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  1. LBP vita is fine, it uses it's own separate server
  2. The servers for littlebigplanet 1, 2 and 3 have all been DDOS'd and have been down for a couple days. There's been no acknowledgement or update from anyone involved with the game, and this DDOS happened after several months of weird happenings such as going down, the online scoreboards getting hacked and some of the games being delisted from the playstation store. I think it's safe to say there's a genuine chance that this is the end of LBP. I'm sorry to everyone who never got the platinums :(

    1. MidnightDragon


      There was some today finally. 



  3. Just want to issue a warning here for everybody: The servers for LittleBigPlanet 1, 2 and 3 have been DDOS'd and have been down for days, with no official social media accounts or the game's community manager giving any updates or acknowledgments. It seems like there's a genuine chance the servers will just be abandoned.
  4. Yep, as others have said, sadly the servers were DDOS'd by some Jon dude, and neither sony, steven isbell (the online community manager) or the LBP twitter have given any official information or updates.. You can look on the #saveLBP hashtag on twitter for more info. There's been a lot of weird things happening on LBP. First the website went down for months, then some of the LBP games were delisted from the PSstore, then there were dudes hacking the scoreboards and they put a 2 billion score on almost every single online level and now this. It's a damn shame for such an amazing game to die like this.
  5. I'm literally too scared to platinum amnesia BAHAHA. I'm currently on my second dark decent playthrough to collect the tinderboxes/notes and having to go to every corner of every map and trigger every monster to spawn is way scarier LMAO.

    1. DrBloodmoney


      I'm with you - there aren't too many games that really get the creep-chills going, but Amnesia: Dark Descent is definitely one of them!

      That, along with SOMA, and Outlast are among the most uncomfortable I have ever been with a controller in my hand!

  6. Excited to join you all! Personally going for the sackboy plat right now.
  7. I hope it's still okay to join this now. I need a motivator to get me through this painful backlog lmao. current %: 66.96% goal %: 75.00%
  8. cuphead, I feel i would never have the patience for that.
  9. GTA 4, easily. (sorry to whoever replies next, I really don't have many plats and they're mostly niche games)
  10. Man... so many reasons i don't know where to start. 1. I have ADHD and get crazily hyperfocused on many things, one of these things being trophy lists. 2. it sounds lame, but it can give me a sense of achievement despite it being pixels on a screen 3. it's fun 4. It's fun to scroll through my trophy list at 3am and reminisce on a platinum I got 3 years ago
  11. One of my main hobbies is learning languages: english - fluent Mandarin - half fluent swedish - half fluent japanese - elementary korean - beginner
  12. minecraft. Pretty easy and not too time consuming.
  13. Just got the life is strange plat!
    onto sackboy now.

    1. Froopy the Temmie

      Froopy the Temmie

      I'd say sunshine for everyone, but as far as I can remember.  We've been migratory animals, living under changing weather~

    2. The Arizona Ranger
    3. AwkwardFantasy


      Thanks everyone!
      and yeah @Moka Akashiya, I enjoyed it!

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  14. I'm gonna get persona 1 and 2 on my vita tbh

  15. I've been using PSNprofiles for a long time and have also been a long time lurker of the forums too, and it honestly looks super fun here so i've decided i will start posting and interacting here. I currently only have 23 platinums (despite trophy hunting since I was 16....i'm now 20...kinda embrassing) but i plan to bump those numbers up a ton in 2021. I just got my 23rd platinum a couple days ago which was Uncharted 1. I also like to collect playstation items and games in general, I own all consoles 1-5 including the PSP and vita. The only thing I don't own (yet) is VR lmao. I'm a huge fan of LittleBigPlanet as it was my childhood game. And i love JRPGs like Persona too. But i enjoy playing all types of games in general. I'm excited to talk about trophies with you all!
  16. Have the amnesia collection in my backlogs...oh god LMAO

    1. SquidGeneral10


      The amnesia collection (minus machine for pigs, that one did nothing for me) is great! If you're worried about trudging through and looking at a video guide every 10 seconds, don't be - this steam guide below shows you where everything is on all the maps and even points out when the monsters spawn. Makes it super easy, and regardless they're good lil horror games.

    2. AwkwardFantasy


      Thank you!
      Luckily i've only had one trophy left for the dark decent since last year, which is the one to get all the tinderboxes and such. That guide will help a lot for the collectibles.

  17. Demon slayer Was pretty good.
  18. Life is strange because i still don't have the plat despite it being easy af. And I'm slowly working on Uncharted golden abyss too.
  19. I genuinely can't be bothered to get the Uncharted golden abyss platinum....aaaahhh

    1. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      I'm playing it right now and I'm enjoying it so far, choppy framerate and unnecessary touch and motion controls aside

    2. AwkwardFantasy


      @Stan Lee I enjoyed it too, i think the issue for me is that I just platted an uncharted game so it feels a little repetitive.

    3. DaivRules


      My problem with the game is that I'm absolutely terrible at it. I'm terrible at all first/third person shooters and while the non-shooting stuff is mostly enjoyable, I'm beyond hopeless for advancing the story at this point. In fact, I haven't played in so long that when I tried to go back into the game and pick it back up, I get destroyed in any gun fights.

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  20. Kitten squad. It's a weird shoot em' up made by PETA...i think that's telling enough.
  21. Call of duty modern warfare. I only got it to play it with a friend, but it has an easy campaign plat so i suppose i'll get that too one day.
  22. I platted LBP vita too, funnily enough all of my rarest platinums are from LBP games. And yeah I loved the LBPV story mode. I thought it was as good as the mainline series story modes.
  23. technically not a ps3 game, but the last thing i bought for my ps3 was Vib Ribbon, I do have a ps1, but didn't fancy paying the price for a ps1 copy just yet. I have that steelbook too! I love your lucky star figure btw.
  24. LittleBigPlanet Vita! I'm a huuuge long time LBP fan, so LBP Vita was the reason I even wanted the vita as a kid to begin with. It's a genuinely solid LBP game imo, it's a shame the vita never really fully took off so that LBPV could've had a stronger online community.