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  1. The Ezio story started in ac:2 through to revelations I started from ac:2 and have been hooked ever since. The other games are good aswell (not sure about the first game, but there are references to it). If you want to follow the story then I would start with ac:2 and work through them, revelations didn't do much to help the story it was mainly to end it and answer any questions. From then on i have enjoyed the games but they don't tie over like the first games. If you aren't following Ezio then start with ac:3, but personally i think it was Ezio that kept the series going. If you are wanting to follow the desmond story then start from the first game, it will give you more details about what has been happening with all the characters. It will not leave you thinking, why did that happen? who is this man they are talking about? etc.
  2. ah right, not sure then. I searched on google and it brought up alot of different "fixes" but this seems to be the one that works most (and easiest). the others you will need to take the cover off the ps4.
  3. My PS4 does this and it seems to be a problem with the eject button protruding from underneath the console (you can actually eject a disk from underneath, it will be pushing against the shelf you have it), I have put 2 pieces of cardboard under the two front corners and it hasn't done it since. Thankfully this helped for me as i was going to ring sony.
  4. Gaming In a Nightclub what can go wrong, cant wait

  5. Birthday soon, what to do? hhmmm

    1. CasaDeBen


      Sushi and strippers was w pretty good 25th birthday for me

    2. TheVader66
  6. I only have Black Flag so far but will be getting more soon. Add me shelby900
  7. i grind they sandy survival mission it takes me about 20 mins to finish and if u play any mission with another player you get extra rp and even more if u both are in the same crew.
  8. My new project has finally arrived now to start diagnostics

    1. LeonGarza321


      I'm very curious, what is it? or is that a secret?

    2. shelby900


      i don't have it anymore but it was a v6 vectra which i was going to turn into a track car but there was too much wrong with it to even start lol

  9. Dear all, Today, we have an official release date to share with you: Grand Theft Auto V will arrive in stores on September 17, 2013. bit later than previously mentioned but till good!
  10. i can get on every1 elses just not mine
  11. Oops! This link appears to be broken. that is all that comes up when i try to view my trophies.
  12. any1 know how to get rid of excessive front tyre wear (when breaking) on a fully tuned audi rs6, seems to wear out after 2 laps of nurburgring. have you tried to turn the differential down abit as my enzo did the same but after hours of messing around with it got it nearly sorted lol
  13. This is exciting news..... We’ve still heard no official line on when we can expect to see a PlayStation 4 or PS4, but a new report this week gives us some juicy details on the fabled next-gen console, straight from the developers making games for it. Read on to find out just what to expect. According to VG247’s sources, Sony has begun issuing game developers with a new version of its “Orbis” development kit, which gives some idea of what the final hardware inside the PS4 will be like. Inside, it’ll be powered by an AMD processor and graphics, and paired with a beefy 8 or 16GB of memory, and be capable of playing games in full HD 3D, at a smooth and flicker-free 60 frames per second. Despite Sony’s purchase of cloud game streaming service Gaikai earlier this year, the new PS4 will still have a Blu-ray disc drive for games and movies, and it’ll come with 256GB of storage for your downloads and films as standard. The current PS4 Orbis dev kit also supposedly shows off some of the software we can expect to see on the final product. That would appear to include an updated XMB interface, as well as smart multi-tasking, so that you can press the PS button on a gamepad and jump to any other app or service, then dive right back in. The Sony PS4 is expected to be announced just before E3 next year (in June), so we’d expect to hear lots more about it before then. In the meantime, let’s; hear your thoughts in the comments below. Is this the next-gen console to go for?