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  1. PSA: -While Bridge Constructor is only only on sale for the PS4, it is cross-buy with Vita (yay!). -While Mercenary Kings is more expensive for Vita than it is for PS4... it is also cross-buy, as I just found out after buying the Vita version. There's a tiny chance buying the PS4 version doesn't give you the Vita version, but... I find that unlikely. (I also picked up Floor Kids, Masters of Anima, Gnomes Garden 2, Awesomenauts Assemble, Phantom Trigger, Road to Ballhalla and Yonder, because no backlog is ever too impressive!)
  2. Have they? I don't see that branding anywhere. (Not trying to be an ass here, I wouldn't be surprised if they did seeing as Canada doesn't have its own Playstation blog and the listed prices are always in USD, but I haven't located that US-specific name)
  3. US?... But, but, but... Canadians also have it...
  4. Mini-review: Dreamals: 6/10 A simple-looking puzzler with unique mechanics, it doesn't look like much but provided a good challenge across its 80 levels. Difficulty: 5/10, assuming you're not following a guide. I managed to do them all without one, and I consider myself of slightly above average skill with this type of games. Things I wish I'd known: How fun it was? Would have picked it up sooner. Guides: Did not use one, but I believe videos are available if you're stuck. Missables: Nothing. Half the trophies are progression based, and the other half linked to stars that are present every 5 levels and not hidden. You can replay levels if you don't get them the first time. (I also played with my ten-year-old, and we discussed possible solutions. Good family game!)
  5. Ronin was never released on Vita and never will: Source:
  6. Phobos Vector Prime: The First Ring: 4/10 A short, sluggish twin-stick shooter with very little variety, no scenario to speak off, and a dearth of diversity in its environments and enemies. It's not bad, but it's utterly unremarkable. Difficulty: 3/10 On easy, it's hard to run into any trouble, though it's conceivable if you simply speed by everything. Duration: Short, likely 2 hours. Things I wish I'd known: You might be blocked from the supply crates required for 2 of the trophies if you progress too far in their respective mission. Make sure you grab them as soon as you can or you'll have to replay the missions again. Guides: The guide on playstationtrophies is complete, but the map for the second mission in inaccurate. Read the comments to know where one of the supply crates really is. Missables: Nothing. You can replay the missions, which are fairly short (10-20 minutes each).
  7. I forget, @BlindMango , can we recommend series that haven't been listed yet?
  8. To clarify, I was suggesting a process like this: -Person A notices a trophy is glitched for Game X and contacts developer X. -Developer X does not have the resources to fix the trophy, but respects their customers. Therefore, Developer X contacts Sony. -Developer X: "Hey So, I can't fix Trophy Z for Game X, could you remove it from the trophy infrastructure that you control?" -Perfect-World-Sony: "Sure thing, give me a few days." Bing, done, everyone's happy. -Real-World-Sony: "Thank you for reaching out to us. A representative that has no idea what he's talking about and reads from a script will get back to you in 6 months and provide a generic non-answer. Have a nice day." Welp.
  9. I guess there's no way to know, and some developers have certainly been vocal in their dislike for the system (Toby Fox! Which made for a great trophy list though), but others have almost built their business model around trophies, so one would think they'd be pushier. I also think there is a correlation between glitched trophies being more likely to be in smaller games being more likely to be played by more passionate gamers being more likely to be people interested in trophies being more likely to put more pressure on smaller developers being more likely to listen to that important share of their customers. It's of course not a failproof theory (see ps+ games with glitched trophies), but hey, we're just talking here.
  10. I don't see this process as customer-driven though: I'm thinking developers themselves have a lot more clout. If they realize one of their trophies is glitched and can't/won't do anything about it, they could directly request their removal by Sony. A few hundreds stakeholders rather than millions...
  11. Sierra made tons of points-and-clicks back in the day (Space Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, etc), kind of like Lucasarts. Several games had nonsensical elements: "put hamster in microwave to get a key" sort of thing.
  12. I understand that for developers with underperforming games, working on a patch to address trophy issues does not make much financial sense. I was wondering, though: since the whole trophy process goes through Sony, would it be possible for them to nip glitched trophies in the bud? Removing them from the lists would technically give players access to the Platinums, assuming they are coded by Sony as "have all other trophies" and not for each game individually by the developers. Have they ever addressed this issue publicly (I doubt it) - or are trophies too gimmicky for Sony to care (especialy since the glitched ones typically only affect games that brought them minimal revenues)? (Apologies if this was addressed elsewhere - couldn't find anything using Search)
  13. Score: 2/10 One of the worst games I have played. I did not give it a 1 since it's not completely broken (it crashed once, but without any lasting effects) and it's short, but it has otherwise no redeeming value. It looks like it was drawn by a child, and not in a nice artsy way: in a terrible, amateurish manner. The "jokes" are terrible, and the point-and-click gameplay is often Sierra-like in its obtuseness. Why was this ever released, I cannot understand. Difficulty: 2/10 Assuming you follow a guide. Without one, you'd have to actively enjoy pain to go through the whole thing. Things I wish I'd known: How bad this game was. I would never have bought it. I must have been duped by a review saying it was funny... Guides: Follow a walkthrough. This one is complete, down to telling you where the game crashes. Missables: It's a point and click, but only one trophy is missable. I insist, though: Follow a guide. Believe me, you won't spoil anything.
  14. Is there a trick to the last hole? I haven’t managed to get the ball in the mouth once (phrasing!). I’ve read on Steam it doesn’t need to be open but whatever I try, it doesn’t work. Help? Edit: Of course, I got it the next time I tried. Aiming for the nose was the solution. Had to be perfectly straight.
  15. Finally received my PS4 Pro / RDR2 bundle! Promptly spent the evening playing Dreamals and Dream Daddy. :D

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