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  1. How long is the game? I sort of forgot i ordered this until I got a shipping notification in the mail.
  2. You'd have to make an account in another region and buy a psn card for the region in question, cdkeys is where i buy cards from for other regions. Unfortunately now that the old PSN store is kaboot you'll have to do all this on your PS3 itself, besides buying the card that is.
  3. It's delisted in NA and has been for years I believe. You can buy it from the UK store, that's what I did.
  4. You can actually boost the 50 wins using the PPV matches as those count towards the 50 wins trophies. You don't even have to wrestle online against anyone if you use the PPV matches for your 50 wins.
  5. Sony only cares about AAA blockbusters now Smaller games are pretty much off the table, thanks Jim Ryan. So don't expect remakes of smaller games anymore
  6. But why
  7. The nightmare of trying to get 16 people to agree on a time and date scares me
  8. That's the plan, trying to find boosting groups right now that i can slot into with my schedule. Not sure either, probably best to just try to get it done ASAP, especially with the connectivity issues the game has.
  9. I hate myself and want to do both FC2 and Ghost Recon before shutdown. Hopefully we have better luck with GR.
  10. What delisted games does Now have?
  11. Honestly I would take that page with a grain of salt, it seems that even though they say things are shut down, they actually might not be. See: Call of Juarez and HAWK
  12. Old Xbox and computer game that got a remaster. Supposedly ends on a big cliffhanger that never got resolved.
  13. For O's you don't have many options There's Okage: Shadow King, Odin Sphere or Operation Abyss/Babel
  14. Does LBP GOTY have all the content for the DLC trophies on it?
  15. I just played Destruction All Stars and people would randomly give them to me after a game