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  1. That's actually fantastic news, thank you!
  2. I wonder if this will work in reverse, meaning if I play it on PS5, will it also do it on the PS4 version?
  3. PSN had some major issues the other day... wonder if there's a URL I can test against to see if something's up with my privacy settings?
  4. Interesting to see the discrepancy with Papu’s - do you think it is fairly easy or kind of in-the-middle difficulty?
  5. Hey all, Just wondering if anyone has a recommended order to complete this trophy in from easiest to hardest in order to kind of ease into this trophy? Here's a list to start with - happy to update after suggestions Start With: Tiny Arena Assembly Lane N. Gin Labs Coco Park Tiger Temple Jungle Boogie Slide Coliseum Then: (in no particular order) Roo's Tubes Mystery Caves Skull Rock Dingo Canyon Rampage Ruins Polar Pass Rocky Road Cortex Castle Hot Air Skyway Nitro Court Turbo Track Volcano Island Metero Gorge Barin Ruins Out of Time Clockwork Wumpa Thunder Struck Android Alley Electron Avenue Hyper Speedway End With: Blizzard Bluff Crash Cove Sewer Speedway Oxide Station Deep Sea Diving Tiny Temple Papu's Pyramid Dragon Mines Would love your input, I know this has the potential to help a lot of people. EDIT: Updating hardest levels based on posts #1863272 from Cannibal_Wombat, #1861727 from A1rPun, and #1861751 from ZexionPonty92.
  6. Hm, already two plats. Might rent this one and go for it.
  7. I’m not sure why nobody has this trophy. As someone who hasn’t played this game yet, what’s the hard part?
  8. I played it on Crushing on my first run. This game can be brutal in a few parts. All in all, pretty fun.
  9. Disc doesn't have the issue, strangely enough. This was probably the best episode of the series so far. Very fun.
  10. Just finished it myself. Had 2 or 3 freezes. Unfortunate, but playable.
  11. This has happened before on another game, but I was most recently looking at Final Fantasy XV and noticed that there were several listings: I think it would be incredibly handy to know which region these are from at a glance on the game page. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's thought of this, but I was hoping maybe there could be some new discussion on it. Thank you!
  12. Just got my last hearts. Thank you! Will be playing a bunch of these tonight - adding to queue.
  13. Here's one for under $20 shipped to USA: I was hesitant about trying to do this but... I'm in.
  14. Phantasy Star Online 2 has an erroneous PS3 tag on it:ファンタシースターオンライン2 I wonder if it was tagged due to PS3 avatars being available? Either way it's only on Vita and PS4:!/ja-jp/検索/f=^ファンタシースターオンライン|bucket~games%3Aplatform~ps3|
  15. I assume this one is also free - I don't see any other DLC car packs. Nice!