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  1. You lost me a bit with the “if you have a disc” comment. I own the Collection on disc. Are you implying that if I buy the game digitally - NA region - then I will get the new list as opposed to sharing it with the Bio1 list from the Collection?
  2. I thought someone here said the second stack is Japan? I could be wrong. And unfortunately I never dealt with the whole “having an account for a different region” because I’m not sure how to do it, and I worry it might mess up my other games.
  3. So there’s no point of buying from either the Asian or US store if you have the collection? That’s a shame, I was looking forward to stacking the first two.
  4. In the US store, I see not only the Collection - all 3 games in one - but now I see an entry for each individual game including Infinite. Interesting enough, the Infinite product description is the same as the Collection, whereas the first two games have descriptions related to the game + dlc of the respective game. @Tunnel1ngEffect yes, but I don’t know if the individual games are tied to the new lists.
  5. I would just hide the game right now before you get flagged. It’s tough to hear a hacker gave you these trophies, but unfortunately this won’t be OK to others on the leaderboard.
  6. Ah fuck @JonRig might be right. I just checked my profile via the PS website and my trophy lists do say “Remastered.” You might have to scroll a bit on my profile to get to it cuz it’s one of my earlier games I completed. https://my.playstation.com/profile/i-kicked-a-brit/trophies https://my.playstation.com/profile/i-kicked-a-brit/trophies/groups/NPWR10264_00/default
  7. EDIT: release date is for the Bioshock remaster on the Switch. Carry on people. This is odd. I googled “Bioshock Remastered” and it’s giving me a May 29th release date. Can’t say the same about Bio2. Either way I’m all for it, especially if it’s a separate stack from the Collection, because this is one of my favorite game series.
  8. Decided to bite the bullet myself since the trilogy was on sale in the NA store. I can confirm that the digital version in the NA store comes with 3 separate lists. I would take a screenshot and post it on here but idk how to do it and I don’t wanna create an imgur account. Anyway, you can see the games in my list as proof!
  9. After 3 weeks and 6 episodes since its release, I’m surprised to see that there was no topic created for ESPN’s “The Last Dance.” For those out of the loop, it’s an exclusive look at the NBA’s Chicago Bulls and its teams of the 90s. Footage includes interviews and backstories of players, coaches, staff, etc involved with the organization from the moment Michael Jordan was drafted back in 1984. It looks at some cool stuff leading up to the 97-98 season, in which the titular phrase became the theme and motif. Two episodes are aired every Sunday, 9 PM Eastern time on ESPN. What’s everyone’s thoughts on the documentary so far? We’re 6 episodes in, and man I’ve learned so much about the 90s Bulls that I’ve never known. I moved to Chicago from Poland in July 2002, and we have heard the name of Michael Jordan but in my time we weren’t all that big on basketball. I’ve watched many of his highlight tapes, full games on DVD, read up on him and his team, but some of the stuff in the documentary is totally new stuff for me. It opened up a lot about the feud MJ and Scottie Pippen - Jordan’s righthand man - had with the General Manager Jerry Krause. It’s crazy to think how different the NBA is now compared to just 30 years ago. Both in terms of raw talent and athleticism, but mainly the social media aspect of it.
  10. We’re a quarter into this crazy 2020 (hope everyone is staying safe btw)! Just want to drop a quick update on my numbers. I platted Spider-Man for my first plat of the year, and I’m shooting to make God of War plat my 4000th trophy. My numbers as of April 11th, 2020. 2017 - 16 Most common: The Little Acre (80.36%) Rarest: FIFA 15 (1.48%) 2018 - 27 Most common: Energy Cycle (95.83%) Rarest: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (4.62%) 2019 - 25 Most common: Midnight Deluxe (97.35%) Rarest: Grand Theft Auto V (1.92%) 2020 - 7 Most common: Red Bow (92.69%) Rarest: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition (7.31%)
  11. I would like to make an edit to my list! Not only did I add a V letter, but I want to replace my T with The Witcher. See my new list below! Up to 21/27 now. I have a game for K that I haven’t started, but I do not owe any games with any other letters remaining. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some soon! # - 36 Fragments Of Midnight A - Assassin's Creed II B - Battlefield 1 C - Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare D - Drowning E - Energy Balance F - FIFA 15 G - Grand Theft Auto V H - Horizon Zero Dawn I - inFamous Second Son J - K - L - Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens M - Metal Slug Anthology N - Nightmares From The Deep: The Cursed Heart O - Onrush P - Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness Q - R - Rocket League S - Spyro The Dragon T - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition U - Undertale V - Virginia W - Wheels Of Aurelia X - Y - Z -
  12. Sorry to resurrect a thread this old, but the auto save does work as of April 8, 2020. Not sure if it was a bug or not in the past since I just played the game. One way to trigger the auto save is to go to the in-game store to buy diamonds via Options button. Pick any diamond amount and you should get a pop-up to go to the PS store. Click yes and it will take you out of the game and into the PS store. Cancel the purchase to return to the game. Back out into the main menu via ⭕️.
  13. Ezio trilogy has no multiplayer - both modes and trophies. All trophies are related to the single player.
  14. My guess would be no, but ultimately you’re better off getting an answer from a mod/CRT. Per the following: Using network software to maliciously obtain trophies
  15. If you have followed 2K’s practices in the past (and most sports games, in general), you would notice that they tend to shut servers down relatively quick because most players have moved on to the next year’s installment. Also, you earned the first trophy for 2K17 prelude in September 2018, 9 months after the servers were shut down. Not to sound cynical, but you have no one to blame but yourself.