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  1. Well cross saving games like sound shape in my opinion is totally fine, it pushes indie games for maybe getting a buy because of trophy hunting and supports the developers next game. win-win
  2. I'm still baffled about Anthem, even I like the idea, though.. Fluent combat, ok. It's a looter game without loot? Hmm.. It's supposed to be huge open world, but environment looks almost the same. Endgame's still questionable..weapon mechanics are ok, but nothing new. Story, not even there. There's still so much to fix. EA forcing every studio using frostbite engine is a shame, it's clearly made for fps not inventory depending open world games.. ..loading screen times will never get fix with updates and all in all it's buggy as hell.. Personally, definitely gonna wait couple couple month before even considering to buy this game at full price..
  3. The Deluxe Edition including the Season Pass is on EU-Sale for 14.99€, only the Season Pass is still at 29.99€.. ..if i buy the Deluxe Edition can I just download the DLCs? I remember having savegame trouble with the Witcher 3 Game of the Year Edition and Standard version, because the DLCs then weren't available due to different game versions.. Thanks for your help
  4. All in all very nice trophy list! Dude, GTA V platin twice? What a pain of a grind, good job!
  5. Wanted to start playing the game with a friend, could somebody share their experience due both player receive the trophies in couch co-op?
  6. True dat, in my opinion the dlc itself is super fast driven..took me like 1-2 hours to complete.. Trophies will expand playtime to maybe 4-6hours..I expected sth more story driven, all in all still better than "Lost on Mars" - but though, still not worth the money.
  7. possible, i'm from EU.
  8. Any thoughts on the new DLC?
  9. hell of a grind..
  10. Unfortunately it's not possible with psn sync..assumedly due to trophies..
  11. any news for the video mate? keep it up!
  12. Trophy "Rock Always Wins" somehow bugged? I used the rock distraction tactic on almost every single outpost, but still the trophy didn't pop so far..any thoughts or help? I even waited a specific time for the enemy to go back to his position.. The rest of the trophy-list is peanuts and easy grinding..Just play the main story on easy or regular difficulty and you'll be fine collection the rest after finishing it.