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  1. Just a quick correction: As far as I’m aware, media molecule haven't been in control of LBP since they made lbp2. Lbp vita, lbp3 and sackboy a big adventure were all made by different devs. I’m pretty sure it’s sumo digital who own LBP/sackboy now.
  2. media molecule have not been in charge of LittleBigPlanet or sackboy since they made LBP2. Sumo digital is who is in ownership of everything now.
  3. I have no idea if this is legit or not, but I’ve seen several people claiming that ps3 and vita games could no longer be patched after august 2021, meaning getting those servers back up may have been impossible if it required a patch.
  4.’s over. Rest in peace to the older LBP games.
  5. Last update: 69.39% current: 70.96% Got the bugsnax and minecraft platinums and also the monopoly plus 100%. I’m now working on LocoRoco remastered!
  6. Getting all the collectibles in locoroco is absolutely infuriating. Currently stuck on level 3-4. 

    1. AK-1138


      Oh boy, you're going LocoRoco loco

  7. Still an issue in august 2021.... how annoying...
  8. Update: 4th august 2021 Took a long break from trophy hunting because of health issues, but I’m getting back into things now. last update: 67.49% now: 69.39% Recently got the platinum for Dreams, now working on Bugsnax and flower
  9. Finally finished up the dreadful level 30 grind on Dreams and got the platinum!

    1. AK-1138


      Hope you didn't have to grind every waking moment since your last status post 😅

    2. ihadalifeb4this



    3. AwkwardFantasy


      @AK-1138 don’t worry! I got sidetracked and cleared up some other games in-between to make it less tortuous lmao.

  10. Got one trophy left on dreams, and I cannot be bothered lmao. It’s the level 30 trophy 😭 

    1. demonoid321


      That's all I have left to complete pretty much too 😞 I have basically all the trophies and i'm only level 11. Do you know a good way to grind xp?

    2. snakebit10


      I need that and the collectibles. I think I am around level 22. I bought a turbo controller for the purpose to level up and still haven't done it.


      @demonoid321 the guide mentions a way to level up. Without a turbo controller I guess the best way to level up is be creative and play other peoples creations.

    3. demonoid321


      Ah okay. I watched some videos on YouTube saying it was slower leveling up playing levels but I don't think the guide mentioned it. I'm not good at creative mode so the grind will be super long if that's the fastest way to level up 😂

  11. May I join? I have the plat/100% for: - project diva f (ps3 JP) - project diva F 2nd (ps3 JP) - project diva X (digital PS4 PAL) - project diva future tone (digital PS4 PAL) - persona 4 dancing all night (Vita PAL)
  12. I'd like to join please! I have 2 persona plats atm, so I suppose im heartless armed angel
  13. idk if this is still active, but if it is, I'd like to sign up for MM pick please. I've platinumed: LittleBigPlanet 1 LittleBigPlanet 2 LittleBigPlanet 3 LittleBigPlanet Vita
  14. It seems sony gave indie devs absolutely no heads up about this, and continued to sell vita dev kits not long ago.
  15. Most of the outrage comes from a point of game preservation and accessibility. Tons of retro and rare games which cost £100+ to buy physically are now gonna be legally inaccessible. All of the PS1classics, PS2classics, PSP digital only games, vita digital only games and all of the DLCs across all of those consoles...gone. Also several indie devs such as Lillymo games have tweeted saying sony gave them no heads up whatsoever and sold them vita dev kits only a couple months ago.