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  1. First thing, nothing is missable. Change the difficulty settings to Easy if you find the game's too hard (it was for me) and the sidebars to Arcade, then play classic mode to the end. You'll get Strong Start, One Down, Fin, and Say Hello Dylan! Then switch to Hyper mode and and try to stay alive until you kill the 2nd boss. You'll get Wow! Last step: complete Boss mode (which is really easy) and you'll get Giant Killer. If you use 2 bombs in one life, you'll unlock Hyper Attack power-ups. Use one of those during any playthrough for BOOM! If you save 5 aliens, you'll get to a bonus level. If you clear all bricks and kill the alien, you'll also get Block Head. Tadam, you're done with this (very fun) shooter!
  2. Got one and can confirm they work fine. Thanks again! Not sure why there's a limit of one though... Will try again tomorrow... or create another account?
  3. Have you tried them? Legit?
  4. Go into the game page and put it into your cart. At the very last step, it will show as free and you'll be able to download. Not sure why it's buggy like that.
  5. That's a sad, sad sale, but Degrees of Separation at $2 is a steal. Also, FAR!
  6. Worth mentioning that The Binding of Isaac and its DLC are on sale for the first time in years (as is the same studio's The End is Nigh). Also: Stranger Things 3 is now half-price.
  7. We're in the same boat then. Unknown reasons...
  8. Such a wonderful game tackling friendship, mediocrity, loneliness and the end of the world with grace and intelligence the like of which we don't see enough of. It's rare I'll spend time in a game chatting with characters just because... they're interesting? When I met them all again at the end of the game, I was surprised that I pretty much remembered all of them, their personalities and their back stories! The game mechanics and puzzles are also quite unique yet intuitive - I was never stuck anywhere for long, but oooohed and aaaahed at the ideas. Trophy-wise: -The first 11 trophies are all story-related, no worries, can't miss them. -The others, bar Bard Kicker, can all be obtained the first time you play as another character (Act 4 Intermission) with very minimal grinding (a few minutes at most). The reflection trophy will be the longest, but you can also get it during the final fight. -Bard Kicker can be obtained during the last fight (and is very quick and easy). -Somehow missed anything? There's level select post-game. ...and that's all there is to it! There could easily have been trophies for the secret dances, speaking to everyone, etc., but nope - we're spared all the silliness (though it's worth grabbing a few dances just because they're cool!). Highly recommended if you enjoyed Night in the Woods (another gem)... or simply like great games?
  9. Agreed. There are a lot more titles we don't regularly see than during the underwhelming summer sale. Of the titles I bought, I've only played Wandersong, a rather deep indie with unique mechanics which I'm really enjoying right now (reminds me of Night in the Woods). I don't understand how it has so few players here. It was critically acclaimed for all the right reasons! But My Brother Rabbit, Anodyne, Path to Mnemosyne, Super Volley Blast, and Chroma Squad also look really interesting. Backlog now standing at 853 titles... Gulp. Despite the above, now considering Banner Saga 3, Bad North, Bloody Zombies, Neighborhorde, and Shadow Tactics... The last one seems especially interesting - does it play well with the PS4 controller?
  10. I was about to get it on Vita, glad I saw this. Does anyone know if there are plans to port the DLC to the Vita eventually? Also, are there plans to offer a "deluxe" version including all DLC on PS4? There's one on Steam...
  11. Unless I'm mistaken, this is only valid for the European store, and this is the thread for the North American sale, so it wouldn't work...
  12. Thanks for answering - I love it as well when people recommend titles and say why they do, but, well, people who are just buying the games now typically haven’t played them, so I still don’t see the value. Unless, again, they explain what led them to the purchase (e.g. “I read this was a great twin-shooter similar to Jydge”, not the often-seen “I had $5 left in my wallet so I picked up that game”). I posted my indie recommendations for a while, but they appeared ignored (no likes or quotes, so unsure if anyone cared) so I stopped.
  13. You do? I really don't mean it sarcastically/dismissively, but I'm curious: what value do you get from it?
  14. Opinions are fine if actually argued (see person posting values et al. above). Posting one-liners such as "It's all shit" or "Great month" brings zero value to the discussion forum. I also propose this thread apply to sales and include people listing what they're buying.
  15. I’m for it - it’s fun and meaningless, like trophies are? I’d also like to propose a ribbon for non-stackers, though I only see it as a “negative” marker (“has stacked X games”). I personally actually enjoy visual novels, POWGI, Rata, Artifex Mundi, and don’t see a problem with people playing them (but yes, platinum before completion is silly). I do get slightly perplexed at people who “play” the same game six times. I mean, I question my life choices, but theirs... Wow.