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  1. I said This was a misunderstanding read next time! Okay 👌 It was a misunderstanding dude you came late this was hours ago He was being sarcastic
  2. My Bad I Thought You Were Serous He Said It Was A Joke, Besides I Was Not Gonna Prove My Point Any Futher To See If He Was Joking Or Being Serious It Was A Misunderstanding He Was Joking. Go Inside Where? Hell?
  3. Really You Won't Buy A Game That Has No Platinum. Grow Up, Trophies Don't Make A Game Good. It's Like Oh Resident Evil 4 Has No Platinum No Buy, But It's A Good Game, Trophies Are Just Pictures With Colored Object That Has 4 Grades Levels. So Called Gamer.
  4. Ok I Do Have Old Profile That Has Big Leagues From 2013
  5. Is There A Disc Version?
  6. I Heard There's A Glitch Where You Have Freind That Has A League Rank, Then You Join Their Party And Back Out Quickly Till It Copys Their Rank To Your Playercard. So Would The Game Think You Have The Requirements After You Win 5 Matches With Glitch Rank? I Need To Test If It Pops Trophy Then That's Amazing 😎
  7. I Play Them Regardless If The Platinum Is Not Available.Cause Trophies Are Just There For Fun, If Someone Only Plays Games For Trophies And Not For The Game It Self Their Not Real Gamers, Remember Games Didn't Have Trophies On PS1,PS2, Etc, We Played For Fun. 😎
  8. No It Does Not, But You Can Farm Kills At The Diaz Fight 😀