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  1. 4th Game Review - Bioshock I barely played at all this week, Bioshock has been in my backlog almost since it came out and I must admit I did not give it the attention it deserved back then and RL got in the way of properly playing now but I will continue to play it. By now the tale of Rapture and it's twists have been spoiled to death and if you don't know it yet I won't tell you so if you are interested in this game and are able to enjoy the narrative free of expectations. It is an intriguing world, interesting characters and a great concept. The gameplay holds pretty well considering it is a 13 year old game, the mechanics are clearly explained and once you get use to it changing between the different powers and weapons is goes smoothly. The graphics don't feel dated which I believe it has to do with the style and wonderful design of the environments. I am playing it on my PS3, not the new Remastered collection so I am not sure if gets better or worse there in terms of gameplay. The only issue I have with the game and that's more a me issue than anything else, it's in first person and I get dizzy after a while, so far what helps is to turn off sound completely but that does a disservice to the game, I will keep playing it slowly as do wish to completed it. Time played: Around 3 hours Game progress: 5/66 - 6% - E rank Original Completion: 54.29% Current Completion: 54.29%
  2. I've been making slow progress on this list. Started to get some of Red Dead Redemption multiplayer out of the way and I've played Toy Story 3 some, but not much progress beyond that. Hopefully I will have more time off next week.
  3. 3rd Game Review - Toy Story 3 I didn't get a chance to play much this week, but so far I've enjoy the game. To be honest I found the free roam/sandbox mode far more enjoyable than the story platforming which just dull. Is a surprisingly good game among those that are based on movies albeit a bit inconsistent experience, which is to say that despite the story mode being boring as hell (I've only played half of it so I don't know if it gets better but I doubt it) and the gameplay during this story sections is all over the place between each part of it, I kind of see where they were going with different gameplay/objective for each part of the story but the implementation is not good and the hints and tell me what do functions is only helpful sometimes not to say the 'puzzles' are hard at all but since each level relies on different mechanics that seem to be forgotten as soon as they are used makes it a bit frustrating when the new ability you can use now is not triggering, again I haven't played the whole thing so maybe some mechanics make a come back on the second half. The real meat of the game is the sandbox mode and the part I truly enjoyed. Here you manage a toy village unlocking new buildings and placing new building, opening additional areas, are presented with different 'race' modes (horse, dragon, mini car and I think another), you also gather additional equipment to solve different situations that your villagers and friends get into and do lots of little missions that build up upon what you have unlocked already or for some you need to wait until gathering certain collectibles to be able to complete which might me a bit of a drag because I probably need to collect all but so far I ran around just happily doing stuff, fixing things, throwing parachuting army men, dressing up villager, trying to beat my own time on the track events and buying everything I've unlocked. It was nice, relaxing experience. After playing for a bit I had to check to confirm that it indeed includes several of the original voices, but also some interesting substitutions like Tim Hanks who apparently often does the voice for Woody in place of his brother for a lot of merchandise. The music was alright and mostly (maybe entirely) consist on several Toy Story themes on loop which gets a bit repetitive. Time played: Around 6-7 hours Game progress: 14/39 - 22% - D rank Original Completion: 54.29% Current Completion: 54.76% Now it will be a coin toss between the two games I got left.
  4. Update 6: So I finished two games and despite my words I am adding another two because I will be playing them for another event. I don't know why I do this to myself but it is what's happening. Beyond playing these really short 100% games, I've also been trying to get some MP stuff done for other games that are not on this list. 1. (PS4) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition - 10% / 14% 2. (PS4) Darksiders II - 8% / 3. (PS4) Persona 5 - 4% / 11% 4. (PS3) Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishment - 0% / 5. (PS4) The Last of Us Remastered - 18% / 32% 6. (PS4) Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - 0% / 100% September 1st 7. (PS4) Letter Quest Remastered - 0% / 8. (PS4) Overcooked! 2 - 0% / 7% 9. (PS4) Here they lie - 0% / 100% September 28th 10. (PS4) Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime - 14% / September 4th 11. (PS3) Infamous 2 - 0% / September 12th 12. (PS4) Observation - 0% / 100% November 7th 13. (PS4) Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders - 0% / 100% 9th 14. (PS3) Toy Story 3 - 0% / 15. (PS3) Beyond Two Souls - 0% / Swaps 0/5 Games 6/15
  5. 2nd Game Review - Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders I enjoyed this short point and click game. If you are familiar with Agatha Christie's books and this novel in particular you will know exactly what the story is about. You play as detective Hercule Poirot, trusting that you little grey cells work out who is the clever person behind the ABC murders, is very linear and has nice little puzzles some with blatantly obvious solutions right next to you and others that requiere you to keep track of the different items you've been gathering and what you have learn of each of the suspects and victims. A couple of them are a bit repetitive and quite frankly I don't think it was necessary to do the letters mini game 3 or 4 times, specially when the solution doesn't change is just doing it again. I like the game, and anyone that enjoys a nice point and click would probably like it. But is awfully short and very linear, lacks many opportunities to interact with the environment that many of these games are know for and it also doesn't really let you mess up the puzzles or revisit previous locations for additional information/interactions both with people and objects, which was one of my favorite things in games like Day of the Tentacle or Monkey Island. The only reason I took so long with it is that I scanned room looking for something else to interact with. I did two playthroughs as one trophy requieres you to mess a bunch of conversations and decisions through the game and I didn't want to look for a guide of what to watch out for until after I've played it, although after reading the trophy description most of the choices requiere stand out. Time played: Around 9-10 hours Game progress: 15/15 - 100% - S rank Original Completion: 54.29% Current Completion: 55.00% I have actually taken my completion a little bit higher since I've been catching up on my backlog. I am sure it will not last and probably drop considerably with the next 3 games as I doubt they can be finished in a few days, at least not with my current schedule. My next game will be Toy Story, a platformer (I think) to add variety to this event.
  6. I will be getting the remasters when they come out as I am huge fan of the trilogy, Andromeda was ok it but was a bit repetitive and wasted potencial in characters that could have been fun to explore but just fell flat. I will be getting the next installment of both ME and DA, I wish they end up being awesome, but I am not holding my breath for it or even willing to buy it at launch unless something really blows my mind.
  7. Update 5: I figured it was time for an update since I haven't written here in over a month or so. Not much progress for me, I finished the last of us multiplayer along with a few online trophies for other games that are not in my list but I might add later since they are under the completion threshold I just want to finish some of the ones here before committing to even more games. And in the same breath I'll let you know I added another game I started a few days ago and I am almost done with. October just wasn't good for me, but I think I can get back on track. Or I hope so. 1. (PS4) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition - 10% / 14% 2. (PS4) Darksiders II - 8% / 3. (PS4) Persona 5 - 4% / 11% 4. (PS3) Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishment - 0% / 5. (PS4) The Last of Us Remastered - 18% / 32% 6. (PS4) Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - 0% / 100% September 1st 7. (PS4) Letter Quest Remastered - 0% / 8. (PS4) Overcooked! 2 - 0% / 7% 9. (PS4) Here they lie - 0% / 100% September 28th 10. (PS4) Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime - 14% / September 4th 11. (PS3) Infamous 2 - 0% / September 12th 12. (PS4) Observation - 0% / 95% Swaps 0/5 Games 4/12
  8. 1st Game Review - Observation I can't decide if I like this game or not. I enjoyed the story despite borrowing a lot from better/more interesting sci-fi tales. You played as S.A.M the A.I. that handles a space station in low Earth orbit, something happened and you have lost most of your data and access to the systems. Dr. Emma Fisher is a crewmate trying to fix you so you can help her sort this mess as the station is suddenly orbiting Saturn. Without spoiling anything the story is linear and very much on rails just solve a few puzzles and the next story bit will play. The puzzles are mostly simple and easy, but have no prompts or markers on what you are supposed to be looking for or doing. The lack of instructions is I believe a deliberate choice, Emma is requesting you the A.I. to solve things she has no knowledge off being primarily a medical doctor. You as the station A.I. are supposed to be faster at gathering /processing information and solving patterns/inputting information which if you do badly Emma's increasing frustration/desperation can be felt in her voice (I thought it was a neat detail), most "puzzles" are no challenge with passwords simply written down in sticky notes near the laptops, schematics with clear descriptions and document also just laying around for you to scan. Which takes me to the gameplay that consist on going around between the different fixed cameras you have access to and rotating and paning until the only few clickable/scannable bits show the interaction square and then go back to the console you want to use to input the information. Is boring and time consuming and it doesn't make the puzzles feel fun or clever, with the exception of maybe 2 or 3 of them that requiere a little thinking, everything else relies on memory or your ability to visually ransack each area. On occasion you also have access to a little sphere drone to access crevices or rooms where you have no cameras, I wasn't crazy about the controls for it. The environments are beautiful and the whole aesthetic is also very much inspired by certain movies, the station feels lived in and functional, the facial animations leave a lot to be desired looking empty and emotionless but the voice acting specially for Emma is really good, since you hear her a lot more often than you see her that is far more important. In summary, Observation would be an ok movie, and it is a pretty but ultimately lackluster game. The pacing is odd and more could have been done with both the story and the gameplay. Time played: Around 7-8 hours Game progress: 11/12 - 95% - A rank Original Completion: 54.29% Current Completion: 54.61% I missed one trophy,some other day I'll play again to get it (I missed a plushie and even thought I found it near the end of the game the interactions was no longer available to trigger) For the rest of the trophies the requirement is scan everything so S.A.M. can rebuild the lost memories (collectables which lucky you can track in-game) and when ominous Simon's says game comes up don't mess it up or ask for replay of the symbols. The rest is just story. I do not know which of the games I've chosen I will play next.
  9. So I guess I'll get into to get the trophy out of the way and keep my one trophy a year streak going for this game.
  10. Current stats before starting the event: 119 Games Played. 52 Completed Games 54.29% Completion Rate. 2504 Unearned Trophies. My first game is going to be Observation, it was available on PSNow and it's seem like the kind of narrative game I might like.
  11. I did see it, but a little late and felt silly requesting changes when I had not even started the games for those bounties. Is really on me for not speaking up at the time and convincing myself it wouldn't bother me later *shrugs*. I am alright with the progress I did make Thank you!
  12. I have a few bounties. They can be kind of subjective. Mass Effect: Andromeda - Evil Humans - Magic User: Any and all Biotic enemies. I mean being honest biotics is basically space magic (including powers like telekinesis, magical barriers, magical missiles, etc), potencial for these powers are brought about from exposure to 'element zero' which releases 'dark energy'. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime - Beasts - Aquatic: Cetus Big sea serpent type monster, I understand if this one doesn't really counts as I played the first level starting August, but before I even saw the event. Here They Lie - Incorporeal - Specter: Almost everything the game (but you only fight/defeat one) This would be the EZ game and where my logic is more flimsy, since the game is basically a dreamscape/hellscape "vision" and despite the enemies feeling very corporeal I think like everything was just an allegory of human existence and it's merit or lack thereof continuing to exist with most dangers you face being representations of our worst qualities turn up to eleven. Even though you spend most of the game hiding and running away from the "enemies" you are obligated by the story to kill at least one, and there a few other optional kills along the way. I would consider this game enemies to be so sort of "maniaes" or a manias (spirits of insanity/frenzy) I mean it doesn't really matter at this point but these were the few games I did finish as I got a bit disheartened and tangled up in real life things, i was sort of expecting to be alone but I dumbly hoped that the whole tracking chart would have remain empty without random games filled in even though that was right there on the rules, still... even if it meant trying and obviously failing to fill everything, I just didn't have or want to play anything that was left... so an empty tracker might have inspired me to finish more of my games (not that is anyway the event's fault or that I would have actually finished more stuff). Despite my gloomy disposition I did enjoy the event and the whole concept behind it, and totally appreciate the effort put into running it along with all the pretty artwork that was made for it. Sorry if my rambling got too long.
  13. I haven't played anything in a couple of weeks (well except trying to get the last of us remastered MP out of the way), so yeah it seems like a great time to join another event, specially because I have my PS3 staring at me to finish some games and stop starting new ones. Also I will only be platinum these games, no 100% because I am not paying for overpriced DLC. I took a stroll at web store and I couldn't bring myself to spend 40$ for dlc it be hundreds for each game that needs it. Even if I was willing to do so later my PS3 has not accessed the store in 7 years, so whatever. From the get go I'm already dreading the multiplayer for some of these. More games might show up as I scan my backlog, but these are the one for now. [3%] Batman: Arkham City [3%] Beyond: Two Souls [0%] Bioshock [0%] Bioshock 2 [0%] Bioshock Infinite [1%] Borderlands 2 [8%] Call of Duty: World at War [88%] Catherine [4%] Dark Souls [4%] Diablo III: Reaper of Souls [28%] DuckTales: Remastered [0%] God of War [0%] God of War II [0%] God of War III [28%] Gran Turismo 5 [7%] Hitman: Contracts [0%] LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean [31%] Persona 4: Arena Ultimax [1%] Red Dead Redemption [3%] Resident Evil [8%] Resident Evil 5 [11%] Scott Pilgrim vs. The World [0%] Toy Story 3
  14. My completion is never gonna go over 60% anyways and I need an excuse to ramble about games for a while, so sign me up. Bioshock Beyond: Two Souls Observation Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders Toy Story 3 I think that should mix it up.
  15. Well that sucks, I haven't been able to access the store from the ps3 in years it simply freezes the console when i try. So I've used the web browser a lot. I guess I won't be buying any dlc I am missing or any additional games for it anymore, i have a physical backlog to go through still. Their loss, I am sure there weren't as many customers for the older consoles as there used to be but some of us were still spending money on it. If this is there way to try to get more people to the ps5 they are wrong, because this behavior just let us know that the same thing will happen to the ps4 content eventually and honestly why would I invest on something when they will get your money, take their toys and leave with a big fuck you.