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  1. well i don't have much of a choice i don't have VR lmao game does sound like it might be fun though
  2. It's a meme dude, he's the face of Bethesda. We know he's not in charge of business decisions, but it's still fun to make fun of him since he's such a pathological liar
  3. Just went up on PSN today lmao
  4. >Last Labyrinth is a VR Escape-the-Room adventure game, and dropped
  5. sale page has actually updated now, 400 items on sale
  6. Psprices has a lot more games on sale, guessing the page just hasn't updated on PSN.
  7. Nope, you can only go from 3 to 4. No way to import saves from 2.
  8. Pretty much the same trophy list as both CS1 and 2, no secret bosses this time or black records so it doesn't seem like a second playthrough will be much different at all. Lot of bonding trophies though.
  9. Holy fuck Venom Lap 2 in the Driveclub Elements DLC was hard, finally got all the Elements stars though!

    1. Spaz


      Getting 100 percent in DRIVECLUB is impressive.


      I better get on those online trophies before it's too late. Though I've heard they're pretty easy, because you just have to send a Challenge to another player and they play it.

  10. At the moment Yakuza Remastered Collection Trails of Cold Steel 3 Atelier Ryza Death Stranding
  11. Welp got the 100% in Festival of Blood, now I have every trophy in the inFamous series.

  12. Infamous 2 Platinum Trophy My 32nd plat and 4th plat in the inFamous series, going to do Festival of Blood tonight and hopefully knock it out in 1 night. Anyway this was definitely an improvement on the first Infamous game in almost every way, they actually gave Cole a personality in this one, something he lacked in the first game. Trophy wise, much easier than the first. Shards were a pain to find in the first game, you had to painstakingly follow a map while in this one, you had a power that could help you find them. Both endings were pretty great with some emotional moments in both, but the evil ending was my favorite because of the scene on top of the Cathedral. "I gotta try" "I know" Neither of them had difficult final boss fights unlike Kessler in the first game not that is a big deal, Kessler was a pain. Not having to do 20ish stunts for the plat was nice too, though UGC is annoying and i did the quickest easiest stuff i could find, i'm sure there's good stuff in there somewhere but i don't feel like searching for it. Still prefer Cole's voice actor in the first game to this one though and they should have made your good/evil choices matter more in the story. In one scene Cole asks Bertrand if he really thinks he's the demon of empire city and during my evil playthrough i'm just like, yeah dude we've slaughtered tons of people you're kinda the bad guy Cole Zeke was great, they sort of memory holed what he did in the first game though which i found kind of dumb, they bring it up occasionally but they sort of forget about it. I didn't much care for Kou or Nix though, actually couldn't stand Nix. I think I would say Infamous 2 > Second Son > Infamous > First Light Hopefully Sucker Punch can bring us another game in the series for the PS5
  13. That evil ending of Infamous 2 man

    What an ending. That last showdown though

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    2. DEI2EK


      Crying manly tears rn for my boy 

    3. AndyKazama


      Remind me: 


      Is this where you


      kill Zeke?


    4. DEI2EK



      Yes it was

      Pressing R1 made me sad

  14. Was looking at it on sale for 4 bucks and noticed its plat was at 3% and the trophy for actually beating the game very low as well. Is it just not good, or is it buggy? I know it used to be a Wii U game that was somewhat liked.
  15. Think i'm going to grab Far Cry 4 gold and Far Cry 5 season pass and play them at some point in the future