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  1. Dukes of Hazzard too spicy for 2021
  2. Maybe try downloading school stories again? It sounds like it's not installed because when I installed it i got everything right away from my mailbox.
  3. It sounds like the detective essentials pack is installed but not the school stories DLC just by looking at the store pages, as the skateboard and skatepark are part of the detectives essentials DLC.
  4. You have to make progress in those school stories if you haven't yet and they become available to you. If you've collected them from your mailbox then they will be available to you
  5. These actually look like decent visual improvements, especially in GTA 3. Curious as if anything was cut or rewritten personally
  6. Halloween Forever is on sale for i think the first time ever Got that and Streets of Red which looked like a fun beat em up
  7. Atlus US games seem to be getting delisted slowly but surely if they have anything you want digitally on PS3/Vita I would recommend getting it soon as they might get delisted sooner or later
  8. This is the cheapest Spongebob Battle For Bikini Bottom has gone so I grabbed that As for when I'll play it, who knows
  9. I just tried to go online on Freedom Wars to try and earn the last online trophy I needed and I got a message saying Communication Error can't connect to PSN while in game. Hopefully just a temporary thing.
  10. So we just have to add money to our PSN wallet on the web store or PS4/5 store using our card and then buy content on PS3/Vita if you don’t want to use PSN credit?
  11. I lost count of how many times I tried NYMHC and died, I got to Becker 3 different times and lost, I’ve died in just about every chapter multiple times I know these levels like the back of my hand but still couldn’t put together a winning run But tonight something finally clicked for me and I’ve got the trophy, plat and 100% tonight. Finally I can put this game behind me.
  12. I can't believe I finally beat NYMHC on Max Payne 3

    I swear I've tried at least 30 times, i lost count.

    I had very bad luck with this game mode but now I finally have the plat and the 100%

    1. AJ_Radio


      Well done. Those glitches are bad, particularly the freeze in Chapter 13 just before the LMG dude spawns. Froze there before, then I realized I had to play three hours of the game just to get back to that point. Pretty frustrating.

    2. DEI2EK


      Luckily I never had that issue, I just had a lot of bad luck and stupid deaths that could have been avoided if I wasn’t being dumb

    3. ihadalifeb4this



  13. Didn't realize it was up until I saw this notification, $35 for what seems like quite a bit of content stripped out of the game is a hard pill to swallow, especially when similar season passes get you a ton more content. My love for RGG might make me buy it anyway.
  14. I played the original a bit on Steam a few years ago, it's pretty good, very skill based platformer. Would recommend picking it up, sucks that console versions will be left behind in the future.
  15. Well its the Big in Japan sale so yea