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  1. Spiderman is worth it, the DLC, not so
  2. Same goes for me and I got 3 PS3 if anyone wants to get it done add me with the quickness
  3. I'm willing to boost all theses with someone else as I have 3 consoles myself. For Uncharted 3 also
  4. 1) One Piece : World Seeker 2) Sniper Elite 4 3) CoD WaW
  5. trust me, I have more than 700 hours on this game lol, I had quite the luxure to try everything I wanted. The best way is get to number 1 , make a backup save once you get 2-3 full seasons, andthen start to skip everything. I was 100 ranking and still had challenges appearing so.
  6. Just to let you know, I had 5 cards missings, so here's what I did. I regularly changed COACH. You know why ? Because when you're doing a challenge you'll seeat the bottom of your screen that it's a different coach that's telling you what you're going to do (Like Hit 3 Volleys in a row) So my guess was that onces a coach teaches you something, no matter what the challenge was, he might not teach you something else. But that might just be me. Also, I didn't used the agent that was giving 20% more chance for a rare event because I felt like the cards were less rare than other stuffs (Donation, Create Academy, Agents, Money, Contracts) and wouldn't appear as much. Now, I made a COPY of my save just to ensure that if it wasen't working I could back to it and try again. What wanna do is skip litterally everything, until a challenge appears. Look ma, I had 5 CHALLENGES missing on Saturday, and I got the game done this way on Saturday. I litterally skipped everything tilt a challenge appeared. One more thing, don't forget to put everything to Defense so that the challenges are 10 times easier since you benefit from 150+ for control.
  7. I'm going for my third try on the Switch, then on Steam.
  8. I confirm, Collector can be glitched. Well this is it for me guys lol. I'm done with this game. It was a pleasure to go through this with all of you, everything in this game is done for me and Collector wont pop so, good bye! Wont restart it for the fifth time as Ive got the platinum on Xbox One already Nevermind, it popped at the same time that the one for maxing out all coaches popped ... So heres some info : It dosent matter what your rank is, if you got to number one, then you can skip EVERYTHING. I was number 100 and I still had a lot of challenges / coaches / agents appearing. When I did the trophy on Xbox One, it didn't matter with what character O had unlocked my cards. On PS4 thought, I had to get all the cards on a single character.
  9. I just got all the cards, and nothing popped up .... whats wrong ?
  10. We getting close to 50 some seasons and 1 coach that wont appear no matter what character im using... okay okay.
  11. Okay, now that ive got collector, Id like to know, can someone explain whats the purpose of Stamina in this game ? Does that affect the quality of your shots ? And if so, that might explain why I always feel like my shots are not very good toward the end of every matches.
  12. So far I'm close to 40 seasons and I still need 2... and 1 coach can you believe that ? ** Sorry to clarify myself lol, I'm doing it on both PS4 and Xbox One and I just started Steam. I love this game but Lord knows, it's starting to feel like a chore now. Really not the way I felt when I was doing Top Spin 4 on Xbox/PS Is there is something special about the coaches tho ? Because so far Im still missing one coach after all this time. Im annoyed now.
  13. Ive been number one forever lol.... I just realised you could press triangle and see what was required to get the card... I'm actually missing 2 cards since ive got 2 characters lol .... I realised all this after one year...
  14. just got a question, the challenges randomly appear ? They are rare events that appear randomly and nothing you can do can help that ? Because im sitting on top of 25+ season and I still need 23 cards so , something is wrong... and Ive done every single challenges so far ??
  15. Anyone has any tips on how to make them appear faster ? I still have 23 cards missing and only one coach missing. Ive already played at least 3 seasons with maxed out stats in each of the classes, both female and male. I dont have any other ideas, should I keep the same coach for 3 months then switch to another one ? Ive realised that sometimes some coaches give you some challenges, maybe I need to change coach more often... Any tips can help. I might create a fifth character to see if he'll get new challenges. And yes I have the agent that gives 20% more chances for a skill cards. Also, do I have to play the tournaments ? Can I skip them all ? Please Im lost now.