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  1. Find a boost partner and remove each from friend list find a lobby that have low players. Now you boost partner also have to join. if you lucky he join the other team when you failed try again. When it's done he have to use the AA gun just bomb it 5 times and there you go. I did this multiple times and still works fine. But be careful that nobody report you cuz in BF series boosting is strict illegal and can revert into a ban or stats reset.
  2. Hello I just was wondering why this happen : It's really strange cuz the PSN name is the same right?
  3. DLC operations always can find full lobby's. Team deathmatch is dead yes..
  4. No disable pre round in misc than you can 1 vs 1 but stats do not counting than and boosting like weapon unlocks is against Tos. When Dice caught you all stats where reset to 0 and you start again even in own rented servers.
  5. Yes it's right 9.99 premium pass is al DLC included
  6. How they get platina before the release wtf
  7. Finally its here. 8 November EU release
  8. So we have to wait till they fix it? Buy Trail from Halloween event
  9. I quit and replayed the level and 2mins deze finally
  10. What to do... 3hours die continue die continue... what to do to kill it...
  11. Just contacted playstation and asked the question. they told me its not any problem. only they are advised to dont buy any season passes for other games. so do not worry
  12. Its legal cuz evert summer my cousin come form United States. And play on my PS4 with his account so we share games:) only the PSN card must be US but its simple to get it just Google it
  13. Skype discord man i never use something like that dont like socials also my privacy is importent. i use beats so sounds is perfect.. i only want to know how to close sound of BF1 squad.
  14. Hey guys i have a question im always in a party with me brother so we always scream in BF1 but sometimes i hear othet squad member .. buy why! but how. is there a posability to turn it off? cuz people can hear me even in a private party one guy say he report me.. this kind of squad sucks..
  15. I did level up chars as Player 1 that was the problem:)