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  1. For the love of Ares finish up God of war ascension!
  2. #186 Dragonball fighterz. Overral any easy game to platinum, but the 530,000 bp trophy can make or break the platinum for you. Same goes for that 20 million zeni trophy. What was arcsystem thinking making it that much!?
  3. Shadow of the Colossus
  4. Why are people on this site constantly complaining about games with easy trophy list. Does it really bother trophy hunters that much. Of course you have the ones that have a problem with it because they saw someone else complaining about it and at this point it's pointless to complain about it.
  5. I knew I wasn't the only one to notice that. A lot of the trophy hunters who take issue with the servers closing where in no rush to platinum the game before hand. Anways, that's why I make a habit to prioritize games with online trophies to avoid being in this issue.
  6. Has the Platinum for n++ 😱 very nice.
  7. Ok so there are several problems with this post. 1. The fact that you won't buy a game because you can't get a trophy in a previous title is really stupid and makes you look like a trophy whore. It's sad that you let trophies control what you buy. That alone would make me not want to help you if I was a developer. 2.The game has been out forever. People have had plenty of time to get this. Seeing as how the game is old and the leaderboards have problems, people should have prioritized this game. 3. This is the biggest problem.Why would the developers add names to the leaderboards so everyone can get a trophy they didn't meet the requirements for. That defeats the whole purpose of trophies and is unfair to the people who earned the trophy legit or boosted for it when the server shut down wasn't an issue. I felt I had to say this because reading your post annoyed me. It is unfortunate for the people that won't be able to get it though.
  8. Nothing, you should strive to platinum every game you have and you did lol. Seriously though this guy platted every game he has, very impressive!
  9. Dragon Ball fighterz. The only trophy I need is the 20 million zeni and I won't be getting it anytime soon. *Sigh* Why is the is this trophy so grindy?
  10. I'm tired of button mashers on dragon ball fighterz
  11. I haven't played any of those other games. So I would have to say game of thrones. Besides it was one of my least favorite telltale games.
  12. Obtains platinum for most games quickly and is a perfectionist
  13. Are people that desperate to keep the rarity of the plat low to the point where you have to hack it and ruin it for others who want the plat. Pathetic, that person must not have much going on in their life. The plat is their crowning achievement in life. That or they're just a troll who doesn't want others to have it just to be a dirtbag.
  14. https://youtu.be/7baNT3oIIgw I found this bug when I was playing on survivor difficulty. It messed up my flow but was funny though.
  15. Kill strain Mortal Kombat (ps vita) Killzone 2 & 3 (soon) Wipeout (only have online trophies, still need plat) I also got tekken revolution as an unobtainable 100%