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  1. I feel really bad for people who grinded for the 20 million yen trophy legit, i just unlocked it in a matter of a few minutes.
  2. I got the 100% solely for the memes Neither the rhythm game or side scroller were fun
  3. Personally what I did was grab one handle and hold it sideways and act like i'm using it as hammer. I never missed a note that way and got a hell of an arm workout.
  4. I know what I’m playing after I finish the last couple ff7r trophies
  5. Rata is making it even easier for people who buy their games for trophies by releasing games without actual gameplay
  6. No you just have to sign into that account on your ps4 and then choose to download it then you can launch it on your main account
  7. Got it too, unrelated but sort of related, you can get free DLC for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Revelations for Ps3 for free on the malaysian store as well
  8. Whenever they put it on PS+ or it's like 15-20 bucks probably The first game was good, but this one looks like it's someones fetish with as much murder porn there is put in there
  9. Theyre using the same audio from the PS2 game, no rerecording at all as far as I know
  11. Kind of a boring sale
  12. ok
  13. Bit the bullet and finally bought the $30 dlc pack for Drakengard 3



    1. DamagingRob


      It's a shame they don't do those "Spend $100, get $15 back" promotions, anymore. Bought it during one of those, to make myself feel a bit better about it. Lol. 

    2. Orphioon


      I'm still clinging onto the false hope that they'll eventually discount it.

  14. No 100% compendium or max all social links? This platinum is going to be much more common than the plat for P4G or P5.
  15. Bumping, the game is now out in NA, i have yet to buy it though. $28 on NA PSN.