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  1. I followed this guide and had no problems unlocking mentioned trophy even though some of the triggers they put in there seemed unavailable for me so I might have skipped 5 or 6.
  2. This is not really trophy related as I gave up on getting trophies in Fifa games few years ago due to lack of skill but me and my friends still like to play for fun on couch and I've been playing Brasil since like Fifa 14. However I bought 19, I'm going for Brasil and this is not Brasil. It's fucking Neymar and friends team. Literally all players beside him are some nonames with ~80 overall. They don't even have their photos. Can anyone expplain this to me?
  3. Fully agreed. Game is terribly boring. After all I did it as I planned. Finished 1st playthrough (it wasn't even on normal as I switched to easy half the way to speed things up) and after few months I nailed deathinitive, deleted the game and erased all memories of playing it. Shame on me but I abused that shop glitch to get best possible weapons on my 2nd playthrough and blast through it asap.
  4. I got your point, also my bad, calling something not easy isn't calling it hard. I think GOW has more of an exhausting and boring plat rather than difficult, mostly because of these silly collectibles you mentioned (I'd say it's easiest one of all GOW games) Too bad the franchise lost its "personality" of an undisputed king of TPP slashers to become yet another one game with open world and pretty much nothing to do around it, but I'm going out of the subject here... Cheers!
  5. Platted this game about a month ago and didn't have any issues with any of the trophies. I've been playing with my pal at the beginning, we reached something around 50% completion. Then he started playing something else and I was so sucked in, I couldn't stop so I finished the game and cleared all of the collectibles on my own. Everything popped exactly when it was supposed to.
  6. What exactly is hard about getting GOW platinum?
  7. Count me in. I maxed out D3 on both, PS3 and PS4 long time ago and got Nioh Complete Edtlition somewhere last month. However it's still not that bad, only game given free via psplus I already had was last month's GOW 3 Remastered. I've been subscribing for nearly 2 years now.
  8. Dead Island Definitive Edition. I've played only Dead Island. Was about to download Riptide once I'm done with it, but that's not going to happen I guess. Weapon durability thing was garbage, literally couple dozens of hits were enough to bring weapon down to zero durability. Character movement seemed terribly sluggish overall. Trophy list was bullshit, for example the one which required to score 10 zombie kills by headshots in a row. Frustration given by this trophy was the point when I ultimately gave up on that series.
  9. Nice. Anyway thanks for the heads up, something like that might happen. I finally got on with Darksiders 2 again after 10 months and this plat will be mine sooner or later but man, this game is sooo boring, even compared to 1st one which was far from my favourite.
  10. What level are you? Because stages from 75 upwards unlock once you're level 25+.
  11. Despite the fact my completion varies between 81-84% since forever, feature like that would be awesome. Nice way of motivation to keep that gauge going up.
  12. Hey, I'm wondering if these 2 are required for all story missions trophy and platinum in general. Me and 2 buddies wasted whole afternoon yesterday and finally killed predator so we went straight ahead for Sam Fisher's one and what a bullshit mission is that. First of all, I can't kill anyone on my way to meet him but the second we talk I have to wipe out entire base and all reinforcements, kinda raping the logic. Second, place to hold is terrible, choppers coming in faster that we are able to bring them down. Killing equipment in base doesn't do a thing as clearly unidad chase plays on its own ruoes and they keep coming anyway, unless you lose them. Game's been fun so far, probably because I'm playing with friends but even single player is cool and I want to plat it. Just please, don't tell me this particualr mission is a must do because it is nothing more than a shitty design and I'm tired of trying again.
  13. Some hyperlinks indeed don't work. I also wanted to make some changes in notifications but off/on switches don't work as well. Pretty inconvenient for someone who visits site only via phone
  14. No, it doesn't. Installing them will only add their individual questlines in you pipboy, you can tackle them anytime you want and they don't interfere with main plot in any way.
  15. When you are about to enter any dlc area, it tells you what is the optimal level for this particular one. I did them, when I was around that advised level except one (Old world blues I think) which I started right before finishing base game. Also remember there is no free roam after final quest and you can't go back to any of the dlc's you skipped (of course you can always load up saved game before finishing it and get on with dlc).