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  1. Yes; dont even think about grinding before half the game or yourr going to be stuck real quick... I got the 1000G on Xbox 360.
  2. Hey my friends update 1.07 is out!!! Maybe the trophy works now
  3. well the answer is no lol. I had everything bought since May .... and now it never popped up no matter what I try so ... Imma come back in the game next year, too many games on PS3 and Xbox and PS4 to bother restart everything . big lack of respect for those who bought it day 1. I had it since Day 1 and was supporting em regardless the fact that top Spin is killing this game by miles. Even AO tennis was very bearable this game on the other hand was everything BUT what it was supposed to be. Im currently trying to complete Virtua tennis 2 on PS2/Dreamcast and it is definitely better than this game. In every possible ways. Oh and Xav2010 I believe you are french right ? From your video guide, I am french too, so I just wanna say that Lucas Pouille n'a rien fait du tout cette année lol. Ni Gasquet, ni Monfils qui s'est bien repris en fin d'année, Gasquet non plus, Gilles Simon un peu, Tsonga blessé .... Ouff dure année pour les frenchies!! Mais chez les francaises bravo a Caroline Garcia, et Mladenovic aussi (En double)
  4. Ive bought everything since May and I DONT plan on buying stuffs again on a new save...Let me test out if going in the store will make it pop instantly
  5. I have good news for all my fellow gamers, game is now completable on Xbox, im waiting for the PS4 update to come in and fix it, and yes Collector was glitched on Xbox and now it is perfectly working! See you online my friends at the next update :)))))))
  6. Sorry to be off context but theres an update, a big one that came out today, yall can try maybe for the collector achievement again ? :/ I would try right now but since they said nothing about the trophies / achievements, I just gave up lol.
  7. Boosting wins for the three trophies i have 2 consoles your time will be mine lets get it send me a pm on psn!
  8. Me and like 7 others on Xbox One did that too on the first week of release... Also for the both number one on female and male we did that already, but yeah. I think it is glitched mate. I'm hoping for a patch but with the Rolland Garros Edition in the work and Xbox and Nintendo blocking all patches (We still dont have online mode and we only had 1 update in May can you imagine) .... I think if a patch comes out I will buy myself 7 copies to celebrate (I own 2 xbox copies, 2 ps4 copies, and one switch copy lol, which are the normal and legends editiuon) What am I also scared off if that its not retractable like if a patch comes out will i have to restart the whole game to get the trophy or not ? I'm hoping its just going to pop after a career match
  9. Nice try but on Xbox we have all of them and nothing is popping up Oh well must be glitched on Xbox then... We had everything since June complete....
  10. There is no theory, I believe his theories is to complete both the male and female tour ... Already done that forget about it. Having all skills cards at level 5 ? already done that also. And the buying all accessories is not glitch, it's simply dont unlock at all, for no one. Like Charly_Py said, personally I hope the list wont be the same otherwise it will count as another game trust me, it wont be the same since the games wont even have the same name ... Its supposed to be Tennis World Tour: Rolland Garros Edition so definitely there will be trophies for winning the tournament etc... so dont expect this game to be fix. I sent them thousands of messages, no reply. they ignoring us. I am number one on TrueTrophies for all Tennis Games completed, the only one I havent done is AO Tennis because i dont have the time and, Grand Slam Tennis 2 because there is one trophy I cannot have (unobtainable) . Either ways guys, hopefully those 2 trophies will get fix. Even on Xbox they dont work by the way since i wasent able to unlock them there either.
  11. Sorry the Collector Trophy is currently unobtainable. Big Apple is working on a new version of the game for May 2019. Lets bet this game will never get fix.
  12. Damn... After all this time... Still no update. This is disgusting. I won't ever support them ever again.
  13. I don't know but inside of myself I wish yes. They said re-release so my guess is yes this will be a different list because 1) There will be the Rolland Garros Court, to put a trophy related to that will be a nice incentive 2) I'm pretty sure in 1 year they have the time to add and tweak a lot of stuffs, so a new list will definitely be welcomed otherwise I dont think it will sell among us, but Ill still buy the new copy for my collection lol
  14. Not at all ... Damn, I hope they going to fix it, becayuse there is a new version coming in 2019 ... The Rolland Garros Edition with new stuffs
  15. Did it fixed it for you my friend ????