saved my counts in my phone in the Notes app. I was at 27/100 silver, 3/10 plats, and 20/25 golds. Between then and now, I've earned 15 golds, 19 silvers, and 2 plats. I have yet to see those numbers reflected on my passes. Unfortunately, the only pass I would be able to fulfill was the gold one, but that's still 250 points that I should have received but didn't. I'm starting to wonder if it include all trophies earned, or only for certain games/rarity percentages.
  5. Yep like MaxieMouse said. I updated my original comment!
  6. Gotcha. Yeah as far as I know, KYF mode won't earn you any trophies even if they don't say in a public match. I personally never successfully boosted with any of my partners, but I have seen proof that it works. Here's what I heard so far that needs to happen: A survivor hosts a SWF group. He or she must be the same region as the killer the group is trying to match with. For example, if you're a host on the US-East coast, you're going to match up with killers from the same region. On top of that, all members of the group must be in a similar rank (maybe within 1 or 2 of another, along with the killer's rank). Do not start searching just yet. A killer then starts a lobby. He or she should load into the lobby aka over-the-shoulder view facing the campfire. Once he or she is searching, the SWF group must start searching for a game. Those are the generic steps. Other variables might come in play, such as the time you're playing as it always affects the player queue. It's also pretty unpredictable know because BHVR's rank algorithm is atrocious for the past few weeks. Yesterday, as a rank 7 survivor, I was matched up with survivors ranked 7, 12, and 18 respectively; and a killer rank 9. Also, if anyone might across this and makes a correction or suggests another way, please correct me!
  7. Ugh not what I meant by language lol I meant what search words you used
  8. Not sure what language you used to google it, so links would be appreciated! I can't seem to find anything regarding KYF and the ability to earn trophies.
  9. I'd be interested to see these accounts, because from the various boosting message groups I'm in for DBD that tested this theory, it never worked (for the Left For Dead trophy). Those players clained they tested it since Bill's trophies are the only ones that don't have a "in a public match" in their descriptions. Also for what it's worth, the Stranger Things list all have the "in a public match" in their description, so either Bill's trophies didn't get that same uniform look or BVHR forgot to do it.
  10. As of 11/6/19, here are my plat #s, the games and their rarities. 2017 - 16 Most common: The Little Acre (81.07%) Rarest: FIFA 15 (1.52%) 2018 - 27 Most common: Energy Cycle (95.85%) Rarest: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (4.72%) 2019 - 20 Most common: Midnight Deluxe (97.38%) Rarest: Grand Theft Auto V (1.94%)
  11. Awesome thanks so much for the response! Here's my list of plats covering 20/27 letters: # - 36 Fragments Of Midnight A - Assassin's Creed II B - Battlefield 1 C - Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare D - Drowning E - Energy Balance F - FIFA 15 G - Grand Theft Auto V H - Horizon Zero Dawn I - inFamous Second Son J - K - L - Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens M - Metal Slug Anthology N - Nightmares From The Deep: The Cursed Heart O - Onrush P - Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness Q - R - Rocket League S - Spyro The Dragon T - The Little Acre U - Undertale V - W - Wheels Of Aurelia X - Y - Z -
  12. I want to join this (I currently have 20/27, including a number)! I do have one question regarding the list, since I didn't happen to see it under rules and regulations. If I were to submit a list, and have a platinum for a letter (let's say P). I have a game completed for that letter for the sake of the list. In the future, if I were to plat another game with that same P letter and want it updated in my platinum list, would I be able to? Or once I make a submission for my initial list, is the P game going to stay the same? Any feedback would be great!
  13. Not to sound cynical, but knowing BHVR the Medic and Handyman trophies will be fixed at the expense of other trophies glitching out. I do hope these get fixed. It has to be frustrating for those who haven't unlocked these trophies yet.
  14. I agree with Clinton. Rift looks really neat and has some potential! I wonder if that means dailies will be reworked. Anyway, the nurse nerf sucks for consoles because she's so damn hard to master on console as is. PC is a whole different story thanks to a mouse for precise blinks. I don't think the 3 blinks trophy will change in terms of description, but it might take a bit more effort because we're losing 3 add-ons that add blinks. That means more bloodwebs to go through just to get the Ultra-Rare add-on, which means more grinding for BPs. As soon as I heard this news, I played nurse until a SWF group let me do the 3 blinks trophy lol. Regardless, Adept Nurse will become significantly more difficult if you haven't already mastered how the current nurse works.
  15. Second update here! This is how my list looked 3 months ago. Since then, COD: Advanced Warfare dropped out of my top 50 list, so now I'm down to 12 games. Dead By Daylight - 14 [+6 trophies] GTA V - 6 [-1 trophies] Metal Slug Anthology - 6 [-2 trophies] Super Meat Boy - 6 [-1 trophies] COD: BLOPS 3 - 4 [-1 trophies] Let It Die - 4 [no change] Warframe - 3 [no change] FIFA 15 - 2 [no change] Rocket League - 2 [+1 trophies] Battlefield 1 - 1 [-1 trophies] FIFA 18 - 1 [no change] NBA 2K15 - 1 [no change]