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  1. Fist of the North Star kens rage 2 is digital only Also I think Mickey and the Castle of Illusion might be digital only too
  2. I said crystal chronicles but i meant Final Fantasy Crystal Defenders Also Tokyo Jungle is widely praised
  3. I forgot about Deathspank, also Costume Quest
  4. Looking at psprices and it's gonna be 50 bucks for all the ME3 DLC as i've never bothered to buy it That's really nice EA Also to OP, you can't get Shank 1, but Shank 2 is still up. I've been meaning to get Double Dragon Neon and Bloodrayne Betrayal as well Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Labyrinth Legends Shoot many Robots - not on NA, only EU PSN from what I see Mars War Logs - devs that made Greedfall and Technomancer so expect some jank Beyond good and evil HD Eat them looks fun but you might have gotten that with PS+ These are all on my PS3 to buy list but can't verify if theyre good or not
  6. Assuming theres no auto pop, to 100% Hitman 1 through 3 you have to do Hitman 1 3 times. That's insane.
  7. The only streamers I even watch now is vtubers be glad he hasn’t fallen down that rabbit hole yet
  8. Well 1, Worms Rumble seems to be unobtainable on PS5? There are about 100 users on PS4 that obtained it but no one on PS5.
  9. So do we just need to buy the $6 dlc that's on sale to get all the content in the version of Shadow of the Tomb Raider theyre giving us?
  10. My PS5 came today!


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      have fun hehe

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      You can do some Man-eating tomorrow.

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      Have fun! :) 

  11. Yeah I’m not expecting the third game to come out in english on ps4/5 either
  12. I mean Cyberpunk lets you customize your own junk and no one cares about that. The only titles that see this kind of scrutiny are Japanese.
  13. Rise was, Shadow hasn't been offered on plus.
  14. Sort of curious as to why a game about playing as a shark is not available in Saudia Arabia
  15. That's a solid lineup, though you'll have to buy the definitive DLC pack for Shadow of the Tomb Raider I can almost guarantee.