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  1. I bought too many things again. Here are mini reviews of those I've tried: Goetia is a fun enough point-and-click, but god there's no reason for a game like this to turn my Ps4Pro into a jet engine. Also, good luck completing it without a guide. Those puzzles are... obscure. Naught is a simple platformer using a screen-rotation mechanism. Enjoyable, but looks like the Time challenge counter glitched on me, so may not be possible to platinum. Towaga Among Shadows is a single-stick shooter with nice art. Simple and fast enough. Could have used a wee bit more diversity? But would still recommend. Brotherhood United was terrible. A Rata game done wrong. The Kings Bird is a challenging platform with gliding mechanism. Another game with a "backlit" aesthetics (like Naught above, Limbo, Projection, Feist, etc.). Will take a while to complete, looks like there's tons of levels. Mekorama is a nice puzzler on the Vita. Trying a bit too hard to be Monument without the charm, music, or art, but is a decent puzzler in itself. Quite challenging, but as it's published by Rata, you can skip the hardest puzzles and still get the platinum... No Thing is a neat experimental indie. Basically a runner where you click left or right, but with experimental art. Quite challenging, enjoying it a lot, and super cheap! Picked up a bunch more, and still considering Cubers, Edna and Harvey, .hack//g.u., memories of mars, pawarumi, tyd wag vir niemand and even neverend...
  2. I really enjoyed it. I recall following a guide so as not to miss anything, but the art style was indeed truly unique, and the story more than serviceable. Unless you're really strapped for cash, I'd go for it.
  3. I received the trophy for completing the first time trial without any issue, but the one for 5 didn’t unlock, and the stats only show one as completed. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Seems like a few others unlocked them fine…
  4. I just got the platinum for this and have a few tips to add to @OFFICER_OILDAB’s great advice on the EU version page. -There’s no great way to farm souls, so I would highly recommend backing up your save, buying a full set (you’ll need 700-1000 per set, bar the Build which is more expensive but which you should improve throughout), and redownloading. -If you still need souls to get there, one of the outfits you get from flying mode gives you a 20% bonus. Replay the regular campaign and keep a multiplier going. -Flying mode was the only one that gave me trouble. I would recommend the outfit that boosts your beam damage until you unlock the one that helps flying, and to use the Petrification spell. It will let you dodge enemies and keep your multiplier going, crucial to get to 1200 points. -I finished all modes having only upgraded the wind magic once or twice, and none of the others. I also had a few points in life and mana recovery left to purchase. -To hear all of Kurro’s comments, you can simply click on any of the menu options and then circle to go back to the grotto, where a new comment will be available. So from the menu, X, O, triangle, X, repeat. Can take a while as it’s rng-based. -I only got the Void Master trophy to unlock in the regular campaign, not the Void one. Maybe I was unlucky with the rng, or maybe it only unlocks there. Fun little game overall. Would have needed a wee bit more polishing and diversity, but it was an enjoyable two evenings.
  5. Gimme a Break.
  6. I haven't managed to find much information on the trophies online and was wondering if any of you kind people knew: -If the difficulty trophies stack -The best levels to try the various one-off trophies (Striking, I Got This, etc.) -If there are guides for civilian/cache locations? I noticed the civilian tracker, but is there one for caches also? Any other tips/important things to know?
  7. Just noticed the Purchased list on the store is no longer limited to 1000 items. Major FWP, I know, but still: yay!

  8. I'd also like to know. I can only get one of the crows to sing...
  9. Whaaaa!? Thanks! Not sure how I missed it... Will need to plug in my ps3 and see if it’s still available!
  10. Not sure if it’s due to a patch, but I had the opposite glitch: I started again from scratch after playing for a few hours last year, and I got the 10-card trophy when I picked up... the 4th card. Will update when/if I get the full collection trophy as to whether I get it at 63 cards or not. EDIT: The same happened with Observer and KPD Open Up...
  11. You know what they say about playing with yourself... Not sure if it works for this game, but I've boosted trophies playing ad hoc with digital copies on two Vitas, same account. It's actually the best solution for most online trophies that allow ad hoc (unless you are one of the three persons on Earth who have friends with vitas who share the same tastes in games...).
  12. While I agree
  13. Pretty excited for this one - love the aesthetics, sounds tough as nails and... is Vita only! (for now) Hopefully will be at a reasonable price point.
  14. Just finished it, and it’s indeed GREAT - especially the last episode. Highly recommended, and no excuse not to get it at the current sale price.
  15. It just happened to me, and had no back-up. Sigh. Don’t be me, back up your Going Under save. EDIT: Happened twice now. Will put this on pause till it's fixed.