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  1. Game is on sale for 4 bucks, how many hours would someone be looking at to plat this game?
  2. They can be bought outside of the memberships, if you own them on PS3 already you're supposed to get them for free on PS4/5
  3. Full list of PS Classics we got Toy Story 2
  4. PS4 and 5 stack
  6. We now know PSP title Ridge Racer 2and PS1 game Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee will be included in the top tier. Both of them have been updated with "up-rendering, rewind, quick save, and custom video filters". In the case of Oddworld, pricing outside of PS Plus Premium works out at roughly $4 to buy the game standalone. Some images of the new user interface that lets you select various visual modes have also appeared online, which you can check out through here. It includes the previously announced rewind feature, some visual presets, further video options, and selectable aspect ratios. According to users, Oddworld does not have Trophies.
  7. Imagine if Mayo didn’t have regional stacks
  8. Well im annoyed, I thought I had earned all online trophies but apparently Midnight Cowboy is online, hopefully servers come back.
  9. I’ve seen Xseed heavily promoting this game on their social media but it still seems to have released relatively unknown How is it? Is it a fun game?
  10. I would pay an arm and a leg to be able to play Here Comes the Pain and SVR2007 on my PS5
  11. Gib Metal Gear Solid 1 platinum pls
  12. PS1 Classics CAN have trophies seems that it’s by devs discretion
  13. Going to auto pop it for a third time
  14. Fixed, copy pasting on a phone is fun