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  1. Thanks for this - haven't properly set up mine in forever... Of the less well-known games, I would recommend Audica (music), Thumper (music?), Accounting+ (silliness), Statik (puzzle), Esper (puzzle), The Lost Bear (platformer), and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (puzzle). I realize there's not much hack-and-slashy in there... the kids seemed to have fun with DWVR and Kingdom of Blades?
  2. They added a few things today. Would anyone recommend Deep Sky Derelicts and Fell Seal? I love the aesthetics (though the DSD menus look impossible to read). Will otherwise probably go for Zanki Zero, Fault, and Ash of Gods.
  3. I'm excited for this - loved the first one and wasn't aware a sequel existed. Looks like a more polished version of the first one, but otherwise... more of the same mayhem? I like that there's more trophies than the bronze-only of the original. Nothing appears too tough (though who knows for the 25x combo), and no silly play-100-times grind like in PH1.
  4. Gabbuchi is a fun puzzler that can get quite challenging. Given the lack of guides, I only wanted to tell everyone that while you need to complete all levels in order to get the gold trophy, you do not need to get a full heart for any of them. Just play the game casually - it gets challenging enough without having to worry about filling your stomach or limiting the number of switches!
  5. No new sale? Aww.

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      You were worried that people wouldn't find something to complain about? Have you ever been on the internet? :D

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      That sale has a lot of rehashes, but some of the prices look lower than ever, so maybe I'll pick up something.


    4. visighost


      I probably own everything I want in there... Except maybe Zanki Zero?

  6. A few tips as I'm working on finishing this. Help welcome if you're farther along! -First, you'll get notifications in-game when you meet trophy requirements, but they won't actually pop until you close and re-launch the game. Do so once in a while to make sure everything saves. -Focus on one character (Death-chan works well), and go through all stages on normal mode only. You will naturally unlock the souls-related trophies, and most of the miscellaneous ones. The souls required to get the trophies don't seem to match those you get at the end of each stage. Don't worry - keep playing and you'll get them! -Level up that one character until you get the trophy for maxing it out - level 9, which isn't actually the highest level you can get. All levels will be a breeze then. I would recommend stage 5 - it gave me between 1800 and 2400 souls each level (they're all 80 seconds long). -Once you've reached level 9, DON'T USE SOULS ANYMORE. Getting something like 75k souls banked up (so... play stage 5 35 times?) will let you max out the early carriers in one shot, and get you pretty far for the other. You can then back up your save, unlock 3 characters and get 9 skins, reload your back-up, unlock and max out a character, play with it to get the 11k souls/skill-related trophies, reload your back-up, etc. You may not actually need to reload your back-up for Emmy and Sue as you'll gain enough souls grinding to unlock the next one, but you might want to do so for the last 3. -Note that you don't need to unlock/play the last few characters. Just play from left to right till you get Abigail.
  7. As someone starting the game just now, any tips on the way to proceed? How is one to realize that the trophies glitched? Would you recommend simply backing up your save whenever a trophy pops (therefore showing the glitch isn’t active)?
  8. Everybody's Golf is the lowest it's ever been. Also tempted by 2Dark and Mosaic. Definitely like the aesthetics (despite the lukewarm reviews for the latter).
  9. I recently finished the game and thought I would share a few tips to save you some time. -First, aim for a no-upgrade run. During that run, DO NOT OPEN WOODEN CHESTS (the white ones are fine – you will actually need to open them in order to progress). The reason for this is that your wallet has limited capacity, and that the wooden chests are your main source of gems/money. You’ll need to go back to most areas post-game, and can open them then. Don’t restart if you open a few by mistakes – it simply means you will need to grind a bit destroying blocks at the end. -You’ll get the arrows-shot, enemies-killed, and shield-dropped trophies naturally. -Bosses can be challenging and require multiple tries, but I’m not the best gamer and I managed, so don’t give up! -Once you complete the game, you’ll pop up next to a teleporter close to the last boss. You can go back, buy all upgrades, find all ores, teleporters, and Rampelkimpers (the hidden wallet and quiver-upgrade suppliers), and get the 2500 gems needed for the trophy (cumulative, no need to worry). There’s a guide out there with all relevant locations. -Once that’s done, you’ll need to beat the last boss again and you will get the 100% trophy. Congrats!
  10. -Are you a day-one buyer of new consoles or more wait-and-see? -What games are you looking forward to play on the PS5? -Rick and Morty but no Trover Saves the Universe? -Do you wear a mask?
  11. Why do guides always appear in pairs? Bored minds want to know.

  12. I get what you're saying, but I might feel worse about spending countless hours on games beyond an initial playthrough just to get that 100%... Just finished Prey, for example, which I enjoyed, but am not actually keen on playing through it a second time in order to get the platinum...
  13. 666 completed games! And #999 in the world, which... nice symmetry?

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      998 now. very nice, but the symmetry is screwed.

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      Gah, who removed a cheater! ;) Preserved it for posterity!


      (the previous sentence would make more sense with the picture I thought I had posted. Oh well)

  14. Maybe try contacting the developers? They can either work on it (or let you know if you actually missed something?)
  15. "Owners of the PS3 version will get the Complete Edition for free"... is what I would have liked to hear, but hey, will still buy it again.
  16. No Beat Fever discount yet again... Audica will hopefully scratch that itch.
  17. It’s super easy - I am grinding on 1800-2100 souls a show on average, you’ll get 800 without trying. Ha! Same genre for sure - with even less variety. I’d recommend Chicken Assassin (much better) or Kung Fury (much harder) over this one. And not really otaku-esque, more of a retro aesthetic?
  18. A patch is now available. The 800 souls trophy popped when I loaded a level with it installed. Hopefully it's sorted out all the weirdness? Fun little time-waster, though I can see a lot of grinding ahead as I'm only making 1500 souls a show at most and it's already costing ten of thousands to level up... EDIT: Seems like while the right trophies are triggered at the right time (through the in-game notification box), the trophies themselves don't pop until you quit the game and start again. Also, you need to play a round on Normal difficult of the last level for the Tour Complete trophy to unlock (the real requirements are not to unlock all stages, but to play them all).
  19. It is but @Neocarleen's lists have prices, discounts and links.
  20. Don't know why you're saying it should have been rejected, but generic game/band/book names are a way for creators to say "I never want anyone to find me on Google". Whether that's on purpose, though...
  21. Ha! Not sure about the taste, but Banner Saga has amazing art, great music (from Austin Wintory, who also did Journey's), and an engaging, human story. Trophy-wise, though, it's no walk in the park. I was stuck on hard mode for a while and dropped it - need to get back to it eventually as I have #2 and 3 in my backlog... There are some good guides around - would recommend using them as there are many missables.
  22. A long-but-shorter-than-the-whole-thing list of games in there that I really enjoyed (really, really enjoyed are bolded): 11-11, Banner Saga, Black the Fall, Blackwood Crossing, Chicken Assassin, Creature in the Well, Enter the Gungeon, Expand, Fenix Furia, Forgotton Anne, Get Even, Gris, Guacamelee, Guns, Gore and Cannoli, Hatoful Boyfriend, Hidden Through Time, Journey, King's Quest, Little Nightmares, LocoRoco, Melbits World, Ovivo, Patapon, Pato Box, Planet Alpha, Riddled Corpses EX, Seasons after Fall, Snakeybus, Solo: Islands of the Heart, State of Anarchy, The Adventure Pals, The Count Lucanor, The Messenger, The Mooseman, The Savior's Gang, Thomas Was Alone, Unbox, Virginia, Xenon Valkyrie, Yoku's Island Express, Yomawari I think I've picked up 40 games from the sale... Building a backlog of short games, but also really looking forward to Ara Fell, Kentucky Route Zero, Skelattack, and Underhero.
  23. Went with Danganronpa 3, cheapest it’s ever been, Lapis x Labyrinth, which looks like a trip, and Slime Rancher and Bear with Me which had been in my wishlist for a while.
  24. I have it on the iPad - it may look meditative, but you do need quick reflexes to succeed! Great that it's being ported, though indeed would have been nicer on Vita...
  25. Great read! You sound like a decent human being. Loved learning a bit about what the situation in Venezuela is on the ground. Always very different from just seeing it on the news. Hope that you get to travel a bit one day - if that’s something you’d like!