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  1. I wonder if collecting all artifacts are necessary for plat. Specific trophy requires you to get only 25, I have that many and now I'm at that room where you have to light youserlf on fire and kill enemies in limited time to get the door open. I know there are 2 artifacts at the end of the room but killing these guys is pain in the ass. I'd rather just skip that section.
  2. It doesn't matter if you kill them or not in terms of all contracts trophy. However there is a contract on Skellige which allows you to either kill or disenchant the monster. This one also has its own trophy and it won't unlock if you choose the latter way.
  3. Just like noone forced to reply. Where was I supposed to do it if not here? Oh and thanks for personal advices. You can shove them up your.. I guess you know where... Good riddance.
  4. You named two things I mentioned while there were plenty more but I won't run through them again. And is there any law I haven't heard of, which states HZD is a great game? Can I just rate the game lower because I didn't like it? Manhandling someone with different opinion on a video game, now that's what I call overreacting.
  5. 1. Of course I could refuse to wear best armor in game but what's the point. This particualr quest starts right at the beginning of the game and drags almost through whole storyline so it is pretty obvious I wanted to put my hands on it. Anyway at that point of my playthrough I was trying to get over with the game asap. 2. There was a time when games had no 3d graphics. It's 2017 for god's sake. Minimap is utility to make life easier, nothing more. I brought up navigation only because of no minimap, if it was there markers wouldn't be a problem at all. 3. Perhaps you misunderstood what I meant here. Or I didn't say it clearly enough. Climbing itself wasn't the issue. It was more about spots you can climb. For example you want to climb huge cliff and you need to run around damn thing just to find that one rock which you can hold on to so it's not a matter of figuring it out. As I was writing this, I thought of 1 more annoying thing which was 1 active item at a time and scrolling a dozen of them everytime you need something else. I guess 6,5 might be a lil bit too harsh but I expected something really outstanding, especially with all these 10's/10 tossed all around the web.
  6. Actually I did explain in latter post. Look harder.
  7. No, it doesn't and no, Aloy isn't Talion's daughter or sister or whatever. You picked this one specific sentence and bash it over and over again, any of your input here limits to Shadow of mordor similarity, class d jokes. If you have nothing to say, why don't you just let it go?
  8. Your posts in this thread are like Nicolas Cage's movies. World would be better without them.
  9. I'm taking it back right now Loading scree was just an image, no animations or 3d models whatsoever. Oh I guess you're right, I might have gone a little more direct Like you said, I was actually looking forward to see other people's point of view in these matters but then I got posts #3 #4 and #5 so you know...
  10. And how was my last post different from original one? Did I go personal in any part? Did I impose my opinion to anyone in any way? Honestly, I don't think so and god forbid I'm not going to.
  11. Slow-mo while aiming, whole stealth look-a-like, dominating machines (which I used 2 or 3 times because of overall uselessness). Horizon looked to me like Shadow of mordor in different environment but that might be just kind of my thing. Funny how noone refered to anything I wrote. Combat was dull as shit. Ok, you have different bows with different effect arrows, slings, all these fancy trap devices (Imo using last wasn't worth the trouble) and TWO attacks with spear. Seriously, weak and strong hit, no combos, no spear related skills, nothing. Speaking of skill tree, most of it felt like it completely didn't matter. If I had Aloy level 1 with Shield weaver, top shelf bows and Sylens spear, combat would be same as on level 50. Also I forgot to point out 1 more thing, pretty big this one. Loading times. So many people complain about loading being way too long in Witcher 3 but noone seems to see the problem in Horizon...
  12. I was very hyped for Horizon so I finally grabbed it during black friday sale and, oh boy, how big of a let down it was. I don't mean it's crap, absolutely, I just want to start an arguement as I honestly can't understand where all that praise around it comes from. I'll try to point out few things that bothered me the most about HZD and why it turned out to be below my expectations. 1)Combat. I originally started game on normal difficulty and I felt fighting was awesome. It was fairly balanced and, in fact I got my ass kicked few times despite difficulty level when I started to act too bald. But it became repetitive pretty quickly and was more and more boring. Being close to end of the game I was abusing fast travel just to avoid unnecessary encounters. However jewel in that crown was Shield weaver armor which in my opinion completely broke any balance. Even in NG+ on ultra hard combat wasn't challenging at all, I can't remember dying even once. Only difference was amount of time it consumed. 2)Navigation and markers. First of all, no minimap in an open world game. What the fuck Guerrilla? Messed up markers pointing to the road leading to my destination instead of destination itself. Couple of times I was running around like moron just to get to the road while objective was in opposite direction. 3)Climbing. That one was probably most annoying. Looking for handholds in some areas was pain in the ass. Some of them were barely visible in daylight but when weather changed (showing or sandstorm) I literally couldn't see shit. Also limited climbing possibilities stood against free exploration which should be the biggest funfactor in games like that. After first few hours into the game I was like '80% of mechanics is copypasted from Shadow of mordor but done worse'. Story however was strong part of Horizon. Very strong actually. There were two amazing plot twists that blew my mind and, in general, it felt very fresh among recent games. That would be it. Like I mentioned I don't intend to start a shitstorm, just want to share my opinion. 6.5/10 from me, cheers!
  13. You don't. Dlc's missions will be available on NG+ whether you finish them on your original playthrough or not.
  14. First of all I loved every minute out of nearly 350 hours I invested in playing W3 2 times (1st playthrough and NG+). I started on normal and I think it was perfectly balanced at the beginning, however once you get the idea of how fighting mechanics work, it can become very easy. For me it was around level 10 or something. After 1st playthrough I immediatly started NG+ on death march and didn't really feel any difference. Important thing here might be the fact I had both dlc's and some of mutations from Blood and Wine are simply overpowered. I was abusing that freezing Aard mutation, it was hell of a fun but made most of the fights a breeze. It was definetly worth playing for a second time, I encountered few funny side quests I missed on my 1st playthrough (for example the one with sleeping vampire in Novigrad's sewers) and generally gameplay along with story makes this game a wonderful experience. Actually I just grabbed GOTY edition from black friday deal just to 100% this masterpiece once again
  15. Hey, I've just bought Horizon (digital version) and I'm wondering if NG+ mode needs to be downloaded seperatly or it will be already implemented into the game?