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  1. Sorry but what the game in your signature ? the little video with the girl with the red sword or something ... sorry to revive the thread only for that
  2. If you had 2 PS5's, the fastest way to make money is to start a online match, get a point, and make the dummy leave the match... You get 1K. You can make like 70K an hour if you do it fast.... but no one has two PS5's yet right ? Well that's how I did on PS4 and Xbox One, had enough money for everything in 1 day if you stay focus. You are so close!!!!
  3. Sorry I assumed you was one of the peoples who did it on PS4 before haha, yeah you have to buy the rackets too!! That and the clothes are the most expensive sections
  4. You have to buy all the rackets lol... basically you have to buy everything except the branded OFFICAL clothes the ones thats 7500 ?
  6. Can I ask you a few questions about Tennis World Tour 2 please ? 

  7. Can confirm again that he's right as Ive just done it on PS4 for the second time. So yeah definitely all males and females, not the official sponsorised clothes tho !.
  8. man just delete the update and do it again, itll be super easy as before... I had all my 30 points on control, and as soon as the computer serves keep your finger on R1 and press square to drop that ball... the computer falls for that every time. The updarte made the academy much harder for nothing
  9. Honestly since you're on PS4, you could also delete the patch, do this challenge which would be super easy (offline) and then put the patch back on lol. I tried it 2 days ago on PS4, because on Xbox One I was not able to do so ...
  10. Here is what I did, and it is the best way ever, with that I managed to bought the men equipments in a day and a half. I used 2 consoles with 2 copies of the game, and played player matches and as soon as the match started I was quitting which was providing me with 1000$ per match. That amounted to something like 60K per hours, with the 15-25 secs to reload etc, and I really did bought all the man stuffs in a day and a half. That was after I was done with the man career of course.
  11. Wait what ? You mean Charity tournaments no longuer give 10K ?? So Ill have to play this game offline then lol, for shure on PS4 unless you tell me the one stars give you like 9 K or some .... cause charity was 10K for 5 matches...
  12. The only one that can confirm is the one that currently is done with the game, but since it didnt popped for him he never came back (the first week of october he was done), but on the link I provided, it clearly says Trophy/Achievement. Im the first one on Xbox so I can confirm that on this platform it works but for PS4.. sorry I can't. But I'm positive it does, wait for Xav if anything.
  13. TENNIS WORLD TOUR 2 TROPHY IS FIXED PLEASE HURRY UP GUYS ITS FIXED SORRY FOR THE CAPTIIONS I UNLOCKED IT ON XBOX JUST NOW ALL LLOVE LETS GO HURRY UP NUMBER ONE Sorry for my bad english. The trophy is properly working now. Enjoy guys. If you wanna know what else been fixed :
  14. Honestly I still believe they are working on a giant patch, because 1.04 was rushed and made the game worst. I think now they are trying to do it properly. But I dont expect nothing from them until January sadly.
  15. all the items will count for both sides appart from the clothes, so the rackets the strings it will unlock for both, just not the clothes