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  1. Monster Hunter World. From what I hear its a very good game but its a very long grind to get the plat!
  2. GTA IV: Ultimate grindfest for online trophy to reach max level. Stay away from Petrovic!
  3. 100th Platinum: Final Fantasy XIII 200th Platinum: GTAV
  4. I see that my post for AC3 was lost in the forum's "data loss" so I repeat it. AC3 @ 4.70 (or sth) making it an "ultra rare" Also just got the Walking Dead Platinum @20.22 making it "Uncommon"
  5. Banned for a lame comeback ban pun
  6. Banned for using sexual innuendos
  7. Banned for making me think for a second that I should try harder to get a higher place on the Greek leaderboard (I don't though )
  8. The Empire Strikes Back
  9. The use of italics on a post 3 pages ago is irrelevant...
  10. Banned for being able to distinguish what game Sephiroth's render is from...
  11. Assassin's Creed III: Freedom Edition!!!!
  12. After me, the next one is: 1 507 polynekros i am a leadfarmer MF 34 36% 5,248 1,759 573 159 7,739 211,680
  13. Nobody is the bad guy here, everyone is just misunderstood....
  14. The Unforgiven
  15. Why although I haven't checked this thread in a while I came immediately to the last page?