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  1. I do the same, 5 a day, using a RNG. I even keep a table where I log in country, level, and last game played. Why? I don't know. I don't have OCD, but I find making pointless lists relaxing. (Also, I can confirm most haven't been updated in years - and quite a few are now private.)
  2. They publish their own guides here, so they do know for sure. But hey, they have found their niche business model, and I'm assuming it's profitable enough that they can release ports at the rhythm they have been. I'm annoyed at the multiple stacks as well (forums should be shared!) but until Sony implements rules around this... I'm happy my Vita gets a steady supply of fun games?
  3. Honestly, I’ve stopped visiting the storefronts through the Vita, PS4, or the PSN app. Psprices is faster and you can flag games you already have or aren’t interested in so they don’t show up (which is very useful when you have a large library) You can also check if the games you’re interested in have ever been cheaper, and you can quickly see what games are always on sale (Effie!) and what games aren’t to control your impulse purchases. Its only problem is that it sometimes misses games (most of the Ratalaika Games come out with a discount that somehow never appears on psprices, for example), but it’s not frequent enough to be a deterrent.
  4. Fun I'll go with Celeste since it was on XBOX Gold and would be Christmas-y, and probably a Ubisoft game since it's been a while... 2 and 3 were freebies so... Far Cry 4?
  5. Fun! 2009-10: 0 2011: 2 (most common: Dynasty Warriors 7 - 12.09%, rarest: Katamari Forever - 5.43%) 2012: 1 (Final Fantasy XIII-2 - 21.26%) 2013: 0 2014: 2 (most common: LEGO The Lord of the Rings - 23.05%. rarest LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars - 15.39%) 2015: 9 (most common: Life is Strange - 36.21%, rarest: Dust: An Elysian Tail - 9.33%) 2016: 17 (most common: Hitman GO: Definitive Edition - 70.30%, rarest: Dragon Age: Inquisition - 6.70%) 2017: 56 (most common: My Name is Mayo - 97.86%, rarest: SteamWorld Heist - 2.53%) 2018: 106 (most common: Jack N' Jill DX - 99.28%, rarest: Army Corps of Hell - 4.65%) 2019: 119 to date (most common: Storm Boy - 98.54%, rarest: Night in the Woods - 4.52%) Highlights: -I started collecting trophies (and spending more money on games) in late 2016. -2017 was my MNIMY (My-Name-Is-Mayo-Year) and also when I bought a Vita, basically doubling my gaming productivity (and killing my book reading/phone gaming). -I bought a VR set in 2018, adding choices to an ever-expanding library. It's also my YODRG (Year-of-Discovering-Ratalaika-Games) - which I actually enjoy for the most part! -I'm getting more trophies than ever in 2019. I've thought about it, but I really can't say why it's happening. I still rarely game when the kids are around (which is most of the time), still work full-time... Mystery. -I currently have a backlog of 927 (!) games I have not completed. I have not earned a single trophy in 598 of those. I really wish we could lend our digital purchases... Sort of waste at the moment. But you know what? I'll buy more games this week. Conclusion: While being a completist is a disease (for everything that's grindy anyway - the time devoted to it really isn't justifiable), I'm proud to (almost) only ever play games I like, with a huge share of completed games that aren't Platinums to prove it, and also not to be a stacker! Shows I have principles!
  6. I enjoyed Dream Daddy a whole lot - great music and fun story line. One Way Trip is also interesting in a very strange way, and is one of only a handful of non-romance VNs out there. Punch Line is a slightly ecchi VN with some pretty funny bits. One Night Stand is very short but provides a more, erm, realistic take on romance? Three Fourths Home is also worth checking out. Its often on sale, is short, and also is more realistic... But yeah, can't go wrong with Danganronpa, Zero Escape and Steins;Gate!
  7. Gabbuchi is a fun puzzler that can get quite challenging. Given the lack of guides, I only wanted to tell everyone that while you need to complete all levels in order to get the gold trophy, you do not need to get a full heart for any of them. Just play the game casually - it gets challenging enough without having to worry about filling your stomach or limiting the number of switches!
  8. Strange, I got many when I googled it... Maybe your browser auto-corrected to Valhalla? It's a physics-based puzzler with the Tiny-Build brand of humor.
  9. Road to Ballhalla is a super funny, fun, and challenging game that somehow only a handful of people played. Here's a mini-guide in case a lack of info is what's stopping people... First: Nothing is missable! Trophies are divided into: Progression trophies: Just... play the game. Token trophies: Get all yellow bits in every level AND don't die more than 5 times per level. Speed trophies: Beat the 3-star time in each level (where the challenge lies!) Random trophies: -Do Not Enter: Just... enter! (it's pretty funny) -Ball Hacks Required: There's a door that requires 999 tokens... but there's also a jump pad nearby. Use it to jump on the wall and roll into that slot. -The Final Secret: Find 10 codes in various levels (they will be represented as purple teleporters). They are REALLY hard to find, so I recommend using guides on Youtube. You also need to find all 10, you can't just use the completed code.
  10. Necroposting, but for those who care, the game is cross-buy despite the PSN store not saying it is. I just bought the PS4 version as it's the only one on sale, and the Vita version also showed up on my Download List.
  11. 500th game completed! I’m both proud and embarrassed...

  12. Go check on psprices, they're listed there. There's a pretty good selection, including many games I haven't seen before, and the best prices I've seen for many others... There's now 4 sales happening at the same time...
  13. Fun idea! Mine: Claim to Fame: SteamWorld Heist (2.4%) - Really fun tactical RPG, with a challenging platinum maybe a bit too dependent on RNG... Walk of Shame: Jack N' Jill (99.27%) - Perfect game for short Vita stints. No shame for playing it, but not real pride in only having to complete a fraction of the game for the Plat. I'd argue that some "claim to fame" have low rates because the game are just stupidly grindy or even plain bad whereas a lot of the "walk to shame" ones are... plain fun? I mean, if Ratalaika games were tweaked a bit (e.g. by having the platinum dependent on completion with three stars in their puzzle games), the completion rates would plummet, and they'd still be enjoyable! (Not aiming to make this another Rata thread, my apologies!)
  14. It's likely simply Sony screwing up their listings, but I was wondering if there was maybe some logic behind some AC and FC having the registered or trademark signs and some not... Anyone knows?
  15. How is this game 12Gb?! I just deleted Detroit, which was 45Gb and is packed with hours and hours of truly amazing, hyper detailed graphics/video, whereas this game... Well, it does not.