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  1. I really enjoyed the Yomawari games and Htolniq. Criminal Girls definitely has cringe-worthy bits, but they're still fun jrpgs. I also enjoyed Touhou Double Focus. At that price, definitely worth checking out. Also - first time I see a Flash sale on a Thursday... Wonder if it's because they'll launch the Mid-Year sale tomorrow at last?
  2. My connection is type 2, and I still get the same result. Doesn’t look like it’s fixed...
  3. Anyone notice that the Devil May Cry Collection is more expensive than the Collection+4SE bundle? And PSN won't me get the latter because I already own 4SE? 😡 EDIT - I contacted them, and their solution was to purchase from a second account... So yeah, that good old Sony/publisher "we're not responsible" merry-go-round.
  4. Does anyone know if both gardens need to be completed for Hanabi Festival? Or are they cumulative for the 165 flowers?
  5. Really weird that some have PS+ prices and some not. Thinking it still might be updated.
  6. I was expecting it last week... Maybe this Friday? At least the Retro sale today has some games we've never seen discounted before (but no Patapon Remastered or Binding of Isaac! Unacceptable!)
  7. It's billed as a REbundle, so yeah, same games as last time.
  8. Careful, the online trophies are bugged. Some people managed to get them but most get the server unavailable message. Devs were contacted, answers were not provided.
  9. Aer, Armello, Banner Saga, Bastion, Black the Fall, Child of Light, Children of Zodiarcs, Desert Child, Get Even, Guns Gore and Cannoli, Hungry Shark World, Inside, Life is Strange, Limbo, Little Nightmares, Masquerada, Musynx, Oxenfree, Slayaway Camp, Sleeping Dogs, Soma, Song of the Deep, Steamworld Dig 1 and 2, Steamworld Heist, Sundered, Tacoma, The Mooseman, The Sun and Moon, and Thumper ...are all games I thoroughly enjoyed and would strongly recommend. Their styles are wildly different though, so Google them up and see what catches your fancy. Looking forward to Forgotton Anne and a few visual novels myself.
  10. It isn't being formally identified as such, but there's a relatively large number of games on sale through the "all deals" tab, and not the usual contingent of perpetually on sale games. You can track them on psprices (though their list doesn't seem complete?). Many of the Persona, Valkyria Chronicles, and Hatsune Miku games, several very cheap PS3 titles, a few Vita ones... Not sure why they didn't make it a proper sale.
  11. I’ve been unsuccessful locating one, but a name like Minutes makes it very hard to Google. Does anyone know if one exists?
  12. I don't recall precisely what I needed to do (apologies), but I remember it also glitching for me. I think there are various ways for days to pass, and it seemed like only one counted? I want to say it was the regular races... Anyhow, don't give up, it did pop for me eventually...
  13. Yup. It seems to happen every time there’s a sale. A random page number crashes the whole thing. I find it’s more efficient to wait for psprices to be updated instead...
  14. I liked the original ok, but it crashed alllll the time. Hope they did more QA this time around.
  15. You can buy them second-hand in Japan for much cheaper than 200 pounds - if you have contacts there. It could even be worth buying one online and getting a freight forwarder to send it to you.