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  1. Si funziona ma è comunque troppo lento a salire
  2. in fact I have always done it alone, however the hard part is to get to level 50
  3. Got the trophy yesterday, for now the progression goes on only if you make first or second place even after the last patch that hasn't corrected anything
  4. Where can I see the stats other than the trophy stats?
  5. But they have to fix this, because a player can't always make first or second place
  6. hopefully for a patch
  7. It went up doing as you say, but very slowly, I can't understand those 10 people how they managed to get it already
  8. I boosted them with a friend in luckily solo mode
  9. To me it is always stuck at 0%, and I have done 15 hours of play, I have never managed to finish first or second place, so it is blocked at 100%
  10. I boosted all the kills with weapons, the big one I did, now it's going to be hard to get to 50
  11. sniper rifle kills are a problem making 25, with players just jumping
  12. I still haven't figured out how to dodge attacks, I can dodge the first 2 hits, but I always take the third
  13. Salutations Do you know if you can pause to speedrun while doing something else?