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  1. psprices also lists a number of games that aren't here, including many in the sweet $5 range. Very happy to see We Should Talk and Evan's Remains at $4 CAD each!
  2. I’ve had it where it took a while... I’ve run into a problem with the 35 skill point trophy myself. I’m at 39 and it still hasn’t unlocked... I really hope I won’t have to start feom scratch. EDIT: It popped at 39 (turns out I had 38). Don’t give up hope...
  3. I loved it myself - but indeed some of the trophies are VERY challenging. Not for completists unless you're... very good? So, so many... Beyond games I would simply recommend, ones that I rank very high and include something unique either in art style or gameplay would suggest to pretty much everyone include: Of those, I'll pick 10 (it was HARD) and briefly say why: Blackwood Crossing (made me cry) Hollow Knight (masterful universe building) Hyper Light Drifter (disasterpeace music, challenging) Iconoclasts (deep story) Inside (art and atmosphere) Journey (art and atmosphere) Kentucky Route Zero (successful at being Lynchian) Night in the Woods (hipster in all the right ways) Observation (atmosphere) Sayonara Wild Hearts (music and art) I'm at 30 games bought (for a surprisingly low amount), and still a crazy long list to go through and weigh...
  4. I tried emailing him as well after posting above, but haven't received a reply either.
  5. I just tried, and the cards are still missing. Too bad, it’s a beautiful game, like their first one.
  6. Love the Corrupted trophy descriptions.
  7. Great price on Dreams at the very least. Will likely pick up the Terra games, Through the Darkest of Times, and Iris.fell.
  8. They do get on sale once a year or so. You can look at psprices to get an idea: Here's Totori for example:
  9. My favorites in there are Gabbuchi (puzzle), Yomawari (creepy survival?) and the two Cat Quest games (action rpg).
  10. I'd recommend the Zero Escape series - you can always use a guide for the puzzles if you need. Great story. I would NOT recommend Psycho-Pass. I found it rather awful. It was also a free game on PS+, maybe you've added it to your library in the past?
  11. I just saw and was coming to post the same thing. I haven't booted it yet, not sure if it will auto-pop or if it implies another playthrough...
  12. Looks fun! gamepressure seem to have a fairly comprehensive guide. It's unclear whether it is streamlined for trophies, though. I got the game a while ago myself but haven't played.
  13. I LOVED Turrican as a kid! So happy they're out. And happy we have a Ratalaika game without giveaway trophies? Would be ironic if people complained about THAT...
  14. I really enjoyed it! Nice intrigue, great voice acting, rather unique story. As you said, all the boxes you mention are ticked! I grabbed Funtime (and tried it - looks like a fun twin-stick, though the screen gets very cluttered very fast), Deleveled, Shing!, Atomicrops, and OhShape. Ghost Recon is cheap, but the reviews are pretty dismal. Is it that bad?
  15. Nice one Neo! Are you taking the info from ps5storefront now?