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  1. Deathend Re;Quest, Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition and 428 Shibuya Scramble should all be coming in the mail today or tomorrow
  2. 2700 trophies exact 

    The road to 3000 continues

    1. ee28max


      Good luck on the milestone 👍

  3. Getting myself a 64gb card for my vita now since i've only had an 8 gb for years


    Might as well get one just in case they get super crazy expensive later

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. kingdrake2


      more room is good?. i settled for the 16GB myself didn't have alot of money.

      just enough to store double my normal games (only have 1-3 games at a time) on a vita.

    3. DEI2EK


      eh been wanting a 64 for a while, and i got my tax refund back so i had some extra money, decided to pull the trigger

      ill say youre right and im wrong if i have any issues yurig

    4. TheYuriG


      i don't care about being right or wrong, i care about you spending money on something that will fail you and leave you in a tight spot after a while. don't get rid of your old card

  4. Look at those boobs in the header image very nice
  5. I assume this is another kemco rpg? never actually played any of the ones they’ve put on psn yet but from what I’ve seen their plats are pretty straightforward
  6. This is going to be the game that causes EA to finally put Bioware out of their misery
  7. Guys a new visiual novel came out better buy it in three different regions and fast forward through it so i can get that fast achievement time
  8. More free DLC characters
  9. Ive got a lot of nostalgia for this series, remember playing it with my dad on one of his segas when i was really young so im looking forward to this. Time for generic trophy thoughts discussion You can get a physical copy for PS4 or Switch from Limited Run Games for the next month or so
  10. The legacy pack for 18 bucks is a hell of a deal, planning on grabbing that for sure
  11. You’re in for a treat imo. The second game is basically an improvement on almost everything from the first game. I remember being so excited to get it Christmas morning when I was like 14 aha. i wish they didn’t run the series into the ground after the second game, never did play the wii game
  12. Feels weird seeing this outside of mobile or a Nintendo handheld never touched the series but was always moderately interested in it. Probably will grab this as some point.
  13. plat #17 Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition this is probably my 5th time replaying this game counting all my pc playthroughs. Really enjoy this game and storyline. Gameplay is a mix of beat em up and third person shooter. Story is you’re an undercover cop trying to take down a triad and it goes from there. plat was kinda grindy as some of the side content is just boring but not too bad hope one day we get a sequel but I’m not holding my breath as the devs who made the game went under.
  14. Sony is about to kill it in Japan too
  15. Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Rare Replay and Sunset Overdrive are all i really want on xbox. At least i can get Sunset Overdrive on PC now.