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  1. They still have differences. Trophies have screenshots Achievements have percentage trackers Trophies have set values (Gold Silver Bronze) Achievements have a numeric value (this could be a pro or a con depending on opinion) Achievements come with a wallpaper (and some games do it really well like Tomb Raider and Halo, while some others suck) Rare Achievements Trophies unlock offline Achievements are always synced Trophies have an option to see Hidden requirements via the console
  2. I really didn't like Infamous at all, I thought it was a pretty poor game, story, traversal, combat, all seemed tedious and annoying to me. Spider-Man however is incredibly fun, swinging is smooth and the combat is surprisingly involved, would highly recommend picking up Spider-Man.
  3. Took an hour on the first encounter fighting level 1 Draugr (ended up cheesing it by spamming heavy axe throws). Killed the first Troll in one attempt without taking a hit.
  4. Lock on to her, really helps to keep track when she is flying around (R3), and it also helps your Rage mode attacks to hit her. I took the fight slow, you can shield block most attacks while waiting for Runic attacks to charge, and use Rage mode when your health gets low because it refills your health. I used only the Axe and a level 3 Talisman that gave me health on use. Make sure everything is upgraded as much as you can (My Sindri armor wasn't fully upgraded but worked fine), and use the boy as often as you can (but save 1-2 arrows in case you need to interrupt one of her red attacks). Press R3 to lock onto her and make sure you are dodging left-right (I always did left), not forwards or backwards.
  5. Seem's a bit buggy, mine unlocked when I was standing still watching a video on YouTube, pretty sure I was in an area I had been hours before too.
  6. I started the game after 1.17 and got the Trophy with no problems after I killed the boss and opened the chest.
  7. I just got this in the Hall of Darkness boss (Snake King) on Safety difficulty, super easy if you know what to look out for and swap your party members every so often.
  8. I know, they are based in the UK.
  9. All the games I've got are from the EU Region (and have PEGI ratings on the cover).
  10. Sure can.
  11. One location has 2 fireclaws.
  12. I always get my stuff from them within 7 days.
  13. Do we know if this is a retroactive fix?
  14. I meant it's name. I have one called Wheelchair Ride which may be it.
  15. Do you know which concept art is the missable one by any chance?