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  1. Got one trophy left on dreams, and I cannot be bothered lmao. It’s the level 30 trophy 😭 

    1. demonoid321


      That's all I have left to complete pretty much too 😞 I have basically all the trophies and i'm only level 11. Do you know a good way to grind xp?

    2. snakebit10


      I need that and the collectibles. I think I am around level 22. I bought a turbo controller for the purpose to level up and still haven't done it.


      @demonoid321 the guide mentions a way to level up. Without a turbo controller I guess the best way to level up is be creative and play other peoples creations.

    3. demonoid321


      Ah okay. I watched some videos on YouTube saying it was slower leveling up playing levels but I don't think the guide mentioned it. I'm not good at creative mode so the grind will be super long if that's the fastest way to level up 😂