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  1. None of the Sometimes You titles are, as far as I know. And what bugs me is that they often put the PS4 versions on sale, but not the Vita ones...
  2. "I'm ready for a child, I have platinumed My Universe - My Baby"
  3. They also added games to other sales (or else this list might be incomplete): A Plague Tale is the lowest it's been, as are Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Stellaris, the Hitman HD bundle, or Ni no Kuni II Deluxe Edition. Not too many indies here, but as I bought something like 40 games from that sale, I won't complain too much. Also, Cuphead!
  4. Thanks! Sales have now been on Wednesdays and Fridays for some months, by the way.
  5. You just bumped psprices for me! Amazing job. At what frequency will your site trawl for discounts?
  6. What @Neocarleen said. Also 88 Heroes, Alteric, Awesome Pea 1 + 2, Broforce, Butcher, Caveman Warriors, Gonner, Grizzland, Guacamelee 1 + 2, Guns, Gore and Cannoli 1 + 2, Hue, Iconoclasts, Kero Blaster, Owlboy, Pinstripe, Planet Alpha, Slime-san, Steamworld Dig, The Adventure Pals, The Messenger, Timespinner, and Yoku's Island Express. I've included metroidvanias in there because... they're platformers too? All fun games from different perspectives, but the true gems really are Blasphemous, Iconoclasts, Messenger and Yoku (and likely Celeste and Dead Cells, but haven't played those yet).
  7. So tempted to line up My Name Is Mayo 2 as my 500th platinum. The first was my 50th!

    1. starcrunch061


      WEll, it won't be my 500th, but I'll be popping it soon enough.

    2. IntroPhenom


      Please do that.

  8. 700 completed games! Owlboy won the round-number spot. It was pretty good, but I probably went in with too high expectations so ended up slightly disappointed as I was expecting fireworks - not sure it deserved a 10/10 on Destructoid. Still, recommended and on sale!

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    2. DaivRules


      I actually have no ideas about it. Besides what's on the box, I've not looked at anything about it. So my expectations are about as low as they can get, ha ha.

    3. starcrunch061


      You thought even more highly of Owlboy than I did. I hated it. Never bothered to finish it, despite it being easy. 


      Congrats on the round number of completed games!

    4. Cravinovv


      I loved Owlboy. I found it charming and a fun little platinum to obtain.

  9. Or we waited years for an amazing game that will bring us hours and hours of fun?
  10. Except for the no-damage run, very easy. I’d say your first run is an hour or so, and the subsequent ones 45 minutes? I keep getting hurt through silly mistakes, so I don’t have the last trophy yet, but I’m still not tired of the game. It looks and plays great! Now if dowloading a backed up save didn’t take so long, I’d be a happy camper...
  11. Looks like there's a potential hostage situation at Ubisoft Montreal. Hoping everyone's safe.

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    2. PhyrxianLibrarin


      Holy crap, my brother-in-law used to work for Ubisoft and probably knows a lot of those people :( Hope everyone gets out OK.

    3. visighost


      Yeah, I used to live in Montreal and know people who work there... Seems like there was an armed robbery nearby, and the criminal fled into the building? Not too clear at the moment and the police isn't saying much yet.

    4. visighost


      The latest is that it was a hoax... Ubi got swatted? Glad no one was hurt, hope someone gets charged.

  12. My kids play it ALL THE TIME. So yeah.
  13. I was sort of hoping it would be based on the 1884 scifi novel but I like simple, hard games (now going through Flat Heroes and oOo: Ascension), so I'm good with this too!
  14. I could recommend dozens and dozens of games in there. Anything in particular you're looking for? Genre, mood, length?
  15. You don't need to finish a world to go to the next, so that may be the reason. I've only just started the game (it's fun!), but I can see it getting quite hard quite quickly. EDIT: Just got the trophy for the Hero Boss World 3. Not sure why it has a lower completion percentage than others - it wasn’t that hard. You can skip levels/worlds, maybe that’s why the ratio are strange?