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  1. Yes at the end of the season you will have the opportunity to relocate points, and honestly, appart from the Defense class, the two other classes are bad for beginner lol, took me a while to win slams with the two other classes
  2. Yes because you need to get to level 30 on each classes to get all the cards, so level 30 on power first, then on volley, and finally on defense becasue you wont have to change afterward since defense is the best class
  3. How the hell did you got the game this early tell me ????? I'm trying to get a copy too ???? THANKS
  4. So you can bash the game some more Arent you Tips.TV ?
  5. Where can I get a AU copy then ? where can i pre order the game to get it around the 9th ? I'm not willing to wait this long for it. If theres no way then ill make an AUS account to buy it on the 9th, simple as it is.
  6. If it's anything like real life, you can get all trophies within the same walkthrough as any tennis games let's you play both single and double matches on the same career path. Also, when the game releases ? January 9th or February 4th ? I want the earliest if it means paying the same price.
  7. Naruto Ultimate Ninja (PS2) 1-5, Ninja Chronicles 1-2 and if possible (PSP) Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 1-3, Legends, Akatsuki Rising and Impact. These are all Naruto games by the way lol.
  8. Black Ops 3 campaign was the best by far. If you look at all the secrets in the campaign it is one of the most ambition, fun, and intelligent campaign. Black Ops 4 Specialist stories are really good and every Black Ops 1 fan should look into the BO4 campaign because it is basically in some small ways a prequel to BO1.
  9. Hello ? Where are the other videos ? Did you stopped or ?
  10. Oh damn... then I don't know mate.... if you had a PS Card i coulda bought it for you and give you the account, but thats as much I can do on my end. Sorry. Some peoples said the games got delisted in Asia already....
  12. Really ? Let me peep that asap
  13. Why you had to be a DEI2EK !!!!! Death of our hopes and dreams.
  14. I live in Canada too just so you know we got the same time lol. But if they DO get on sale, I'm asking a refund expeditiously and buy them again real quick lol. Better yet ill buy all of them on a side account!"!!!