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  1. There actually is if you click through the banner.
  2. Haha! My (Playstation) backlog currently stands at 36456 hours, so I have to accept there's quite a few games in there I may never even open... Not getting any younger, am I?
  3. Disappointed that it seems to be AAA only yet again. Maybe COVID is to blame as I assume contacting a large number of small studios would be currently more difficult? Maaaaybe? Or maybe Sony could unilaterally decide to put those titles on sale if the sale is on their margin only? Anyhow. Astrobot, Concrete Genie, Days Gone, Medievil and Tekken 7 are certainly attractive at those prices. So is Dark Souls III, but it'd be silly to get it when the first 2 are still sitting in my backlog...
  4. On one hand I'm selfishly disappointed, but on the other, much respect. Thanks Sony.
  5. 400th platinum! Spider-Man was certainly beautiful, but still couldn't make me actively enjoy super-hero stories. Man, the plot holes... Otherwise... serviceable Assassin's Creed clone. Is there a name for those?

  6. Looking forward to it! Been in my backlog for a while...
  7. Vita lives! Also, loved the Hotline Miami soundtrack that kept playing after the... event.
  8. Yup, same here. Did wonder for my rankings though.
  9. To be clear, 100% No = I’m totally not against Crossplay = I love it?
  10. Necroposting, but... I guess, action/adventure/survival? Limited ammo and medpacks, you need to go through short-ish levels (avoiding enemies if at all possible). No jumping, just melee and gun attacks (if you have ammo). The art style, music, and story are all great - the DLC can be a bit of a grind (you have to finish it 12 times, saving a different character each time), but it's fairly short and if you're creative with cloud saves it can be made even shorter. Highly recommended, like most tinyBuild games!
  11. There was a glitch in my game during the last chase where J.J. would keep climbing a ladder when at the top, but not actually get up on the roof. I had to reboot the game to get out of the loop. I finally managed to get out by only climbing little by little (push up, pause, push up, pause). Thought I'd put this here in case anyone else faces the same problem.
  12. Apologies, my post wasn't clear at all. I did get tons of basic material (and something like 3-8000 kachings? I didn't check if it was everything or just a fraction of what I had from Pata 1 from the first game transferred automatically. Your 61 kachings sounds like... very little. For the equipment I mentioned, you need to replay the first mission on storm days. You get one random piece each time you open the chest. So yeah, not really worth it. The grind for materials is bad enough otherwise.
  13. No, same as the PSP versions - non-unique gear, such as Drakanel Fangs, Strength Helmets and what not. Can be ok early game if you farm a bit, but not a game changer.
  14. The link to the app doesn’t work from Canada for Apple devices. Has anyone found a way to get phone-mikes to work? EDIT: Should have read the threads below. Will leave this up so it’s clear for everyone from the title. Will try to get a refund as it’s advertised as if the app was still available... 2nd EDIT: Sony customer service was as useless and infuriating as ever, claiming they did not control the language used by the developers. It must be so nice not to have any responsibilities for anything.
  15. Thumper is my go-to. Unique music and atmosphere + doesn't make me puke! Really enjoyed The Lost Bear and its platformer+VR mix. Statik and Esper were grat puzzlers. Also Accounting+ was hilarious. I have a lot of the titles mentioned above in my backlog - I should really get to it one day.