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  1. Well, that's weird. I can start the game from the main ps5 screen but when I go to library it says "Playable on ps4" and it won't even turn on. I guess ps5 "just works"...
  2. So apparently after recent ps5 software update, SCVI is unplayable on current generation which is terrible inconvenience for me as I don't have ps4 anymore. Is anybody aware of any info on patch coming from Bandai Namco?
  3. I started the game last year on ps4,finished it with mage and slayer. Now I got back to it on ps5 to nail platinum, I finished with elf, knight and engineer, then Happily ever after popped. Luckily didn't have to play it again with witch hunter, I did all three playthroughs in one sitting and I'm exhausted...
  4. What's the deal with ps plus and ps now anyway?
  5. 60 fps is true but Nioh on PS4 is nowhere near 4K.
  6. for me it actually bugged in a good way. I got this trophy on my 2nd day of playing after winning with 6th base character.
  7. After I bought complete edition few years ago, I tried to get into it few times over six months and I got as far as Umi-bozu (or whatever it was called, the blob boss). By that time I had more than enough of dying, it seemed like the most difficult thing I've ever played. Then a year later, when it popped in ps+, my friend was busting my balls to play some in coop. We tackled few first missions together and out of nowhere I started to have load of fun with it. I literally blasted through whole game and dlcs on my own, then ng+, ng+2, ng+3... I played a lot after I got 100% which doesn't happen often, I'm currently around half the way of WotN and have ~500 hours on my savefile. I've been using spear all the way and never really grinded that much. Once I reached next difficulty level I rushed some missions just to unlock 4th region and spent 1-2 hours on Giant Toad duel mission. He is super easy and you can pretty quickly up your items ranks with his drops to make your life easier on next cycle. Someone already mentioned here that dlcs are tougher in general and they feel like base game +1 difficulty level. That's true, also dlcs has some insanely cheap bosses like Maria, which is the only boss I had to cheese my way through. Nonetheless, once you get the hang of the combat, dlcs, though harder, are absolutely managable.
  8. If this method still works, is there any good soul to help me out with this? My second controller accidently got flooded few months ago and I don't bother with buying new one as I try to get ps5 asap. If there's anyone willing to aid me, let me know, much appreciated!
  9. Making save before talking to Owl at the top of the tower isn't necessary to be honest as you will HAVE TO go through ng+ nonetheless. Just make sure you follow exact steps to prep each non shura ending. As confusing they might seem at first, they are brilliantly pointed in the guide here on PSNP. You may want to make a save before Owl on ng+, then go for shura and reload it. However I just finished shura yesterday and went straight to ng+2 to upgrade all tools and grind xp for remaining skills.
  10. I got a question about something else though. Me and my friend were playing in party, demolition mode on high castle map. In one of the rounds we were defending, bomb was planted and I was the last man standing in both teams. My friend was down and I managed to get him up, he defused the bomb in the last second and got himself Hard Carry trophy. He had like 8 executions and 7 downed enemies. Anybody has any idea how did it happen or if you can consistently get that trophy via this sort of bug? I gotta say I find it hard to believe I'll ever manage to get 20 legit downs, matches just seem too short for that. Edit: I can also mention that Good Company trophy also glitched on us both in positive way. We already have it after winning with 6 basic characters, we didn't even have half the points to buy another one.
  11. I feel the same. I think combat would be awesome if I wasn't going for pacifist run and had xp for buying more skills. I messed around with most of them while cleaning weapons trophies and they seemed fun. Too bad Vampyr has some serious technical issues. You say you didn't encounter those too many times but in my case, especially in the late game, some freeze or crash occured evry 10-15 minutes and I'm not exaggerating.
  12. As stated, is it possible to boost trophies in custom lobby? For example "Down x enemies in a single round/match? Or it has to be quick match? Thanks for info.
  13. Exactly this, I'm running connection test, and suddenly psn works normally. However in my case it happened just today. Can't recall something like that occuring before.
  14. I don't know if it's just me by PSN goes down like every 5 minutes. I use wifi but all other devices are fine so obviously problem must be on Sony's part. I doubt they ever released system update which did any good but ffs that last one is the worst mess I've ever seen.
  15. In that case all weapons trophy is lost I'm afraid.