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  1. So one can list their sponsors name ? Okay
  2. Can you tell me the name of all your sponsors please ? I still havent got the trophy for that and its like my 5th 6th season, number 1 forever, I got everything else and I got a lot of sponsors proposal but they not interesting so I dont change unless its higher ....
  3. No you don't need no backup mate , the game registers after each points, so you just gotta go back to the board and go back into the game and itll be back to 40-(Whatever your score is)
  4. Put your stats for serve the highest as possible, put the match to 1 game 1 set and Standards Points (No ad) or Fast 4. serve big on the corner and drop shot on the front gap and whe the computer comes foward lob them. Last thing, when you lose, quickly shut the game go back the playstation dashboard.
  5. Even if you have the season pass, you cant complete it if you havent downloaded the free cars that were on the store. Nowadays nothing is accessible anymore, if you havent started it, its rip. sorry.
  6. Please send me a website please man (or girl) this game is extra expensive over there for some strange reason!!!!!
  7. anyone wanna try asap plese ? I'm desperate the game says error this challenge has not been sent
  8. What ? lol .....
  9. Yes at the end of the season you will have the opportunity to relocate points, and honestly, appart from the Defense class, the two other classes are bad for beginner lol, took me a while to win slams with the two other classes
  10. Yes because you need to get to level 30 on each classes to get all the cards, so level 30 on power first, then on volley, and finally on defense becasue you wont have to change afterward since defense is the best class
  11. How the hell did you got the game this early tell me ????? I'm trying to get a copy too ???? THANKS
  12. So you can bash the game some more Arent you Tips.TV ?
  13. Where can I get a AU copy then ? where can i pre order the game to get it around the 9th ? I'm not willing to wait this long for it. If theres no way then ill make an AUS account to buy it on the 9th, simple as it is.
  14. If it's anything like real life, you can get all trophies within the same walkthrough as any tennis games let's you play both single and double matches on the same career path. Also, when the game releases ? January 9th or February 4th ? I want the earliest if it means paying the same price.