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  1. If you're stuck on an easier / mid-range level, can help. On the harder puzzles, though, the site takes forever to churn out a solution - or most likely won't find any at all. I found myself fooling around while waiting for solutions to compile and solved most puzzles by myself (even though I'm not typically great at these games). I'd recommend reloading your layout if you're not progressing. Chances are you'll stumble on the solution after a few tries.
  2. This problem (with the base game, no DLC) made me drop the game a number of times. I've recently started playing again and have to remember turning off the wifi on my Vita prior to booting the game. I would also strongly recommend periodically backing up your save. Mine got corrupted once or twice, erasing all progress (which was luckily only a minor inconvenience since I back up all saves every few days). This is particularly important when you go for the multiplayer trophies - you'll have to be online and therefore will lose all progress up to the seemingly arbitrary system/cloud save. It sucks that this glitch prevents us from using multiplayer progression towards the more grindy trophies...