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  1. Not as far as I can tell...
  2. The DLC for the second game is not included in the sale, though. For completionists... I do but I didn't. Might be random or region-specific?
  3. I can't add any of the items from the sale in my basket, either through the app or website. Anyone else have the same issue? The other sales work fine... -EDIT: Working fine now...
  4. I don't know if this was sent to everyone, but I noticed an email from Sony that offered 3 months of Netflix for free for PS+ members. It also works for current subscribers, so it's the equivalent of a $30-ish gift. I'm not sure if this is limited to Canada but... may be worth checking your inbox?
  5. You’re correct. Casual is hard enough...
  6. Another pet peeve: Their Flash Sale banner says "up to 30% off", whereas half the games on the front page offer larger discounts than that. YOU HAD ONE JOB!
  7. We're bound to get Halloween, Black Friday, and Christmas sales, and those tend to be fairly extensive. That being said, I really wish they'd throw in more indies and just... more titles? If you remove the duplicates, there's really only 32 different games here, and 80% have been on sale lately at the same or lower prices. Also, zero Vita.
  8. It looks like they just added Superhypercube to the sale... Not sure of the US price, but it's $8.99 in Canada.
  9. I loved: Kona (walking simulator) The Lost Bear (platformer) Manifest 99 (puzzle? no trophies) Thumper (rhythm) Good fun: Archangel (rail shooter) Esper (puzzle) Floor Plan (point and click) Hypervoid (action) Stay away from: Dying Reborn Weeping Doll
  10. Nothing is missable (there’s a “puzzle select” option) and the trophy descriptions should be all you need as far as guides go. Short, fun and easy!
  11. I actually support reporting specially in occasions like these: it's confusing when you see a number of people have a trophy but it's actually unobtainable... Out with 'em!
  12. I used your tip for the plantation. Worked like a charm, thanks!
  13. Maybe not but this one is great: If you want a full walkthrough including collectibles, this one is also great:
  14. There was a recent update on the dev's blog. Looks like a patch is still coming...
  15. Just for the heck of it, I just checked: there's 1484 PS4, 1019 Vita and 1603 PS3 games currently on the (Canadian) PSN store. And yet, it feels like every week it's the same crappy 4k avatars, My Singing Monsters coin packs, and 36 shades of friggin platinum whoring.