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  1. So here's the deal. I was finally able to build last platform in mother base which is combat one. Build progress bar is full, there is no time left, but for some reason construction isn't finished. It says 'Perform base managment'. What the hell does it mean? I think that whole base mechanic is stupidly complicated for no good reason and I'm getting lost in it whough I like the game after going back to it after 5 years.
  2. I know what you mean. I looked up the guide briefly before playing the game myself and was at least confused with all the information about how to trigger different endings. But like you said, it will become much more comprehendible when you start playing and you won't have any trouble following steps from the guide once you finish the game for the first time.
  3. I think guide makes this as simple as it gets. Fact that there are lot of steps to aqcuire specific ending doesn't mean these steps are complicated. Just pay attention to certain ending description while you're aiming at it and that's it.
  4. I went back to Shadow of War recently after few years and to my surprise, this trophy wasn't that bad at all. I finished Shadow wars first and after that, I had overall rating of ~2000 which made me do few additional online conquests to hit 2500. I wasn't aware of any exploits so I did the whole thing legit and there's really no convoluted mechanic to it. Just upgrade your capos/overlords as much as possible, make them epic/legendary if you can afford it and that's it. Obviously a viable build of Talion helps a lot because after all, you're the one who does most of the heavy lifting during sieges.
  5. I started with samurai and now, after 38 hours of gameplay I barely started to go with main storyline (I mean, I got past Godrick and now I wonder around Rai Lucaria). I used katana all the time, found another one in Stormveil castle and 2 magical katans yesterday so I'm pumping int now and I guess I'm gonna rock both of them throughout my entire playthrough. Once I get some more int, I might try out magic.
  6. As far as I know, none of dlc trophies autopop. I recently played Ireland and Paris dlc and what I did was I made a manual save at every point where I was about to get a trophy, start the ps4 version and get it there as well. Then I just went back to my normal playthrough on ps5. It's not that time consuming as long as you know when you should make a save but trophy guide will help you with this. Now I'm going through mastery challenges and the plan is I get gold on all of them on ps5 except for one. Make a save, start ps4 version, finish the remaining challenge with gold and hopefully I get both trophies there. Then I'll replay the last challenge on ps5.
  7. I ended up turning gear level on and took me literally 10 minutes to get golden weapon as a loot from random grunt. In case anyone wonders.
  8. I'm playing immersive mode, because I think all that gear level stuff is bullshit but still need a trophy for equipping legendary weapon. I switched gear level to on and killed 3 or 4 behemoths but got nothing. Is there any reliable way to obtain legendary weapon without too much farming?
  9. Breach is pretty high on my "most unnecessery things ever" list. Did it with exploit without thinking twice.
  10. I just started the game to check on it and it's fixed. I can hop into the game with my main character. Give it a shot now.
  11. That's some positive news here. I mean it's still some shameful shit how this game runs but at least I'm not worrying too much about losing progress. Thanks for info!
  12. You mean you also couldn't see characters in the menu and after they came back you couldn't join the game with any of them and it sorted out on its own? Because I'm currently unable to play any online softcore character at all.
  13. Hey, here's my problem. I have lvl52 character and I've been doing some farming. After quitting the game I had a blackscreen with game logo on the bottom right. I waited for a while but it didn't seem to go away so I killed the app and restert it. Then I found out my character is gone. After few attempts I managed to make a new one and the old one (lvl52) reappeared. Hell yeah, I'm all good! NO, I'M NOT Now I can't join the game with this character. I'm getting "character is already in the game" or "can't connect to the server, check you internet connection" popup. If I start a fresh sc char and I try to join the game, I get infinite blackscreen. HC characters however work without issues. Is there any solution to this situation, preferably the one which doesn't mean losing all progress with my original character?
  14. Only solution I found was to start ps5 in safe mode and rebuild database. Luckily it did the job done meaning I was finally able to delete this notification. Some say that error has something to do with games being installed on external hard drive, but I'm not sure. It happened to me at least dozen times with games installed either on external and internal memory.
  15. http:// I'm getting this kind of message almost everytime any game gets an update. It downloads but won't install. In most cases I just delete the update file along with this error notification, then I have to delete the game as well and redownload the whole thing at recent version. However this time I'm stuck with this notification. Can't install it, can't delete, it doesn't go away even after deleting the game it is meant for (btw is it just me or ps5 sometimes doesn't recognise the game being updated and just says 'ps4 title'). It is always the same error, CE-107857-8. Game in question was installed on external hard drive and yes, I have at least 300gb of available space on ssd as well. Is there any way to get rid of this notification? Or maybe there's a way to avoid this error in the future? Please, help me out.