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  1. Agreed. I'm almost done with the gold times (only DLC content pending) so I'll delete my save and go for the Survival trophies next (who knows, maybe the distance travelled there counts towards The Journey?). I'm thinking you can also leave the game running on a long level (the last one?), possibly with a weight on the accelerator, watch some tv while restarting the level once in a while, and you'll eventually get there. It's an ok game, but man is it buggy all over the place. Not sure how it was cleared for release, let alone approved for PS+...
  2. Travel bug just unlocked for me - but The Journey never did. I just saw elsewhere ( that it's happened to a number of people... Just leaving this here so we're not seen as cheaters...
  3. As per thread title. Thanks!
  4. Late reply, but to clarify: you CAN skip the scenes you've already seen. But there are many scenes that are only sliiiiightly different based on the choices you made previously, and you CAN'T skip those: you have to mash X to go through them. If you intend to read the story, it means you'll sit through the same text over and over again and/or miss some new text by mashing too far. As far as the story goes, I thought it was pretty trite myself. It's one cliché after the other, the characters are flat, and the choices you make are inconsequential. I started it so I'll try and go for all endings, but it's definitely no Steins;Gate or Danganronpa.
  5. On the down side, I would add that the story is mediocre and that the combat could be made faster (animations et al. are slooooow). But it looks good and is overall fun to play! I'd recommend it when it's on sale?
  6. Thanks for the comprehensive answer! Glad to hear the sales can be good! I was really disappointed by the current one. There's typically a new sale every Tuesday on the NA store. Is there the same sort of periodicity on the Japanese side? I calculated it may be worth getting PS+ since by my account, two thirds of the games that were offered on the Japanese side weren't on the North American one (include several I ended up purchasing). I have both a Japanese cc and PP, so I'm hoping transferring money between PP accounts will end up cheaper than buying codes elsewhere...
  7. Thanks. I just finished setting up an account - while I’m happy with the four free games (and the VR Danganronpa!), I’m sort of disappointed there’s a single game on sale and no free games for Vita. Glad to hear this may be an exception...
  8. Thanks! Does your European (I assume) card work for the NA/Japan stores? Many Japanese businesses don't accept foreign cards (even!) so I wouldn't be surprised...
  9. First, apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere (I'm sure it has). Either my Google-fu is extra weak, and/or the threads I found are dated and I'm uncertain if the information they contain is still valid. I'd like to confirm something: -If I have a NA PS+ account on my PS4, create a second account based in Japan, and buy a PS+ account for that one as well, will my NA account have access to PS+ free games and sales from both regions (as long as I remain a member of both)? Or is it impossible to have two accounts with PS+ of different regions on the same device? -Can I link a NA credit card to the Japanese account? Otherwise, I need to use my Japanese cc or maybe buy digital codes on Amazon Japan or something like that? How are the sales on the Japanese PS Store generally? -Has a workaround been found for the Vita? I'm assuming any game I buy / get as part of PS+ through the Japanese account I will not be able to play on the Vita with the NA account. I'd need to use a spare memory card just for those (and not be able to consolidate trophies under the same account). Am I wrong? Again, sorry if this is a recurring question - please feel free to downvote me (please don't!) and send me a link to the relevant thread.
  10. Could you be more specific on how you got it? I have the same issue - one will die, and the frozen monkeys don’t seem to be affected... i’m totally stumped. EDIT: I of course got it a few seconds later... The trick is to round down the bend, thus getting about 5-6 monkeys on you. Irina will freeze some, but the density makes it easier to get three thawed ones at the same time.
  11. I thought I'd recommend a few indie games that I feel have been unjustly overlooked (and that regularly are on sale on PSN)... My only criterion beside my subjective opinion was that there were less than 5,000 people who played them on this site. Atmospheric games (it's not all they have, but they certainly left an impression) -The Final Station is an 8-bit horror/sci-fi adventure exploration game which manages to build a very unique atmosphere in its short-ish run-time. I highly recommend it. -Hyper Light Drifter has been mentionned before, but its great world, music, gameplay... I truly don't understand why more people aren't playing... (Unless you're a strict 100%er, of course. It's HARD). -Three Fourths Home is what artsy visual novels could be. I'm disappointed this isn't now a sub-genre. -Neverending Nightmares is a short, scary, Edward Gorey-esque horror game. While it doesn't have very varied gameplay, it's short enough that it doesn't matter. -Abyss Odyssey is a game I saw on sale every other week until I thought to give it a try. The art is indeed gorgeous, but the rogue-like platforming is not half-bad either! Puzzle games -Hopiko is quick, so quick. It's hard, and you'll die the 1,000 trophy-required deaths before long, but it's a great game to play in quick sessions between more serious fare. -Lichtspeer has great music, quirky monsters, and while it's another game where trophies are near-impossible to complete (if only because you need to play it 100 hours and leaving it on doesn't seem to work...), it's a great time-killer. -The Fall could have been put in the atmospheric category. But its puzzles are hard enough to bump it down here. It's dark, smart, and overlooked. -Gnog has great music, puzzles that are a great challenge for pre-teens, and looks AMAZING in VR if you're lucky enough to own a set. -Four Sided Fantasy is always on sale, yet no one plays it. Again, inventive puzzles, great music, fun finale, and short (a good thing in my book). Others: -Party Hard has some of the worst voice acting out there, but thankfully it is completely irrelevant to the mass murdering game. Stab people. Get points! -The Bug Butcher is a beautifully designed shooter, Space Invaders camouflaged as something looking cartoonishly good. -Steamworld Heist is a criminally underrated puzzle/strategy/rpg game. It's hard to describe, but definitely worth a try. -Zombie Vikings was somehow panned by critics, but I found it to be funny, great to play with friends, and with enough variety to entertain you for a long time.
  12. Thanks!
  13. It's definitely a lot of fun: the graphics are sharp and fit the game perfectly, it's fast-paced and fun, short-ish (which is a good thing in my book), and has a reasonable difficulty curve. None of the trophies should involve grinding (I believe I got them all through regular gameplay - if I grinded to get the weapon specific ones, if was only for a few minutes) or are especially hard to get. I would absolutely recommend it!
  14. Does anyone know if this trophy requires all hardcore/bonus/speed runs or just the regular worlds? There seems to be an equal number of people here who have completed the last world and have this trophy, so I was wondering if completing the game nets you two trophies or if this is just a fluke...
  15. A year late, but the trophy description has changed to reflect the accurate “10,000” target (in-game, though not on this site...). I’m hoping the collectible trophy has been patched as well! EDIT: It has not. I’ll try the cross-save...