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  1. Thanks man!
  2. Grand theft auto The Last of Us Red dead redemption 2 Fallout 4 All 4 I can say I see why people think they are amazing games but within a couple hours I had to put down because they weren’t “fun”. Opinion of course (albeit unpopular)
  3. Nice! And agree
  4. Looks like another very doable short plat like Perils of Baking, Habroxia 1, and TwinBreaker. Thoughts?
  5. Thanks for the long explanation. I understand that on a single game basis. So the Average located in the stats is just looking at all the games pure % and not looking at the average of all the grades is the thinking?
  6. Astros Playroom
  7. Under Stats is shows what your average letter ranking is and I was wandering how this is calculating and if it’s rounded up or down to the closest letter? I was thinking maybe it was points per rank averaged over games played. S=3 A=2 B=1 C=0 D=-1 E=-2 F=-3 Easy example: so if I had played 6 games with 3 S ranks and 3 D ranks that would be 6 points over 6 games and a 1 point average or B rank based on above... interested to hear if this calculation is known
  8. I’ve plAyed two Seperate rounds on official courses in scramble mode on legend for my player shooting like 15 under as a team and nothing will pop . This is in the local match setting. Not sure what I am doing wrong...
  9. Ace

    Not yet. Been so close many times
  10. Use roundabout. Very powerful and not much aiming required. Also chaser for the real tough parts to focus on dodging but still do damage.
  11. Committed to grind longer games that have reasonable difficulty JRPGs and Challenging games
  12. 1. Timesplitters trilogy 2. MGS trilogy 3. symphon filter 1 and 2 4. Croc - legend of the Gobos 5. SSX and SSX Tricky 6. command and Conquer and Red Alert (In June got remastered and rereleased on can hope)
  13. The Crash Remake Trilogy! Going to try for that crash 4?!? Seems even tougher Than 1
  14. 1. N++ 2. Crash Bandicoot 4 3. Crash Team Racing
  15. The Last Guardian