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  1. Still bugged for me. It shows there’s an item missing in Mount Ebih, a weapon since I have 100% for everything else, but I know I did get the Bronze Axe. Of course, 100% Items didn’t unlock either. So that’s another 2 full playthroughs needed, which I don’t think I like the game enough for. I trusted it was fixed, so it auto-backed up over my save, too. Sigh.
  2. PS1: The Neverhood PS2: Drakengard Drakengard 2
  3. Olliolli World is SO GOOD! I bought the deluxe pack myself, and the DLC is well worth it.
  4. I agree with everyone, gorgeous game. It also skillfully addresses mental health, a liiiiittle on the nose, but it fits the scope of the game nicely. And obviously, the music had to be great with a name like that - very glad that it is! Looking forward to more of their games.
  5. I was enjoying Marvel Snap, but all the decks I’m meeting lately use pay-to-win combos with Wong, Mystique, Dracula, Silver Surfer, and Leader. Might be the frustration speaking after 5 defeats in a row but man… the fun is gone.

  6. I just started the game last night. Totally in love with the Moebius-like art and the music, only a little disappointed with the kind of jagged animation. I have looked at the Steam and GamePretty guides, and while neither flag anything as missable... they don't mention that nothing is either. Can anyone in my favourite community confirm either way? Thanks!
  7. I’m with you as well - has me wondering if I’m suffering from late onset ADHD, but it probably is just a combination of factors that come with middle-age: more demanding work, family responsibilities, less energy. It takes a lot for a single game to keep me drawn in: an engaging story, no need to constantly use a guide (for missable collectibles, mostly), and a decent difficulty curve (too easy I’m bored, too hard I give up). I still game a decent amount (a little over lunch - working from home!) and a few hours in the evening, depending on family schedule. Typically boot 4-5 games in a day, I’d say.
  8. I actually like it better than if it had obtuse trophies that would have pretty much demanded a guide (which I hate for VR games). Have been able to solve everything by myself except for one part that was silly hidden in chapter 3. Highly recommended!
  9. Amazing news, thanks for the tip!
  10. Precious little information on this out there… for a good reason? You play a small alien with very sensitive skin who has to gather crystals in underwater tunnels. There are 12 regular levels and 8 in dark mode. The only difference between both is that there are more crystals to gather in dark mode (8 vs. 5… or was it 6?). You have to collect them ALL before you hit the exit crystal or you’ll fail the level, but most are on the way anyhow. Nothing is missable as you have to finish a level (and thus get its trophy) to unlock the next. Controls are simple: your alien is slowly sinking, and you can aim in whatever direction and give it a small burst. Too much and you’ll up hitting a wall or obstacle, making you flash red. Hit something else as you’re flashing and you’ll have to start from scratch. Go in with zero expectations and you may have fun: levels are short enough, and barely distinguishable from each other. The music’s the same theoughout. The colours as well. It’s… well, I paid $1 and I still wouldn’t recommend it, but it IS a step above the shovelware polluting PSN. So I guess there’s that?
  11. Oh no… my sincere condolences to those who knew him or any of the other victims.
  12. I did this as well, and can confirm it works! Thanks!
  13. Thanks, that’s good news! I’ll get back to it… one day… when I’m not as busy with masterpieces like Candy Match Kiddies…
  14. Haha, I’m sure clearing those off the review backlog felt good! Indeed not much that’s memorable in any of those (that I’ve played anyway). But hey, there’s something to be said for simple, mindless games in terms of pure relaxation! Especially in short bouts on the Vita. Looking forward to the new batch! I enjoyed my time with Treasures of the Aegean though I never got really far - I was afraid a number of trophies would become unobtainable if I got too far in the loop, and there’s precious little information out there…
  15. There isn’t a whole lot of info on this game out there, so a few thoughts: -The game is a generic Candy Crush clone… -…without the fun, as controls are terrible (you basically move a mouse pointer which does a terrible job of recognizing the direction you’d like your pointer to go). -I am far from the end, but it certainly seems easy enough (if slightly lengthy) to get the 100%. -You’d have to have gone through all other match-three puzzles on the PSN to enjoy this one. I’d recommend staying away.