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  1. It most likely will be. If you have the means, it can be good to stack and buy a few years ahead of time. Also, places like Costco sometimes discount subscriptions if you have access to that.
  2. You lose access to them. But if you subscribe again at a later date, you'll have access to games you claimed in past subscription stints as well.
  3. Enjoy! Nice game! Lots of nice super cheap indie games in here... Too bad I own most already!
  4. Deciphering that is kind of what I do in life - I see so many people every day content with simply spinning/mindlessly forwarding data... One would think there was a risk or cost-benefit analysis done, and they figured the probably insignificant reputational damage was worth the extra sales/data spin.
  5. This article also makes a good point that it may help Nintendo, Sony, etc. with their numbers: "X games were released on our platform in month Y! Woot! Of those, a full Z% were indies! Double woot!"
  6. Really impressed with the Ratalaika games I've been playing lately, such as Klang 2 (nice rhythm game with banging tunes), Rise of the Slime (kid-friendly Slay the Spire?) and Cross the Moon (inventive and gorgeous looking VN - no choices and skippable, so 95%+ of people on this site have bought a platinum, not a game). Plus, you need to finish the games, and the first two aren't easy! Good job @RatalaikaGames

    1. kingofbattle8174


      I was looking at one of the newer ones, PsychoDuck. My daughter loves ducks so I thought it may be a good pick up for her. She couldn't care less about trophies. 

    2. visighost


      My daughter loves Barry the Bunny, and finds it super hard! For my kids, trophies are just that weird thing dad does (and annoys them with when we play multiplayer games together - "please line up and stand still so I can get this multikill with a spoon trophy!")

    3. kingofbattle8174


      It is fun to see her get super proud of herself completing parts of games, so I think if she came around to see the challenge she may some day start to hunt trophies. She did beat Little Nightmares just to be able to brag about it to her much older sister who could not get past the first level for being to scary. 

  7. Thanks, will be grabbing it too! It's too bad (and quite strange) for the DLC, but as you say, the fact there are no associated trophies makes it easier to swallow.
  8. Awww. Thanks. Played it on the PSP back in the day... Might need to take it out again!
  9. A "remastered" version is coming out next week, too...
  10. I'm curious, does playing the PS4/5 version triggers trophies from this list, or, as it's a PSP emulation, are there simply no trophies?
  11. Lovely little game, with a good guide on TrueA, and nice tips on the PS4 EU forum. The only additional advice I have would be: -To save scum after beating the last boss (i.e. Castle level). You can then proceed to drop a jar on the crown, and trigger the first loop. Reload, and simply wobble to the throne to trigger the “normal” ending. If you have some miscellaneous trophies left to do, go the other way around (regular ending, then loop): ng+ is not that much harder, and your deck should be near perfection by that point, so might as well keep on with it! -At any point when you have over 3000 gold, you can back up your save, abandon your run, start a new run without spending the money to get the relevant trophy, and restore your save. You’re now free to spend! -Remember: Acid pet works wonders. Quit to main menu and use continue to get the Lucky Wheel jackpot. Pick the Random deck and back out till you get an Execution card. Upgrade mana first. Stack “Opening”. Keep all “extra 2 mana” and “draw 2 cards” you get. Lightning Strikes and Cursed Punches with Fumbles ruled my world. At one point, I tried to commit suicide by skipping turns, and my mutations and pets would still win… Ratalaika are upping their game(s), and you actually need to complete the game in order to get the platinum for once! I love it!
  12. Chilidog Interactive also fit the bill - their games are mostly fun, and can be challenging, but most come with a cheat code that allows you to pretty much auto-pop the platinum (which... WHY?). Many Jandusoft games also are quick and easy - trophywise anyway. Top Hat is another publisher with skippable visual novels (again, though, WHY WOULD YOU?) (Off-topic, but as I see that 98% of people skipped through a Rata VN, Cross the Moon, which I am really enjoying right now, I'd encourage everyone to actually read it? Also playing Rata's Rise of the Slime at the moment, which is fun as hell, in an easy Slay the Spire way)
  13. Sorry to revive this, but the ps4 version is currently on sale (but not the ps5 one), and the DLC only seems to be available for ps4... and I'm a bit confused. I'd like to confirm: -Crossbuy is indeed still possible (from ps4 to ps5). Noting that there is no cross-buy mention in the text on the store. -The DLC situation for the ps5. Thanks!
  14. That sucks. I played on PS5 (latest patch as of last week?) and made a manual save just before getting off the truck on the last day in order to get all the endings, and never had an issue...
  15. Aaaah, thanks. Would be so nice to play those two series with trophies...