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  1. Soul Calibur V
  2. I finished defiled chalice yesterday and here's the story. First boss was just spamming R1 with Rakuyo till stamina goes out, backing out, repeat. Watchdog was horrible, whenever I got near him to land some shots he did that charging attack which was always one shot. I eventually ended up using strategy of staying close in front of him and L2-ing him with long range weapon (Burial blade in that case) and it still took me about 20 tries. Amygdala. Back to Rakuyo. I kept fair distance, strafing to the left. Whenever she uses any attack that leaves you a window, go and smack her arms 2-3 times. Being patient is the key, even if you miss (and I missed a lot probably cause of locking on her) still back out and wait for another opportunity. It was easy to bring her down to around 25% hp without using even 1 blood vial. Main problem was that last phase when she rips her arms out. Her range is awful, hitboxes are gigantic and I somehow always ended up hitting arms she uses as a weapon which did no damage at all. So I'm thinking 25% hp isn't that much of a deal, I'll stick around her legs and tail and go for a safe bet. Bolt paper boosted that pitiful damage a little bit. Everytime she jumped I stood still and few times she landed in a specific way, I was able to get some hits to the head, if not I ran right to the tail section. She was dead after 3rd try. I play offline, never bothered with cooping or summoning npcs to boss fights. There was 1 hard boss in Bloodborne for me and I mean Hard with capital "h". Fuck you Orphan!
  3. Thanks for info. I remember playing it on pc around release date but didn't finish it after all (got annoyed when these mutants started to show up). However now I'm an old man and all I care about are trophies­čśü platinum seems pretty easy so I decided to finally get it done.
  4. To be clear about how that exploit works. Am I supposed to finish the game on easy and then start new campaign on hard (and quit the game before save gets erased) or left it unfinished on last checkpoint of last mission and then restart campaign?
  5. I was in quite the same spot as you. Long time ago I touched DS 1 but left it after about 3 hours, coulnd't really get into it. However Bloodborne always fascinated me mostly because of that dark and depressing atmosphere. I didn't buy because I thought I'm gonna suck balls at it, everybody says it's so terribly difficult. And yes, I had some tough time at the beginning, you say you have played for 5 hours and killed 3 bosses. Well, I spent first 5 hours running around central Yharnam and learning to actually play this game. Now I'm done with story, with dlc and slowly making my way through chalice dungeons but I don't find them as fun as rest of the game. My advice? Try not to think of mythical difficulty, it is really not that bad. I would also avoid unnecessary guides, tutorials and stuff like that, figuring things out on your own will be much more satisfying. Didn't really expect that but it turned out to be one of best games I've played in very long time. Bloodborne got that SOMETHING, like it's unpleasently pleasent to play kind of thing.
  6. I see some people mentioned TLOU here and only real similarity was perhaps adult and kid travelling together thing. In that matter GoW did worse but TLOU is in my opinion best character writing in a video game ever, honestly my only 10/10 besides Fallout 2 and Baldur's Gate 2. However, back to the subject. I already made that mistake of basing too much on opinions and reviews before actually playing the game with Horizon. It wasn't a bad game but nothing near spectacularity everybody talked about. I'm diehard fan of all previous GoW games and it's the only reason I still keep my PS3 around but it was obvious, that 2018 GoW was going to be something else. Speaking of story, I think it was pretty good introduction to that new reality Kratos got in. Santa Monica is yet to release (at least?) 2 more sequels so I hope for some mindblowing plot twists and even more for retrospections (from time between GoW 3 and new one). Combat was great, I loved axe right away and used it even after I got my hands on blades. Must agree on camera issue however. It feels way to close, sometimes, during encounters with multiple enemies it was tough to keep them all under control. Story boss fights were nothing special, I think dragon is the only one I had fun with. Valkyries were pretty repetitive. Nontheless combat was very entertaining due to many combos and crapload of different runic attacks. Long story short I suppose I got what I expected. What I really wish for however, is "new-old" God of War but that will probably never happen. Solid 8,5 from me, all in all it lived up to franchise legacy.
  7. Thanks for replies. I don't know if actual content depends on reguon or it's random. However, it doesn't matter that much, can't wait tuesday to grab that disc and spread the destruction!!!
  8. So you got that added to your library?
  9. Hi! I've just ordered a copy of Day One edition of the game and I have a question to people who already have it. Does the bonus stuff (PS4 theme, some equipment) come as a code to redeem in PSstore so it is added to my library as dlc?
  10. So I'm thinking about finally getting plat in Darksiders 2 and I wonder what approach you suggest. I started the game few months ago when it came to ps+, I'm only few hours into the game (level 9 I think). It is on normal difficulty and as I'm aware level 30 cannot be achieved in single playthrough so I decided to finish this one while aiming for most of the trophies and then go for ng+ on Deathinitive for difficulty trophies and level 30 one. Is that the right way to go?
  11. Yes, it is. Hardcore level 60 character challenge is unlocked but not Above and beyond.
  12. As far as I read about getting trophies after importing ps3 save I suppose it works randomly for people. In my case all it took for Dream Team trophy was to load each character just for a moment (I imported 6 level 70 characters, 1 of them on hardcore). I also got Above and beyond by reaching next paragon level but didn't get Above and beyond hardcore by doing so with my hardcore character. Guess I have to start another one from scratch.
  13. And how about reaching level 70 with all characters trophy? I've just uploaded my platinum save from ps3 to ps4 and I wonder about that one.
  14. Not really, guess Alpina hole 12 is still most reliable option.
  15. As it's clear that trophy requires revenge matches I want to ask something. Each day you have only one try and I already know that quitting game before the end of match while you know you're gonna lose is no go. Game will still count it as loss. However today I made a backup of savefile, lost revenge match and uploaded backup. Match was available, it was on the same course, similar rules but it was completely different boss. So has anyone tried it and may confirm that making backup before revenge match is reliable way around that silly one attempt per day limit?