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  1. Teeeechnically Big in Japan is used to make fun of Western acts who are not popular in their own country... So this should really be a Western indie sale.
  2. Me: I'm going to grab so many JRPGs and VNs to add to the backlog!


    Also me: (only has the brain power to play Spider Solitaire and Uno at the end of the day)

  3. Just came across a profile exclusively made of Common trophies, of the 8-stack, 5-minute platinum kind. They exist. They make me question so many things.

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    2. MidnightDragon


      One of my friends used to tease me about the fact most of my trophies weren't rare. They don't anymore due to all the EZPZ.

    3. visighost


      Did I say 782? Make that 789 and a jump of 25 positions in the world leaderboard. :D

    4. Slava


      I usually see profiles full of 5 min plat stacks around my rank (so like 16-17 platinums), but this is something else. It's kind of impressive, lol.

  4. Now, get three people on the same controller, each focusing on one thing...
  5. Thanks. Made it a bit clearer and added a few recommendations. A few trackers and fast travel would have made that game SO much more enjoyable. The map I'm missing is from the central area where you can take doors to all islands. Not a map piece to be seen...
  6. Hi everyone, just to let you know I prepared a partial guide on the NA forum for the game. I'm missing one map (for the Hub of Time) - any advice on that one would be much welcome. It's a tiny area, and you can't access it in the past, so I have no idea what I'm doing wrong... EDIT: Found the map. The devs quite were helpful on Discord, as per Husky's recommendation, and quite friendly!
  7. Given the lack of information on the game, I jotted down some notes as I was going for the platinum. Hope it will help others. If anyone has more specific information on the pets/scrolls, please add. Unmissable: -All bosses, all special abilities (A Spark of Hope is an ability as well) Miscellaneous: -As soon as you get the Bomb special ability, throw one at an NPC. This used to be glitched, but I got the trophy at the first village I visited once I had the ability. -Roll 500 times (should come naturally, it's faster than walking) -Light 50 lanterns should come naturally as well. There are plenty of dark areas later on. -Cleansing creatures should also come naturally. Just throw bombs / dash / stomp at everything! -Banish trophies should come naturally. Just use your various abilities. Some rooms towards the end have constantly spawning enemies. -None are missable as you can continue after the end, and you'll be in the last room again. Endings (potentially missable): -You pick up the last artifact just before the end, after beating the last boss. I backed up my save just in case, but I would strongly recommend doing the first, without-all-artifacts ending first, by talking to SPOILER without picking it up, then choosing Continue after the credits, which will take you back to the same room. Pick up the staff and speak to SPOILER again to trigger the second ending (assuming you have all the other artifacts as well). Collectibles: -I haven't noted the location of everything (just a few scrolls, as per below), but provided how many you should look for in the various islands below. There are some secret rooms, so try bumping in walls. Try and pick up everything you see, but don't forget to come back once you have all the abilities as they might be needed in some cases. -Note that there are a few more heart pieces than you need for the 10 Hearts trophy (you need 21 and I found 26). -The Complete Island trophies do not take into consideration pets and scrolls, so don't be fooled! You may have those trophies and still need to find some. -I would recommend keeping tab of what you've found as per the list below to at least know in which area you're missing something. There are sadly no detailed maps or fast travel. -There is one map piece per area. If you can't find it, it may be in the other time period... The Hub map piece gave me a hard time. Here's how to find it: -None are missable as far as I can tell, but going across the maps is a major pain in the ass (I couldn't figure out how to get out of the Ice Island after my second visit, for example), so I would STRONGLY recommend being as thorough as you can the first time around, and only give up on visible collectibles if you're absolutely sure you can't get to them with the abilities you currently have (e.g. you need stomp to get to a pet through an underwater tunnel). Forest Island: -14 pets -10 heart pieces -Scrolls: 2, 3, 7, 10, and 13 -3 artifacts Desert Island: -16 pets -9 heart pieces -Scrolls 1, 4, 6 (archives in the present), 8 (archives in the past), 11 (after archives boss), 15 (in front of dragon), 16 -2 artifacts Ice Island: -14 pets -4 heart pieces -Scrolls: 5 (palace), 9 (entrance to 6th boss), 12 (statue of two crows and guardian, in the past) -2 artifacts Tower: -4 heart pieces -Scroll: 14 (past big blue beam you can enter at the end) -2 artifacts
  8. I mean, this might be the trophy that makes me buy a PS5. Oh who am I kidding, they're never going to be available.
  9. As someone who doesn’t play many AAA, I was really hoping for an update on their back end deals with indies, which they are supposed to be working on, or with ps+, ps5 availability or ps5 pro. Pretty much everything they showed looked nice, but… (and my 10-year-old self would punch me for saying this) I feel unimpressed? After the 4th preview of someone with a gun shooting at something, my wife asked if it was all the same game…
  10. Please note that the latest patch changed the requirement for this trophy to 5 minutes. Should be much more doable now. Good luck!
  11. Spent the evening backing up saves and trying to fix a corrupt profile NP-32091 error. I don’t think it screwed up any trophies, but I just KNOW I’ll have skipped a save and will need to start something from scratch, especially now that I’m getting “non-installed application save data” instead of actual icons…

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    2. visighost


      I know… it’s just a pain to prep for it.

    3. MidnightDragon
    4. visighost



      Now getting the “maximum number of saves exceeded” from PS+. Honestly, why give 100Gb if you limit to 1000 saves?

  12. That's pretty much where I'm at myself: I am only psychologically comfortable wearing it if I'm playing with others who are also participating (e.g. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes) or if I'm completely alone. I tend to play games once the kids are in bed, but this is becoming harder as they grow older. When they or my wife are around, I feel a bit like a jerk for cutting myself off from them (I feel like you also need headphones to fully appreciate VR). So... yeah, my set is pretty much sitting in a box most of the time. That being said, I really enjoyed my experience with the games I've played, and I do constantly add games to my backlog (probably 30-ish from the current sale) thinking I'll play them once the kids leave... Really hoping the next set is backwards compatible!
  13. Great answers! Still in awe of a lot of your UR plats. Also: The platinum for Duck Game is achievable now? Neat!
  14. Great read - you certainly are very articulate and level-headed! And thanks for reminding me of how great Inside was/is. I wish they'd release the soundtrack...
  15. Trophy-wise, if you get the Platinum edition, what DLCs are missing? The notes only speak of "6 DLC packs" along with Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm, but I'm really confused as to what civilizations are located where and my Google skills are failing me.