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  1. guess link no longer valid, either gamestop or best buy...
  2. i am interested in getting all trophies for this game, but actually suck at playing it... so i will check his walkthrough as for last trophy, if he got it already, may be it is just how many times you beat the game? (if not, same applies) so, how many times you beat the game already?
  3. also, please play my only level... been giving hearts to quite a few pages Thanks in advance!
  4. my profile
  5. Hi, just started this game, need some hearts too. Will check for those who are still looking to get these trophies done and help. 60 pages!!! damn...
  6. Will play the game while waiting for the due date...
  7. started yesterday… as it bought it on sale the one with all dlcs… no warning from sony. hopefully they add a few more events. i would get around 10 if not.
  8. may be we only need for them to change server's date to 6 months after the shutdown date, around a week before server actually shuts down... not sure if someone mentioned that before, haven't read all messages.