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  1. It doesn't unlock it anyway, I tried
  2. Me too in the same situation I platinum on PS4, uploaded my save from the cloud to PS5, unlocked only 38/51 trophies, which we are missing some of the story, and all territories (the most important) If there is someone who has managed to solve it, write it to us
  3. Can you tell me the exact spot where you found a project to make the legendary gun? I am already 18 in technical, but I have nothing legendary. However, the powerpyx guide is wrong, as always, like the "Christmas Three" trophy which he says retains many attributes, but it is not true nor 2 are needed, then if in the technical you have to bring it to 18, you must not keep the attributes, because 2 more are enough
  4. I don't know if you're unlocking this trophy, I recruited three video game developers but nothing
  5. Hello, but does the glitch still work for the infallible trophy?
  6. Need for help with Dark zone : Takedown
  7. Thank For all
  8. I bought The Division 2 Standard Edition today for € 10, I wanted to know if the DLC released so far can be unlocked in the Standard version, or do I need the Gold Edition?
  9. I started a Run from zero to realism difficulty, doing the latter, will you also unlock the surviving trophy?
  10. I have the same problem, I have all 4 classes unlocked, but I only have the trophy for two classes, and I also have the trophy to kill an enemy with all four classes Do I have to create another character? Does it take a long time to do the four classes?
  11. I started a new Run to Survival II, I took the new weapon from the cabinet, but right now I don't remember where the poison is in Day Gone. Does anyone help me?
  12. So if you go on a run on NG + to survival II, it doesn't even unlock the Survival trophy? So you have to do 2 separate Runs, for those who haven't started the first dlc yet?
  13. With the New Game Plus coming out on September 13th, will it be possible to unlock the trophies already present in survival mode (difficulty)?
  14. Are the trophies unlocked with these tricks?