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  1. We tried and it still didn’t work. The person I did it with (@darkryuuzaki) tried to contact the developer Luc Bernard on Twitter and he said he’d look into it, but I don’t think he has heard back. We should all try!
  2. It worked fine for me. You should be at 97.1% before heading into the castle. It popped when I got back in the initial large room for me.
  3. EDIT - Sorted out, many thanks to UAE Boy!
  4. If you do a Google search for flash sale, psn, you should get a link where all games are listed. Weird, I know.
  5. I’m Canadian as well, and I can’t say “splet” feels natural...
  6. I documented a very similar issue here: I have to say that in my case, nothing solved my problem, I lost all my saves, and had to buy a new machine... Hope you're luckier than me.
  7. I'll be that person: Villains, not Villians... Even the PSN Store got it wrong.
  8. Thanks! Really helpful! I mean, the game still is really hard but... you know.
  9. In reply to the people saying having kids will stop your trophy hunting ways, and speaking as someone who has three and who started trophy hunting when the youngest was four, I’d like to say it doesn’t. It just... changes the games you target for completion? Multiplayer games are pretty much out as it becomes hard to schedule anything, and I find I don’t want spend the time I did as a student becoming reeeeeally good at a game. I find myself enjoying games like Far Cry or HZD where you don’t really need to follow a guide step by step in order not to miss anything more than those where you do, as the short time bursts I can allow to gaming are not conductive to a full rpg experience (“who was this again?”). Whatever you do, though, prioritize your kids. Trophies are fun, but that’s all they should be. And get a Vita. Commuting=gaming.
  10. We might... but we won’t get the complete edition. Which I suppose is smart marketing by Sony, but is quite annoying for completists.
  11. This game could have been a reasonably fun Advance Wars clone. Could have. But: -It crashes. All the time. And while this is mitigated by the auto-save after each turn, reloading will void all activated perks. Since it typically crashes early in later levels, where perks would have been most useful, this is specially annoying. -When it crashes, your data might get corrupted. So back up often unless you want to start from scratch. -I’ve never managed to get the multiplayer to work. I get the “invalid login information” message and then zilch. The developper never answered questions regarding this issue. Sone people got the trophies, so this might not be widespread. But you may have an unobtainable platinum on your hands. -All units are introduced in the tutorial and then... that’s it. And the background, music, tactics? Nothing changes. You’ll have seen the whole game in the first 15 minutes. -The AI is painfully slow. Prepare to have a book at hand or Netflix on when it’s the computer’s turn, specially on the larger maps in episode 4. I’m trudging through it since I like this type of games. But I would definitely recommend staying away unless you’re desperate for frustration.
  12. Oooh, that one Vita game. Vita is life.
  13. I was embarrassed to ask...
  14. So do I... but some people got the trophy two weeks ago, so I’m assuming the servers are still up. Strange and annoying. Maybe it gives you that when no one’s online? Ping me if you’d like to try...
  15. If you have the Vita version, I think a lot of the songs are the same - that’s what stopped me from getting the Vita version as well anyhow. I can’t compare difficulties, but I certainly wouldn’t buy it if you’re in it for the trophies...