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  1. Cover art looks sick at least
  2. i did too everyone should shame us
  3. thanks for merging the threads mods, sorry i didn't see the other person had made a thread like a minute before i did
  4. Horizon chase turbo is a game heavily inspired by outrun, the devs said they were trying to capture the feel of that game with this one been on my to buy list but never got around to it
  5. PES 2019 and Horizon Chase Turbo At least horizon chase turbo looks fun
  6. i had a bug in the online on like my first race someone used a clock, and it made me slow for the rest of the race, and the clock flash kept going off like someone was reusing it constantly i rage quit
  7. Bioshock 2 > Bioshock 1 >>>>>> Bioshock Infinite This is the simple truth
  8. This costume is free when you claim the Pass too
  9. New arena fighter from Bamco How the hell will they make Saitama balanced
  10. You can get the Season Pass for Season 1 free on PSN even if you don't own the game
  11. please no shogi or majohng im too brainlet to understand them
  12. how did you get the trophy for online? just find someone to boost with?
  13. New game from the devs who made Slain Back From Hell, been meaning to play that at some point. Looks sick Heres the steam page if youre interested
  14. Fate/Extella probably just because it was a boring grind
  15. Sorta censorship? Disney won't let Respawn show dismemberment or blood in Fallen Order for humanoid characters