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  1. There is a Far Cry 3 remaster for quite a long time. Speaking of subject: GTA IV God of War: Ascension Deus Ex: Human Revolution I think there aren't many ps3 games I'd like to see remastered as most of them didn't age that badly. However what I'd really love is Soul Reaver remaster for current gen, especially 1st game.
  2. Add me on psn (same name as here). Will try to help you out.
  3. Yup, it unlocked after the tutorial part. It didn't really matter however, that stuff will hardly make my life easier.
  4. Hey, I've bought season pass on recent sale and after digging up some info, I managed to figure out the way you access stuff in campaign. However season pass also comes with 5 boosters and 20 chipsets for everyone's favourite breach mode and I have no freakin idea how to unlock those. I've also read people had some problems with it after preordering the game and accessing that right after launch so does anybody knows how exactly does it work? Do I have to finish tutorial for breach to get that stuff? Any feedback is much appreciated, cheers!
  5. 2 years after the release I expect nothing else than free dlc. Goodbye 100% if it's paid.
  6. Will definitely get Human Revolution + Missing Link dlc for second platinum!
  7. Screw my backlog, I want that remaster NOW!
  8. Hey, I know it's possible to get all misc trophies post game so I'm wondering if it's possible/efficient to just plow through the story alone on survivor, get the trophy at the end of it and then lower difficulty to get everything else? Or it will be too tough without enough upgrades and I necessarily need to explore? I just don't wanna get frustrated by some later combat encounters.
  9. Yes, you can. There is only one kind of challenge tokens in game, same for Taskmaster's and Screwball's challenges.
  10. I'd say Darksiders 1 and 2. I finished the 1st one, put myself through torment of getting all collectibles and then I still had to do 2 things, hard difficulty playthrough and that piece of shit "Kill 160 enemies while riding angelic beast" trophy. I finally forced myself to get it done after 2 years. Darksiders 2 however was so boring that I couldn't even finish the story alone. Dropped the game for nearly a year and would never touch it again if I didn't break my leg and had 2 months of free time. I thought this franchise was a pure slasher type of game and even though combat wasn't that bad, there was not much of it. There was plenty of something else however... PUZZLES. Yea, literally every single room had to be some kind of environmental puzzle, some of them being absolutely ridiculous. No Darksiders 3 for me, even if it's given to me for free.
  11. I don't recall one but maybe I missed it. I have DE:MD season pass tagged on psprices, just checked and last price drop on EU was 3 months ago. And honestly this is the only interesting thing for me from this list.
  12. Any chance this sale will also be available on EU? I'm desperate to get season pass for Deus Ex Mankind Divided.
  13. Can't really tell as I haven't touched it yet. Anyway I loved Human Revolution and was really hyped when I saw MD coming to psplus, however I encountered many opinions on how this game is inferior to previous one so I gave it a pass. Few days ago I finally decided to give it ago after I'm done with SpiderMan and I've already done some research on the matter of difficulty. There is a lot of missable trophies regarding sidequests so it's good to keep an eye on the guide for these, no death/pacifist/no alarms run is pretty easy if you have stealth augments and it's only few hours long if you smash through main storyline only. Also you canquit the game to menu whenever you're going to die and reload your save so you won't void no death trophy. My biggest concern was breach mode but common word is it's, despite trophies rarity, pretty easy as well, just boring, repetitive and time consuming.
  14. So I'm trying this method, built cat cages, plugged them all and after 5 days 3 of them were full. However other 2 seems like they don't work. I've slept for maybe 30 days straight now and still nothing. Any advice? Edit: Nevermind, got the trophy, however I couldn't get all 5 cages to work at the beginning. Had to reload and set it up from scratch 3 times.
  15. Hey, just started F4 and I want to go on my own, without any companions, like I did in F3 and NV. However "Lovable" trophy kinda forces me to travel with npc and I wonder if there is any way to walk around that trophy. I saw some ways like going with Piper and lockpicking one particular safe. Then you lock it via terminal, rest a bit and lockpick it again. Other method I came upon was taking Codsworth and modding weapon/armor over and over again. Problem is, there was no clear confirmation do these methods work in 100%. Some people say they might have been patched and they don't do the trick anymore. Can anyone help me out with reliable way to get this trophy as fast as possible without necessity of draging noc with me for half of the game?