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  1. Probably I won't get it on release cause of my huge backlog but if there's one game from previous gen I wanted remastered it is KoA:R. I loved the whole package, graphics, ingame world, combat and character building. I reset skillpoints countless times just to mess around with every possible configuration and weapon.
  2. Thanks for reply. It wasn't too much of a deal to reload save and go there at the very beginning just for that. Anyway, I'm in chapter 8 and trophy popped without any issues, right after they finished their song.
  3. I'm trying to get this trophy out of the way on my 1st playthrough (ghost/no kills). I'm in chapter 6 and I went straight for Byrne, knocked him out and delivered him to Howler's Saloon, however there is no sign of musicians. There's only Paolo behind the bar and that's it. Do I have to sneak inside the bar without Byrne's body for them to show up? If that's the case then it sucks as I wanted to save myself avoiding all the enemies there.
  4. I hope WWII is just a 3rd bonus game like Black Ops 3 back in the day.
  5. Thanks for confirmation cause my first thought was it is possible for potentially relevent npc to get killed in random event while I'm on the other end of the map. In that case I'll ignore Dawnguard quest for now, actually I half way to max out werewolf skills already so I think I'm good to go. Thanks for feedback guys!
  6. Finishing that questline first is one thing I wanted to avoid as this makes me rush through main game story. My current objective is to meet greybeards so you can tell I'm nowhere near Elder Knowledge quest where you get that scroll. However I get your point wackt1, so I assume I'll just speedrun main storyline to that point and finish Dawnguard. Also one other thing I thought of just now, becoming a werewolf doesn't have anything to do with Dawnguard dlc even though trophy for for mastering all skills is in its trophy list, am I right?
  7. I started Skyrim for the first time a week ago and I'm running as a pure mage (everyone I know who played Skyrim told me mage sucks but I did it anyway) and spellcasting is quite a fun, but unfortunetly mage is quite a weakling, at least at the beginning. So I looked up some good mage items, which can ease my pain and found the Erudite ring, which can be found in sidequest after starting Dawnguard story. I went for it asap, became a vampire lord and almost finished working on vampire skills required for another trophy. However I don't want to be vampire for longer that it is necessary and here's the doubt I am facing. Currently I'm out to find two elder scrolls for Harkon. I know that one of these is main game story related and is acquired pretty late. I don't want to rush main storyline just to get that scroll and be done with Dawnguard but in the same time I want to get rid of vampirism. So is it possible to leave Dawnguard questline be at this moment, do Companions questline to become a werewolf, (and cure vampirism) finish werewolf skilltree and cure it as well and then, when I'm finally an elf back again resume Dawnguard main quest? Or Volkihar habitants will become hostile if I'm no longer vampire? My major concern is to not lock myself out of any trophies but I want to play the game the way I would w/o trophies and the path I mentioned above seems most convinient for me. Many thanks on info regarding this, cheers!
  8. I'm going solo and at the moment I'm cleaning all npc's quests however I recruited Anomen amd his quest gives me some trouble. After having him in party for over 20 days, the guy who's supposed to start this quest doesn't appear. I looked up some info and seems like he tends to glitch, then you have to summon him via console but good luck with that on ps4. I never traveled with Anomen so I don't know if there's some particular thing you need to do to get this quest rolling. Anyone has any idea?
  9. Thanks for info guys. Not that it is any problem for me as I downloaded everything that I might have a slightest interest in playing and it took a little over 900gb. I'm starting to think 4tb was a bit of an overkill 😁
  10. I've had enough of my 500gb drive in ps4 so I grabbed 4tb external one (Seagate Backup Plus). Console did recognise it with no issues however diaplayed space before formatting was 4,08tb and 3,68tb after. Is it normal that so much space was taken just to makenit compatible with console's files?
  11. yes, there is. also regarding my question, all kills across your party count towards this trophy.
  12. I wonder if killed enemies towards "Kill 1000 enemies" trophy count across you whole party or only enemies killed by you character count?
  13. April: Rainbow Six: Siege Burnout Paradise Remastered
  14. Red Dead Redemption 100%. I got this only because of a broken leg and unlimited time for boosting multiplayer. Even though it was painful to spawn working lobby for Kingpin (all players were in the game but some were actually invisible to others). Took us more than 2 hours to set it up with these piece of shit servers. The other thing, game I would like to erase just to nail that plat again? Easy. Witcher 3, Witcher 3 GOTY and Witcher 3 Complete Edition. I could max out all stacks again any day without a single word od complaining.
  15. Seriously, dlc's for this game are probably the most broken piece of shit I have ever played. GoatZ wasn't that bad in terms of functionality, Waste of space had that flying section with absolutly awful steering but Payday is just something else. NOTHING in this dlc works properly, dragging objects is completely fucking broken, mutators tend to turn off by themselves and Dastardly trophy... It's been an hour I'm trying to get that thing to pop and that shit just doesn't work. I have yet one more to complete, MMO and hopefully it won't such a fucking pain in the ass. Folks, do yourself a favor and don't buy this abomination. PS If anybody has any golden tip how to unlock Dastardly, I appreciate.