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  1. So I'm thinking about finally getting plat in Darksiders 2 and I wonder what approach you suggest. I started the game few months ago when it came to ps+, I'm only few hours into the game (level 9 I think). It is on normal difficulty and as I'm aware level 30 cannot be achieved in single playthrough so I decided to finish this one while aiming for most of the trophies and then go for ng+ on Deathinitive for difficulty trophies and level 30 one. Is that the right way to go?
  2. Yes, it is. Hardcore level 60 character challenge is unlocked but not Above and beyond.
  3. As far as I read about getting trophies after importing ps3 save I suppose it works randomly for people. In my case all it took for Dream Team trophy was to load each character just for a moment (I imported 6 level 70 characters, 1 of them on hardcore). I also got Above and beyond by reaching next paragon level but didn't get Above and beyond hardcore by doing so with my hardcore character. Guess I have to start another one from scratch.
  4. And how about reaching level 70 with all characters trophy? I've just uploaded my platinum save from ps3 to ps4 and I wonder about that one.
  5. Not really, guess Alpina hole 12 is still most reliable option.
  6. As it's clear that trophy requires revenge matches I want to ask something. Each day you have only one try and I already know that quitting game before the end of match while you know you're gonna lose is no go. Game will still count it as loss. However today I made a backup of savefile, lost revenge match and uploaded backup. Match was available, it was on the same course, similar rules but it was completely different boss. So has anyone tried it and may confirm that making backup before revenge match is reliable way around that silly one attempt per day limit?
  7. 2 out of 3 were on sale recently so I bought them. The first one which name I can't remember and Balata. Both are ridiculously easy, basically straight stripes of fairway with green at the end. They also don't appear in tournaments at the desk. If you ask me, it's definitely not worth it. I can speak only for these 2 I have but considering they are level 1 course difficulty and last one being level 2, I don't think it's much more of a challenge.
  8. I guess I have a hang of it now. Basically 1 important thing I had no idea about is that each upgrade can vary between 1-3 points. I thought it's always 1 as I already spent 10 crystals, which I don't even know where came from, and power went up only 1 point. Definitely going to take advice mentioned in that guide you sent me, back up save file before messing with that custom clubs any further. Once again thanks for the tips guys!
  9. This seems to be more complicated than I imagined. I took a really quick look at this guide and it seems more detailed than I wished for Thank you for help, will definitely follow it and hopefully get plat this year
  10. Hey, so I've finished single player campaign recently and I'm thinking about platinum. I know that major wall to obtain it is getting 3 condors. I watched some YT videos of people scoring condors and they have like ~360 yards with their clubs. I assume they are using custom clubs which I got after finishing chapter 6 and I know how to farm these crystals to upgrade it. Question is, how many times can I upgrade it and should I upgrade any stat other than strength? I heard or read somewhere that maximum amount of upgardes via crystals is 15 and preferable way to do it is 10 into strength and 5 into control. Can anyone having plat or condor trophy confirm it? Or even better, if someone could give me some specific tips about upgrading custom clubs? Cheers.
  11. I feel the same way. Game itself is awesome, getting 100% didn't feel uncomfortable in any way. I've been thinking about getting PS3 version for 2nd platinum but that pile of games yet to start is always too big. You can grab it for around 5€ while it's on sale so I guess I'll get it next time.
  12. I wonder if collecting all artifacts are necessary for plat. Specific trophy requires you to get only 25, I have that many and now I'm at that room where you have to light youserlf on fire and kill enemies in limited time to get the door open. I know there are 2 artifacts at the end of the room but killing these guys is pain in the ass. I'd rather just skip that section.
  13. It doesn't matter if you kill them or not in terms of all contracts trophy. However there is a contract on Skellige which allows you to either kill or disenchant the monster. This one also has its own trophy and it won't unlock if you choose the latter way.
  14. Just like noone forced to reply. Where was I supposed to do it if not here? Oh and thanks for personal advices. You can shove them up your.. I guess you know where... Good riddance.
  15. You named two things I mentioned while there were plenty more but I won't run through them again. And is there any law I haven't heard of, which states HZD is a great game? Can I just rate the game lower because I didn't like it? Manhandling someone with different opinion on a video game, now that's what I call overreacting.