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  1. I’ve finished GOW 2018 so that’s 5 games finished for me
  2. Plat #83 God of War 4 I’ve had this in my backlog forever. I was getting FOMO since everyone was hyped for Ragnarok so I played this finally I enjoyed it, I’m sure everything positive I could say about it has been said before. Now on to UFC2 before the shutdown because I hate myself. I’ll buy and get to Ragnarok sometime.
  3. If you complete 300 more matches you’ll get 3 diamonds, but you could also pull 3 with the money you get grinding out faction wars good luck
  4. Evolution cards only count as their original card value. They don’t count for anything higher I got diamonds by grinding faction wars until I got diamond randy orton, Becky Lynch and then I had gotten two diamond cosmetics from the DX pack, and diamond Kane ‘08 from the newest pack
  5. Just announced that the original game from the 360 is coming to PS4 on January 24th 2023 I played it a bit on PC years ago and it’s clunky but charming Gamestop is going to have an exclusive physical release
  6. Yes it’s really fun, PS4 version is fine Ichi is a fun protag that contrasts well to stoic serious Kiryu
  7. Last 4 Tales of Arise - very good game Onrush - bleh Destroy all Humans Clone Carnage - it’s just the challenges from the remake but multiplayer, wouldn’t bother if I didn’t have my friend to boost with WWE 2K22 - Myfaction grind almost killed me now I think I’m going to start either Dad of War or Trails to Zero
  8. This is a sign that you need to complete as many stacks of the game as possible
  9. It’s honestly genius, they got essentially banned from both the front page of PSNP and the new games section on the PSN store so now they’re trying to advertise via the new dlc lists tracker
  10. Gotta get that free advertising somehow ya know
  11. Just a heads up for everyone was already posted in the shutdowns thread Everything is still obtainable for anyone who wants to start this now right?
  12. People who paid for premium for PS1 classics are surely getting sick of this
  13. It’s been reported that Codemasters will be shelving both the DIRT and Project Cars series and will be focusing on other projects
  14. New god of war collectible along with a Ratchet and Clank collectible, and a few more things