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  1. Wish I saw this before but thankfully I can do it on the PS4 version
  2. Thank you, I’ll be using these
  3. I managed to get the plat using my vita and two other controllers for myself. I was able to help fallenone with the platinum by using shareplay while he used another controller and I’d stay in back and I’d take out whoever was behind him. Good luck with the platinum
  4. Thank you
  5. I'm not sure if i can qualify for two but can I please get the great seal and light the fire up in the night. If I can't get both I'll please take the great seal
  6. Love the meme, glad I could save you some money
  7. PS5MARCH2021-3DKP-XK6P-2XET-9P89 just got this code in the email for ps5 games and accessories and I’m not going to use it and I’d hate to see it go to waste, it expires on the 31st of this month I’m NA so I’m not sure if it’ll work internationally
  8. I 100% agree with your statement that it can come with consequences, thank you for your response
  9. So I pissed off a hacker on an 11 year old YouTube video most likely because I corrected his grammar and guessed his location based on the time he said (a little hindsight my friend and I just commented on the video with no other comments and he started liking and deleting the comments, and it was just us goofing around before the hacker came around) . He got my information along with a friend of mine, nothing we can do about it now, he’s changed my friends bio, can message me as if it were my friend writing (my friend has 2 step and didn’t get any login notice) also he can join a party as my friend off the app while cutting contact with my friend off (said he hijacked the mic) also said that “good luck on getting your 82nd platinum screen while I’m gonna make the real money” I also asked what’s up with that username, it was just random numbers and letters so I was genuinely curious. So any ideas on how to get rid of this person? And for my own trophies safety what can he possibly do on my 82nd platinum? This all happened last
  10. Astro’s playroom for me and currently working on bugsnax then I’ll be working on fairy tail for my 75th platinum
  11. I got the platinum earlier today and I couldn’t have gotten if I didn’t use 3 controllers technically 2 since used my vita but if you have multiple controllers definitely use them for hard especially insane
  12. For me probably persona 4 arena and arena ultimax. I absolutely suck at fighting games, I just end up spamming the buttons
  13. It started at 425 but it’s now 426 originally level 30
  14. I played last night for the first time and got 15 trophies naturally without any issues and this morning got another one with no issues so hopefully they fix it for the people it bugged on
  15. It’s possible that they were free at some point, if they were I missed out and paid 49 cents for two of them