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  1. Sweet, I voted for psn card. Thanks for another great giveaway grimydawg and gl to everyone!
  2. Complete edition installs with every single piece of dlc for W3. Same goes for Goty.
  3. Enchanced edition has that little thing among options to always roll max possible amount of hp on level up. I've played enchanced editions of BG, BG II and IWD (currently going through NWN as well) on android and can confirm at least there all cheesy strats with summoning worked as it did in original release over 20 years ago. I honestly admit BG II with probably every mod released (and any combination of mods) is definitely top 1 of games I spent most time with and I played it for the first time right at the premiere. Though I'll get it for ps4 at some point just for the plats, I won't rush with the purchase. I strongly advice checking out how the game actually plays on console. In my opinion, enchanced editions of these classics are some of the most unnecessary things in gaming. They barely support any mods and there is HUGE amount of some spectacular fan-made stuff for BG and also original versions still work well on any windows so one shouldn't have a single problem running them on modern pc. Another thing, is these EE had tone of technical issues upon their releases on pc and I, unfortunetly, expect same situation on consoles. However, it is nothing else but my opinion, but BG and BG II are, hands down, the greatest rpg titles I've played along with Fallout 2, so if anyone missed them or is simply too young to remember, I really suggest to have them on your radar. Thread is about trophies so a word about them. For someone unexperienced highest difficulty might be a challenge (I believe difficulty in EE applies the same way as it did in original games). Other than that, as some people already mentioned here, trophies are mostly about doing side quests and many of them need you to make conflicting choices on particular quest, but as long as saving works like it worked before, you absolutely won't need 2nd playthrough. Simple quicksave/quickload will do the job. I also don't recall BG to have that many enemies so getting 1000 kills might be tricky but you can always grind kobolds at Firewine bridge or Nashkel mine. Long story short, list looks pretty easy.
  4. Borderlands 3. Giveaway much appreciated!
  5. I'd pick the one at the hospital when Marlene speaks with Joel and he deals with that goon later on. I think I never sympathized with and cheered for a video game character like I did back then for him. Joel is, in my opinion, best written protagonist any game ever had, hands down. I just hope he won't be marginalised in the sequel.
  6. I love Alien quadrilogy (well, maybe except the 2nd movie) so definitely one from Alien Isolation Thanks for the giveaway!
  7. Portal Knights Took me 5 days and 16 hours and sits at 3.84% right now.
  8. Leaks I saw mention Star Wars Battlefront 2 and UFC 3. That would be terrible, I can't imagine worse line up. I'd like to see Nier Automata and one more easy plat piece of shit game.
  9. There is a Far Cry 3 remaster for quite a long time. Speaking of subject: GTA IV God of War: Ascension Deus Ex: Human Revolution I think there aren't many ps3 games I'd like to see remastered as most of them didn't age that badly. However what I'd really love is Soul Reaver remaster for current gen, especially 1st game.
  10. Add me on psn (same name as here). Will try to help you out.
  11. Yup, it unlocked after the tutorial part. It didn't really matter however, that stuff will hardly make my life easier.
  12. Hey, I've bought season pass on recent sale and after digging up some info, I managed to figure out the way you access stuff in campaign. However season pass also comes with 5 boosters and 20 chipsets for everyone's favourite breach mode and I have no freakin idea how to unlock those. I've also read people had some problems with it after preordering the game and accessing that right after launch so does anybody knows how exactly does it work? Do I have to finish tutorial for breach to get that stuff? Any feedback is much appreciated, cheers!
  13. 2 years after the release I expect nothing else than free dlc. Goodbye 100% if it's paid.
  14. Will definitely get Human Revolution + Missing Link dlc for second platinum!
  15. Screw my backlog, I want that remaster NOW!