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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Nine playthroughs is... a lot! Any tips you'd have in order to minimize that? Focus on one trophy at a time? Gauntlet and Don't Fear seem to be the most involved ones... I gather the card choices don't need to be in the same playthrough? That would make it easier. How many are there roughly per playthrough? Further questions: -Do enemies scale in NG+? Or does it get progressively easier? -Anything to know about the Chaos/Order forms? Do they unlock naturally?
  2. Thanks for this. I'm about to start the game and I'm sure it will help. A few questions as I'm trying to process the information I gathered here and there: -How many playthroughs should I expect? Do I need a full playthrough for each of the "card choices" (Legion/Council/Congress)? -Roughly how long is a playthrough? -Can the miscellaneous spell/mission trophies be unlocked if following the "only one card choice" rule? Thanks in advance!
  3. I finished Blackwood Crossing yesterday night, and it had me bawling by the time credits were rolling. It wasn't the first time it's happened in the last few years, a tribute to the recent increased sophistication of game writing (though there's still something in the old "What do you mean the princess was NOT in this castle? BWAAAAAAAH!"). To this day, the Foals' song from the last scene of Life is Strange gets me teary eyed. I've also cried / got seriously wet eyes at the end of The Last of Us, Steins;Gate, Rime, Brothers, Ether One, and even Journey and Unravel. It's hard to discuss the reasons why without totally spoiling the games, so I'll abstain, but I'd strongly recommend all these games if you're a mushy sponge like me. And you? What got you going?
  4. There haven't been any changes since last week... yet? As far as I know, all the 20% codes expired yesterday. Hoping for another giveaway soon - I missed the last ones...
  5. Actually, both the Golden Week and Totally Digital sales (the latter being surprisingly well hidden and imho much better than the Golden Week one) are on until May 8th. We're still getting a May the 4th sale this week though. Don't know if there's enough SW games to fill it with anything meaningful. EDIT: It appears we're also getting a Golden Week sale - Week 2 edition, though at first glance nothing has changed. Probably still updating...
  6. Thanks for the tips. I'll see if I ever get there. Any game that starts to get a percentage point on my lifeline needs to be seriously good or addictive!
  7. Thanks! The game seems fun enough, and it looks like you can plug in a few minutes here and there and still somewhat progress. I understand why almost all the trophies are ultra rare now, though!
  8. I just started the game and was wondering if anybody had generic tips they wish they’d known from the start. I’m assuming it makes sense to finish the game at easy in each three classes, then move on to normal and so on. All trophies seem grindy, but given you need to complete 3 classes x 5 difficulties x 78 levels, I’m hoping they’ll come naturally...
  9. Without the narration, this game would be average at best. But as it stands, it’s hilarious! I highly recommend you play with a walkthrough, the beat bits are mostly hidden. That trophy room...
  10. The importance of the almighty comma: No, PSVR is required.
  11. Haha, good, thanks! I'm assuming it's pointless at this time to flag series that don't have their own boxes yet?
  12. I was wondering if there were plans to make the "series" boxes (between the tombstone game data and "recent forum posts" box on game pages) clickable at some point... Would be a nice feature!
  13. The Count Lucanor Vita version is identified as European but it’s actually worldwide. It’s the PS4 version which is region-specific.
  14. I just double-checked the links, and they’re indeed correct. I just unlocked a trophy playing with my Vita, so I’m sure that list works for the portable. As for the other list, the trophy I have dates from before I bought a Vita, so I could only have obtained it on PS4. I only buy games on my NA account, so it couldn’t have been another region. Looking at the leaderboards, it seems like there’s players from all regions in both lists, which would confirm my theory. -EDIT I also noticed the forums aren’t shared between the two versions. Aren’t they usually? I can’t recall...
  15. Was there a save game that went around and cheaters that used it were removed here, or is there a legal trick to obtain Sun times on 100 levels I’m unaware of? This game is hard! Fun, but hard!