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  1. The game really grew on me. The vaporwave palette is becoming cliché at this point, and it’s definitely got issues (weird order for bonuses, for one), but I personally enjoyed it and would recommend it, especially at that price. You need to play with headphones, though. It makes for a much enhanced experience.
  2. I would recommend The Cat and the Coup but Dreambreak was just terrible. Another World wannabe with wonky controls and a lack of any redeeming value.
  3. I’ve read this in a number of places, but it appears the drops only happen once. Am I missing something? Is there a way to “reset” levels?
  4. I’m missing a fossil for a mission and equiped the accessory that should let me see them but nada. I know I’m in the right area. Is there a way to trigger the detect function that I’m somehow missing? EDIT: Answering my own question, it seems a gold circle/coin appears when you’re in the vicinity of the item, pointing you in the right direction. Still haven’t found the last Fossil with Megashark (? The one where you need to find 15). I hope I haven’t glitched myself out of everything...
  5. I got Bridge Constructor done on Vita as well. Slow month, mostly grinding on other titles...
  6. That’s a good point. I would argue it comes from minority characters being cast in “bad” roles more often than not. Ergo the reaction that may appear kneejerk or overreaction. In Japanese popular culture, gay and trans characters aren’t usually “bad”, but are usually kept at a distance or are object of disgust when their sexuality is expressed. Maybe if there were more balanced portrayals, that reaction of disgust may be seen as personal and topical, and not a general comment on LGBTQ people at large? Of course, everyone should vote with their wallets. Game makers will adjust the content one way or the other...
  7. Reading Polygon, I haven’t found anything clamoring for censorship of the game... They actually loved it? Or have I missed something? Also, do people believe that because Japan’s culture is generally homo- and transphobic, this is not offensive and should be preserved in foreign ports? (Genuine question)
  8. Level 50 reached! Woot! *amending resume* + *questioning life choices*

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      Between that, the free drinks, and the VIP parties, I think I've peaked.

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  9. I have the Mind=0 platinum... The game wants to be Persona badly but falls behind on every aspect. Not to say it’s terrible, just... average? I don’t recall it being difficult, just grindy. But then, what jrpg isn’t? I bought A Rose in the Twilight some time ago but haven’t played it yet. It’s supposed to be like htolniq, which I liked just fine.
  10. I should survive the extra steam and lack of boob bouncing if I get a laugh or two.
  11. If I buy Nekopara, will you judge me? 😅
  12. I use Firefox on a PC (Win10) and Safari on iPad/iPhone. I have more problems on the PC, but I'm also slower on the input on the Apple gizmos.
  13. This. Every. Time. Combined with admittedly small things like game icons often missing, the need to manually update, and pop-up adds, is why I migrated to this site. I wish all guides would do the same. PST is definitely the reference there. I don't mean this as a slight to PST staff - I'm certain you all work crazy hard on the site. PSNProfiles is just... slicker?
  14. Haha, don't beat yourself up for a funny typo!
  15. Gotta love those psychical releases. They talk to me.