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  1. I did some research and as mentioned above, issue was present in original. It happens only in Plains of Eretheal region and even after you get black map there, it goes back to normal once you travel to other region. Not sure however if PoE region is broken for good. I encountered it while doing side activities there and I managed to avoid it by taking different routes but yesterday I was doing main quest there, the one with the thunder spear and when I left the dungeon, map was already broken so I couldn't really go around this time. Anyway I have done everything there so no need to go back.
  2. Hey, I'm like 40+ hours into the game and today weird thing occured. When I crossed regions border (on foot, not by fast travel) local map turned black. I still can see all icons and markers but whole background is black. I took different road and manages to avoid it for the first time but now it's happening within the same region. There is a sidequest in Tala Rane, Niahm's labors when the guy asks you to kill few beasts and last of them being a jottun not too far from where he is. I take the quest, map is fine but once I get close to jottun location it turns black and I have no idea how to bypass it. Reloading save doesn't help, neither does restarting the game. I haven't tried reinstalling yet. Perhaps someone ran into the same issue and has a solution. Much appreciated!
  3. Not something trophy related though I'll ask. Do you also find loading times terribly long? Leaving any house to an open world takes something around 30 seconds, honestly it drives me mad. I'm using external hdd so it may take a little longer but come on, this game is previous gen.
  4. Correct. If only I've played the game for five more minutes, this thread wouldn't be necessary. Thanks anuways!
  5. I bought the physical copy with tiger shark skin code. I redeemed it, but have no idea how to change it in the game. I read, it is a preorder bonus only but still, psstore says I own the thing. Is it possible to equip it later or I can change it right off the bat? If so, can anyone tell me where?
  6. I see Nioh popping up frequently in this thread and I pick it as well. Bought complete edition more than 2 years ago, had 3 or 4 attempts at it across few months, maybe 10 hours of gameplay over 6 months and finally deserted it for good. Few months ago my buddy was busting my balls about playing it in coop and I got totally sucked in. Almost 300 hours right now, finishing way of the wise and still not bored even a bit.
  7. it is not the case anymore but today it was possible to get ps4 version for free even if you don't have ps3 one. all you had to do was claim free ps3 demo, then ps4 version appeared as free as well. however they realised the mistake, it is not even available in store anymore beacuse of that.
  8. Agreed. I know it isn't full price game (it absolutely shouldn't, it's just a remaster, not a remake) but still, making new, paid dlc for previous generation game seems off. I'm going to buy the game asap nonetheless, we'll see about that dlc though.
  9. So it seems like new dlc will be paid, that's a shame.
  10. I'm not sure if that site you mentioned has anything to do with but I absolutely don't recommend it. I once bought 20$ card there and they asked me to send them picture of my id card. they sent the code once I told them I'm gonna start an issue via paypal but avoid that site nonetheless, it is nothing but a scam. what I use mostly is never haf any problem there.
  11. Probably I won't get it on release cause of my huge backlog but if there's one game from previous gen I wanted remastered it is KoA:R. I loved the whole package, graphics, ingame world, combat and character building. I reset skillpoints countless times just to mess around with every possible configuration and weapon.
  12. Thanks for reply. It wasn't too much of a deal to reload save and go there at the very beginning just for that. Anyway, I'm in chapter 8 and trophy popped without any issues, right after they finished their song.
  13. I'm trying to get this trophy out of the way on my 1st playthrough (ghost/no kills). I'm in chapter 6 and I went straight for Byrne, knocked him out and delivered him to Howler's Saloon, however there is no sign of musicians. There's only Paolo behind the bar and that's it. Do I have to sneak inside the bar without Byrne's body for them to show up? If that's the case then it sucks as I wanted to save myself avoiding all the enemies there.
  14. I hope WWII is just a 3rd bonus game like Black Ops 3 back in the day.
  15. Thanks for confirmation cause my first thought was it is possible for potentially relevent npc to get killed in random event while I'm on the other end of the map. In that case I'll ignore Dawnguard quest for now, actually I half way to max out werewolf skills already so I think I'm good to go. Thanks for feedback guys!